Friday, 17 May 2019

Don't eat Mars bars, BDS. Eat your heart out instead.

About a decade ago I wrote an article that went viral on the social media. It was called 'If You're Going to Boycott Israel - Do it Properly!' It was designed to expose the hypocrisy of the BDS idiots who order others to do what they don't do themselves.
We had a prime example of that last week when Palestinian leader, Jibril Rajoub, demanded that Atletico Madrid boycott Israel in a forthcoming football game because Israel must be isolated. Yet Rajoub quietly checked into Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for an urgent medical treatment. Hypocrisy, par excellence!
That's why I wrote the best-selling book 'BDS FOR IDIOTS,' available on Amazon as a fun read and manual for pro-Israel activists. I call it "a seriously funny humiliation of BDS idiots."
In that vein, I invite BDS fanatics to throw away their Mars bars, because Mars has now partnered with Israeli academic institutions, including the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute for Science in Rehovot, and the Technion in Haifa in support of Israeli start-ups and the development of new Israeli companies.
Mars see the clear benefits to their company and its millions of happy customers of collaborating with Israeli innovation. They have also partnered with JVP, but that's not the ridiculous Jewish Voices for Palestine. Mars have joined with Jerusalem Venture Partners to take their company into the next generation of brand leaders, and they are doing it in partnership with Israel.
So, don't eat Mars bars, BDS. Eat your heart out instead!

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