Monday, 22 February 2021

A Solution to the Vaccine Impasse. The Right to Choose.

 A Solution to the Vaccine Impasse. The Right to Choose.

Israel has hit a brick wall. The government has ordered seven million doses of Pfizer vaccines but

only about half the country is willing to be subjected to the needle. The country is at war with

the self-righteous vaccinated accusing the other half of endangering the health of the country.

Intolerance knows no boundaries against those who may not be anti-vaxers but either unable to

be vaccinated or question the long term risk of a not yet licensed jab.

In the maelstrom of the virus and the storm that is raging around the vaccine, I have discovered

that I am a conservative with liberal tendencies and my once fellow conservatives have become

vaccine fascists. Let me explain.

Here in Israel the government and half the people are marching to the drumbeat of Vaccine

Uber Alles. The orthodoxy demands that healthy people who do not wish to subject themselves

to the dreaded needle must be demoted to lesser citizens. Punished, shamed, put beyond the

pale, expelled from society.

It is strange indeed that we who question the inadequacies and potential dangers of an

unproven vaccine are accused by those who ignore or deny this fact are accusing the rest of us

of ignoring he science though many of us have spent more time inspecting the science than

many of our accusers.

Those who consider themselves safe post-vaccination accuse others of risking their health by

not complying to their orthodoxy. In their hysterical rage, they have displayed no tolerance to

those who choose to take alternative routes to protect their health. They have even applied

their rage and insults against those unable to be vaccinated.

The government has followed the global fascist precedent of banning conscientious and

compassion physicians from practicing their ancient Hippocratic Oath, one of the most binding

documents in history, the sacred duty of doctors to heal the sick to the best of their knowledge

and ability and to preserve the privacy of their patients.

Part of that oath demands that the doctor must keep their patients safe from harm and

injustice. This has been denied them.

To many of us, participating in an extension of Phase Three trials under the guise of an

emergency is, in fact, mass participation in an experiment of a yet unproven, unlicensed,


The contracted demand on my government to provide the vaccine manufacturer with medical

records of those participating in that experiment is adequate proof that the manufacturer is

uncertain of the full efficacy and safety of their product.

Only time will tell, beyond claims of immediate efficacy, how long it will be before the

vaccinated need to be re-vaccinated? A year? Six months? Ad infinitum?

But back to the physicians. Those with alternative knowledge. Those that know the science and

successfully apply their skills on us, their patients. They have been banned from using their skills.

Banned, after centuries from asserting their ancient code of honor, from healing us to the best

of their ability by the imposed fascist orders that they must hand their personal patients over to

the state. Because the state knows better how to heal us.

Those who object are silenced. Those who bravely choose to heal their patients are threatened

with expulsion from the profession they have dedicated their lives for going against the

authoritarian orthodoxy.

One brave doctor told me, “Better my patients are illegally alive than legally dead,” after losing

half his sick corona patients by following the orders of the incompetent World Health

Organization and his national public health officials. Instead, he successfully cured his patients

with a known, but banned, drug combination.

This doctor saved half of his patients by practicing his knowledge, by following the science. No

matter. He was forced to stop treating his patients under threat of being struck off. The result?

More of his patients died.

This tragedy is known in too many local clinics. Doctors who protest have been silenced. In too

many cases, those that refuse to be muzzled lost their jobs.

We are losing a healthy world, country by country, to incompetent fascist dictates of which

imposed mass vaccination is one. The right to choose has been denied us and to our caring

outpatient doctors.

Instead of allowing us to use another route to maintain our health, the fascists are threatening

to place us outside acceptable society, beyond the pale, looked on as lepers and criminals.

Is this what Israel has become? A nation divided between those who conform and those who

think differently?

Those in power need to take off their blinkers because power has blinded them, deafened them

from listening to experts who offer an additional path to health security by using the traditional


It is time to release our local physicians from the bondage they have been placed.

Now that the vaccine is here, an innovative Start-Up Nation should take a global initiative and

run a national clinical trial by allowing our caring outpatient doctors and clinics to administer

safe and effective early treatment and assess if this reduces the hospitalization of corona

infected patients that is overloading on our hospital system.

There can be no further ban because we now have multiple confirmations that an early stage

drug combination has been proven to be as effective, statistically, as a vaccine in keeping us safe

from the current disease.

If this is the expected outcome, as predicted by thousands of silenced doctors and specialists, it

will offer all of us the freedom to choose which route we can take for our individual health

security and better escape the ravages of an infection that is attacking us both as human beings

and as a nation.

Barry Shaw, Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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