Friday, 5 March 2021

Under-reported terror activity in Sweden.

 Earlier this week there was a gruesome terror attack in Sweden that was, as usual, under-reported in Sweden.

A rampaging male with an axe badly injured seven people. Three are in critical condition.
The police got to the scene within minutes and disabled the attacker by shooting him in the leg.
The attacker's identity is being withheld. The only information given is that he is a 22 year-old man and "a citizen of Afghanistan."
Stefan Lovren, the Swedish PC PM, said that terrorism was being investigated "as a possible motive."
One suspects that the Swedish authorities, once they come to their senses and see that it was a terror attack, will declare that the attacker was a deranged individual as they did in 2017 when another terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of Stockholm shoppers killing five people.
Swedish links to Islamic terror attacks are nothing new.
On February 4, 2021, Ethiopia arrested 15 people for a plot to attack the UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa after a Swedish resident by the name of Ahmed Ismail was arrested in connection to the planned attack.
Israel said that 3 of the plotters were Iranian operatives and the motive was to avenge the killing of Qasem Suleimani and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.
Although Swedish counter-terror works with overseas intelligence services the Swedish public remain uninformed about the presence of Islamic terrorists operating in their country.
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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