Thursday, 18 March 2021

Is IVERMECTIN the Covid killer drug?

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), created and led by Professor Paul E. Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory, recently discovered that IVERMECTIN, an anti-parasitic medicine, has highly potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties against COVID-19. They then identified repeated, consistent, large magnitude improvements in clinical outcomes in multiple, large, randomized and observational controlled trials in both prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19.

This review is the first to compile sufficient clinical data to demonstrate the strong therapeutic efficacy based on numerous clinical trials in multiple disease phases.

Half the controlled trials were published in peer-reviewed publications, the remainder taken from manuscripts uploaded to medicine pre-print servers. Though it is now standard practice for trials data to immediately influence therapeutic practices during the pandemic, given the controversial therapeutics adopted as a result of this practice, the FLCCC thought it imperative that major national and international health care agencies devote resources to more quickly validate these studies and confirm the major, positive epidemiological impacts that have been recorded when Ivermectin is widely distributed among populations with a high incidence of COVID-19 infections.

One year into the pandemic, little has proven effective to prevent disease progression to prevent hospitalization.  Fortunately, it now appears that IVERMECTIN, a widely used anti-parasitic medicine with known anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties is proving a highly potent and multi-phase effective treatment against COVID-19.

Although growing numbers of the studies supporting this conclusion have passed through peer review, approximately half of the remaining trials data are from manuscripts uploaded to medical pre-print servers, a now standard practice for both rapid dissemination and adoption of new therapeutics throughout the pandemic.

The FLCCC expert panel, in their prolonged and continued commitment to reviewing the emerging medical evidence base, and considering the impact of the recent surge, has now reached a consensus in recommending that Ivermectin for both prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 should be systematically and globally adopted.

The FLCCC recommendation is based on the following set of conclusions derived from the existing data, which will be comprehensively reviewed below:

1) Since 2012, multiple in vitro studies have demonstrated that Ivermectin inhibits the replication of many viruses, including influenza, Zika, Dengue and others.

2) Ivermectin inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication and binding to host tissue via several observed and proposed mechanisms.

3) Ivermectin has potent anti-inflammatory properties with in vitro data demonstrating profound inhibition of both cytokine production and transcription of nuclear factor-Κb, the most potent mediator of inflammation. 4) Ivermectin significantly diminishes viral load and protects against organ damage in multiple animal models when infected with SARS-CoV-2 or similar coronaviruses.  

5) Ivermectin prevents transmission and development of COVID-19 disease in those exposed to infected patients.

6) Ivermectin hastens recovery and prevents deterioration in patients with mild to moderate disease treated early after symptoms

7) Ivermectin hastens recovery and avoidance of ICU admission and death in hospitalized patients.

8) Ivermectin reduces mortality in critically ill patients with COVID-19.

9) Ivermectin leads to striking reductions in case-fatality rates in regions with widespread use. 

10) The safety, availability, and cost of Ivermectin is nearly unparalleled given its near nil drug interactions along with only mild and rare side effects observed in almost 40 years of use and billions of doses administered.

11) The World Health Organization has long included Ivermectin on its “List of Essential Medicines”.

The FLCCC in depth studies included;

Pre-Clinical Studies of Ivermectin activity against SARS-CoV-2.

Pre-Clinical studies of Ivermectin’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Exposure prophylaxis studies of Ivermectin’s ability to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Clinical studies on the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating mildly ill outpatients.

Clinical studies of the efficacy of Ivermectin in hospitalized patients.

Ivermectin in post-COVID-19 syndrome.

Epidemiological data showing impacts of widespread Ivermectin use on population case counts and case fatality rates

The clinical evidence base for Ivermectin against COVID-19 including Controlled trials in the prophylaxis of COVID-19 (8 studies) and Controlled trials in the treatment of COVID-19 (19 studies), and the safety of Ivermectin.

A Discussion and a Conclusion that stated - Based on the existing and cumulative body of evidence, we recommend the use of Ivermectin in both prophylaxis and treatment for COVID-19. In the presence of a global COVID-19 surge, the widespread use of this safe, inexpensive, and effective intervention would lead to a drastic reduction in transmission rates and the morbidity and mortality in mild, moderate, and even severe disease phases.

This report is compiled from FLCCC data by Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.


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