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The Uranium One scandal and the implications for Israel.

Under the George W. Bush presidency, a tough line was taken against the Russian incursion into Georgia and Russian pressure on the Ukraine. Bush laid plans to create a missile-defense shield in Europe.
When Barack Obama became president, he and Hillary Clinton decided to reset relationships with the Kremlin. At the heart of the reset was what Newsweek called “a bevy of potential business deals[1]which included energy sources. This fitted nicely with Putin and the Kremlin’s ambitions to control much of the world’s nuclear market, including uranium stockpiles.
Rosatom, is the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Agency. It controls the Russian nuclear arsenal. It’s head, Sergei Kiriyenko, was Russia’s Prime Minister and its energy minister when Bill Clinton was President of the United States.
Rosatom not only built the Bushehr nuclear reactors in Iran, it also supplies them with uranium. Rosatom also operates in North Korea and Venezuela.
During Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, she received many diplomatic cables outlining Moscow’s nuclear ambitions. For example, in 2009, she received a classified cables informing her of Rosatom’s plans to impose “a zone of pressure” on Eastern European governments for supplies to the Kremlin-linked nuclear agency, particularly Ukraine and the Kazakhstan uranium market.[2] The cables also mentioned that the Russian military intelligence were involved in these plans.
In June 2009, Rosatom bought a 17% stake in the Canadian Uranium One company which had projects in Wyoming, Utah, Texas, and South Dakota.
In December of 2009, Kiriyenko told a meeting of the Russian presidium of Rosatom’s aggressive plans and President Putin agreed that the Russian government would provide the money for Rosatom’s equity capital to buy American uranium.[3]
This was happening at the time that Hillary Clinton was directing negotiations with the Russian government for civilian nuclear energy. As the State Department explained it, the 123 agreement, as it was called, “would support commercial interests by allowing US and Russian firms to team up more easily in joint ventures,” and in March 2010 Hillary was in Moscow meeting with Putin. By then, Putin had set in motion the purchase of a controlling interest in Uranium One by Rosatom.
By May of 2010, when Secretary of State Clinton brought the proposed text of the US-Russian Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement to Congress, Rosatom was ready to become the majority controller of Uranium One.
While this process was taking place, Ian Telfer, the chairman of Uranium One, began donating large sums into the Clinton Foundation, through a Canadian entity called the Fernwood Foundation. According to records released by the Clinton Foundation, Telfer had contributed sums of $100,001 to $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation but, according to Canadian tax records, Ferndale Foundation donated more than two million dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.
The Clinton Foundation’s public disclosures did not list Fernwood as a donor but between 2009 and 2011 Fernwood contributed over two million dollars to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, named after the Clintons and Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining tycoon that flew Bull Clinton around the world on his private jet to make connections for his mining projects.[4] They were dressed up as projects of the Clinton Foundation to foster economic growth in the developing world but almost all concentrated on projects such as mines and oilfields in which Giustra was invested. According to Canadian tax records, almost all the funds CGSCI collected were transferred directly to the Clinton Foundation.[5]
The fact that these donations were not listed in Clinton Foundation’s public disclosures was an infringement of the memorandum of understanding with the Obama White House and contradicts Mrs. Clinton’s written statements to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Other Russian uranium advisors and agents were multi-million-dollar contributors to the Foundation.[6]
The ties between business and politics are often blurred but there is sufficient evidence that Putin directly ordered acquisitions that were approved by the Russian Presidium.  This is important when one considers the destination and use of uranium.
Several senior congressmen, including Peter King, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Spencer Bachus, and Howard McKeon, were troubled by Rosatom’s activities for United States national security interests. They pointed to Rosatom helping to build the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran as “raising red flags.” They wrote, “We believe the take-over of essential US nuclear resources by a government-owned Russian agency…would not advance the national security interests of the United States.”
Congressman Ed Markey pushed a bill in Congress said, “Russia continues to train Iranian nuclear physicists and supplies sensitive nuclear technology to Iran.”[7]
Faced with this opposition, Uranium One offered concessions. It did not have an export license that allowed it to export or ship uranium out of the United States. Supporters of the deal argued that, without an export license, it was unlikely that American uranium would end up in Iranian reactors or laboratories.
Despite these concerns, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States approved the Russian purchase of Uranium One. CFIUS is an elusive executive task force that evaluates any investment transactions that might have an effect on American national security. The Secretary of States tends to chair such meetings that includes other senior cabinet officials and intelligence heads. The approval of the Uranium One deal for American uranium assets did not discuss global markets as it assumed the material would remain within America.
Concerns soon grew about “a growing nexus in Russian and Eurasian states among governments, organized crime, intelligence services and big business figures.”[8]  In 2010, Dennis Blair, the director of national intelligence warned Congress of “bribery, fraud, violence, and corrupt alliances with state actors to gain the upper hand against legitimate businesses.”[9]
Amidst this background, a small Canadian investment company named Salida Capital became intimately involved with the Clinton Foundation. Salida Capital was identified as a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear agency.
According to Canadian tax records, Salida Capital received an anonymous donation of $3.3 million into its charitable foundation, the Salida Capital Foundation, and it began to pump large sums of money into the Clinton Foundation that amounted to almost three million dollars in less than two years.[10]
Salida Capital also began sponsoring speeches by Bill Clinton. Why would Rosatom, a Russian state nuclear agency, not known for philanthropy, begin funneling vast sums of money into the Clinton Foundation at a time when it was pushing for influence in obtaining America’s uranium assets?  And why would Rosatom begin paying Bill Clinton $500,000 for speaking fees via Salida Capital at a time they were chasing US government approval for the sale of American uranium? His fee rage at that was between $150,000 to $185,000. The timing, and the amount of monies given to the Clintons, raises serious questions.
Bill Clinton hadn’t given a speech in Moscow for five years. Suddenly, at the time that Rosatom was attempting to take over America’s uranium stockpile, he was invited to speak the for half a million dollars by a Cypriot registered company called Renaissance Capital. This firm is top heady with former Russian intelligence officers with close ties to Putin, according to Peter Schweizer in his book “Clinton Cash.”
Hillary Clinton, who had been a hawk in opposing US strategic assets to foreign governments reversed herself and allowed the Russian purchase of Uranium One which was approved on October 22, 2010 by CFIUS, the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. The result was that Uranium One and half of the projected American uranium assets were transferred to a private company controlled by the Russian State Nuclear Agency. Although the Russians said they intended to own just 50% of the company, today it owns the company outright.
The Russian purchase of a large share of America’s uranium stockpile raised serious national security concerns for the very reasons that Mrs. Clinton had rejected previous deals. The question needs to be asked why $145 million was transferred into her Foundation or her Initiative fund, and her husband’s radically increased speaking fees were “pay to play’ for her decision to advance the Russian deal?  As Peter Schweizer points out in his book, based on State Department ethics documents as of 2016 she never revealed these transactions to her colleagues, the Obama White House, or to Capitol Hill.
If Secretary Clinton did not disclose the ties between Uranium One executives and the Clinton Foundation to members of CFIUS she may have violated the terms of the 2008 Memorandum of Understanding that she signed with the Obama Administration designed to avoid conflicts of interests between her role and decisions as Secretary of State and donations to her Clinton Foundation. She may also have violated government rules on ethical conduct.
In September 2013, the presidents of Russia and Iran, Putin and Rouhani, announced that “Tehran and Moscow will cooperate in the future construction of a second nuclear power plant at Bushehr.”[11]
Despite assurances to Congress that no uranium would leave the United States, and despite Rosatom not having an export license, a shipment of yellow-cake uranium - material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons – was sent to Canada followed by shipments to Europe and from there to unknown locations between 2012 and 2014.
On January 9, 2017, the National Post reported that the Obama Administration had approved the Russian shipment of a huge shipment of uranium to Iran on the assurance that Iran had no interest in weapons.[12]
Under the much criticized Iran nuclear deal, inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) cannot be performed in Iranian military facilities.[13] Although, IAEA inspectors can check civilian facilities such as Bushehr and Fordow, they are prevented from inspecting suspect activities in the Parchin military complex. The last time inspectors were allowed there was in 2015 where they reported finding amounts of uranium. It is suspected that this facility is one of the off-limits Iranian military sites in which nuclear weapons research and testing, using uranium, is taking place.
Ali Akhbar Salehi, one of Iran’s vice presidents, boasted that Iran could have enriched uranium within five days if President Trump reneged on Obama’s nuclear deal, according to a report in the Independent newspaper on August 22, 2017.[14] How would this be possible if the Iranian’s did not have processed yellow-cake illegally? And where did that yellow cake come from?
What a sad epilogue it would be if the nuclear missile that Iran may launch at Israel contains American uranium sold to the Russians by the Obama-Clinton Administration via the Uranium One deal.
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
He is the author of '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.'

[10] “Clinton Cash.” Peter Schweizer. Page50.

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On December 11, 1917, General Edmund Allenby’s forces officially liberated Jerusalem.
What began as a farce ended in the creation of the State of Israel with Jerusalem restored as its capital city.

A Jerusalem delegation, led by the mayor, surrendered the city to a pair of British army cooks on December 8. Thus began a comical farce of who received the surrender of the Holy City.

The Turkish army and their German commanders had fled the city ahead of the British advance, leaving the city officials nervously waiting for the liberators.

The first uniformed men to arrive were privates Andrews and Church, two cooks who got lost while searching for cooking water. They wandered near the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City and were confronted by a large delegation of city officials. The cooks were so scared they ran back to their unit.

At 8 a.m., the following morning, James Sedgewick and Fred Hurcomb, two British sergeants, were scouting around the Old City walls when they were approached by a group of Arab dignitaries holding a white flag. The two soldiers were overwhelmed by the sudden responsibility of accepting the surrender of Jerusalem that, after pictures were taken for posterity, they apologized saying they were unable to accept the surrender but promised to send a more senior officer.

Later the same day, two artillery officers, Majors Beck and Barry of the 60th Division, were met by a party of officials and asked to accept Jerusalem’s surrender. Again, they politely refused by saying they had to bring one of their superiors.

Shortly after their departure, a Lieutenant-Colonel Bayley, commander of the 303rd Brigade of the 60th Division arrived. He wrote, “Arriving at the top of the road within sight of the Jewish Hospital in Jerusalem and with my three battery commanders I was amazed to see a white flag waving and a man coming towards me. He said the mayor of Jerusalem was with the white flag. We sat on chairs outside the Jewish Hospital and he informed me that the Turks had left Jerusalem heading towards Jericho.”

Bayley sent a message to the 60th Division headquarters informing them that he had just accepted the surrender of Jerusalem and that he was waiting for a general to come and take over the city.

Brigadier-General Charles Frederick Watson, the commander of the 180th Brigade of the 60th Division, who Bayley referred to as “an awful little ass who wanted to be the first to get there,” insisted that the mayor again surrender the city to him. Watson was the first British officer to enter the Old City and a photograph exists of him astride his horse inside the Jaffa Gate. Watson got the mayor to sign the white flag which can be found at the Imperial War Museum in London.

That was not the end of the comical chain of events. General Shea, commander of the London Division, arrived on the scene and demanded that the mayor surrender the town to his unit.

General Allenby, a man of quick temper, was not happy. As Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, it would be him, and him alone, that would officially accept the surrender of Jerusalem.

On December 11, 1917. General Edmund Allenby rode to the gates of the Old City, dismounted, and led a phalanx of officers through the Jaffa Gate entrance to the David’s Citadel where he addressed a large crowd of Jerusalemites.

He deliberately chose to walk into the Old City because, he said, only the Messiah should ride into the Holy City.

Among the officers marching behind him was T.E. Lawrence, known later as Lawrence of Arabia. Despite his exploits on the other side of the Jordan River, he was to write of his Jerusalem experience, “This was to me the most supreme moment of the war.”

General Allenby, from the platform of the David’s Citadel, read out a proclamation;

“To the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Blessed, and the people dwelling in its vicinity. The defeat inflicted on the Turks by the troops under my command has resulted in the occupation of your city by my forces.
I therefore, here and now, proclaim it to be under Martial Law, under which form of administration it will remain so long as military considerations make it necessary.
However, lest any of you should be alarmed by reason of your experiences at the hands of the enemy who has retired, I hereby inform you that it is my desire that every person should pursue his lawful business without fear of interruption.
Furthermore, since your city is regarded with affection by the adherents of three of the great religions of mankind, and its soil has been consecrated by the prayers and pilgrimages of devout people of those three religion for many centuries, I make it known to you that every sacred building, monument, holy spot, shrine, traditional site, endowment, pious bequest or customary place of worship, of whatever form of the three religion, will be maintained and protected according to the existing customs and beliefs of those to whose faith they are sacred.
Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby. General.    December 1917.”

Jews of Palestine, the Jewish Legion who fought in the 38th and 39th Regiments of the British Army, had fought and died fighting alongside their British and ANZAC comrades to drive the Turks out of the land. The Jews of the NILI espionage network risked their lives, were tortured and hanged, to bring vital intelligence to the British which led to this victory.

The Arabs of Palestine, west of the River Jordan, did not express any national longing throughout the Palestine Campaign, nor did they fight for national rights to the land. Asked why they did not lift a finger to help remove the Turkish yoke from their impoverished necks, Arabs would look up to the heaven and declare it was all up to Allah. When a mighty British commander by the name of Allenby marched into the Old City to liberate them from the Turks they were awe-struck.  Allenby, in Arabic was “Al Nabi,’ the prophet of god. To the Arabs of Palestine, Allenby’s victory was Allah inspired. We know it was inspired by the sacrifice of British, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, and Palestinian Jewish fighters.

The liberation of Jerusalem on December 11, 1917, exactly a century ago, was the final act in a triumvirate of three significant historic events that year, the other two being the Balfour Declaration and the victory at the Battle of Beer Sheba. During this auspiciously short period, Christian Zionist politicians, generals, soldiers, and Jewish spies in Palestine, forced open the door that paved the way for the restoration of the land of Israel for the Jewish people.

That door began to close by 1919 when Jew hating British administrators, brought up to Jerusalem from Egypt, reneged on their duty to carry out orders. In a treasonable act of defiance and anti-Semitism, they ignored official British policy.

General Money, the Chief Administrator, ordered that “The walled city of Jerusalem is placed out of orders to all Jewish soldiers from the 14th to the 22nd April inclusive.”  It was no coincidence that this period was the pilgrim festival of Passover. This outraged Colonel John Patterson, the commanding officer of the Jewish Legion, who wrote, “I cannot conceive a greater act of provocation to Jewish soldiers, or a greater insult. Not since the days of Emperor Hadrian had such a humiliating decree been issued.”

The Balfour Declaration stipulated that His Majesty’s Government would use their “best endeavours to facilitate the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

Instead, in 1920, they defied British policy, ignored their duty to implement the terms of the Declaration, and duplicitously colluded with anti-Jewish Arab rabble-rousers, including Haj Amin al-Husseini, later to meet with Adolph Hitler to plan the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem in the Middle East, to incite violence against Jews. They chose the annual Nebi Musa festival to riot in the Old City while the British stood aside.

With cries of “Death to the Jews!” Jewish women were raped, men were killed, and Jewish property destroyed. This British and Arab anti-Semitic collusion and violence was the first major Palestinian act of terror attack against Jews.

With typical British “even-handedness,” Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who had been an officer in the British army, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for illegal possession of firearms, namely three rifles and two pistols, despite the fact that the Governor, Colonel Ronald Storrs, was aware that he possessed them. Al-Husseini who had fled Palestine, following the Arab murder and rape of Jews and the destruction of Jewish property, was sentenced in absentia to only ten years.

The rest is history.

Barry Shaw is the author of the best-selling book ‘1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.’ Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and from Steimatzky bookstores in Israel.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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OTR's new responsibility.

OTR’s new responsibility.

This would have been my address had I attended the OTR Conference that took place in Berlin.

Berlin, the German capital, sadly, has been the place where too many Israelis have fled to make new homes and careers. They are becoming assimilators rather than ambassadors. They throw themselves into their new environment, gathering among themselves too often to criticize Israel’s harsh economic life.
They may have cause, but this is selfish and introvert behavior. It will lead, in future generations to a disenfranchisement in their kids and grandkids as they grow older and more detached from the Jewish State. Pity!

It was this way in America, the Golden Medina. The figures are unknown, but between 400,000 and a million Israelis are estimated to have emigrated from Israel to The States.
In the main, they live there detached from the local Jewish communities, their synagogues and JCC bases. They become Israelis in the sense that they still are able to speak Hebrew and, maybe, keep up with the Israeli news which some use to justify the reason they left.

But now, in America, a new organization has taken root. The Israeli American Council (IAC) is driving a new agenda to convert these new Americans into advocates and ambassadors for Israel.
At their recent annual conference in Washington DC, 3000 Israeli-Americans attended. They heard a woman Dr. Miriam Adelson, the wife of American billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, “What has happened to the embarrassment some Israelis felt in leaving Israel? Has it disappeared with them becoming Sabra-Americans, and why is IAC celebrating this new identity of the Israeli-American?”

Thank goodness Miriam is an intelligent and eloquent woman who answered, “Who better to fight for Israel than native born Israelis living abroad who feel Israel is in their bones and in their soul, and who have fought in its wars.”

 It is far better to inspire them with national ad religious responsibilities and train them to represent and fight for Israel than the non-Israeli citizens of the countries in which they find themselves.

This should be a central task of OTR.

Israelis abroad cannot, must not, leave the battlefield of Israel’s demonization and delegimitization to the goyim and the local Jews.
Instead, Israelis abroad must trust themselves to the forefront of the battle for the hearts and minds of the citizens of the countries they find themselves.
They should become Israeli first responders, the Israeli reservists on duty, in the hasbara sense, even if they choose to live abroad.

For far too long, Israelis stayed on the sidelines in foreign countries as Israel was assaulted, slandered, and ridiculed. They were too busy building their new lives in countries removed from Israel.
It was strange to me to see Israelis abroad remove themselves from the turmoil and politics of Israel while watching radical Arabs from the Middle East leading massive protests and demonstrations against Israel in South Africa, Britain, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Generally, Israelis abroad are divorced and unresponsive to efforts to publicly support Israel.
The need and opportunity for Israelis resident abroad to add their voices to the pro-Israel chorus was lost for so many years.
The Israeli government didn’t help. They ignored ‘yordim’ as if they were lepers. To be honest, speaking as someone active in grassroots hasbara in overseas countries, the Israeli governmet has also ignored our non-Israeli local and vocal supporters.
What a waste!

Now, in America, at least, things are changing. Now, thousands of Israeli-Americans are acting up and speaking out. They attend workshops and conferences on topics such as “Jewish Peoplehood, Israel, and Zionism” and “How to Fight Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism.”
These events are not promoted by the Israeli government, nor by the WZO. They are organized by NGOs such as IAC.

This is a vacuum that must be filled by Over the Rainbow.

Barry Shaw. Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, and a consultant and supporter of OTR.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Nuclear Blast of Russian Collusion.

When President Donald Trump tweeted “Firm involved with discredited and Fake Dossier takes the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, FBI, the Dems, or all?” people assumed it was one of Trump’s midnight rants. But, he exposed what looks likely to become the greatest political scandal in America’s history.

For a year, the Democrats, aided and abetted by a Hillary Clinton supporting media and a Deep State Establishment which includes Obama hangovers in the new Trump Administration as well as ‘Never Trump’ Republicans, have been searching under every rock and stone for evidence of a Trump collusion with the Russians. Before leaving office, FBI head, James Comey contrived to appoint his friend, Robert Mueller, to be the Special Counsel to investigate links between the incoming president and the Russians, portrayed as the greatest evil on the face of the planet.

Now, it seems, the nuclear storm they unleashed of Russian collusion has suddenly changed direction and is blasting the Democrats and the Establishment fully in their own faces. In a two-pronged attack their demons have turned against them in what Trump calls “the Washington swamp.”

Christopher Steele, a former British spy, offered the anti-Trump opposition information that could sink the Trump Campaign. The information came out of the Kremlin. This fake Russian intel was offered through a Russian-infected NGO named Fusion GPS. It was designed to help the Clinton Campaign defeat Donald Trump.  There was a price to be paid for this dossier. James Comey, the head of the FBI considered paying for it but, despite denials, it was revealed that the price was paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Millions of dollars were paid in several payments to through law firms as cut-outs to cloak where the money was ending up.

The dossier was shared with the FBI, and it was the basis for James Comey to appoint his friend, Mueller, as Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians. When it became clear that the Clinton camp was ready to pay the price, the FBI and the DOJ decided to sit on it and allow the Democrats to run with it. It turned out to be fake news, nothing more than Kremlin disinformation.

The FBI and the DOJ had a duty to bring this Russian interference to the attention of Congress. They didn’t.

An FBI informer wanted to bring the details of the dossier and name those involved in the scandal to Congress, but he was threatened by the FBI and by Loretta Lynch’s Depart of Justice with criminal, not civil, charges including serving jail time. The whistle-blower’s lawyer has been campaigning that it was the FBI and the Attorney-General’s duty to bring this matter to Congress, and that they had no jurisdiction to threaten this employee with criminal charges and incarceration.
Congress Oversight and Government Reform Committee member, Ron DeSantis, pressed the current Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, to release this FBI agent and allow him to testify before Congress. The Attorney-General has now authorized this agent to speak with Congress. DeSantis said on the Lou Dobbs Show on Fox News TV that he is confident that the agent will not only give them details and names, but also offer supporting documents.

The affair is likely to include the breaking news of a huge multi-million-dollar scandal involving the Obama Administration, the FBI, the Department of Justice under the Obama presidency, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their Clinton Foundation.

Democrat Adam Schiff once said, without one iota of evidence, of a fake Trump collusion that it was “one of the most shocking betrayals in history.”  Now he is going to witness what will truly be the most shocking betrayals in American history but, to his dismay, it will be Democrat-induced betrayals.

Under the Obama and Clintons, the United States sold 20% of its vital uranium reserves to America’s evilest enemy, Putin in the Kremlin.  Uranium is the prime ingredient for a nuclear bomb. Today, the United States has to import uranium to power its nuclear power plants – from Russia.  Part of the agreement stated that none of this uranium could leave the United States but there is evidence that much of it has left America for Europe and, almost certainly to Russia. Russia also supplies Iran with much of their uranium for their nuclear projects.
That is why this issue has important security connotations for Israel.

And, in a pay to play quid pro quo, $145 Million made its way from the Russian actors in this deal (acting for the Kremlin) into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was acting Secretary of State. Her husband, Bill, travelled to Moscow to give a $500,000 speech before having a private chat with Putin himself in his Moscow mansion. This, after Obama was recorded on an open mic in 2012 telling Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, “tell Vladimir that after my election I have more flexibility.”  This was matched by Hillary Clinton pantomiming with Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, that they could press a plastic ‘Reset’ button. 

This was the jovial atmosphere that accompanied the Obama Administration’s collusion with Russia which is now being revealed to have sold off one of America’s most vital strategic and security assets to “the greatest threat to any nation” according to FBI’s James Comey, or “Russia is at the top of America’s threat list,” according to Obama’s Defense secretary, Ash Carter, in 2016, or to a country that “engages in hostile acts,” according to Hillary Clinton.

Either way, the Democrats unleashed a nuclear storm when they went after Trump on trumped up charges of Russian collusion.  Now they are about to reap the storm they created. It is likely to burn and destroy several Establishment figures.  Watch out for the names Comey, Rosenstein, Wiseman, Mueller, Lynch, maybe Holder, two Clintons, and Obama.

If this is part of draining the swamp, so be it.

Barry Shaw is a Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

1917 and the Battle of Beer Sheba.

The Prime Ministers of Israel, Australia, and New Zealand will lead much of the Israeli-based diplomatic corps at commemoration events on October 31 to mark the 100th anniversary of the conquest of Beer Sheba. Why is this event so special?

The Battle of Beer Sheba was the first major victory for Britain in World War One. Consider this. 

Going into this battle, Britain had been defeated four times by the Turkish army. The failure of the British to take the Dardanelles led to the resignation of Winston Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty. His initiative to launch a naval invasion at Gallipoli resulted in 400,000 casualties on both sides and an ignominious Allied retreat.

The British army suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq (then Mesopotamia) when they were surrounded and surrendered to the Turks at the Battle of Kut.

Under General Sir Archibald Murray, the British army were badly beaten twice at the battles for Gaza. Murray tried to put a brave face on his humiliating defeat by misrepresenting the casualty figures and claiming that “it was a most successful operation, the fog and waterless nature of the country just saving the enemy from complete disaster.”

The War Cabinet did not see it that way, and Murray was relieved of his duty to be replaced as Commander of what was called ‘The Egyptian Expeditionary Force’ by General Edmund Allenby.

This no-nonsense, six foot four tall, military leader, known as ‘The Bull’ for his build and his demeanor, received instructions from British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, a Welsh Baptist Zionist, to give the British public a gift by taking Jerusalem by Christmas.

Allenby adopted a new tactic of military deception by lulling the enemy into thinking he would follow Murray’s example and launch a third major assault on Gaza.
Instead, aided and advised by a Palestinian Jew and a Christian Zionist intelligence officer, Allenby was persuaded to swerve south of Gaza and attack Beer Sheba because, as Aaron Aaronsohn, an agronomist from Zichron Yaakov, told him “that is where the water is.”  Aaronson’s research convinced him that large reserves of water lay hidden under the hot desert surface of the Negev. As he pointed out to a receptive Allenby, without sufficient water for the hundreds of thousands of men, tens of thousands of horses and camels, and his motorized vehicles, he had no chance of winning the Palestine Campaign.

Aaronsohn also knew the trails and wadis that would allow Allenby’s massed troops to negotiate their way from Egypt to Beer Sheba without getting bogged down in the soft desert sands and for his advanced troops to approach Beer Sheba relatively undetected.

Despite his name, Richard Meinertzhagen was a swashbuckling British intelligence officer who became an ardent Zionist. He devised a series of ploys that led the Germans and Turks into believing that Allenby planned to attack Gaza again, using an attack on Beer Sheba as a decoy assault. One of his methods was to ride close to the Turkish lines tempting the Turks to come out in pursuit. When the Turks shot at him he pretended to be hit. He dropped a blood spattered haversack and made off as if injured. The satchel contained what appeared to be secret military plans and maps showing Turkish defensive positions at Gaza as well a forged private letter in which an officer wrote to his sweetheart in London about getting ready to move against Gaza.

The deception worked. According to reports provided by Aaron’s sister, Sarah, the only woman to head an espionage ring in enemy territory during wartime, Allenby saw that the Turks were bringing up reserves to strengthen their Gaza garrison.

The battle began against Beer Sheba on October 31st, 1917, but, by the middle of the afternoon, no discernable progress had been made. Allenby watched the battle, surrounded by his generals, through his binoculars from a hilltop over the southern flatland leading to the town.  Looking at a potential defeat, or a withdrawal of forces before darkness fell, the order was given to the Australian 4th and 12th Light Horse Brigades to mount a frontal charge against the enemy’s double-lined defensive trench emplacements.

Seven hundred horsemen armed with bayonets rode in three successive lines across a three-mile stretch of open ground. They gradually gained speed until they were in full gallop. With artillery shells and gunfire directed at them they closed on the enemy ranks.  The lead horsemen, those that survived the gunfire, leapt over the Turkish infantrymen in their trenches. They job was to take the town and reach the few water wells that had been mined for demolition by the enemy. The second and third line of horsemen leapt the trenches, dismounted, and took on the Turks in hand to hand combat, meeting bullet with bayonet.

This was the last great cavalry charge in military history. The enormous courage of the ANZAC soldiers won the day, Beer Sheba was taken, and this battle opened the way for the liberation of Palestine and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

This victory also paved the way for the restoration of the Land of Israel.

Read my epic book. It's a fascinating page turner full of drama and personal anecdotes from the people who changed history.

Barry Shaw is the author of the best-selling book ‘1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.’

He is also the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

The united Jerusalem Delusion by Barry Shaw.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, pledged his support for a Greater Jerusalem bill that would annex places like Maale Adumim, Givat Zeev and villages in the Etzion Bloc and would allow their residents to vote in the Jerusalem mayoral elections.
This bill would also create independent municipalities for Israeli-Arabs living within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries but are located outside the security barrier.

Members of Knesset and mayors acclaim this move. Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely, said that “applying Israeli law is the most important thing to make sure that everyone realizes that Jerusalem will remain united.”  

But, is Jerusalem united?  Let me throw one bucket of icy water over our politicians who are in denial.

If Jerusalem was truly the undivided capital of Israel how is it that at least fourteen football clubs, based in Jerusalem, are playing under the auspices of the Palestinian Football Association, headed by Jibril Rajoub of the Palestinian Authority? As these clubs come under the PFA, who is an officer member of FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, these Jerusalem-based clubs are globally recognized as Palestinian, not Israeli. The Israel Football Association lost control of them decades ago.

Worse still, some of these clubs promote terror against Israelis as part of their footballing activities, with the full knowledge and approval of Rajoub. Some of these activities are supervised and funded by the PFA.

Allow me to offer you one example. On October 11, 2016, the Hilal Al-Quds (Al Quds means Jerusalem in Arabic) football players and managers took to their pitch and, in front of their adoring fan, unfurled a huge colorful banner carrying the face of Musbah Abu Sbeih, a Palestinian terrorist who murdered two Israelis and injured five others in a shooting attack in Jerusalem two days earlier.

Hilal Al Quds are the Palestinian soccer champions. This is the equivalent of having Chelsea, the English football champions celebrate at Stamford Bridge in front of their fans displaying a banner with the faces of the terrorists who carried out their outrage on London Bridge. This would be unthinkable but, in Israel, what Hilal Al Quds did in Jerusalem didn’t produce a murmur of protest from the mayor or our government.

This incident is not alone. The Al-Ansar football club, also based in Jerusalem, hold an annual soccer tournament in honor of Abu Jihad, a Palestinian terrorist responsible for the murder of 127 Israelis.  

Again, not a word of protest from our politicians. In Jerusalem, this annual event is supervised and sponsored by the Palestinian Football Association from funds budgeted to them by the Palestinian Authority.

A children’s football tournament was named in honor of the Palestinian teenager who went on a knifing rampage through the streets of Jerusalem.

Israeli lives have been lost partly from terror-promoting propaganda being pumped out at Palestinian sporting and football events in Jerusalem. Policewoman, Hadar Cohen, was killed while on duty outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem by the captain of a Palestinian football club.

There are many such Jerusalem-based terror incitement outrages that go unchallenged by the politicians that talk about a united and undivided Jerusalem. As part of a group of NGOs based in Israel, London and New York, we have been campaigning to FIFA to address the issue of the promotion of terror in Palestinian football. Sadly, I have to report that government ministries, the Prime Minister’s Office, and even the Israeli Football Association refuse to respond, or to address this troubling phenomenon in Jerusalem.

So let not Minister Hotovely, nor Mayor Barkat, and not even Prime Minister Netanyahu, claim that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel.

You lost control of Jerusalem years ago to our security cost, and the loss of too many lives.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Friday, 18 August 2017

“There was violence on both sides.”

“There was violence on both sides.”

Researching the recent clashes at Charlottesville in which counter-protesters traveled to the Virginia town to take on the neo-Nazis, I discovered some disturbing facts which reveal a sordid past and the threatening emergence of a troubling phenomenon in the United States, that of the protection of hate speech.

In order to make my point, allow me to make one remarkable admittance. In 1962, in Great Britain, a man named Oswald Mosley came to Manchester to lead a crowd of followers in a revival rally. He wasn’t a neo-Nazi. Mosley was a real Nazi. He was the leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 30's and was an ardent admirer of Adolph Hitler. Had Germany defeated British in World War Two, Mosley would almost certainly have been appointed by Hitler as the Reich-Fuehrer governing Britain. For this reason, he was interned during the war. Some say he should have been hanged for treason.

Prior to the war, a huge riot took place in the East End of London when Mosley’s Fascists, who were riding a wave of anti-Semitism, were stopped in their tracks by London Jews and anti-fascists in a violent confrontation which became known as “The Battle of Cable Street.”

Mosley tried to revive his Nazi agenda after the war. He tried to hold revival rallies in London, the Midlands, and Manchester. He never reached the stage in Manchester. Angry Jews, me among them, joined other anti-Fascists, many of whom had fought to defeat fascism in Europe less than two decades earlier, to prevent this Hitler-wannabee from speaking. The huge crowd chanted, ”Down with Mosley,” and down he went, three times before the police dragged him away without him opening his mouth.

That was confronting real fascism, not the motley crew that assembled in Charlottesville with their stupidly offensive anti-Jewish banners. And I feel for those who find the KKK deeply offensive and for whom the KKK symbols are hurtful. I feel the same, if not more, about the swastika. But the Charlottesville hoodlums were a nasty shadow of the real Nazis or the once-powerful KKK who marched through the streets of New York in the 20's to attend the Democratic National Convention where many were delegates.

Once can appreciate the depth of feelings of a generation who had suffered the Holocaust and confronted fascism taking a violent approach to the notion that “free speech must be protected, even hate speech.”

If any organization marched through the streets of Jerusalem chanting “Death to the Jews” expect a violent confrontation, and don’t condemn the violent protesters with the slogan of “the right to free speech, even hate speech.”  I would protest as much against anyone chanting “Death to Arabs.” Such incitement must be criminalized.

Free speech must have its limits, and if the law does not appreciate this then the law is an ass.

So, don’t be surprised if violence occurs against the cries of “Khyber! Khyber! Al Yahud!” or “Jews to the gas!” on the streets of Miami, New York, and other American and British cities. Such free speech must not be protected.  This is threatening incitement to behead and murder Jews. It must either be stopped by law, or stopped by protest.

And, when this happens, don’t allow any politician to say, “There was violence on both sides.”

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’

Monday, 14 August 2017

North Korea and Iran. The Nuclear Results of Strategic Patience.

While American politics in melt down mode over the Democrats almost yearlong obsession in trying to find a scintilla of evidence with which they can hang Trump on charges of colluding with the Russians, both North Korea and Iran have been busy getting on with developing their nuclear missile programs.
Having been distracted, America now faces a nuclear crisis, not with Russia but with North Korea, and potentially with Iran further down the road. 

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has blatantly carried out a series of missile tests that show their capability of launching a nuclear missile strike that will put the west coast of the United States within range.

When President Trump warned North Korea of the “fire and fury, never seen before” should they test America’s patience, some Democrats and Obama hang-overs, such as Ben Rhodes, the White House Deputy National Security Secretary under President Obama, accused Trump on MSNBC of “extreme and false statements about all manner of things. It’s more concerning,” he said, “when they are about nuclear weapons.”

So who gets it? Ben Rhodes, or President Trump?  Rhodes introduced a security policy of “strategic patience.” Rhodes, it should be remembered, was an ardent promoter of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran which rewarded the Islamic Republic to the tune of $150 Billion while allowing them to continue their intercontinental ballistic missile development program.

Compare Rhodes criticism to Trump’s statement to Donald Trump’s comments about making nuclear deals with regimes like North Korea on an NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ TV interview in October 1999. That was a decade and a half before Donald Trump entered politics. Here is what he said about the Administration’s refusal, or inability, to adequately close down North Korea’s nuclear program, “Do you want to do it in five years when they have warheads all over the place, each one of them pointing at New York and Washington, is that when you want to do it, or do you want to do it now?”

In that interview, Trump talking about the US negotiators, and using his familiar verbal style, added that the North Korean leaders “are laughing at us. They think we’re a bunch of dummies.”
Who can say, faced with today’s crisis, that Trump was wrong?

The most recent North Korean testing has seen them use their missile launch capability for carrying miniaturized nuclear weapons which they announced would be placed on their warships to aim at Guam. This is not new technology or intelligence. Revelations show that the US Military Intelligence reported this technology to the Obama Administration back on April 2013, but, operating on Ben Rhodes’s “strategic patience” paradigm, President Obama decided to deny the contents of this intelligence assessment, and do nothing about it. In other words, they covered up the intelligence as being politically inconvenient. Strategic patience bathed in denial has resulted in North Korea arriving at this dangerous moment for the United States and the Trump Administration.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Wendy Sherman was one of the architects of both the North Korean and the Iranian nuclear deals. The North Korean deal was used as the US template for the negotiations with Tehran over their advanced nuclear program. Both were based on the fallacy of a strategic patience policy of “let’s go easy on them and see what happens in ten years’ time.”

How did the US Intelligence and the Obama Administration allow this dramatic national security failure to occur? This should be required study for leading Strategic and National Security think tanks.

The strategic patience policy is a frightening failure. It is nothing more than politically kicking the can down the road to be picked up by a future Administration when it is about to explode in a mushroom cloud.

America is in crisis mode right now. They are scrambling to come up with a solution to the North Korean nuclear threat, but there appears to be no good solution in sight, particularly when you are dealing with unpredictable rogue regimes. Conflict seems inevitable.

This is the consequence of kicking that can down the road.  Tomorrow, they will wake up to the same crisis when Iran takes the wraps off their project and are ready for a nuclear breakout.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Palestinian flags flying over American Jewish day camps. Insanity!

When a Jewish day camp in America flies the Palestinian flag as Palestinians are killing Israelis you know that PC in the US has gone off the cliff.
This is what happened at Camp Solomon Schechter.

They claim to be "unabashed pro-Israel." They should call themselves "embarrassing terror supporters."
When criticized, they said they did it to “help develop empathy” and a “teachable moment.”

Some campers and staff were upset by the raising of the Palestinian flag.
Solomon Schechter administration indicated in their email that they raised the flag as a sign of “friendship and acceptance” for a group of visiting Palestinian Muslims and Christians.
What the administration do not say is that Israel has a Christian and Muslim population that were once "Palestinian Arabs" but moved to become Israeli citizens because of the intolerance and hate within Palestinian society.
As reported in the Geller Report on July 30, "David Jacoby, a lifetime Seattleite and longtime member of the Jewish community, expressed disappointment at the actions of the camp. 'Solomon Shechter flying the Palestinian flag is a feel-good bromide that creates the illusion of problem-solving' said Jacoby. 'It’s well-intentioned, but it misses the point. Two decades of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestinians have failed primarily because of the Palestinian’s refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.'"
As Jacoby’s wife, Beth, says, “the time to raise the Palestinian flag over our summer camps is when they stop burning the Israeli flag at theirs.”
I would add "and stop inciting terror and, in Hamas summer camps, stop teaching Palestinian kids to kill Jews."

Fly their flag, if you must, when Palestinians stop slaughtering innocent Israelis in the name of religion or indoctrinated Jew-hatred..
Fly it after their corrupt leaders decide to finally acknowledge the right and existence of the Jewish State of Israel.
Fly it after a permanent peace treaty is signed between Israel and Palestine.

Something tells me we will not see that flag flying in our lifetime - not because we Israeli Jews lack empathy, but because the Palestinian political and religious leadership remains hateful anti-Israel, anti-Jewish inciters.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of the 2017 best-seller '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel' available on Amazon and from Steimatzky bookstores in Israel.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Preferring Ottoman Turkey to Erdogan's Turkey - a Jewish perspective.

Turkey's leader, Recep Erdogan, was reported as saying Jews should appreciate the Ottoman Empire.
It was the Ottoman Sultans that gave shelter and protection to the Jews fleeing European Catholic persecution, particularly those fleeing the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. 
The Ottoman rule in Palestine was one of benign neglect but it allowed the influx of Russian and Romanian Jews escaping the pogroms of Russia and Romania to build new lives for themselves by developing and nourishing the barren landscape. 
The Ottomans lost control to the harsh revolution of the Young Turks that usurped power and promptly brought death and destruction to the region and Europe.
They allied with the Germans in the Great War. They were guilty of the Armenian genocide and began to impose the same methods against Palestinian Jews. They plundered the Jewish agricultural settlements, deported tens of thousands of Palestinian Jews, confiscated the weapons that left the remaining Jews defenseless, and were about to conduct a slaughter when prevented from doing do, surprisingly by the Germans under whose command their Turkish soldiers were fighting against the Allies. General Erich von Falkenhayn and Colonel Kress von Kessenstein interceded and stopped the ruthless Turkish leader, Djemal Pasha, from slaughtering the Palestinian Jews. By that time, Jews had been hanged and murdered by the Turks in Jaffa.
We witness Erdogan's authoritarian rule. His imprisonment of journalists, academics, opposition supporters, the mass round-up of tens of thousands of Turks last year. The Kurds he is killing today are Turkey's 2017 Armenians.  He hates Israel and supports the internationally recognized terror organisation, Hamas. Turkish Jewry live in fear of this threatening presence. 
Erdogan is today's Djemal Pasha. Yes, Mr. Erdogan. We Jews would much prefer a Turkey ruled by the Ottomans to the one ruled by you. 
Barry Shaw is the author of 2017 best-seller, '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel,' which tells of the courageous Palestinian Jews and Christian Zionists who helped drive the Turks out of Palestine and paved the way to the land of Israel.  Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon and from Steimatzky bookstores in Israel.