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The Rotten Apple Doesn’t Fall far from the Corbyn Tree.

They say that criticism of Israeli government policy doesn’t make you an anti-Semite.
Maybe not, but all too often we see a breakout of vile Jew hatred when people, lots of people, take a swipe at the Jewish state in the guise of defending Palestinians.
In March of this year, Britain’s Daily Mail exposed that in Tommy Corbyn, son of the besieged Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to attacking Israel. In his case, the son hasn’t matured enough to disguise his nasty attitude to Jews behind the slightly more sophisticated form of political Jew hatred adopted by his dad.
The Mail came across a Nazi-style cartoon on the 24 year-old’s Facebook page depicting the image of an arm bearing a Star of David crushing people. The image was there to illustrate a comment made by the young Corbyn, who is, like his dad, a Labour activist, asking, “Why is it that I can critique my own, or any government, but criticism of the Israeli state is branded anti-Semitic?”
Corbyn’s son is, apparently, so dumb he cannot see that by publicizing anti-Semitic stereotype pictures he has just answered his own question.  Yes, son, you are an anti-Semite.
Following his vile post, he was followed into the pit by a bunch of other boneheads who piled in with their “criticism” of Jews. One wrote, “Hitler was a Zionist.”  What this has to do with questioning Israeli policy beats me. Another bozo echoed the mantra he had probably heard several times at Socialist Workers meetings that Israel is an “Apartheid state” and that “AS (anti-Semitism) is being weaponized to destroy any debate.”
Hard left propaganda leaders turn out zombies by the truckload to repeat their dumb slogans at the drop of a hat. Tommy Corbyn’s Facebook post was a typical trigger that allowed stupid Jew haters recruited into the Socialist movement to vent their enthusiastic spleen.
TC’s cartoon was uploaded onto an admirer’s Facebook page who used it to announce, “I’m voting Labour,” clear evidence that anti-Semitic imagery was pulling idiots into the Labour Party.
These nasty anti-Semitic posts lay on Corbyn junior’s Facebook page gathering viewers for weeks until the Daily Mail questioned the Labour Party about their leader’s son’s public display of anti-Semitism.
Somebody must have got the message to Tommy Corbyn who told the Mail that “Hitler wasn’t a Zionist,” and the Star of David cartoon was a disgusting anti-Semitic image.
It’s good that he admits that Hitler was not a Zionist but the one thing that was missing from young Corbyn’s mea culpa was the absence of a clear statement that Zionists are not Nazis. The reason I say this was because the author of the Daily Mail report, Guy Adams, delved into Tommy Corbyn’s past when he was events manager for the gruesome anti-Semitic Palestinian Solidarity Movement in York. Adams uncovered a history of murky nastiness from Corbyn that linked even more anti-Semitic imagery to pro-Palestinian messaging when the controversial play “Seven Jewish Children” was staged on the campus of York University, a play that links the Holocaust to depicting Israelis killing children in Gaza.
Booker Prize-winning author, Howard Jacobson described this nasty play as “Jew hating, pure and simple.”
The Spectator called the play, “an open incitement to hatred,” and “a ten-minute blood libel.”
Tommy Corbyn’s past was revealed by Guy Adams to be even nastier. His social media activities placed him on several Facebook pages that insulted the Royal Family with a cut out image of a well-known comedian defecating on the Queen, a cartoon suggesting that Prince Phillip was a pedophile, and that Prince William, his wife, and young son were secretly Jewish and that the “Jewish” Royal family were running the world with the Rothschild banking dynasty.
Another Facebook group that TC belonged to, the Supporters of Socialism in Britain, insulted the Royal family, pledged allegiance to the IRA (an Irish terror group supported by Jeremy Corbyn), called the Israeli government “terrorists,” and, in another anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, suggested that the Islamic terrorist group ISIS “was founded by Jews in order to intervene in the Middle East.”
Presumably, this, to Socialists like Tommy Corbyn, is what is called “criticism of Israeli policy,” I assume, and not anti-Semitic.
Young Corbyn belonged to yet another Facebook page, dedicated to a known American anti-Semite, Ken O’Keefe, who positioned that the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks were perpetrated by Israel “so that they could get American kids to fight and die in their genocidal wars of expansion. It also featured an article that claimed that ‘the Zionist controlled mainstream media is constantly portraying North Korea in a negative light” because of Kim Jong-un’s opposition to Israel.
This nasty Facebook page promoted the anti-Semitic Protocols on the Elders of Zion conspiracy that the Jews want to take over the world.
Tommy Corbyn also liked several other Facebook pages promoting anti-Semitic messaging. One called Anti New World Order contained anti-Israel conspiracy theories and a picture of the Earth with a Star of David emblazoned on it with the slogan, “The new world of Zionism is almost here! One government. One currency, One religion. Act Now!!!”
Tommy Corbyn, the anti-Semitic troll, liked the Facebook page of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, David Icke, who suggests that the world is controlled by a cabal of lizard-like creatures.
The British Labour leader’s son also liked a Facebook site called Cloaked Truth which claims that the world is controlled by the Rothschild banking family, the Royal family, and the Vatican, and that Zio-Nazis control the US government and falsely alleges that “the majority of Congress and senate are Jews.”
Sadly, there is a lot more from this Facebook troll who would doubtless continue to claim, like his dad, that it is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel.
When Guy Adams asked Tommy Corbyn if he would like to retract and denounce these wacky anti-Semitic Facebook pages and his membership of them he was referred to TC’s lawyer who stated “Of course Tommy is not anti-Semitic and to say otherwise is plain wrong.”
Then, surreptitiously and without an apology, Tommy Corbyn quietly removed himself from these questionable Facebook pages.
Doesn't that sound eerily like his father’s fob offs for his own anti-Semitic words and actions?

If only his dad would surrepticously remove himself as leader of Britain’s main opposition party.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism’ and ‘BDS for IDIOTS.’ He is also the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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  1. It’s not bad enough that there is Jeremy Corbyn, now we find out his son is even worse.