Thursday, 4 March 2021

The Current Genocide in Ethiopia and the Head of the WHO.


A genocide is happening in Ethiopia.

Dozens of Tigray civilians, men, women and children, were dragged out of their homes, beaten and shot dead. Most of them were Christian.

Tigray is an area in Ethiopia where, for decades, rebels violently tried to establish their own state.

The new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, has asked for an international investigation into a potential genocide.

Ethiopia is an ethnically diverse country. Tigray represents less than 6% of Ethiopia’s population.

Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, has a shady past and shares responsibility for the fracturing of Ethiopia.

As a young man he became a member of the Marxist Tigray’s People’s Liberation Front, an ethnic-nationalist rebel group.

This organization later became a leading member of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, a coalition of left-wing groups that eventually controlled Ethiopia until last year.

Based on the data of at least ten incidents between 1976 and 1990, during which Tedros was an active member, the TPLF was designated as a terrorist organization.

As a leading TPLF member, Tedros was placed in the country’s health ministry and, because of the TPLF influence, became health minister in 2005.

During his term as health minister there were several allegations that the TPLF engaged in systematic discrimination and human rights abuses, including those involving health issues against the majority Amhara ethnic groups, which included Ethiopian Jews.

In 2010, Human Rights Watch issued a report on how aid in the form of food and fertilizer was withheld from local Amhara villages. Their report criticized Tedros directly, accusing him of using donor-supported resources as a weapon to consolidate power.

During Terror’s reign as health minister, two million Amharis disappeared off the population register.

By the time that Tedros left office, the Amhara region was severely underperforming in all aspects of health, including a massive increase in infant mortality.

Under Tedros’s watch as health minister, there were three major cholera events in Ethiopia. Instead of highlighting these crises to attract international aid, Tedros understated the incidents by referring to them as acute cases of diarrhea.  In fact, they were a deadly condition caused by cholera bacteria infected water. International humanitarian organizations were ordered to call the plague by the letters AWD and not to refer to it as cholera.

Echoes of WHO’s Tedros playing politics rather than health policy were seen when he underplayed the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in China in early 2020.

In Ethiopia, Tedros was more concerned with protecting his incompetence than declare the outbreak of a deadly disease in his country.

A result of his deadly incompetence was the cholera spread into neighboring Somalia. Somalia was able to request cholera vaccines to counter the plague by rightly calling it for what is was. But Tedros was caught in a dilemma of his own making.  Because he had lied Ethiopia was unable to receive cholera vaccines because Tedros had labelled the disease as watery diarrhea.

In 2017, a group of American doctors wrote to Tedros saying “Your silence about what is clearly a massive cholera epidemic in Sudan is reprehensible. The inevitable history of this cholera epidemic will surely cast you in an unforgiving light.”

They accused Tedros of being “fully complicit in the terrible suffering and dying that continues to spread in East Africa.”

But how did this health failure become the head of the global health organization after leaving many thousands dead in his wake in Ethiopia and Somalia?

Never letting a crisis go to waste, Communist China saw an opportunity to step into the breach to help East African countries including Ethiopia and Somalia, and Marxist rebel, Tedros Adhanom, was their man.

Tedros had developed ties with other Marxist politicians in Africa, including Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe.

One of the first things that Tedros Adhanom did when China appointed him head of the World Health Organization was to appoint Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador to the WHO.

But Tedros’s connection with rebels in war-torn Ethiopia is not a thing of the past. Apparently, he has not shed this part of his dark past.

According to Reuters in November 2020, Ethiopia’s military accused Tedros of using his influence to obtain arms and support for the TPLF rebels in the current civil war in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian army chief of staff called Tedros “a member of that group and a criminal.”

President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the WHO because of the corruption and international incompetence of the organization under its current leader.

The decision of President Biden to re-enter and pay the World Health Organization should have come with a demand for a more competent leader to replace Tedros Adhanom.

Unfortunately, Biden rushed to rejoin the WHO with no precondition and an opportunity was lost to make the WHO a more ably led organization.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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