Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Short-Memory of Hillary-lovers.

Much has been written about Hillary Clinton’s atrocious foreign policy failures. Much has been written about the suspicious activities of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s involvement while acting as Secretary of State. This may be subject to an FBI investigation. She seems to have avoided punishment for her private email server.

Little has been said about why she lost a presidential campaign against someone perceived to be the worst adversary in political history.

These issues were all overlooked by her passionate supporters determined, come what may, to elect the first female president in American history. Past, present and future crimes and failures were brushed aside in an emotion-laden crusade to trash her opponent, they closed eyes and ears to evidence of culpability by their champion in order to bring her triumphantly into the Oval Office. Breaking the glass ceiling took preference over, if not breaking the law, then breaking the barriers of sound judgement.

Her ardent supporters make claims about her achievements during her years of service to the country domestically.  So, when I received information about the tasks that her presidential husband, Bill, gave her to execute, her home record matched her utter failures abroad.

Here are some examples for you to consider;

President Bill Clinton assigned her to overlord an attempt at healthcare reform. Remember this was pre-Obama.
Even with her husband’s support and with a Democrat-controlled Congress she couldn’t get her proposals pushed through.  The cost of this bureaucratic failure to the American taxpayers was about $13 Million.

The forever feminist, Hillary insisted that her husband appoint a female Attorney-General. The first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood. Both had to withdraw their names after the “Nannygate” scandal. Then Janet Reno, who died recently, was selected. Reno made the awful decision to attack the Waco compound in Texas held by the weird David Koresh cult with tanks and tear gas which led to a massacre, including many women and children. Over 80 people died due to FBI bungling ordered by Reno.

Then Lani Guinier was selected to be Assistant Attorney-General for Civil Rights. Guinier was a long-time friend of Bill and Hillary since their days at Yale. When probing exposed Guinier’s radical leftist views her name had to be withdrawn.

Going back through other serious scandals connected with Clinton former business partners, Webb Hubbell (who ended up in prison), Vince Foster who committed suicide in mysterious circumstances and William Kennedy who was forced to resign, the Clintons were embroiled in what became known as “Travelgate” which resulted in a three year investigation and numerous convictions.

With statements of Hillary Clinton’s “gross negligence” in handling official emails by FBI Chief, James Comey, ringing in our ears it is worth recalling that her insensitivity over security matters had been raised way back in 1996.

Craig Livingstone was appointed as Director of security in the Clinton White House. Livingstone was investigated for improper access to 900 FBI files in Clinton “enemies” in the Republican Party. Under investigation no one in the White House claimed responsibility for appointing Livingstone although a former FBI White House agent, Gary Aldrich, confirmed that Livingstone was hand-picked by Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Livingstone had a past record of drug use.   Following this embarrassment, after thirty years of service the FBI closed its White House office.

Much was made of Hillary Clinton’s memory loss when under recent FBI enquiry into the use of her server. She had a case of concussion to fall back on, although this did not seem to affect her memory during three presidential debates. Clinton’s memory loss seems to be selective. Going back to another Clinton scandal, the White Water case went on for twenty years. In that scandalous real estate case she repeated the “I don’t recall” excuse over fifty times. At the start of this case she was a bright young lawyer, head of a major local law firm, and with no concussion.

After leaving the White House, following the end of her husband’s presidency, she was forced to return over $200,000 of furniture, artwork and china she had “mistakenly” taken with her.

The history of Hillary Clinton’s poor decision-making acted as the background for her more recent record as Secretary of State, the head of the Clinton Foundation, and a losing presidential candidate where her poor judgement and character flaws affected the outcome, both in the recent past and potentially into the future.  

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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  1. Here, here. And Benghazi wasn't even mentioned, nor did the writer mention the disastrous Iran deal which she began and supported. She had more experience and less common sense, second only to Obama.