Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Hammer and the Scorecard. The biggest American political scandal never known.

the Michigan GOP Chairwoman complained that a Michigan computer glitch converted over 6000 votes for Trump into 6000 votes for Biden, and there are 47 other districts using the same computer system.
Days before her announcement, I reported about The Hammer supercomputer, designed by Dennis Montgomery, for use by the Obama Administration intelligence and national security, initially targeting Islamic terrorist data and rogue governments.

This supercomputer was converted by the Obama-Biden regime into a machine that could intercept election computer systems and transfer votes from one candidate to another. The key to this is called the SuperCard.

Further, Obama ordered The Hammer supercomputer to be removed from DC to a facility at Fort Washington in Maryland and has been illegally converted into use in the US election system.
Mr Montgomery was concerned about the misuse of his computer hardware and gave evidence to the FBI.
Barrack Obama is a person worthy of investigation based on his pre-election activities going back to 2016 and his activities over the last year.
Note should be made of a verbal slip by Joe Biden when he inadvertently bragged about "building the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."
The video is included below.
THE HAMMER and the SUPERCARD was deplo
yed by the Democrats to divert votes in troublesome states to their presidential candidate.

This was the computer interception that the GOP Chair referred to.

In my opinion, President Trump must use his authority and immediately deploy FBI agents and AI experts, under the supervision of Dennis Montgomery, to examine The Hammer and the Supercard data and expose malevolent misuse that intercepted and converted votes, and he must do it immediately before state recounts are completed.

If crimes are discovered in numerous states the whole 2020 US Election will have been put into jeopardy.
If the supercomp
uter and the key were used to subvert a national election, people must be indicted on serious charges, and this list must include both Obama and Biden the bragger.

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

General Thomas McInerney explaining the crime.

Sidney Powell, lawyer to General Michael Flynn, talking about The Hammer and Scorecard.

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