Monday, 31 July 2017

Palestinian flags flying over American Jewish day camps. Insanity!

When a Jewish day camp in America flies the Palestinian flag as Palestinians are killing Israelis you know that PC in the US has gone off the cliff.
This is what happened at Camp Solomon Schechter.

They claim to be "unabashed pro-Israel." They should call themselves "embarrassing terror supporters."
When criticized, they said they did it to “help develop empathy” and a “teachable moment.”

Some campers and staff were upset by the raising of the Palestinian flag.
Solomon Schechter administration indicated in their email that they raised the flag as a sign of “friendship and acceptance” for a group of visiting Palestinian Muslims and Christians.
What the administration do not say is that Israel has a Christian and Muslim population that were once "Palestinian Arabs" but moved to become Israeli citizens because of the intolerance and hate within Palestinian society.
As reported in the Geller Report on July 30, "David Jacoby, a lifetime Seattleite and longtime member of the Jewish community, expressed disappointment at the actions of the camp. 'Solomon Shechter flying the Palestinian flag is a feel-good bromide that creates the illusion of problem-solving' said Jacoby. 'It’s well-intentioned, but it misses the point. Two decades of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestinians have failed primarily because of the Palestinian’s refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.'"
As Jacoby’s wife, Beth, says, “the time to raise the Palestinian flag over our summer camps is when they stop burning the Israeli flag at theirs.”
I would add "and stop inciting terror and, in Hamas summer camps, stop teaching Palestinian kids to kill Jews."

Fly their flag, if you must, when Palestinians stop slaughtering innocent Israelis in the name of religion or indoctrinated Jew-hatred..
Fly it after their corrupt leaders decide to finally acknowledge the right and existence of the Jewish State of Israel.
Fly it after a permanent peace treaty is signed between Israel and Palestine.

Something tells me we will not see that flag flying in our lifetime - not because we Israeli Jews lack empathy, but because the Palestinian political and religious leadership remains hateful anti-Israel, anti-Jewish inciters.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of the 2017 best-seller '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel' available on Amazon and from Steimatzky bookstores in Israel.


  1. I think that the camp's actions were well-meaning, but in the context of current events was ill-timed. They should have known better, and this was independent of who was at the camp.

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