Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Rioting Democratic Cities. Chaos, or Coordinated Mayhem?

What we just witnessed in the pandemic of riots, mainly based in Democrat states and cities, is the future of the Democratic Party.
Well-meaning people took to the streets to identify with the death of an African-American at the hands of the police. His death was filmed. It was awful to watch. The people were justified in identifying with that man’s suffering. To show that they care. They called it a protest against injustice, although the cop who killed George Floyd had been arrested and charged with murder. Justice was already in the process of being served.
No matter. The numbers swelled rapidly city by city. Mainly Democratic cities. The voices grew louder, more raucous, and, not unexpectedly, the violence erupted.
First, the target was the police. Vehicles and buildings were torched. Not all were police property. Other official buildings were ignored. Were they deliberately avoided?  Instead, the growing crowds became a mob, and the targets were the cities commercial districts.
Like a raging fire, the arsonists and looters destroyed commercial stores, private shops and vehicles.
To an untrained eye it seemed like anarchy, but the media called it justified anger, a protest that must be understood with sympathy.
The authorities restrained the police. Held them back and let the herd momentum take its course. Like a virus it rapidly spread its infection. This virus destroyed property and livelihoods. It was not incidental. There was motive and method behind it.
There was intent behind the mayhem.
The violent riots and apparent chaos, including arson and the wanton prolonged destruction of property and uncontrolled looting, was a symbiotic dance.
This crisis turned out to be the perfect storm.
It was hardly an accident that in every city the pattern was the same. Growing crowds looking for action, government stand down, total destruction unchallenged.
When this repeated itself city after city, day after day, you didn’t have to be a detective to see organized intent.
This was a symbiotic course of action loosely choreographed between local government, radical organizations, and the media, each with their intertwining ultimate goal. A hybrid desire for continued mayhem and economic distress to sway an angry public ahead of a vital upcoming election. The timing couldn’t have been better coming as it did at the tail end of a harmful virus lockdown.
Riots, burning everything in their way, pillaging. Smashing stores and buildings, taking whatever they could grab for free. Not caring who pays for the damage and the loss.
Intelligent people would call it robbery, arson and vandalism, but the looters see if differently.
They hate capitalism. They hate people who use their imagination, their money, and the ability to use their talents and hard work to try and build up small businesses, eventually in some cases becoming big businesses, that employ people.
They hate the whole notion of such an enterprise. They want to tear it down and take whatever they can grab.
What we saw on the streets of Democratic cities was a microcosm of Democratic big government. Take it from those that do and give it for free to those that don’t.
What we witnessed was Democratic policy crudely played out on the streets of Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, LA, and DC.  This is what the radical wing of the Democratic Party is promising the looters.
The protest of racial justice based on the killing of a black man by a white cop in Minneapolis was built on a questionable premise.  
True, the George Floyd killing was a tragic horror, but there is ample evidence the argument of police targeting innocent African-Americans being systemic in American society is heavily disputed by statistics and evidence.
Data provided by Statista, an independent, reliable and unbiased research center with global coverage in over 160 countries, showed that almost 50% more white people were shot by police between 2017 and 2020 than black people. 1268 to 698.
This was confirmed by Manhattan Institute fellow, Heather McDonald, who testified before a US Congressional Committee that an “epidemic of racially biased police shootings against black men” is false.
On the contrary, she said, “if there is a bias in police shootings, it is against white civilians,” quoting from a report by the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
The authors of that research were the universities of Maryland and Michigan, not exactly Republican strongholds.
Black radio host, Larry Elder, said, “It is not true that police go about mowing down black people.”
He quoted the CDC report that, in the last 45 years in America, killings of blacks by police have decreased by 75%, and in 2019 nine unarmed black people were killed by police as opposed to 19 unarmed white people.
“You don’t know the names of white people killed by the police,” he said, “because it happens all the time.”
The fulcrum of the current wave of disorder was the horrible killing of George Lloyd. Thousands took to the streets across America to protest this outrage. But no one took to the streets when a colored officer shot an innocent white woman to death outside her home in Minneapolis.
In 2017, officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed female Justine Damond outside her home. She was totally innocent.  Zero protests on behalf of the victim, or women killed by cops.
In the end, the bad cop received a 12-and-a-half-year prison sentence.
There was a short-term campaign, but not on behalf of Justine. It was an attempt to get the killer cop released from jail by angry protests including the slogan, “Free Mohamed Noor!”
Justine’s family won a $20 million law suit against the city, which will probably reflect the level of justice that Lloyd’s family will receive.
The important point here is that the city and the cop were found guilty of negligence and homicide. Not the President, as anti-Trump haters and the media projected recently over the Lloyd incident.
It was clearly a Democratic screw up as the Damond family statement spelt out after Lloyd’s murder, that Minneapolis learned nothing since Justine’s murder and had “not made adequate changes to their practices and training as we told they would after Justine’s murder.”
In other words, the Lloyd murder was a continuation of this Democratic city’s systemic failure, not a global race issue, and in no way connected to the President.
So what is going on, even beyond Minneapolis?
It had nothing to do with George Lloyd. The mob, and their organizers, did not listen to Lloyd’s family imploring them not to dishonor the memory of their dead brother and son by their violence and anarchy.
George Lloyd became a hashtag to hang a political street campaign. Just like #MeToo, #GeorgeLloyd carried a bias.  
Floyd today is a forgotten man.
It has nothing to do with the victim. It has everything to do with overturning a Trump Republican presidency.
It was a Democrat that said “never like a crisis go to waste.”?  It has become a party policy.
It includes the deliberate destruction of the economy. It is the Cloward-Piven strategy of community negative activism to change the face of government.
The Democratic Party is powered at local level by radical elements financed by wealthy non-elected manipulators.  The agenda is to take power locally, at state level, with the ultimate goal of usurping national power by fair means or foul, structured in a way that can never be reversed.
This role of state and city governance is to give the people what the powerful think they need. They fill their local councils with activists, their court benches with liberal judges that pervert constitutional law. They fill their towns with illegal immigrants and offer them freebies to keep them voting for them. They are working hard to restructure a voting system that will allow them to defraud the system and ride them into power.
At national level, the leading Democrat candidates all declared they would overspend. Just vote Democrat and get free education, free everything from the cradle to the grave, including abortions whenever you want, even after birth. Driving licenses and voting rights for illegal immigrants. Free bail-out for criminals awaiting trial, and no jail sentence for most. Those arrested for violent crimes and destruction during the riots know they have nothing to fear in Democratic states.
Is it any wonder that mayors and governors ordered their police forces to stand down and let the rioters rampage through their commercial districts? It was an unwritten, unspoken, cooperative venture with the hard left activist wings of the Democrat Party.
The Democrats have replaced law and order with no law and disorder. And it seems to be working for them.
And those economically damaged by the dwindling work opportunities as a result of both their virus lockdown policies and the widespread destruction of protest, will be given unemployment money higher than the minimum wage. So why work?  Just keep voting Democrat.
It’s an appealing message for millions of losers.  It’s message for troublesome people looking for power. Like the anarchists, the Marxists, the Communists. Like the radical bullyboys of Antifa and BlackLivesMatter who know how to manipulate a mass protest and direct the masses into action, negative action, like burning other people’s buildings and taking other people’s stuff in the name of protest.
Today’s riots will eventually die down, but which party will the looters and destroyers attach themselves to in their search for more free stuff? Take a guess.
It is worse than a virus.
This is a cancer that is metastasizing in America. This cancer has attached itself to the body politics of the Democratic Party.
This cancer feeds off the soft tissue and organs of a party that doesn’t yet feel the pain. The Democrat body welcomes them, feeds them, encourages them.
They don’t yet understand that this cancer is going to destroy them, if it doesn’t destroy America first.
Democrats think need this cancer in their obsessive quest for power. A fateful November is on the horizon. They think they can control the cancer, but the cancer is controlling them. 
Post-election, win or lose, old Democratic tissues will be replaced by stronger more radical tumors that will attach themselves to important organs enveloping and destroying the body that feeds it –democratic liberal progressive America.
The pain felt in Minneapolis, Los Angeles. San Francisco, Detroit, New York, the soft underbelly of “progressive” America, will not be cured by a November Democratic victory. 
And even if they lose 2020, the radical cancer will continue to spread within the Democratic body and throughout America hoping to emerge massively victorious come 2024.  
Let Democrats not fool themselves. This is not liberalism. This is not progressivism. This is not even Socialism. It is certainly not Americanism. This is Venezuela, Cuba, played out on a larger stage.  
It is intolerant and violent leftist fascism. It is the un-American heart of the Democratic Party. It is the de-structuring of America. It began in the Obama-Biden era. Today’s events are a continuation of their Baltimore and Ferguson legacy that elected weak incompetent leaders and pandered to the violent.
Conditions deteriorated rapidly in Obama-Biden inner cities despite their charismatic words that charmed and fooled the masses.
We see today the Saul Alinsky doctrine of Rules for Radicals, the strategy of local persuasion to a momentary cause while disguising the ultimate goal, the collapse of the economy by using a crisis to press home a political agenda, including publicly visible disruption and destruction to attract attention and drive willing hands to the cause of regime change. 
This is not democracy. It is the law of the jungle, which is no law at all.
A compliant media spreads the lies and misrepresents what was going on.  
“They don’t know what to do with that emotion, so they respond by lashing out. Do you see all this damage here? Acting out gets attention,” says CNN, koshering the violence, arson, and ruin of local communities.  As if thousands of looters, rushing in and out of Apple, Target, and other destroyed stores, with trolleys full of stolen goods, were doing this to get attention.
Speaking of CNN, another propagandist is Don Lemon. “Open your eyes America! We are teetering on a dictatorship,” after the President offered the National Guard to governors to restore law and order to America’s major cities.
Let me advise Mr. Lemon that America is teetering on the brink of anarchy, not dictatorship, due to lack of effective action by the authorities who are allowing their cities to burn to the ground.
The only question that requires answers is this is due to incompetence, or is it deliberate?
Why are piles of bricks mysteriously deposited at the roadside of forthcoming protests where there is no construction going on?
Why were bottles found with explosive additives down alleyways close to protest routes?
An Illinois man was arrested handing out explosives at a Minneapolis protest rally.
Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit haven’t recovered, a decade after the Obama riots. These neighborhoods are a metaphor for Democratic America.
The Ferguson effect is seen all across America today where the rioters, looters and arsonists are given the freedom of the city in the name of Black Lives Matter. Thus began the downward spiral of decency by liberal Democrats.
Who in their right mind would reinvest in such troublesome communities? Justice for looters is a revolving door in Democratic courts. In New York, the policy of no bail fees is the brainchild of Governor Cuomo. Crime isn’t a crime. Criminals aren’t criminals. Store owners can only cry in frustration after the looters are arrested and released back onto the streets.  This is Democratic justice.
More evidence of the collusion between the rioters and the lack of police involvement came from former NY mayor and crime-fighter, Rudi Giuliani. He said that Bill De Blasio was interfering in the enforcement of the law. He accused the mayor of phoning his police chiefs and ordering them not to enforce the law.  “He is holding back the police department.”
This was confirmed by David Paterson, the former Democratic Governor of New York, who said, “We are dealing with a different kind of riot than we did years ago. We have outside agitators.”
“This is happening in Democratic progressive cities that are friendly with criminals,” Rudi Giuliani said to Fox News Sean Hannity.
A final word about the police is this. In the recent violence more police officers were injured than protesters
Leo Terrell is a civil rights lawyer and a Democrat. He is alarmed by what he has seen to express himself this way;
“We people of color want law and order. You know why these mayors and governors won’t bring in the National Guard? They don’t want to acknowledge that President Trump is absolutely right, and they don’t want to give him the credit.”
I will go one step further. They don’t do it because it doesn’t fit their political agenda which is diametrically opposite to that of a President who wants a prosperous America and was giving it to them before the virus and the rioting.
In a previous article, I wrote about the anecdotal tweeting of a person called Chris Martin Palmer. Hee HeH sent out a series of tweets as raging riots spread in his wealthy Los Angeles. As a Democrat, he thrilled by what the protesters were doing as he posted a picture of a burning Minneapolis building.
“Burn that s**t down! Burn it all down!” he thrilled.
The building happened to be an affordable housing project for the homeless and poor people.
CMP deleted that tweet, but you can’t delete a cancer, Chris.
As the raging arson fires moved in the direction of his own Los Angeles neighborhood, he still didn’t get it.
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” tweeted the excitable Chris. “A historic event. I will try to capture plenty images.”
The destruction of people’s properties and hard-earned businesses was just a selfie to him. No pain – yet.
By the time it moved into his rich neighborhood, he was getting worried.
“You bring that shit to our neighborhood and I’m gonna have a real problem with it. There’s a lot of people up here who care and are angry. Attacking our neighborhood kills the movement and disgraces George Floyd. Are the Beverly Hills cops jerks?”
Then, “They destroyed Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood!”
Too late, Chris. The cancer is in your party and it’s far too late for surgery.
Now Chris can do some self-reflection. Were the riots really chaos, or organized mayhem? And does he now subscribe to their goals?
Chris may get it, but too many voters haven’t. They are still oblivious of what is happening in front of their eyes.
The final question has to be, are you voting with the mob, or against them?

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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