Saturday, 16 January 2021

Israel now included in US CENTCOM Military Command.

 President Trump's final pro-Israel act before leaving office is perhaps the most critically important from a defensive security and strategic perspective.

Israel, as the United States strongest ally, is now included in CENTCOM, the US Middle East military command.
The United States is fully aware of the vital intelligence provided to the US by Israel.
Israel is providing the United States with invaluable combat data from hundreds of missions flown by Israeli pilots using American technology in battle conditions. Over 500 mission were flown in 2020. This improves the US defense industry's R&D resulting in upgrades to future US military hardware.
Israel recently supplied the US army with the successful Iron Dome missile defense system which is now being deployed to protect US servicemen, bases, supply depots, and facilities across the troubled Middle East from rocket attack.
Israel's inclusion in CENTCOM will also give the Arab states that recently made strategic peace deals with Israel a further sense of security, safety and cooperation.
Israel's inclusion will also help coordinate any future action against Iran if that regime steps further beyond acceptable lines.
It remains to be seen if the incoming Biden Administration will develop this new partnership between the Pentagon and Israel's IDF Command & Control Center, or if they will put a spoke in the wheel with a change of Middle East policy.

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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