Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The Cancer in the Democratic Party. And it’s far too late for surgery.

What we just witnessed in the recent riots is the future of the Democratic Party.
A large number of well-meaning people took to the streets to identify with black folk. To show them that they care. They called it a protest against injustice, although the cop who killed George Floyd had been arrested and charged with murder, so justice was already in the process of being served.
But well-meaning events became angry protests and then turned into something worse. Much worse.
Riots, arson, pillaging. Smashing stores and buildings, taking whatever they could grab for free. Not caring who is going to pay for the damage, the loss.
Intelligent people would call it robbery and vandalism, but the looters see if differently.
They hate capitalism. They hate the people who use their imagination, their money, their talents, their hard work, to try and build up small businesses, eventually big businesses, that employ people.
They hate the whole notion of such an enterprise. So they destroy and they take whatever they can grab.
This is what they want in a world of big government. They want to suckle and survive off the money and the labor of others.
This basically is what the radical wing of the Democratic Party is promising them.  What we saw was Democratic policy crudely played out on the streets of Minneapolis.
This is what local and state Democrats are starting to give them. You don’t even have to be legally in their state or town to get the freebies. Local government will give you what you want. Just vote for them. The money will be provided by the hard-working middle class, by federal government.
Even when the state and the city has overspent, wildly overspent, someone else will pay. Just vote Democrat and they will give your kids free education, that is if you kid wants to learn. If not, no worries. Local government will give you unemployment money, even higher than you would get if you were working.
Just vote Democrat.
It’s an appealing message for millions of losers.  It’s message for troublesome people looking for power. Like the anarchists, the Marxists, the Communists. Like the radical bullyboys who know how to manipulate a mass protest and direct the masses into action, negative action like burning other people’s buildings and taking other people’s stuff.
Today’s riots will die down but which party will these looters and destroyers attach themselves to in their thirst for power and more free stuff?
It is worse than a virus.
This is the cancer that is metastasizing in America. This is the cancer that has attached itself to the body politics of the Democratic Party.
This cancer feeds off the soft tissue and organs of a party that doesn’t yet feel the pain. The Democrat body welcomes them, feeds them, encourages them.
They don’t yet understand that this is a cancer that is going to destroy them.
The Democrats need them inside their body in their obsessive quest for power. A fateful November is on the horizon so they call it something else. Anything but a cancer that is going to devour them.
Maybe they think they can control the cancer. Clearly, as we saw in too many cities, they can’t. The cancer will grow, eating away as it does within a body until even chemotherapy will not cure it.
Old Democratic tissues will be replaced by stronger more radical tumors that will attach themselves to important organs destroying them as they eat the body that feeds the cancer.
The pain felt in Minneapolis, Los Angeles. San Francisco, Detroit, New York, the soft underbelly of “progressive” America, will not be cured by a November victory. 
Should be Democrats win it will herald the death knell of America.
It will be too late for treatment, too late for chemotherapy to remove the cancer. The cancer will, by then, or by 2024, be controlling the body of the Democratic Party.
My last article about the current crisis talked about race. I was wrong. This is way beyond issues of race. What we witnessed was the cancerous heart of American politics. The cancer today has attached itself to racial issues. It has already spread to other issues and policies as it metastasizes and invades the Democratic body.
This is not liberalism. This is not progressivism. This is not even Socialism. It is certainly not Americanism. This is closer to Venezuela. To Cuba.
It is intolerant and violent leftist fascism. It is the un-American heart of the Democratic Party. This is the de-structuring of America that began under the Obama-Biden era. It is a continuation of their Baltimore and Ferguson legacy that elected weak incompetent leaders and pandered to the violent.
Conditions deteriorated rapidly in the inner cities under Obama-Biden.
It is the Cloward-Piven strategy of collapsing the economy by using a crisis in order to press home your political agenda, including publicly visible disruption and destruction to attract attention and drive willing hands to the cause of regime change. 
It is filling the country with illegal immigrants, filling the country with illegal drugs, filling court benches with compliant judges, changing the voting system to enable unidentified masses to cast ballots en-masse for the Party.
 It is the Rahm Emmanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste.”
It is the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals,” the organized gathering of the masses into community disruption.
The Democrats have learned nothing. A CNN reporter misrepresented what was going on in Minneapolis.  “They don’t know what to do with that emotion, so they respond by lashing out. Do you see all this damage here? Acting out gets attention.”
As if the hundreds of looters who were rushing in and out of Apple, Target, and other destroyed stores with trolleys full of stolen goods were doing it to get attention. Give me a break, CNN!
Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit haven’t recovered ten years after the Obama riots. Is it any wonder? Who in their right mind would reinvest in such troublesome communities?
These neighborhoods are a metaphor for America if these radical anarchists take over the Democratic Party.
A person called Chris Martin Palmer sent out a series of tweets as raging riots spread in his town. He thrilled by what the protesters were doing as he posted a picture of a burning Minneapolis building.
“Burn that s**t down! Burn it all down!” he thrilled.
The building happened to be an affordable housing project for the homeless and poor people.
CMP deleted that tweet, but you can’t delete a cancer, Chris.
As the raging fires moved in the direction of his neighborhood, he still didn’t get it.
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” tweeted the excitable Chris. “A historic event. I will try to capture plenty images.”
The destruction of people’s properties and hard-earned businesses was just a selfie to him. No pain – yet.
By the time it moved into his rich neighborhood, he was getting worried.
“You bring that shit to our neighborhood and I’m gonna have a real problem with it. There’s a lot of people up here who care and are angry. Attacking our neighborhood kills the movement and disgraces George Floyd. Are the Beverly Hills cops jerks?”
Then, “They destroyed Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood!”
Too late, Chris. The cancer is in your party and it’s far too late for surgery.
Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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