Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A troubling appointment for Israel.

Caroline Glick exposed in a Jerusalem Post article who exactly is Anne Patterson, the women appointed by US Defence Minister, 'Mad Dog' Mattis, as his second in command - and it's troubling for Israel!

According to Glick, she served under Obama and is a harsh critic of Israel and an apologist for the Palestinian support for terrorism.

In 2014 in testimony before Congress she defended the PA's practise of paying salaries to their terrorists by saying "they needed to provide for the families."

Last year when a Palestinian terrorist with US citizenship, Mahmoud Shalan, was shot by soldiers as he tried to kill them Patterson demanded an explanation from Israel for his death.

She failed to demand that the PA provide an explanation why Shalan, who lived in Palestinian-controlled territory, was engaged in terrorism against Israel.

Patterson, in her role for Obama, supported the overthrow of President Mubarak in Egypt and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood who replaced him.

She urged Christians who were being persecuted by the Muslim Brotherhood not to oppose or demonstrate against them. 

She then supported cutting off of American aid to President Sisi who replaced the MB. As such she became a symbol of the Obama abandonment of Egypt. 

Patterson's appointment is being blocked by the White House but it is deeply troubling that a Defence Minister who once infamously said that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel would select such a controversially anti-Israel candidate as his right hand woman.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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  1. Nice abridged summary of Caroline's article. What do you think Barry?