Wednesday, 6 January 2021

The Green Certificate is an affront to fundamental human rights

Taking away our right to choose when it comes to our health is a violation of our basic human rights. Taking away our freedoms is a further example of government overreach.

The "green certificate" issue should resonate with everyone in Israel, but I am afraid the general public are either acquiescent or ignorant to the degree that fundamental human rights disappear for dubious or authoritarian public health strictures imposed by rigid officials and politicians.

Claims are being made by our politicians and public health officials that healthy people constitute a dangerous health hazard to people who have been vaccinated to the extent that non-vaxxed citizens will be banned from supermarkets, shops, entertainment and sporting events, and also banned from travelling to see loved ones abroad, for business, or for pleasure.
This is an abuse to our civil liberties and freedoms.
The freedom not to be vaccinated, and the opportunity of taking a more acceptable alternative method of avoiding the coronavirus, Has been taken from us by untruthful and, some consider, malevolent means.
We are being forced into a vaccination, despite genuine concerns by people with health vulnerabilities and those over a certain age who have been denied answers to legitimate questions.
One of those legitimate questions is how many people over the age of 75 were tested in Pfizer's so-called stage three trials.
Most people are not informed that Pfizer camouflaged the dividing age into categories with the top category 55+ to fiddle the figures of its percentage efficiency and hide the fact that its vaccine has less efficacy for older people.
Simply put, older people were not tested.
Therefore, there are Israelis, and I assume people in other countries, who are aware that there is risk to their health in the Pfizer vaccine, and possibly others, that has not been addressed and wish to take other responsible health precautions - but are about to be subjected to personal abuse by authoritarian subjugation.
This is a matter that must be protested by a caring public, by civil rights groups, by concerned medical professionals, and by leading law groups.
Our individual freedoms and liberties are about to be taken from us.
The imposition of "green certificates" must be challenged before it divides society and victimizes a section of our citizens.
Either stop the "green certificate" imposition, or allow anti-Covid-vaxxers to be allowed to receive a "green certificate" by lifting the ban on the Zelenko Protocol as a prophylactic from our local doctors or clinics.
If the sole reason for its imposition is to prove that medical steps have been taken by each individual, then allow the intelligent public make that choose by retracting the ban on our ability to receive the treatment of our choice.
Individuals should remain individuals with the right to choose which health method we be allowed to take to keep ourselves and others safe from Covid.
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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