Tuesday, 5 January 2021

To win the Covid war you must use all the weapons in your arsenal.

To win a war you must use all the weapons and fighter in your arsenal. In the Covid war, we are not doing that.

It annoys me when I hear our hospital services are so overwhelmed with Covid cases they can't cope with patients with other medical needs, like cancer.

It is an announcement of failure on a massive scale by our politicians and public health officials.

All we hear from our Covid commanders is there are only two way to fight this war - with lockdowns and vaccines.
This is a short-headed strategy in a war we are losing.
If we are in a war against an enemy, as we seem to be against a mutating virus, we have to fight it with all the weapons in our arsenal, and we are not doing that.
We are limiting ourselves to tanks and planes - lockdowns and vaccines.
But we have another weapon, a weapon that can relieve the pressure on our hospital staff by reducing the numbers needing hospitalization.
That weapon is giving the machine guns back to our foot soldiers - the local doctors and clinics.
That weapon is using effective drugs, like HCQ or IVT together with zinc and Vitamin D to early stage patients that will stop them becoming seriously ill, hospitalized, and possibly dying.
The zinc is the bullet and HCQ or IVT are the rifles that shoot the bullet directly into the target. There are several trials (one included here) that prove the effectiveness of this anti-virus weapon.
Yet our Command and Control officers stubbornly refuse to use this important tool.
If our generals were to recruit our personal doctors as additional trained troops, and allow them to use their knowledge and professional skills, and the weapons they are familiar with, we can win the war.

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