Saturday, 8 June 2019

Zionism is Jewish intersectionality and progressivism

Zionism is Jewish intersectionality, the diversity of the incoming, the answer to three millennium of Jewish victimhood.
It is where left and right, black, white and brown, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, religious and secular, intersect, come together in defense of our self preservation, to celebrate our Judaism in whatever form it takes, to struggle to create a better world for ourselves and for others, while protecting those within our community not of the tribe.
As such, Zionism is the most progressive movement in a repressive and violent region.
Zionism knows from experience we do not live in a perfect world. It is a world that still seeks to victimize us. Never again means never again.
But Zionism is a welcoming host to those who extend their hand in peace and friendship.
Zionism always gives back more than it receives. This is the true expression of Tikun Olam, Repair the World. To give to others more than you expect to receive from them. And to do unto others more than you would have them do unto you.
Zionism is a Jewish justice achieved by sacrifice only in the last century after wandering in a cruel and unwelcoming world for far too long.
Our tiny nation has progressed more than any other regime in a desperate Middle East. We have become a shining light to the region, and to the world, in such a short space of time.
To earn ourselves a small barren corner, to nurture it, to develop it and defend it with courage and determination.
That is our fate. That is our future.
Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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  1. The world has witnessed more progress in the Middle East since the birth of the State of Israel than it has in the past 1500 y. or so. Countries from all over the world have noticed this marvelous phenomenon and taken interest in it. The fact that the Jews are back in the country of their forefathers after 2000 years is a testament to their belief.