Thursday, 25 March 2021

Something Gruesomely Weird is Happening in America.

Something gruesome and weird happened in America (where else?).
A man walked into a grocery store in Colorado and shot dead ten shoppers.
After watching the video of the shooter being arrested by the police, the race-obsessed media fell over themselves to describe the perpetrator as "a white man."
One up for the cancel culture race mob.
Woke race-baiters eagerly tweeted messages along the social media grapevine that this was a white crime.
Except the name of the balding pale looking gunman was given as Ahmed Al Aliwi Al-Issa, and that caused a problem for the anti-white hunters.
They couldn't call someone with a name like Ahmed Al-Issa a white man and get away with it no matter how pale his skin was. And, if his name does not cast him as white, no matter what his skin texture is, they are caught on a hypocrisy hook of their own making.
This is where these twisted progressives have taken us.
Amy Siskind was one of those knee-jerk judgmental idiots who got caught with an embarrassing tweet on 22 March in which she said, "It was almost certainly a white man (again)," referring to the killer. "If he were Black or Brown he would be dead."
When she learned the identity of the mass murderer she raced to her Twitter account to plead to her circle of judgmental fools with an air of pious hypocrisy, "Let's mourn for the victims, but not glorify the killer by having his name known."
Of course not. If he had been a real Caucasian she would have blasted his name in capital letters. But Ahmed? Let's keep his identity anonymous. We don't want to be caught calling out brown Muslims. That would be racist.
Twitter exposes the identity of the woke race-bating loonies, even as they support woke racism.
Another perpetrator, Meena Harris, tweeted about the Atlanta killer by saying "Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat in our country."
Speaking as the founder of the Netanya Terror Victims Organisation in Israel, as we approach the anniversary of the Park Hotel Passover massacre when a decidedly non-white suicide bomber murdered 35 Jewish men and women at prayer, including elderly Holocaust survivors, and as an observer of America's history of terrorism, I can truthfully inform and educate Harris and Siskind that they are wrong and blindly dumb about the Atlanta massacre.
Harris deleted her original tweet to cover her tracks by claiming that the majority of mass shootings in the US "are carried out by white men."
Wrong again!
Twitter played its part in the confused woke mindset. It told Newsweek that characterizing Syrian Muslim Ahmed Al Aliwi A-Issa as a "white Christian terrorist" does not violate its misinformation policies."
That's a head-scratcher. If this does meet their community standards what does?
You can't stop these people because they can never be wrong in their woke racist fantasies.
According to Meena Harris's twisted logic, Ahmed Al-Issa is not white but white men are still bad.
That's how brainwashed people like Siskind and Harris, and Twitter itself, are so lost in the dark undergrowth of regressive progressivism they can't see the sunlight of common sense. There is little hope they will come to their senses any day soon.
Put Ilhan Omar into that mix,she of the "some people did something" notoriety. She believes that "Cops protect the humanity of white mass murderers," even as one cop was killed by the Muslim mass murderer.
She needs reminding that the Atlanta mass murderer was a brown Muslim just like herself. But I expect it would be racist to point out this accurate and truthful comparison.
We white guys are always guilty no matter the identity of the killers.

Barry Shaw. The View from Israel.

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  1. Based on what you wrote Marcel Marceau would have been hung during or after performing on stage. (If you remember he often painted himself very white for his acts).