Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Israel and the United States are heading to a diplomatic breakdown.

 The Biden Administration is arrogantly ignoring official Israeli protests against the opening of a US Consulate in Jerusalem to serve non-Israeli Palestinians.

The Biden Administration could easily have served Palestinians by opening a consular office in Ramallah. This is where the Palestinian Authority is based. This is where they serve their electorate, whenever they have elections. The last one was in 2006. They were supposed to hold elections every four years but Palestinian factions have been at war with each other for decades.

That said, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah decided not to help their people – what else is new – and instead play diplomatic football by insisting that the United States must reverse their avowed declaration that Jerusalem is the undivided sovereign capital of the State of Israel. Instead, the Palestinians and the current US Administration are determined to drive a wedge, some would say a stake, in the heart of Israel and the so-called “unbreakable bond” of the United States-Israel relationship by insisting that a consulate be located not in Ramallah or Gaza but deep in central Jerusalem.

Biden is weakly, some would say willingly, surrendering to the demands of a non-state entity that uses American tax-payers’ money to pay their killers of Jews. Why not? There were no effective protests against this is America. If this fails to extract protest the opening of an office should be child’s play.

You begin the see the gradual erosion of US-Israel relations, one poisonous drip at a time.

For sure this is yet another example of who is actually controlling the White House and State Department.

Biden, Harris, Blinken and the Democratic caucus have bowed their head to the demands of the radical wing of their party. They are too frightened to stand up to them even to the extent that they risk irrevocably damaging their relationship with Israel.  It is as major a schism as that.

The power in America is now in the hands of the Israel haters.

It seems that Blinken believes that the new Israeli coalition, with a fair proportion of the government representing center-left parties, will eventually accede to their position. It could be that Biden and his political overlords and the notorious anti-Israel squad of radical women, are happy to see Israel squirm politically. They really wouldn’t mind seeing the fall of a government and a political fracture within Israel over this issue. They would view it as helping the Palestinians achieve an international public relations embarrassment over Israel.

The current American Administration is as wrong in this assessment as they have been with every other foreign policy position.

On its face it is yet another example of a Democrat machine built entirely on setting back every successful Trump policy no matter the consequences of their reversal. We witness the disasters of every reverse the Democrats have touched since taking power earlier this year.

Border security and legal immigration have been thrown out of the window with an open border policy that will flood their country with over two million unverified, unidentifiable, illegal immigrants from third world countries by the end of this year for the sole purpose of fundamentally and politically changing America.

We see it in the incomprehensible set back of America from being an energy independent nation to one that went begging to OPEC to increase production because Biden inexplicably, in his first act of president, closed the spigot on the XL Keystone pipeline.

We see it in the Marxism of the American economy and the abuse of a bloated government demanding trillions and trillions of dollars for ludicrous projects hidden in what they laughingly call an Infrastructure Bill. Even people are called “human infrastructure” in America these days.

Tragically, we witnessed the disastrous failure of American military power and diplomacy in the death knell of a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, perceived internationally as a victory for Islamic terrorism, in which a careless Biden Administration left hundreds, maybe thousands, of American citizens trapped behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, Israeli aid agencies have independently and covertly extracted Afghanis out that frightening country.

Now, in their fevered attempt to set back another Trump achievement, they are determined, at any cost, to reverse Trump’s establishment of a United States Embassy in Jerusalem by uniquely planting a mini-embassy in Jerusalem explicitly for Palestinians.

There are no examples anywhere in which America, or any other country, has, over the objection of a sovereign state, ignored that nations’ sovereign objections by unilaterally opening a facility to serve people of a country or an entity outside such a sovereign state, let alone an entity that regularly practices terrorism in all its forms against Israel.

This constitutes a major diplomatic slap in the face of Israel that will have far reaching and damaging repercussions.

The distrust is already taking form following America’s shocking withdrawal from Afghanistan and its weak display over Iran’s march to a nuclear weapon capability.

There are certainly people in the Democrat Party and in the Biden Administration, as mentioned earlier, who will be salivating to see a deep rift develop between America and Israel.

It seems these people may have their way.

Either the current Israeli Government will stand firm and actively prevent the opening of this consulate or, if it supinely accedes to the unilateral decision of the Biden Administration, the Israeli government will fall.

Israel’s enemies within America may celebrate such an event, but such a celebration will be short lived because, with the fall of the Israeli government, Israelis will overwhelmingly vote in a more affirmative Zionist government.

Israel has a history of overcoming adversity. It always come out stronger in the end.

We wish the same will be true for America.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.





Tuesday, 26 October 2021

The Jewish Connection with the 1917 Battle of Beer Sheba, and Beyond.

The Battle of Beer Sheba, fought on 30 October 1917, was a significant turning point in world history. The outcome of that battle also paved the way to the establishment of the State of Israel, and it was achieved with the active synergy of Christian and Jewish Zionists working together for a share victory.

Beer Sheba was the opening battle in the Palestine Campaign mounted by Britain and its allies, as an essential new element of World War One. It was won by the extraordinary cavalry charge of Australian and New Zealand horseman who turned a stalemate into victory.  

It is important to grasp the importance of that victory in the context of where Britain stood at that time in the war.

By the Spring of 1917, Britain was losing 5-0 against their German and Turkish enemies.  

British forces were bogged down in the French bloody muddy trenches of the Western Front with thousands of men dead and little sight of a breakthrough. They had been badly defeated by the Turks in the Dardanelles leaving Winston Churchill forced to resign as 1st Lord of the Admiralty. The British army had surrendered after the Turks had put them to siege in the Battle of Kuts in Iraq, and they had lost two battles in Gaza with losses estimated to be as high as 17,000 men. It was an unmitigated disaster after which General Murray, Commander of the British Expeditionary Forces, was relieved of his position and ordered back to London.

So where are the Jewish connections?

Example One. A Jewish chemist living in Manchester became close friends with a former British Prime Minister, a friendship that changed history.

Chaim Weizmann was working on the synthesis of rubber in the industrial area of Trafford Park when he was asked to find a formula to synthesize and produce acetone and cordite in large quantities. The British were running out of ammunition. Weizmann made that scientific breakthrough, a success which earned him respect in high places.

Weizmann was also a dreamer. He dreamt about a Jewish state in its ancient homeland. But he was more than a dreamer. He acted on his impulse by visiting Jerusalem in 1907 where he was instrumental in establishing the Palestine Land Development Company. His organization also bought land to build Jewish homes in an area of Jerusalem called Shimon HaZadik, more recently renamed Sheikh Jarrah following the occupation by Jordan of major parts of Jerusalem in the 1948 war against a nascent Israel. 

Forward thinking Weizmann also used his new influence to set the foundations of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem even though Palestine was under a strict Turkish governance. A future Jewish homeland was, for Weizmann, to be based on development and higher education.

Arthur Balfour, who had been a former Prime Minister and had represented the ward of East Manchester in Parliament until 1906, got to know Weizmann through the latter’s contribution to the British war effort and, as Britain’s Foreign Minister from 1916, Balfour tried to persuade Weizmann to accept his offer of establishing a Jewish homeland in Uganda based on the ability of Britain to grant this African territory to the Jews rather than have the Zionists chase what was seen in 1916, even in Britain’s highest circles, as an unattainable dream. 

In response to Balfour’s request to accept Uganda, Weizmann posed the question of why Britain had never considered establishing its capital in Saskatchewan. When Balfour answered that Britain always had London, Weizmann replied that, “We lived in Jerusalem when London was a marsh.”

The point was not lost on Balfour who became the prominent political advocate for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,” the cornerstone of the Balfour Declaration, a letter sent by the British Government to the Jewish People via the Zionist Federation in the personage of Lord Rothschild.

In the desperate Spring of 1917, British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, made the decision to open up a new front in an attempt to outflank the Germans. He ordered General Allenby to take charge of the offensive, known as The Palestine Campaign, with his personal request to take Jerusalem by Christmas as a gift to the long suffering British.

Example Two. When Allenby arrived in Cairo and met his General Staff they appraised him of their plans for a third attack on Gaza. Everything in the quest to drive out the Turks and Germans from Palestine, they said, ran through Gaza. On the other hand, a lesser ranked but famous soldier advised Allenby to outflank the Turks and Germans by taking the eastern route on the other side of the Jordan River and head straight up to Damascus with less resistance. That man was Lawrence of Arabia, and he claimed to have the Arabs mercenaries to do the job.

Then Allenby met a Jew, a non-military one, and things changed.

Aaron Aaronsohn was a renowned agronomist who had discovered a strain of hardy wheat that was revolutionizing wheat-growing in the Western world. More vitally important to Allenby was that Aaronsohn knew every nook and cranny of Palestine like a lover knows the contours of his mistress.

Aaronsohn had the chutzpah to tell Allenby to ignore his military advise and to detour away from Gaza and concentrate the full force of his opening attack on Beer Sheba. When Allenby asked why Beer Sheba, Aaronsohn replied, “Because that is where the water is and you cannot hope to conduct your campaign with all your men, machines, horses and camels without sufficient water, and I know where that water is buried.”

Allenby was a student of the Bible, not in the religious sense. He was familiar with the biblical battles and now he was about to launch a major military campaign in the same arena. Allenby was intrigued when Aaronsohn told him that Richard the Lionheart’s Crusaders failed to reach Jerusalem not because they fell victim to Saladin’s sword but to mosquitos and malaria from leading his men through the infected marshlands of the coastal belt.

Allenby saw in this Palestinian Jew a man who knew the topography better than his senior officers and could map out a route that would avoid many unforeseen pitfalls.

Example Three. Aaronsohn had one other advantage. While developing his agricultural research throughout Palestine, he had established a network of spies who were trying to deliver vital intelligence to the British HQ in Cairo. Having left Palestine in order to persuade the British to accept his NILI spy ring, he had

handed the operation to his younger sister, Sarah Aaronsohn. Sarah Aaronsohn was the only woman to lead a major espionage network, working under the noses of the enemy during wartime. The story of the motivation and dedication of this Israeli folklore heroine can be found in my book, A Tale of Love and Destiny.

Suffice to say that part of Aaronsohn’s motivation to be part of the British staff in Cairo was to persuade the reluctant British to take the intelligence that the courageous band of Jewish espionage agents were risking their lives to deliver to the British.

Example Four begins with a question. Name the Christian British army officer who is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Israel?

Ze'ev Jabotinsky’s epiphany into Zionism began by witnessing the bloody anti-Semitism of Russian pogroms in places like Kishinev. He penned a dramatic poem that expressed his anger.

“Once, in that town, under a heap of garbage, I noticed a piece of parchment. A fragment of the Torah. I picked it up and carefully removed the dirt. Two Hebrew words stood out. ‘B’Eretz Nokriya,’ - in an alien land. I nailed this scrap of parchment above my door. For in these two words, is told the entire story of the pogrom.”

The searing sight of defenseless Jews caused him to call on the Jewish youth to defend themselves. He created slogans such as, ”Better to have a gun and not use it than need a gun and not have one,” and even more forcefully, “Jewish youth! Learn to shoot!”

His passion led him to the inevitable conclusion that only in a Jewish State would Jews be adequately able to defend themselves.

He was elected as the Russian delegate to the 6th Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1903 but, on his return to Russia, he was angered by the Russian Jewish organizations cowing to and attending events honoring the anti-Semitic Russian leadership.

In 1914, Jabotinsky moved to Egypt as a journalist after he learned that tens of thousands of Jews had been deported from Palestine by the Turks.  There, together with the handsome, one-armed, former Russian war hero, Joseph Trumpeldor, he began to train the male refugees telling them that they would be the first Jews to take up arms and liberate the Jewish State.

Jabotinsky and Trumpeldor travelled to Cairo to persuade the British General Staff to recruit their refugee conscripts into the British army only to be scoffed by staff officers who rudely reminded them that Britain had no plans to invade Palestine.

Not to be outdone, the two displaced Zionists sailed to England and began banging on the doors of Whitehall until they were invited to recruit their volunteers to become mule pullers in the Dardanelles bringing ammunition and supplies from the beaches to the fighting men at the front, and to bring back the wounded and dead to Gallipoli.

It didn’t help that, in 1915, the Zionist Organization abroad wrote of their objections to Jabotinsky’s plans to have the British Government recruit a Jewish force to fight on the side of the Allies. They were gravely concerned for the safety of German Jews of a Jewish force taking arms against Germany.  In a personal attack against Jabotinsky, they wrote as a matter of record that, “The Zionist Organization has nothing to do with any scheme conceived by one of its own irresponsible firebrands who, as a member of the Zionist Organization, has been guilty of an absurdity, as well as of a disloyal act.”

This moment of Zionist infamy set back the advancement of a Jewish fighting force for almost two years. It was as if the Zionist Organization wanted the goyim to do their fighting for them, frightened should it be known that Jews had openly and defiantly participated. 

 But the British need for additional manpower in their war effort won the day. They gave command of this Jewish force to an officer named Patterson, a man with a controversial personal and military record.

This leads us to Example Five. Colonel John Patterson was a serving British

officer who had been demoted to a Whitehall desk job after being suspected of involvement in the death of a young British lord while serving in Africa. Patterson was dashing officer who famously killed two lions that broke into an army compound killing Indian workers serving the British army. His exploit led to a book and a movie in which Gregory Peck played the role of Patterson. But this was followed by a more embarrassing incident in which Patterson escorted a young British lord and his young wife on a safari into the African bush in which the young man, it was claimed, committed suicide, and Patterson had him buried in the bush rather than bring his body back to base camp. Press gossip had it that the lord killed himself after finding his wife in the arms of Patterson. Despite Patterson’s denial he was dispatched back to London.  Which is where he met a Jew named Jabotinsky that developed into a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

Under Patterson’s command, Jabotinsky’s men took to the task of pulling pack mules loaded with ammunition and supplies up to the front, often under heavy fire, with stoic courage that earned them recognition for their service, but advancement was hard-fought.

The Zion Mule Corp was disbanded on December 31, 1915, it’s duty in Gallipoli done.  With Patterson in ill health, suffering from a debilitating illness, it rested on Jabotinsky and Trumpeldor to spend more than a year pressing British officials to reinstate their Jewish unit into the British army.

The profound moment came at a meeting in which Lord Derby, the War Minister, invited the Palestinian Jews to a special meeting during the Passover period of 1917. Hard-pressed for manpower, Lord Derby asked if they anticipated recruiting a large number of volunteers to this force. With an eye on the impending Palestine Campaign and knowing something of the favor of both the British Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to welcome to establishment of a Jewish homeland, Trumpeldor answered, “If it is to be just a regiment of Jews, perhaps. If it will be a regiment on the Palestine front, certainly. If, together with its formation, there will appear a Government pronouncement if favor of Zionism, overwhelmingly.”

The new Jewish force was promoted as a unit of the Royal Fusiliers within the British army. The Star of David was stitched onto the uniform sleeve of every soldier and their unit became popularly known as the Jewish Legion as they trained and paraded before being shipped off the join the fighting force in Egypt preparing to participate in the Palestine Campaign.

The emotion of a Jewish unit about to help liberate the ancient land of Israel was etched in the diary of Colonel John Patterson who wrote, “A Jewish unit had not been known for two thousand years, not since the days of the Maccabees, those heroic sons of Israel who fought so valiantly, and for a time so successfully, to wrest Jerusalem from the Roman Legion. It is curious that General Maxwell should have chosen me. He knew nothing of my knowledge of Jewish history and my sympathy for the Jewish race. I never dreamed that, in a small way, I would become the captain of a host of the Children of Israel.”

Meanwhile, in Cairo, Aaron Aaronsohn struggled against an anti-Semitic military elite who were reluctant to assist his NILI spy ring, courageously operated in his absence, by his dedicated sister, Sarah, to the point that they rarely provided them with the naval frigate required to sail up the coast to pick up Sarah’s intelligence reports from their Agricultural Experimental Station at Atlit. In his absence, Sarah,

whose story is the subject of my latest book, A Tale of Love and Destiny, performed an exceptional job of recruiting new secret agents. She had friends reporting to her from as far away as Beirut and Damascus, recording troop movements at the Afula and Semach train stations, and logging the flights of German aircraft at an airbase inside Palestine.  She even had a spy inside the Turkish military base in Beer Sheba. But, in the absence of the British frigate, Sarah was forced to send much of her gathered intelligence by carrier pigeon, and this led to her discovery, torture and death. Sarah died on October 9, 1917. The Battle of Beer Sheba was fought on October 31.

Sarah Aaronsohn was the only women to head a major espionage network in wartime and she did it literally under the noses of the enemy. She became a local folk hero but her story is little known outside of Israel.

It must be noted that Lawrence’s Arab mercenaries never crossed to the west bank of the Jordan River to fight the enemy. On the other hand, the Jewish Legion did forge a crossing across the river in order to open the way for General Chaytor’s ANZAC cavalry unit to cross and be the forward force attacking the Turks at es-Salt on the Moab mountain top now located in Jordan. The Jewish soldiers followed the ANZACS as the supporting force.

After the victory, Chaytor sent a complementary letter to Patterson writing, “So few people have heard of the Battalion’s good work, or the remarkable fact that we hope have finally reopened Palestine to the Jews. A Jewish force was fighting on the Jordan, a very short distance from where their forefathers, under Joshua, first crossed into Palestine.”

Patterson’s and Jabotinsky’s Jewish soldiers escorted thousands of captured Turkish soldiers back across the river but, with the heat, exhaustion and dehydration, the force was decimated with malaria and required immediate hospitalization in Jerusalem. However, the British had foolishly transferred much of the doctors, nurses, even hospital beds to Cairo and, as the available beds were occupied by other soldiers, the Jewish soldiers had to sleep on the grass outside the hospital building. They lay there with no protection even in the pouring Jerusalem winter rain.

Despite desperate telegrams sent to British HQ in Cairo and to the War Office in London about the dreadful condition little was done. The negligence of the General Staff resulted in the death of several died of malaria and pneumonia.

This tragic news reached Britain where a group of Anglo-Jewish women volunteered to come to Palestine to help as nurses. On their arrival they were prevented from serving the Jewish soldiers in Jerusalem and ordered to tend to wounded soldiers at the General Hospital in Cairo.

By the end of the Palestine Campaign the Jewish Legion had been reduced from nearly a thousand men to six officers and less than a hundred and fifty men.

On 11 December 1917, General Allenby dismounted from his horse outside the Jaffa Gate and led his men on foot into the Old City of Jerusalem.

He had not only liberated Jerusalem by Christmas, he had arrived on the eve of Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.  Allenby was aware of this. He wrote in his diary that he entered Jerusalem 2,600 years after Judah Maccabee.

Allenby captured on 1 October 2018 and the Palestine Campaign ended in total victory on 28 October of that year.

While the battles were still raging in the north of Palestine, the World Zionist Organization received permission from the British Government to lay the foundation stone to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on 24 July 1918 and General Viscount Allenby was invited as an honorary guest to the ceremony.

The Jewish-Christian Zionist connection continued for many years after the Palestine Campaign ended.

On his retirement from the British Army, Patterson with his wife left to live in America. There he found his friend Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky had been banished from Palestine by the British on trumped up charges by the anti-Semitic British military administrators brought up to Jerusalem from Cairo to govern Palestine.

Instead of honoring British policy, namely “to establish in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people” and to “use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object,” as written in the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917, they had taken it on themselves to encourage the Arabs to rise up and demonstrate against official British policy.

By January 1919, Jabotinsky had written to his wife, “The Arabs draw encouragement from the fact that the British do not uphold their promises. The situation is bound to end up like Kishinev.”

By February, Jabotinsky had sent a letter to Allenby bewailing “the heavy burden of disappointment, despair, breached promises and anti-Semitism” of the Jerusalem-based British administrators.

Allenby, a stickler for discipline and furious that a junior officer would question authority, immediately released Jabotinsky from military service.

On 2 April 1920, the Arabs, aided by the colluding British senior officers, exploited the traditional Muslim Nebi Musa Festival, which included a march into the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Arabs were led by the notorious anti-Semite, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who incited the crowd into anti-Jewish violence within the Old City where they began attacking Jews, raping women, and destroying property.

The upper class, Jew hating Arabist, Colonel Bertie Walters-Taylor absented himself from Jerusalem by driving with his wife down to Jericho for the day.

The Arab riot left many Jews dead and injured. When news reached Jabotinsky, now a demobilized soldier, he gathered some of his friends and ran to the rescue of fellow Jews under assault. But they were initially prevented from entering the Old City by British soldiers. Not to be out done, he demanded they be let in as medical orderlies. 

When the news reached Ronald Storrs, the military Governor of Jerusalem, he ordered his soldiers to search the private properties of Zionist Jews. They confiscated weapons and arrested Jabotinsky for illegal possession of weapons. The British searched for al-Husseini, but the Arab leader had fled Jerusalem. Jabotinsky was sentenced to 15-year imprisonment and penal labor, but world reaction effected his release.

By the Spring of 1940 the British had banned Jabotinsky from returning to Palestine. He went reluctantly to America. He could see that Europe was lost and that America was the last place where Jews were of sufficient number to be recruited to Zionism. There he was reunited with Patterson who lent his time helping Jabotinsky by addressing audiences and rallying them to the cause.

In America, BenZion Netanyahu was one of Jabotinsky’s able deputies. He also became close friends of Patterson and arranged many of his speaking engagements. When Netanyahu’s wife gave birth to their first son, BenZion invited John Patterson to attend the brit, the circumcision of their son, who he named Yonatan, partly in honor and friendship of John Patterson.

Yoni Netanyahu fell in the Israeli operation to rescue the hostages of the Air France flight that was hijacked by German and Palestinian terrorists and flown to Entebbe where the Jewish passengers were separated from the others and held at gunpoint at the airport while negotiations went on for their release.

When Patterson died he was buried in California, but his grandson claimed that he always wanted to be buried alongside his soldiers of the Jewish Legion. The grandson made contact with BenZion’s son, Benjamin, who was Israel’s Prime Minister, and an arrangement was made that the bodies of John Patterson and his wife were moved to Israel where they are now buried in Avihail cemetery alongside Patterson’s Jewish soldiers.

Colonel John Patterson is the only Christian officer buried in a Jewish cemetery in Israel, and this remains as an everlasting testament to the bond between Christian Zionists and the Jewish people.

Barry Shaw, Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies and the author of ‘1917 From Palestine to the Land of Israel’ and ‘A Tale of Love and Destiny.’


Thursday, 21 October 2021

Sally Rooney should boycott her own country. Not Israel.

An Irish writer, Sally Rooney, hit the headlines by insisting that no Jewish publisher in Israel will be allowed to publish her books in Hebrew.

This was her way of supporting the radical and failed BDS Movement whose aim is to cause economic damage to Israel, or to turn it into a pariah state

It failed on both counts.

In boycotting Israel, Sally Rooney has shot herself in the foot. The only one damaged by her wasteful act was Rooney herself. The most she got out of it was notoriety.

Perhaps this is what she wanted. She is not a bestselling author in Israel.

I have to admit that I had never heard of her when someone told Sally Rooney was boycotting Israel. In my ignorance I asked this person if she was related to Wayne Rooney, a former Manchester United and England soccer player, who not only came to Israel to play football but who actually prayed for Israel to beat Russia so that England would qualify for Euro 2008.

Here is what he said at the time.  "Hopefully Israel can help us out and take a point or beat Russia. We will have to wait and pray that Israel get a result," he told Sky Sports News.

The absence of Sally Rooney’s books in Israel will not leave too many readers in distress.

So, with an apology for my literary ignorance, let me address Rooney’s obsequiousness to the Hate Israel boycott mob.

Sally Rooney is Irish. She comes from the part of Ireland that has harbored a hateful anti-Semitism for far too long. It derives from a Catholic and a particularly nasty political background.

Rooney may emote about a selfless act in boycotting Israel, but let’s check her history. She took no stand against the IRA terror group. On the contrary. It is likely that was a covert supporter of their murderous acts against the British and a less than covert support of their religious feelings against Israel and Jews.

These people feel the same way when Palestinians kill Israelis as the IRA did when they killed the Brits. They went to the pub and celebrated.

The Irish have long memories of their own historic grievances, but they had none when Jews were being wiped out across Europe by the Nazis.

It is clear that the Irish have not earned the right to criticize the Jewish people.

Truth be told, the Irish have a very troubling past when it came to Hitler. The spectre of pro-Nazism hung over that nation from Eamon de Valera’s warm relationship with the Third Reich, to exchange visits between Irish students and the Hitler Youth in 1936, to the collusion of the Catholic Church with the Nazis.

Prior to the Nazis, Ireland was politically stained with anti-Semites.

In 1921, George Plunkett, the Dáil minister for foreign affairs, wrote a long letter to Éamon de Valera warning the Sinn Féin leader that he should be wary of too close a relationship with “the Jews,” claiming that Jews and Freemasons were responsible for the Great War.

All the old anti-Semitic tropes were employed his wholesale hatred of the Jews.

“Jewish interest in England is capitalist.” That Italy had been “a tool in their hands.”

Plunkett was influenced by Catholic religious’ anti-Semitism and obsessed with conspiracy theories about Jewish power. The line of Irish anti-Semitism went through Arthur Griffith’s Sinn Fein through the IRA leading to today’s social justice warriors and Sally Rooney.

One would have thought that Irish guilt would go some way in expediting their past, but the reverse is true.

The Irish Times can protest as much as it wants that Irish empathy for Palestinians is no way anti-Semitic, but go into any pub in Derry or Belfast and you will hear the boozers insulting Jew, not Israelis. 

Investigative journalist, Tuvia Tenenbom, was struck by the rabid anti-Semitism he experienced in Ireland.

“I don’t think I ever have met people who have so much hatred for the Jews as I met in Northern Ireland and Ireland, and that includes Derry.”

He shares an anecdote of patrons at a Derry pub he visited in his research into Irish anti-Semitism.

Though not telling them that he was Jewish, he asked them why there are so many Palestinian flags flying in the street and outside this pub. The patrons told him gleefully how they feel about Jews and Israelis.

“The only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn’t kill enough fucking Jews,” said one patron. Others called Jews the “scourge of the earth” and Israelis were branded “child-murdering scum,” according to a Belfast Telegraph article of his visit.

Books have been written about the historic depths of Irish anti-Semitism. Suffice to say that part of it has rubbed off into Rooney.

Sally Rooney is as honest as the rude Irish pub-dwellers that fly the Palestine flag. They will tell you to your face that, “we don’t like the Jews no matter what.”

Sally Rooney knows very well that "Free Palestine" means a world without Israel.

Is it any wonder that Sally Rooney revels in her notoriety by taking a literary stab at Israel? What is brewing in Rooney’s malevolent heart if it is not anti-Semitism?

This is easily proved.  Ask Rooney if she has demanded that her book not be translated into Chinese. Is she not moved to protest by the inhumane abuses that China inflicts on their own people, and against the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan?

Will Rooney stop her books being sold in other brutal nations that practice abuse against women as a matter of government and religious policy? Or is it only the Jewish State that moves Rooney to boycott protest?

The targeting of Israel for Rooney’s exclusive venom is clear.  It is this that makes her an anti-Semite, according to the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

Israel is the safe haven for the Jews, including colored Jews from Asia and Africa. All are under attack by the rogues that Rooney supports. Yet, a new generation of Irish, epitomized by Sally Rooney, has gone hunting for the Jews of Israel using slander and tainted lies, as Ireland has been doing for far too long.

To Sally Rooney, this is my message;

It is not Israel that should haunt you. It is your convenient memory loss about your nation’s nasty past and current anti-Jewish hatred that should haunt you. It is what you falsely imagine and promote against Jews that should haunt you.

If Sally Rooney is looking for a racist apartheid state to boycott she need look no further than her native Ireland.

Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.

Author of 'BDS for IDIOTS' and 'Fighting Hamas, BDS & Anti-Semitism.'

                 Look out for my new book 'A Tale of Love and Destiny.' 

Friday, 8 October 2021


Too many people assume that ISIS has been defeated and no longer pose any threat. This is incorrect.

ISIS is still alive and killing. It has been busy attempting to gain territority by fighting local battles as they try to establish a base from which to export their terror. Here are a few recent examples of their activities listed in the Meir Amit Intelligence & Terrorism Informative Center files;

AFGHANISTAN. ISIS in Afghanistan's Khorasan Province increased its activity against the Taliban in the last month. They attacked Pakistani security forces on the eastern side of the border.

On October 3, 2021, a suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt among senior Taliban operatives taking part in a mourning ceremony at a mosque in Kabul.

SYRIA. ISIS’s activity focused on the Syrian Desert region, mainly against the Syrian army and the forces supporting it. Russian Air Force planes repeatedly attacked ISIS targets in the area. ISIS claimed responsibility for damage to the electricity grid in Damascus, causing prolonged power outages in the city.

IRAQ. ISIS’s activity continued against the Iraqi security forces and the forces supporting them mainly in the Diyala Province. ISIS also released a video calling on its operatives to continue to carry out terrorist attacks against the Iraqi authorities.

EGYPT is having success in fighting against ISIS in the Sinai Peninsular. The head of ISIS’s Sharia activity in the Sinai Peninsula and his family turned themselves in to the tribal militias in Sinai, which support the Egyptian army. This is the most senior official in ISIS’s Sinai Province who has surrendered to the Egyptian authorities. At the same time, ISIS continued its activity against the Egyptian security forces and the forces supporting them, albeit on a small scale.

AFRICA. ISIS’s West Africa and Central Africa provinces continued their intensive activity against the security forces and local Christian residents, mainly in Nigeria and the Congo. French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that ISIS’s leader in the Sahara was killed by French forces.

INDIA. India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) has released a report indicating that ISIS has recently been attempting to recruit operatives in India. According to the report, 37 terrorist attacks in India have been thwarted, the last of which was in June 2021.

Indonesia’s security forces killed Ali Kalora, leader of the East Indonesia Mujahideen (MIT), a jihadi organization that pledged allegiance to ISIS in 2014.

MOROCCO. Security forces in Morocco arrested three ISIS-affiliated operatives in Al-Rashidia, in the southeast of the country in September.

GERMANY. Acting on intelligence, police in the North Rhine-Westphalia district in western Germany foiled an attack on a synagogue in the city of Hagen that was planned to take place during Yom Kippur. Local police arrested 4 suspects involved in the planning, including a 16-year-old boy.  This was an ISIS-inspired terror attack.

Barry Shaw,

Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Biden’s Blunder Could Lead to Israel’s 9/11

United States incompetence gifted the Taliban terror regime in Afghanistan a military airport the size of a large town containing $83 Billion of the finest equipment that included hundreds of aircraft.

We have already seen the Taliban gruesomely using Black Hawk helicopters dangling hanging men as they flew over Afghan towns as a warning to its citizens below. The jihadists are back in charge.

So for what other evil purpose can they devise for the use of this American treasure trove?

A C130 US military transport plane packed with explosives crashing into a tightly populated urban city would have the same devastating effect as a nuclear explosion. It would be a world shattering statement by a messianic terror organization akin to 9/11.

It would have to be a crazy terrorist organization on a martyrdom mission. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS are all messianic jihadists with a deadly hatred of the West and Israel.

The Taliban now possess four American C130 military transport planes.

But would the Taliban try to crash an explosive transport plane into an American city, or its capital?

It would certainly be a tempting target for the most well equipped terror group in the world. Sweeping in over the Atlantic to hit New York in another 9/11 style attack must be tempting. They won’t have to hijack a commercial plane. They have their own, thanks to Biden and his military generals.

There is only one problem. The C130 can fly to America from Bagram without refueling but not with a packed payload of explosive material, and there are not many options for the Taliban for refueling. Apart from Iran, no other country would give them landing rights, and a transport plane or two would remove the element of surprise.

So what other country would present a huge and attractive target for the Taliban, or one of its Afghan-based jihadi allies, to attack?

Israel, the one country in the world the Taliban doesn’t recognize. What better Islamic message would it send if it, and not Iran, obliterated the Jewish State.

Just pack a monster-size aircraft full of explosive material and fly it to its target, or targets.

Coming in undetected and crashing into Tel Aviv with a population of over four million would make 9/11 look like child’s play.

With three planes they succeeded in killing 3,000 Americans. With one or two planes they could kill millions of Jews.  

Apart from mass deaths and casualties, an attack on Tel Aviv would knock out sensitive infrastructure including power grids, communication and transport systems. It would destroy Israel’s central military command and control center and vital military defense facilities. Depending on its impact location, it could destroy Israel’s major Ben Gurion Airport.

 Whatever remains of Israel would be dangerously exposed to any enemy wanting to move in for the final kill, and we have them in large numbers on our northern, southern and eastern borders.

Such a 9/11 style attack setting out from Bagram airfield and coordinated with Iran, could be an Israel Doomsday scenario particularly if two planes were employed in the deadly mission.

A second plane targeting Haifa would have a devastating effect.   Although the population of Haifa is far fewer than Tel Aviv, just over a million people, it also houses chemical storage facilities that, for years should have been removed to safer locations. A packed plane exploding a large chemical storage plant would indeed produce a mushroom cloud akin to a nuclear blast making the Beirut port blast looks miniscule in proportion.

Is such a nightmare scenario possible?  Yes.

I have less sympathy for Afghanis than Anthony Blinken because they are being indoctrinated in their mosques and madrassas into waging holy war against the Jews and death to Israel. 

If the planes were to fly unrefueled from Kabul to Israel with a maximum payload of 44,000 pounds the distance is within reach.

The distance from Afghanistan and NYC is double. So flying a maximum load without refueling would put America out of reach for a covert suicide mission. The Target has to be Israel.

Flying time is just beyond four hours. Taking the land route over compliant countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, a Taliban or Al Qaeda suicide mission is entirely feasible.

Unless Israel was alerted for such an attack, in advance or on route, it wouldn’t know what was about to hit it until the final seconds.

If Israeli intelligence did not pick up clues that such a mission was in the planning, would its air traffic control be aware of large planes on route to their target flying over countries with which Israel does not have cooperation or open communication? Probably not, until they appeared out of Lebanese and into Israeli air space.

And that would be too late to intercept flying bombs heading to Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The distance from the Lebanon border to the Haifa port is just 45 miles. The C130 has a cruising speed of 335 miles per hour. That is less than six minutes flying time to Haifa.

Would there be time for Israeli air traffic control and the Israeli Command and Control Center to identify these mystery aircraft or scramble a jet especially if the planes had external US Military markings but did not response to radio communication?  

Surely more time would be lost as Israel went in search of verification from the US Embassy in Jerusalem? By the time, Israel or the embassy staff made contact with the Pentagon, the explosions would inform them that the planes were our version of 9/11. 

A far worse version of 9/11.

Such hesitancy would be understandable, but it would result in the death of a million Israelis or more and the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv on a scale unknown since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Such a nightmare scenario is too dreadful to consider, but consider it we must, because the malevolent actors involved in such a mission have the same dedicated goal of all our enemies in the region. To destroy the Jewish State and everyone in it.

Why should Iran continue arduously spinning underground centrifuges to produce the material for a nuclear bomb, then have to fit the bomb onto an aircraft when they can more easily assist a neighboring Islamic regime do the job for them, albeit in a simpler, more straightforward, form? All they have to do is to train pilots to fly the planes, pack them with explosives and send them on their suicide mission.

With Haifa and Tel Aviv gone, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel would be in chaos, exposed to the whims of the combined enemies of Israel, those who have sworn to destroy the Jewish entity and establish a Palestine from the river to the sea.

None of them would shed a tear if the land was burnt to a cinder and the dead included Christians, Druze, and yes, Muslims, slaughtered to achieve the holy mission of Israel’s annihilation.

Does anyone think that Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, even the fanatics of the PLO and PFLP would hesitate before descending on defenseless Jews, to kill them and take their property? Haven’t they done this in the past? Isn’t this what they have been indoctrinated to do by their leaders in Ramallah and Gaza?

There are an estimated 160,000 powerful rockets in Lebanon directed at Israel waiting for the order to be fired. Imagine a follow up punch after two heavily packed monster planes crash into two major Israeli cities. 

If you think this is an unbelievable nightmare scenario, think again. Israel must plan for such an Armageddon.  That is the only way to prevent such an outcome in which the mechanics and the intention are there for all to see.

This is a wake up call.

The weak United States was not prepared to attack Bagram to destroy billions of dollars of their equipment. Can Israel do the job? Afghanistan is further than Iran, and Israel has shown it can reach that terror state.

This is an existential threat that Israel must solve, and quickly. Before 9/11 explodes on Israel.

Barry Shaw,

Senior Associate for the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Biden is looking for an escape plan. For himself, not Americans trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

 Biden's address on August 24 was another example of his pathetic presidency.

He droned off the telegrompter about a number of issues and finally arrived at the global issue of Afghanistan, almost as an afterthought.
He spoke about the danger of remaining in Kabul beyond 31 August as a danger, but had nothing to say about the danger to an estimated 10,000 American citizens he will be leaving behind enemy lines.
He spoke mysteriously about the danger of ISIS forgetting that he said days ago that ISIS was not in Afghanistan.
He praised his G7 friends even as they excoriated him for being dictated to by the Taliban terrorist about the leave date. They, like America, have more work to do.
Unlike America, the British, French, and even the Dutch, went beyond Kabul Airport to extract their citizens who were unable to get to the airport.
Biden, like his plan for Kabul, cut and ran, making his escape from the room before taking searching questions from the waiting and frustrated media.
Listen to what I have to say on Israel News Talk Radio.
Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.

Sunday, 15 August 2021

An Afghan Withdrawal. A Biden Debacle.

Biden is about to follow Ford and Carter into the US Hall of Shame.

Within days of Biden ordering a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Afghan President resigned and handed power to the Taliban.


After extracting US forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind a treasure trove of military hardware as an expensive parting gift for the Taliban terrorists as they blow down the US House of Cards Afghan policy known as "nation building," the weak US President just rushed 4,000 troops back to Kabul to extract personnel from the US Embassy before the Afghan capital falls to the Taliban.

Gerald Ford was embarrassed out of office by the shameful newsreel of embassy personnel clambering aboard a helicopter, rotors whirling, perched perilously on the rooftop of the Saigon US Embassy, while US troops were preventing desperate Vietnamese from fleeing their Communist conquerors.


Jimmy Carter left the White House, shamed by the vision of US embassy staff being marched blindfolded out the Kabul embassy, hands in the air in supine surrender to the goons of the Islamic regime led by a bully called Ahmadinejad who became idolized by leftwing students when he was allowed into America to attend a US conference as the triumphant Iranian president. In the indoctrination center of non-American education, he received the adulation of brainwashed American students.


Now it’s Biden's turn.

He has failed in everything he has touched in his brief seven months in office. Here is a short list of his utter fiascos.

The biggest Covid super-spreader event since the 2020 mass rioting by thousands of unmasked "peaceful protesters." Namely, the invasion of over a million unverified, undocumented, illegal, migrants with thousands of untreated Covid positive people infecting their way throughout America.

The closing of the Keystone pipeline and the subsequent shortage of gas and skyrocketing prices at the pumps led Biden to beg OPEC to increase production to help him head off a crisis caused by him at home.

The rage of parents against racist hatred being taught to their kids in public schools.

The frightening levels of crime and homicides raging through cities and states as a direct result of Democrat mayors and governors following the Biden Democrat doctrine of "defunding the police."

That was domestic.

In foreign affairs, after the embarrassing lecturing by a Chinese delegation at their Alaska meeting with Anthony Blinken, Biden rewarded Putin by lifting sanctions on the Russian pipeline to Europe immediately after Russian hackers had closed down the Colonial pipeline.

Now the biggest debacle of all.

Just over a month ago, Biden promised the Taliban would not take over Afghanistan as he announced his troop withdrawal from that country.


It is clear that Biden, his Secretary of State, his military, security, intelligence chiefs, all got caught with their pants down.

Despite their collective experience they failed miserably to estimate the capabilities of the Taliban.

It was shameful to hear the President of the United States beg the Taliban to spare the US Embassy until he had time to send in the removers to evacuate his personnel before it is seized by a bunch of uneducated sheep-herders who are on their way to a victory over the most powerful nation on earth.

This, just hours after he said at a press briefing, "The Taliban is not remotely like the Vietnamese army. They are not comparable."


What Biden didn't say was that the Afghan army armed, equipped, trained and financed with billions of dollars for twenty years was unable to control the Taliban who have just swept unchallenged through Afghanistan, driving American military Humvees armed with American machine guns and drones in the direction of the US Embassy in Kabul.

The Afghan army was trained and supervised by General Mark Milley, the US Commander who insisted before Congress a month ago that he is fine with military officers and soldiers being indoctrinated with the divisive racist critical race theory which will leave brothers in arms looking suspiciously at each other, questioning the moral strength of their country as they go into battle against lethal enemies.

This is what Milley said of the Afghan security forces a few weeks ago.

"The Afghan security forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country. I want to emphasize, repeatedly, a negative outcome, a Taliban military take-over, is not a foregone conclusion."


He was crushingly wrong. If this is the example of your top military commander, America, you are in seriously deep trouble.

Milley never saw it coming. He was too busy indoctrinating his officer corps in BLM ideology while failing to see the corrupt misuse of the $130B that the United States gave the Afghan regime to pay ghost soldiers. These are the non-existing soldiers whose money was pocketed by lying Afghan warlords who fiddled the uninspected books.

What abject incompetence!


The US Embassy in Kabul reported that the Taliban were executing captured Afghan troops in large numbers as they raced to conquer the country. We won’t list here what they are doing to the women. Where are the top Democrat women who plied millions of dollars of US taxpayer’s money into gender equality in Afghanistan. Where are they now when Afghan women need them most? The military term is missing in action. They care less for them than they do for the Covid carriers coming over their southern border.


This is the Taliban, now stronger than ever. And they are about to be joined by Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Hezbollah. Then watch what comes out of Afghanistan.


By walking away, Biden has opened the door to the next 9/11.

Robert Gates once said perceptively in 2014 of Biden, "He has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Biden is proving that Gates was right every time he touches a serious issue.


He will surely follow Ford and Carter in the US Presidential Hall of Shame.


Barry Shaw,

Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.