Thursday, 14 May 2020

Democrats Battle Plan. Ruin the US Economy.

The Democrats battle plan. Ruin the American economy before the November Election.
These next few months are going be a veritable war between the Democratic states and the Trump Administration.
All the blue state governors have declared that they want to keep their states locked down, it’s purely political.
Their objective is to wreck the American economy and get rid of Trump.
They shut down and lock down, and they want to remain locked down until July or August or even later.
Meanwhile, the red states ate gradually opening up to a moral outcry from their Democratic opponents.
They don’t mind if the upcoming elections are conducted by virtual appearances. They know their candidates has no chance of success if placed face to face against Trump, so a full blown traditional election campaign is not in their favor.
This battle has nothing to do with morality. It’s all about politics.
While criticizing the responsible re-opening of Republican states economies the Democratic governors and their overlords in Congress will continue to demand billions of dollars in compensation for loss of earnings and debt relief for calamitously managed states and cities in lockdown from the Federal budget.
In sort, the Democrats want the Republicans to pay for the financial hit of their incompetence and political resistance.
The Trump Administration has only one recourse. To demand that blue states open up responsibly while pointing to increasingly successful red state economic growth and employment.
At the end of the day, morality will be seen by the productive results of pro-active Republican states. The immorality will be evident by the worsening decay and poverty of Democratic states with increasing crime and homelessness.
I am certain President Trump is clear-eyed about this war and he needs to play to win.
He needs to be wary of being perceived as heartless by not pandering to Democratic demands for massive bail-outs. He has to narrate the truth that the condition of their citizens’ rest in the hands of their heartless governors and mayors and that the Federal Government will be there for them with stimulus packages and incentives for small businesses once their state and city leaders decide to release them from an unnecessary bondage.
This is the war that Trump has to win.
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.


  1. Dt's responsible for it by ignoring the virus back in January, maybe even earlier. remember his 15 people gone in two weeks remark...

    1. Actually, Trump has no ability to control the actions that individual states take. The CDC, NIH, NAIAD - they "advise". They do not "command". They provided "guidance".

      Governors of individual states are responsible for the actions of the elected officials in their states. Trump is not responsible for Pelosi's appearance in Chinatown: her constituents are. Trump is not responsible for DeBlasio's "nothing to see here" comments: his constituents are.

      Heck, Trump isn't directly responsible for Fauci's "masks are unnecessary" to "masks are necessary" flip-flop. That's all on Fauci. And Trump isn't directly responsible for the CDC or NIH following the WHO's recommendations about Covid. If anything, Trump went against their advice when he halted inbound flights from China and then from Europe.

      If Trump is responsible for anything, it's for passing on the advice he was given from his advisors - many of whom were also misled BY CHINA.