Saturday, 30 January 2021

How the Biden Administration Will Impact Israel and the Middle East.

Anthony Blinken is the incoming US Secretary of State. The State Department executes American foreign policy.

Blinken was Obama’s Deputy Secretary of State.  Out of office, he founded a strategic consultancy firm called West Exec Advisors. They represented global corporations, foreign governments, gain access to the White House and top Government officials. His website boasted that “West Exec conveys our shared commitment to our country, to each other, and to our clients.”

Anthony Blinken reflects what Trump euphemistically called “the Washington Swamp.”

In office, Blinken made human rights a cornerstone in formulating foreign policy. Let’s see how that worked out;

Libya. Under Hillary Clinton and Obama and Biden in the White House, a decision was made to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power and let the Libyan people set their own destiny. This, despite the fact that Gaddafi had renounced his nuclear ambitions and was reaching out to the West.  In 2011, The United States led a NATO military attack against Libya on the pretext of “protecting civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack.”

The result was a disaster. Gaddafi was deposed and killed, Libya descended into a warring hellhole of rival Islamist and nationalist groups, and Ambassador Stephens was murdered at the Benghazi US Consulate. The State Department failed to rescue the ambassador and his security team. When news of their fate was released, Blinken’s State Department employed a fake human rights story to cover up their fatal failure by blaming the assault on a bunch of protester angry at an amateur video that insulted Islam. And the person who went on TV to sell that fabrication, Susan Rice, has been rewarded with a White House appointment running domestic policy.

The “Arab Spring.” As protests spread across the Muslim world against corrupt leaders, the State Department celebrated it as a positive expression of human rights. They called it the Arab Spring. In Israel, strategic experts, who understand the undercurrents of the Muslim world, told American and European diplomats, “You’ve got your seasons wrong. This is the start of the Islamic Winter.”

As protests grew in Egypt, Blinken, then Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, and others urged Obama to get “on the right side of history” by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  

The Muslim Brotherhood had hijacked students’ peaceful protests and violently targeted the police and government institutions that eventually toppled Mubarak’s regime. They imprisoned thousands and, in less than two years, had ruined Egypt’s economy driving millions into poverty. 

The Obama Administration and State Department failed to feel the mood of the Egyptian people. One month after Mohamed Morsi, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood leader, was sworn in as Egyptian President, protesters pelted Clinton’s motorcade with tomatoes during her July 2012 visit to Cairo.

The army, under General al-Sisi, staged a popular coup. They arrested the Muslim Brotherhood leadership, restored law and order, and begin to forge a more stable Egypt.

This did not sit well with Obama who said of America’s response to Sisi’s popular victory, “We can’t be seen as aiding and abetting actions we think run contrary to our values and ideals.”

US military aid to Egypt was stopped. It led to a divide between the White House, the State Department and a Defense Department that advocated maintaining US aid to Egypt.

By 2015, General Sisi had reached out to Russia for a large military aid program to be paid by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Egypt’s allies in the region. Obama’s team wilted and renewed US military aid to Egypt. Sisi celebrated by flying the first delivery of American F-16s over Cairo. A triumphant gesture perceived in Egypt as Sisi’s victory over Obama.

Syria. By the fall of 2013, Syria had plunged into a sectarian civil war and Assad was slaughtering his people with chemical weapons.  Obama threatened Assad against using such weapons. A deal was struck to remove chemical reserves from Syria.

Blinken, as Deputy Secretary of State under John Kerry, said, Imagine what Syria would look like without that deal. It would be awash in chemical weapons, which would fall into the hands of ISIS, Al Nusra or other groups.”

He may have been right, but that did not stop the devious Assad from inflicting a sarin attack, killing an estimated 80 civilians. Obama was tested but failed to respond. 

“We always knew we had not gotten everything,” Blinken admitted.

It took President Trump to punish Assad when he launched combined attacks in 2016 and 2017 destroying Syria’s chemical weapon facilities. Obama blinked. Trump acted.

Iran. If human rights were a cornerstone of the Obama Administration, it was sadly missing when it came to Iran. When mass protests erupted across Iran, Obama kept silent. The State Department in which Blinken served failed to stand affirmatively with the Iranian protesters. The opposition Green Movement was brutally crushed and has never been reconstituted. Instead, they bent over backward to appease the Tehran leadership with a highly criticized nuclear deal cemented by the delivery of $150 Billion that enabled the Republic Guard to brutally advance Iranian hegemony across the Middle East and down into Yemen.

This issue is the most consequential one for Israel with Iran spreading its hegemony and forward bases throughout the Middle East. In 2020 alone, Israel launched over 500 attacks against Iranian bases and weapon storage facilities in Syria.

Israel insists that the new Administration keep the chokehold on the Iranian economy but this is hardly likely after Biden selected Wendy Sherman to be his Deputy Secretary of State. She and Jake Sullivan, another Obama holdover and now Biden's National Security Advisor, were the principle architects of the disastrous 2015 nuclear deal.

There is nothing that gives us hope that Blinken will maintain Trump’s tough stance on Tehran.

Israel and the Palestinian Problem.  Donald Trump has been the most pro-Israel president since Harry Truman. His achievements have been many and Trump’s Abraham Accord initiative is sufficient reason to reward him with a Nobel Peace Prize. That is a hard act to follow and it is doubtful that Blinken can help Biden achieve that status, not with Biden’s declared aim of refunding an unapologetic Palestinian Authority that continues to promote their ‘Pay to Slay” policy which rewards their killers. This despite the Taylor Force Act, named after an American stabbed to death by a rampaging Palestinian on Tel Aviv’s beachfront, a bill introduced by President Trump to disincentivize the PA from this heinous policy. 

The Democrat Manifesto also declared it would reopen the PA Washington bureau and the US consulate in Jerusalem to serve Palestinians, despite having a new Embassy there, thanks to Trump. All this with no demand for the Palestinians to desist from promoting terror and instead recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said of Biden, "I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” 

By default, one can say the same about Anthony Blinken. Policy meetings took place in the White House Situation Room in which Anthony Blinken participated. The results were poor.

Blinken, as US Secretary of State, must insist that Iran removes its powerful precision missiles from Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.  A nuclear Iran poses an existential threat to the existence of Israel, but the presence of these lethal weapons pose an immediate danger to Israeli civilian centers and vital infrastructure. 

Perhaps Blinken can spend the next four years trying to convince the Palestinian leadership to change its behavior and ideology, and recognize and normalize their relationship with Israel, as moderate Arab and Muslim states have done, rather than push Israel into a corner, because peace with the Palestinians is impossible without it.

Foreign Policy for America is an influential policy advocacy group in Washington. They push their foreign policy proposals into Congress and the White House. They have some disturbing perspectives on Israel.

William Burns, Biden’s CIA pick, has a tainted history with Israel from his days working under James Baker.

Avril Haines, Biden’s National Intelligence Agency Chief, signed a public letter with others earlier in 2020 urging the Democratic Party to adopt a more pro-Palestinian language in its platform. By pro-Palestinian Haines did not clarify if the language should be that of the PLO, Hamas, or Islamic Jihad in Gaza. If she means the language of the Palestinian Authority, it is an aggressive anti-Israel language back by violence and shared by other malevolent Palestinian factions.

Equally troubling is that Jeremy Ben Ami, the founder of JStreet, a Jewish group with the overriding policy of creating a Palestinian state on unacceptable (for Israel) 1967 borders, sits on the FPA board of directors to impose his views onto Israel.  He sees Israel as the obstacle to peace, not PA rejectionism, nor Hamas denial of the right of Israel to exist.

The Foreign Policy for America section on the ‘Israel-Palestinian Conflict’ is copy-paste drawn from JStreet literature. It includes tips on how to persuade Congress to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians, and angry against the Israeli Government.

FPA published a history of the conflict. According to them it began in 1949. They conveniently forgot that Arabs have been murdering Jews since the 1920s.

The Oslo Accords was ruined, they say, “by growing settlements in the West Bank, continued Israeli military presence, and a blockage on Gaza.” No mention of decades of Palestinian terrorism, rockets and suicide attacks. Nor does it mention incessant anti-Semitic rhetoric and incitement, and a stubborn refusal to accept a Jewish presence in Judea & Samaria or in the Jewish state anywhere.

FPA avoids mention of the ultimate Palestinian ambition of a state “from the River to the Sea” as if it doesn’t exist. And their top personnel are moving into decisive positions in the Biden Administration.

Democrat anti-Israel activists have seeped into the Biden White House.

Reema Dodin has been an apologist for Palestinian suicide bombers. She is the Deputy Director of the White House Office for Legislative Affairs. She is alleged to have blamed the 9/11 attacks on US support for Israel, and she supported the anti-Israel BDS Movement.

Karen Jean-Pierre was selected to be the White House Deputy Press Secretary. She was the national spokesperson for the George Soros-sponsored anti-Israel She has accused Israel of “war crimes,” called AIPAC “severely racist” for supporting Israel against Palestinian terrorism, and praised Democrats who wimped out of attending the last AIPAC annual conference.

Jeremy Ben Ami tweeted this is “Exactly the type of leadership this country deserves.”

As their agenda unfolds, Israel must be prepared for cold winds to blow in our direction under such a Biden Administration.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.  He is the author of many books including ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS & Anti-Semitism’ and 1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.’





Monday, 25 January 2021

Putting the anti-Israel vaccine lie to rest. The facts.

Israel haters never let an opportunity go to waste to bash the Jewish State with lies and bluster. Why should they miss the chance to jab Israel with vaccine issues?

The BDS Movement media supporters were quick off the mark after it was announced that Israel was leading the world with our efficient mass vaccination program.

Instead of investigating and reporting on the reasons why we have been more efficient than other advanced nations they chose instead to put the needle into us.

The Associated Press bleated, “Palestinian left waiting as Israel is set to deploy COVID-19 vaccine.”

In Britain, The Observer sneakily complained, “Palestinians excluded from Israeli Covid vaccine rollout as jabs go to settlers.”

It didn’t occur to them that “settlers” are Israeli citizens and are, therefore, entitled to the same treatment as any other citizen, and the Palestinians are not and have insisted that the Palestinian Authority is the sole authority over their health issues. Neither do they pay membership to any of Israel’s health funds that are administering vaccines to their members.

Or maybe they were aware of it but decided to headline their nasty bias anyway.

It was strange to see The Guardian, in a cheap shot against Israel, admit in a news article that read more like an opinion piece, that the Palestinian Authority hadn’t even asked for help from Israel.

As Liat Collins remarked in her Jerusalem Post column, “Demanding Israel vaccinate all Palestinians living under PA or Hamas rule makes as much sense as expecting India to mass immunize Pakistanis or the US to vaccinate Mexicans and perhaps Cubans for good measure.”

The Palestinian leadership insisted that they were to be totally independent from Israel in all matters, including health issues

They are fully sponsored by a multitude of global organizations, the United Nations, and individually by many of the world’s leading nations and charities.

They have the money and the health ministry to administer to their people. But they haven’t. The money has disappeared into other causes and pockets. That is the question that should be asked. Where did all that money disappear?

Palestinian leaders know where to go for their personal health issues. Even as they denounce Israel as a racist oppressor, and deny their people essential treatments, even for a pandemic, they rush to Israel’s hospital’s for their own problems.

Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh and his family have all been treated in Israel by Jewish and Arab doctors and nurses even as he incites his followers to destroy the Jewish State. Another was Saeb Erekat, the PA’s international propagandist of anti-Israel hate, who went into an Israeli hospital as a failed last resort.

Actually, there are Palestinians who are being vaccine by Israel. They are the Arab residents of Jerusalem who, though they do not hold Israeli citizenship, are vaccinated as paid up members of one of Israeli’s health clinics.

It is worth informing those who posit Israel as a racist apartheid state that Arab Israelis are vaccinated according to the same criteria as Jews, Christians, Druze and Aramean Israelis. In fact, the one millionth recipient was a resident of the Arab Israeli town of Umm el-Fahm, between Hadera and Afula, who happened to be a former prisoner released from jail for armed robbery and other violent offenses. This did not stop him being photographed with Israel’s Prime Minister who visited the Arab town for the occasion.

Talking about prisons, even Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including those imprisoned on terrorism charges, are being vaccinated even as they are richly rewarded by the PA for their acts of terror and murder against the Israeli taxpayers who are paying for their vaccinations.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, always active in highlighting anti-Semitism, wrote that “Anti-Semites have blamed Jews for the medieval Black Plaque to the Spanish flu during World War One.”

The vaccine lie is simply a contemporary version of past acts of poisonous Jew-hating poorly disguised as a cultural crime by Jews against others.

These straight forward facts should put to rest the recent weaponization of vaccines to stab Israel.

Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. Author of the book ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’



Wednesday, 20 January 2021

President Donald J. Trump. His record.

Donald J. Trump was the most peaceful president of recent years. America was not engaged in heavy conflict under his leadership, unlike his predecessors.

Donald J. Trump was the most innovative peace-making president.
Donald J. Trump introduced the greatest peace reform in the Middle East, including reversing the failed fifty year formula of appeasing Palestinians first as a way to bring Arab states to normalize and work with Israel.
The fact that he was not awarded the Peace Prize is a blight in the Nobel Committee, rather than a reflection on his achievements.
Donald J. Trump succeeded in putting America's adversaries, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, on the backfoot.
Donald J. Trump turned the US economy around like no other president before him.
As a businessman and experienced dealmaker he had the courage, commitment and knowledge to renegotiate bad deals, a factor unknown to unskilled politicians and strategists.
Donald J. Trump proved the efficacy for a nation to be led by a international businessman rather than a politician.
When struck by the Wuhan virus, Trump quickly closed off flights from China in an attempt to reduce the damage of an unknown disease. He was called a racist and a xenophobe by his political opponents for taking the right steps speedily.
He used his managerial skills in recruiting industry to turn their factories around to produce ventilators and protective clothing in record time and in record numbers.
Donald J. Trump initiated the greatest pharmaceutical miracle by ordering intense research into vaccines to counter the spreading infection and, under Operation Warp Speed, delivered on his promise to the American people to have a vaccine ready by the end of the year, a process that normally takes between five to seven years,
Donald J. Trump's economic successes prior to the arrival of the Chinese virus, led to the lowest unemployment rate across the board including African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, and women.
Donald J. Trump introduced more reforms that improved the lives of Black Americans than the black president that preceded him.
It is little wonder that he won a greater number of votes of any President candidate, Republican or Democrat, before him.
Donald J. Trump, a billionaire, succeeded in winning over the working class and greater number of minority voters than any Republican Presidential candidate before him.
After dedicating the last four years to the American people, Donald J. Trump will be the only president in living memory to leave the White House poorer, yet America richer, than when he entered.
It is doubtful that the next administration will be able to match his exceptional record.

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Israel now included in US CENTCOM Military Command.

 President Trump's final pro-Israel act before leaving office is perhaps the most critically important from a defensive security and strategic perspective.

Israel, as the United States strongest ally, is now included in CENTCOM, the US Middle East military command.
The United States is fully aware of the vital intelligence provided to the US by Israel.
Israel is providing the United States with invaluable combat data from hundreds of missions flown by Israeli pilots using American technology in battle conditions. Over 500 mission were flown in 2020. This improves the US defense industry's R&D resulting in upgrades to future US military hardware.
Israel recently supplied the US army with the successful Iron Dome missile defense system which is now being deployed to protect US servicemen, bases, supply depots, and facilities across the troubled Middle East from rocket attack.
Israel's inclusion in CENTCOM will also give the Arab states that recently made strategic peace deals with Israel a further sense of security, safety and cooperation.
Israel's inclusion will also help coordinate any future action against Iran if that regime steps further beyond acceptable lines.
It remains to be seen if the incoming Biden Administration will develop this new partnership between the Pentagon and Israel's IDF Command & Control Center, or if they will put a spoke in the wheel with a change of Middle East policy.

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Friday, 15 January 2021

If this was Insurrection, leading Democrats Must Be Impeached.


The President of the United States was impeached in an unconstitutional rush in the House by fevered Democrats, aided by Never-Trump RINOs, without a hearing, without witnesses, without evidence, without the president being represented by the presence of a lawyer. 

These are the basic requirements for a correct impeachment process. These conditions were ignored, just as Democrats ignored the normal processes of a national election. They simply change the rules to suit their political aims. As such, it was an assault not only on the man, but on the presidency itself. 

They impeached Trump for leading an insurrection but, in the impeachment session, they ignored the president’s words both before the incident, during and after the incident and instead put their own spin on it just, as they had put their own spin on a non-existent Russian Collusion and the impeachment over a phone call to the Ukrainian president spun by Adam Schiff’s unknown whistleblower which turned out to be a big fat Nothing-burger.

When you examine Trump’s words it totally disproved the theory that he incited an insurrection.  Here is what he said when he addressed an estimated 100,000 crowd that came to support him at the White House.

“I know everyone here will be marching over to the Capitol Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” 

Does that sound like incitement? Does that sound like a call to insurrection?

Let me tell you what sounds like incitement and insurrection.  

Maxine Waters in 2017 telling crowds that she wants to take out the president and urging them to harass and “get in the face” of every one of his appointees. This is what insurrection looks like.

Rep. Ted Lieu calling for widespread civil unrest in 2018.  

Eric Swallwell, in bed with a Chinese spy, comparing the president to Osama bin Laden, implying implies that 80 million supporters are as bad as Al Qaida terrorists.

President-elect Biden telling America that he would like to take Trump behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.

Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, spent 2020 bailing out rioters and thugs, arsonists and destroyers of small businesses and Federal property so they could get back on the streets to continue their mayhem. That’s what insurrection looks like.

Corey Booker telling people to get in the face of some Congress people, meaning Republicans.  Is this how you heal and unite a nation? I don’t think so. 

Eric Holder saying “When they go low. Kick ‘em!   

Nancy Pelosi saying “When you are in the arena you need to know how to throw a punch, for the children.”  What is she teaching the next generation?  Insurrection and hate.

If inciting violence against a political opponent is grounds to launch an impeachment, then all these Democrats must be impeached.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.


Sunday, 10 January 2021

Be aware. National vaccinations are an extension of phase three trials.

 The world has bet the farm on vaccines as a solution to the Covid pandemic, but are we being told the truth?

The mass vaccination is, in reality, an extension of phase 3 trials. It is being administered globally under "emergency use only."
US coronavirus czar Anthony Fauci and the Food and Drug Administration leadership have led the charge with public assurances that only “safe and effective” vaccines will be approved. But what does safe and effective mean?
The public may assume that "effective" means reducing the risk of not getting very sick and dying.
But, if frail elderly people, who tend to die in disproportionate numbers from both influenza and covid-19, were not enrolled into pharma vaccine trials in sufficient numbers there can be little basis for assuming their figures of 80-90% effectiveness carry any accuracy as a true proportion of the population. On the contrary, by excluding vulnerable members from their trial prior to applying for emergency status they were defrauding the CDC and FDA.
The senior age group were not included in any proportionate numbers in trials when the pharma companies applied for vaccine emergency use.
The global vaccination program is, basically, an extension of phase three trials.
Pharma companies do not know, with any accuracy, the outcome of the trials. That's why they are trials. They are watching the data as anxiously as is the general public who have entrusted their health to their governments and to pharma companies.
This is a report from the prestigious British Medical Journal. It is required reading.
Be aware that biased social media companies may censor its publication.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

The Green Certificate is an affront to fundamental human rights

Taking away our right to choose when it comes to our health is a violation of our basic human rights. Taking away our freedoms is a further example of government overreach.

The "green certificate" issue should resonate with everyone in Israel, but I am afraid the general public are either acquiescent or ignorant to the degree that fundamental human rights disappear for dubious or authoritarian public health strictures imposed by rigid officials and politicians.

Claims are being made by our politicians and public health officials that healthy people constitute a dangerous health hazard to people who have been vaccinated to the extent that non-vaxxed citizens will be banned from supermarkets, shops, entertainment and sporting events, and also banned from travelling to see loved ones abroad, for business, or for pleasure.
This is an abuse to our civil liberties and freedoms.
The freedom not to be vaccinated, and the opportunity of taking a more acceptable alternative method of avoiding the coronavirus, Has been taken from us by untruthful and, some consider, malevolent means.
We are being forced into a vaccination, despite genuine concerns by people with health vulnerabilities and those over a certain age who have been denied answers to legitimate questions.
One of those legitimate questions is how many people over the age of 75 were tested in Pfizer's so-called stage three trials.
Most people are not informed that Pfizer camouflaged the dividing age into categories with the top category 55+ to fiddle the figures of its percentage efficiency and hide the fact that its vaccine has less efficacy for older people.
Simply put, older people were not tested.
Therefore, there are Israelis, and I assume people in other countries, who are aware that there is risk to their health in the Pfizer vaccine, and possibly others, that has not been addressed and wish to take other responsible health precautions - but are about to be subjected to personal abuse by authoritarian subjugation.
This is a matter that must be protested by a caring public, by civil rights groups, by concerned medical professionals, and by leading law groups.
Our individual freedoms and liberties are about to be taken from us.
The imposition of "green certificates" must be challenged before it divides society and victimizes a section of our citizens.
Either stop the "green certificate" imposition, or allow anti-Covid-vaxxers to be allowed to receive a "green certificate" by lifting the ban on the Zelenko Protocol as a prophylactic from our local doctors or clinics.
If the sole reason for its imposition is to prove that medical steps have been taken by each individual, then allow the intelligent public make that choose by retracting the ban on our ability to receive the treatment of our choice.
Individuals should remain individuals with the right to choose which health method we be allowed to take to keep ourselves and others safe from Covid.
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

To win the Covid war you must use all the weapons in your arsenal.

To win a war you must use all the weapons and fighter in your arsenal. In the Covid war, we are not doing that.

It annoys me when I hear our hospital services are so overwhelmed with Covid cases they can't cope with patients with other medical needs, like cancer.

It is an announcement of failure on a massive scale by our politicians and public health officials.

All we hear from our Covid commanders is there are only two way to fight this war - with lockdowns and vaccines.
This is a short-headed strategy in a war we are losing.
If we are in a war against an enemy, as we seem to be against a mutating virus, we have to fight it with all the weapons in our arsenal, and we are not doing that.
We are limiting ourselves to tanks and planes - lockdowns and vaccines.
But we have another weapon, a weapon that can relieve the pressure on our hospital staff by reducing the numbers needing hospitalization.
That weapon is giving the machine guns back to our foot soldiers - the local doctors and clinics.
That weapon is using effective drugs, like HCQ or IVT together with zinc and Vitamin D to early stage patients that will stop them becoming seriously ill, hospitalized, and possibly dying.
The zinc is the bullet and HCQ or IVT are the rifles that shoot the bullet directly into the target. There are several trials (one included here) that prove the effectiveness of this anti-virus weapon.
Yet our Command and Control officers stubbornly refuse to use this important tool.
If our generals were to recruit our personal doctors as additional trained troops, and allow them to use their knowledge and professional skills, and the weapons they are familiar with, we can win the war.