Friday, 18 June 2021

Putin Ate Biden's Lunch in Geneva.

Vladimir Putin held a long press conference in Geneva after his meeting with Biden, answering questions from many of the world's media.

When asked about the atmosphere of his meeting with Biden he said he felt no pressure.
In response to an American reporter's question about political prisoners in Russia, referring to Alexei
Navalny, Putin spoke about the 400 American political prisoners being held under "criminal persecution" in solitary confinement by the US Government who are referring to their own citizens "domestic terrorists."

Putin also questioned dubious American governmental actions by speaking about Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman who, on January 6, threatened no one but was shot dead by a US official who has not been named or arrested.
He also contrasted the BLM riots as being in violation of US law yet they allowed to burn and destroy many American cities.
He rhetorically asked the reporters if they thought that he should tolerate such wholesale violence in Russia in the name of democracy.

Dubious Democrat actions are coming back to bite them internationally.

When they tried to put a mirror up to Russia, Putin artfully turned the mirror around into America's political face.

Putin answered more questions in under an hour than Biden and Harris combined have done in six months.

It was a major diplomatic mistake by the United States to allow Putin go first with his press conference. Biden's press meet was subsequently reactive.

They didn't hold a joint press conference because the Biden camp was afraid their guy wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Putin. The optics would have looked bad.
They were right.

The Putin conference went on for 55 minutes. Biden's 24. Putin answered eighteen hardball questions. Biden answered just seven pre-arranged questions from pro-selected reporters, although Peter Doocey of Fox News managed to sneak in a question as Biden was walking off the stage.

In this non-Summit, America got nothing in return for two major Russian cyber attacks for which Putin got away scot-free. Putin came gift less after Biden inexplicably lifted the sanctions on the Russian pipeline to Europe that boosts their economy for decades and increases its power and influence in Europe.
Biden gave Putin trillions of Euros with this pipeline while paying NATO billions of dollars to protect them from Russia.
Welcome to American weakness.

Biden couldn't even get the return of Americans lingering in Russian jails.

America surrendered the moral high ground on human rights. Biden was trapped by the Democrats lying narrative of "systemic racism" in America.
It was played back to them by the Chinese delegation in their meeting the Biden's foreign policy and national security teams in Alaska in March.
It was played back to them by Putin in Geneva in June.

A weak America is on the back foot and disrespected globally.

Putin ate Biden's lunch in Geneva.

Barry Shaw,
Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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