Friday, 25 September 2020

The Fight Back for the Drug that Dare Not Speak its Name.

The Economic Standard, a highly reputable research group in Washington D.C., recently published its first white paper in which it states,

“We demonstrate, through meticulously sourced analysis that HCQ is a safe, versatile medicine that has treated hundreds of millions of people for many diseases over seven decades. Numerous controlled observational studies and meta-analyses have demonstrated that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) can help people with Covid-19.

Hundreds of drugs have been approved by the US FDA on the basis of similar observational studies especially when conducted in large numbers and subject to meta-analysis as a matter of medical practice and especially in a pandemic emergency. It is not the case that only randomized controlled trials can justify adopting a treatment. HCQ should be more widely recommended, prescribed and promoted.”

The Lancet peer-reviewed “Overall mortality was lower in the HCQ group than in the group that did not receive hydroxychloroquine.”

A Belgian study published 24 August, 2020, concluded, “In this large nationwide observational study of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, HCQ monotherapy administered at a dosage of 2400 mg over 5 days was independently associated with a significant decrease in mortality compared with patients not treated with HCQ.

And yet we still have this ban preventing local doctors and clinics prescribing a drug that was approved and shown safe over 60 years for all sorts of diseases.

With the overwhelming weight of evidence that NCQ is a safe drug to be prescribed to early stage Covid patients, indeed as a prophylactic to prevent the onset of Covid, an international wave of protest has been raised by medical professionals against its ban and an even more mystifying lockdown of reputable voices shouting out in support of this efficient drug. Even Big Tech has joined the fight in silencing voices.

Anyone who tells you that there is no evidence that HCQ is a safe and effective drug and claim that it is dangerously lethal is either lying, has a malevolent agenda, or both.

Highly regarded physicians and medical specialists have told me that had first line physicians and local clinics been given the freedom to use their professional skills and allowed to prescribe the right drugs in the right combinations and dosages, including as a prophylactic, the number of people becoming hospitalized and dying would have been dramatically reduced.

All the pain and suffering we are seeing across the nation, all the death and loss of family members and friends, could be reduced if only health officials and bureaucrats would get out of the way and give the freedom to allow local doctors to treat their patients with care and compassionate, and without threats from above.

It is important to highlight a case example of the fraudulent accusations levelled against HCQ that has cast a false stain on the reputation of a safe drug with a long pedigree of success. I refer to the flawed review published in The Lancet, a malicious rumor that circulated around the world that HCQ was dangerous.

Lancet later found that their report was based on fraudulent data. They had to apologize for it but damage was done, damage caused by Sapan Desai, founder of a tiny and disreputable data-supply company, Surgisphere, who fabricated data against hydroxychloroquine before going public and claim that HCQ caused an increase of ventricular arrhythmia during hospitalization.

Based on this fraudulent article studies were stopped and several health authorities banned the drug.

Some people say that Desai should be in jail for the fraudulent damage he caused. He is free, but the drug remains banned.

People need to ask what was this man’s motivation? Was it ego? Was it money? Was it an ambition to work his way into the heady health establishment elite?

But the damage was done. And it needs to be undone.

Health authorities, backed by people with vested interests, determined to block a drug of proven efficacy, quoting clinical late stage trials that showed, in few cases, critically ill patients experienced heart defects. They were all put down to effects of HCQ.

But these late stage trials have been questioned and criticized by leading cardiac surgeons, immunologists and epidemiologists.

Leading the charge has been renowned epidemiologist, Professor Harvey Risch, who has been outspoken about the way that HCQ was applied in critical late stage trials. He points to instances of overdosing and not administrating HCQ in recommended combination with other medications, including zinc and azithromycin.

Professor Risch’s main criticism is that hydroxychloroquine should not have been used in any late stage trials but rather be confined to treating early stage Covid sufferers, preferably applied with other recommended drugs to patients within the first five days of contracting Covid, or even as a safe and effective prophylactic to prevent the onset of the disease.

The case can be made that the reason why Israel has seen a sharp ramping up of hospitalizations and an alarming number of deaths can be at least partly blamed on first line doctors and clinics in close intimately contact with their patients being preventing from prescribing a cheap safe drug that has proven itself to be effective for over half a century.

If science require data, let doctors treat their patients so that an Israeli database can be built that will ultimately show the efficiency of hydroxychloroquine in treating early stage Covid patients.

Please review the attachments.

Barry Shaw,

Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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