Sunday, 5 July 2020

Appreciation for White Exploration and Discovery

You can’t have a sense of history or create a better future by bulldozing the past. That is what Black Lies Matter are doing
Destroying the statue of the man who discovered America is a metaphor of what they are doing. Christopher Columbus. What would America be like today if it had not been discovered by men like Columbus, men with pioneering minds? Explorers going where no man went before, reaching out over water, land and space to discover new worlds.
Without the spirit of adventure and curiosity of people like Columbus, what would the continent of America be today? Would it be the extraordinary beacon of progress, freedom and democracy? Or would it be a large barren backwater?
Lincoln led the way to emancipation and progress which African-Americans and minorities enjoy today, hampered though they are by Democrat governance and exploitation.
Wouldn't an undiscovered America be like parts of Africa and the Middle East? Desolate desperate territories where poverty, wars and slavery still prevail?
Would these places be made better or worse with more Western intervention of innovation, science, technology, freedoms and democracy?
So why this nonsense of white guilt and white privilege?
White enlightenment and progress has lit up the places it has shone its light. It has given them order, education, infrastructure, development. 
White innovation, created out of enquiring minds and intelligence has improved health, science and technology that makes the world a better place, to people of all colors and faiths, or those of no faith whatsoever..
So, when people curse the founding of America let them think of what America would be without the intervention of brave explorers and men of spirit eager to create a better world.
To say differently is regressive, even racist.

Barry Shaw, 
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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