Monday, 23 November 2020

Biden, Israel, the Left and the Middle East.


What the left in the United States and Europe choke on is the fact that Israel is demonstrably a force for good, progress, prosperity and stability in the Middle East and a wider world.

This fact goes against their faded narrative; a narrative they are loath to surrender.

Another concept that has left them trailing in the diplomatic wilderness is the thought that the Palestinian issue is central to Israel’s acceptance in the region. It may be a central prop of leftist academic thinking and dated European diplomacy, but it has diminished credibility in the region where much of the Arab world is fed up with Palestinian obstinacy and violence and have reached out to the Jewish state for normalcy and progress.

We see this as Arab states sign normalization agreements with Israel and an embracement of new trade, science, research, tourism, technology, medical, even shared intelligence and national security agreements, being signed daily.

The Abraham Accords has replaced the old Khartoum slogans of “No peace with Israel. No recognition of Israel. No negotiations with Israel.”

The Palestinians, the ones who need normalcy and progress more than most, are stuck in 1967 Khartoum mode even as the emerging moderate Arab world, both Sunni and Shia, are embracing Abraham Accords 2020.

Now we hear rumors that the Biden Administration, in rejection of everything positive achieved by President Trump, is looking backward for an alternative route in their foreign policy.

There can be no progress in walking backward.

The situation with Iran will not improve by Biden going back to his old appeasement strategy with the Mad Mullahs of Tehran. It didn’t work the first time. It won’t work now.

If one thing came out of the change of heart by Arab leaders toward Israel was a shared reality of the advancing danger of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  One thing is known by Israel and our neighbors. An American smile will not deter the messianic determination of the Iranian regime to dominate the Middle East, and later the West.

The known noisy Democrat are already banging on Biden-Harris’s door in their determination to put the Palestinian issue front and center. The old anti-Israel slanders will be wheeled out, slanders that overlook the evidence that oppression, violence, the utter failure to reject the presence of Israel, all originate on the divided Palestinian side.

Divided because, although they won’t admit it, there are two factions that have been at war with each other since before 1967. These factions are not Israel and the Palestinian terrorists although that fire has been burning for far too long. The real divide that has hampered every solution has been that between the PLO-PLFP Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah and Hamas-Palestinian Islamic Jihad based in Gaza.

Together they both want to see an end to the Jewish State, but they have been at each other’s throats for two decades. If there were an election today, Hamas would win. That is why Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have not held a national election since 2007. They know they would lose. And yet, the pretend peacemakers would have Israel surrender to an entity, like Iran, that will never accept a Jewish state in the region.

It is obvious to the simplest mind that no progress to peace is possible until Israel knows there is one moderate partner to make peace with.

The reason there has been no progress for over fifty years is because so-called peace advocates have been so delusional about a distant oasis called 1967 peace they have been totally unaware that the camel they have been trying to pull through the burning Middle East sand has been dead ever since Yasser Arafat spat on the signed Oslo Accords and continued his war against the Jews from his Mukata headquarters in Ramallah.

No wonder Israel dismisses their anti-Israel resolutions and demands to surrender strategic territory, territory that it has historic and legal rights to possess, to an implacable enemy.

Here then are two issues that a future Biden Administration will be at war with the facts and a current reality that is now shared by both Israel and several of its Arab neighbors.

If they really want to help the peace process they should keep the freeze on Iran, put the pressure on the Palestinians, and help the Middle East peacemakers to continue to develop ties of mutual interests.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of the best-selling book, ‘1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel,’ available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Anti-Israel UN Resolutions Are Literally Dumbfounding.


Do United Nations diplomats ever read the numerous anti-Israel resolutions put in front of them?  Or do they automatically raise their hand in a five-decade automatic knee-jerk reaction?

I ask because I read some of the conditions of a recently approved stab at Israel on 18 November 2020.

This draft resolution had to do with treating Jewish homes in Judea & Samaria and our capital, Jerusalem, as if they belong to a non-existing country and that Israel has no right to our ancient land and our homes.

This draft resolution passed with a 156-6 majority.  The minority countries were Israel, the United States, Canada, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Nauru.

Why do tiny Pacific islands seem to possess more common sense than all the European countries, or even Australia and New Zealand?

Again I ask, did the diplomats that approved the motion read the wording before they raised their hands? Or were they following official guidance from their capitals?

This was a resolution that has been approved annually for decades, so perhaps they can be forgiven for overlooking the wording.  Wording that talks about recognizing Palestinian “sovereign rights” to the “natural resources” of the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

Can someone tell me what sovereign rights does a non-existing country possess?  As they refer to the West Bank, could they be indicating that this territory belongs to Jordan, a country that once claimed this land as theirs? The “West Bank” being on the other side of the River Jordan.

Another head scratcher was the reference calling on Israel “not to impede Palestinian development and export of ‘discovered’ oil and natural gas reserves.”

I would love for any UN diplomat to tell me precisely where the “discovered Palestinian oil and natural gas reserves” are located.

 Do I assume correctly that they are the natural gas reserves out in the Mediterranean that Israel is currently drilling and supplying to Jordan, Egypt, and preparing a pipeline to Greece and Cyprus for delivery to Europe, a continent that voted on mass against Israel?

The entire European Union bloc, including the United Kingdom, voted against Israel. 

Australia joined the countries that did not have the guts to vote against this annual Israel-hate ritual by deciding to abstain. The other abstainers were Brazil and Third World countries such as Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Cote-D’Ivoire, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Kiribati, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Togo and Tuvalu.

No other country has had so many resolutions levelled against it as has the Jewish State. Surely there are legal grounds to sue the United Nations General Assembly for anti-Semitism as defined in the internationally recognized IHRA working definition by applying the double standards that they fail to apply to more malevolent member states.

In surely a major display of diplomatic hypocrisy, two countries, the UAE and Bahrain, that recently signed normalization agreements with Israel, voted against Israel in an Israeli-sponsored resolution that called for greater global entrepreneurship and sustainable development, even as these two countries signed up with Israel for precisely that purpose.

Despite their traditional obstinacy, this Israeli sponsored resolution passed 144-26 with nine abstentions. Among the abstainers were Sudan and South Sudan who are hesitating about signing an agreement with Israel.

The foolish aspect of the behavior of Arab states was that this resolution was not connected to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It was global in nature. Yet the very nations that would benefit from this Israeli diplomatic initiative voted against it.

Mauritania spoke for the Arab group when it accused Israel of being disingenuous in its sponsorship of the resolution.

It was disappointing for Israel to see the UAE, Bahrain and others vote against Israel and get a third party to speak for them even as they are working at warp speed to develop the same Israeli entrepreneurial spirit that they voted against at the United Nations.

But, basically, this is the cynical hypocrisy that Israel has been battling against at the UN for far too long.

Despite that, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said that the passing of the resolution was a victory for Israel and for all countries that care about the future.

Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Friday, 13 November 2020

Dedicated Dead Democrat Voters Decide the 2020 Election.

Dedicated Dead Democrat Voters Decide the 2020 Election.

According to a Pew study, millions of dead people are on voter rolls, and an awful lot are still voting. Maybe they left their mail with someone to vote for them.

Covid was the excuse for mail-in voting and a lot of dead people are taking advantage of the relaxation in absentee ballots and mail-in voting. Almost all of them are in swing states.

Rosemary Hoddle got an unsolicited ballot. Rosemary was an elementary teacher, described as a fun-loving person. She died, but her ballot arrived. Somebody found it and voted for her.

We are told by the Democrats and their supporting media that there was no fraud.

“Nothing there. Stop spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories,” they cry.

But who is doing that, and why?  Instead of the media shouting “Shut up and trust the system.” Perhaps they should consider The Federalist report about Fred Stokes who received an unsolicited ballot on October 9 and, three weeks later, Fred vote by mail. The problem is that Fred died three years ago at the age of 92.

In Pennsylvania, where the Democrat Election official said there was no misconduct, 3,000 dead people received unsolicited voter ballots, and an awful lot of dead people voted.

On October 24, Allegheny County mailed a ballot to Denise Ognett who died just three days before. But the county got her ballot back completed.

This was a Democrat county in a state that passed a 2020 election law permitting votes without requiring signatures which is perfect because dead people cannot sign their names, but they can vote if their ballots are sent to an address.

Obama confirmed this when he said, “There are those who are doing their darndest to use restrictive ID laws.”

 Perhaps the reason was the Republicans wanted a traditional, verifiable and honest election, whereas Obama wanted to cheat the system. Perhaps his unrestrictive voting includes millions of deceased voters?

Sending out masses of unsolicited ballots gets you lots of dead people voting.

In America, there is no investigative body looking into widespread voter fraud. There should be because the alternative to this vacuum is vested interests poo pooing the claims of deep and wide voter fraud.

The New York Times carried the headline “Election Officials Nationwide Find No Fraud,” but how about Deborah Jean Christiansen. Nobody had a bad word to say about her when she died last May and yet, after her death, she still managed to cast her ballot. If it’s not a fraud, it’s an inspiring story. A true patriot doing her duty, even in death.  Like James Blaylock from Covington, Georgia, who died in 2006 yet, 14 years later, this conscientious American cast his ballot in this election.

The NYT insists there was zero voter fraud nationwide, which means these votes must be legitimate because the NYT is never wrong.

Henry Gionta died 2012. Voted 2020.   Mary Weisser died 2012. Voted 2020.

Norine Lucas died 2009. Voted 2020.    Walter Hoak died 2020. Voted 2020.

Joseph Barbano died 2008. Voted 2020. Kristin Rehnberg died 2011. Voted 2020.

Thomas Sullivan died 2006. Voted 2020. John Granahan died 2019. Voted 2020.

George White died 1984. Voted 2020.   Rondall Pearson died 2007. Voted 2020.

Judy Pesto died 2013. Voted 2020.       James Blalock died 2006. Voted 2020.

Jeanne Evans died 2016. Voted 2020.  Barbara Bush died 2020. Voted 2020.

Mary Meardle died 2010. Voted 2020. Thomas Howell died 2010. Voted 2020.

Steven Swartz died 2019. Voted 2020. Linda Kessler died 2003. Voted 2020.

Elizabeth Bartman died 2008. Voted 2020. Helen Mahdi died 2004. Voted 2020.

William Nelson died 2020. Voted 2020. Willie Rayburn died 2009. Voted 2020.

There are thousands more examples but the NYT, Democrat election officials, the DNC, all insist there is nothing to see here.

If there is nothing to see here, then we are forced to believe that dedicated Democrats can still vote from beyond.

That’s what they mean when they say that “absentee ballots” can swing an election.

Nobody can be more absent than dead voters.

Barry Shaw. The View from Israel.


Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Why are American Jewish Organizations Silent About Congressional Anti-Semitism?

Why is it that the ZOA is the only Jewish organization in America that initiated instant condemnation of Ilhan Omar's latest anti-Semitic drumbeat against Israel?

The new set of Omar lies, tweeted after the US election, included the blood libel that Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, accusing the Jewish State of "leaving an entire community homeless in direct violation of international law."

As a member of the US Foreign Affairs Committee, Omar is using these blatant lies in an attempt to condition a possible incoming Biden Administration into stopping US aid to the Jewish state or, in her words, that America "should not bankroll Israel's actions."

Ilhan Omar is, however, is very much in favor of renewing US funding to the Palestinian Authority without the PA being required to stop rewarding their murdering terrorists with American taxpayers’ money for their obscene ‘Pay to Slay’ policy as required by the Taylor Force Act, a bill initiated by President Trump to discourage acts of Palestinian terrorism.

In a French article, Omar twisted truth by avoiding mention of Palestinian Islamist terror groups including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Salafists, as well as the more secular PLO and PLFP, by characterizing them as "victims."

Should Biden become President, and the Democrats take the Senate, and with this party still dominating the House, malevolent anti-Semites led by Omar and Rashida Tlaib will be the ones setting American foreign policy, actively promoting devious regimes such as Somalia, the Muslim Brotherhood, and anti-Israel regimes that will set the Middle East back to the bad pre-Trump era of uncertainty and violence.

Major Jewish organizations in America, be they "progressive" or not, must recalibrate their outdated thinking and rally round Israel by committing to face down any expressions or acts of anti-Semitism emanating from Congress, or from other segments of American society, including the Nation of Islam, Black Lies Matter, CAIR, or the Islamic Society of North America.

We Israelis expect American Jewry to become more vocal in confronting anti-Semites, especially and particularly if they come from individuals and groups who actively supported the political party of their choice.

Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Hammer and the Scorecard. The biggest American political scandal never known.

the Michigan GOP Chairwoman complained that a Michigan computer glitch converted over 6000 votes for Trump into 6000 votes for Biden, and there are 47 other districts using the same computer system.
Days before her announcement, I reported about The Hammer supercomputer, designed by Dennis Montgomery, for use by the Obama Administration intelligence and national security, initially targeting Islamic terrorist data and rogue governments.

This supercomputer was converted by the Obama-Biden regime into a machine that could intercept election computer systems and transfer votes from one candidate to another. The key to this is called the SuperCard.

Further, Obama ordered The Hammer supercomputer to be removed from DC to a facility at Fort Washington in Maryland and has been illegally converted into use in the US election system.
Mr Montgomery was concerned about the misuse of his computer hardware and gave evidence to the FBI.
Barrack Obama is a person worthy of investigation based on his pre-election activities going back to 2016 and his activities over the last year.
Note should be made of a verbal slip by Joe Biden when he inadvertently bragged about "building the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."
The video is included below.
THE HAMMER and the SUPERCARD was deplo
yed by the Democrats to divert votes in troublesome states to their presidential candidate.

This was the computer interception that the GOP Chair referred to.

In my opinion, President Trump must use his authority and immediately deploy FBI agents and AI experts, under the supervision of Dennis Montgomery, to examine The Hammer and the Supercard data and expose malevolent misuse that intercepted and converted votes, and he must do it immediately before state recounts are completed.

If crimes are discovered in numerous states the whole 2020 US Election will have been put into jeopardy.
If the supercomp
uter and the key were used to subvert a national election, people must be indicted on serious charges, and this list must include both Obama and Biden the bragger.

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

General Thomas McInerney explaining the crime.

Sidney Powell, lawyer to General Michael Flynn, talking about The Hammer and Scorecard.

Saturday, 31 October 2020

Trump Administration Rectifies a Historic Diplomatic Wrong. Anyone Born in Jerusalem is Born in Israel.


Anyone born in Jerusalem is born in Israel.

Sounds common sense doesn't it? But to took the Trump Administration to rectify a historic diplomatic wrong.

On 29 October, 2020, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, signed a policy change that allows US citizens born in Jerusalem to list Israel as their country of birth in their passports.

This may seem an insignificant act, but it has real meaning to Israel and in the international diplomatic community.
There is a bad history that has led to the decision of the Trump Administration to rectify what has been called an international crime against the Jewish State.
Up until the change in the US State Department policy, American citizens born in Jerusalem were only allowed to list the city and not the country of their birth, unless they had been born in Jerusalem before 1948 in which case their country of birth was listed as “Palestine” despite the fact there was no Palestinian nation at that time or subsequently.
In other words, the ruling was not only anti-Israeli, it was also a historic lie.
Prior to the State Department’s recent resignation, the internal ruling was not to list Israel, Jordan or the West Bank for persons born within the current boundaries of Jerusalem. This reflected US policy toward Israel and Jerusalem.
The hypocrisy of this ruling could be seen in the US policy toward Taiwan, a country in which a US citizen born there has the choice of describing his or her citizenship as being with Taiwanese of Chinese.
In the past, the international community worked feverishly to remove Israel from any claim to Jerusalem as its capital, attempted to” internationalise” the city holy to the three main religions. Later, they fell into the hypocritical trap of claiming that east Jerusalem should be considered the capital of a Palestinian state.
Basically, they were saying that Jerusalem could not be considered the capital of the Jewish state. but if there were to be a Palestinian state then Jerusalem should already be considered as their capital.
It is clear to see why Israel strongly objected to this notion. The character and the status of Jerusalem cries out to us from the pages of the Bible. Those who disregard this recorded history are guilty of malevolent duplicity.
This duplicity was apparent during the Obama Administration. When President Obama made the trip to Jerusalem to attend the funeral of Shimon Peres, a couple of months before the end of his presidency, the White House published his speech at the grave on Mt. Herzl, giving the location as Jerusalem, Israel. The word “Israel” was hastily removed to avoid embarrassment. This despite the fact that the Mt. Herzl national cemetery is located in west Jerusalem. This despite the fact that since the 1990s Congress was describing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
The final act anti-Israel by Obama was when he led an action against Israel in the UN Security Council and the passing of the notorious Resolution 2334 which designated all pre-1967 lands seized by Israel in a legitimate war of defense against Jordan, including the Old City of Jerusalem, as “illegally occupied Palestinian land.”
In Obama’s book, this implied that an American born in Jerusalem had no entitlement to document that he or she was born in Israel.
This historical misnomer was rectified by the US State Department.
It was also a message to the misguided world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and an integral part of the state.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of “1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.”

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

An Ailing Saeb Erekat. A Metaphor for the Palestinian Authority.

An Ailing Saeb Erekat. A Metaphor for the Palestinian Authority.

Saeb Erekat has been the rumbustious voice of the Palestinian Authority for decades.

While his people suffer, lingering in poverty under the misrule of the PLO-PA, Erekat lived the comfortable life, globetrotting around the world as the face of the Palestinian cause, narrated by him as a tale of victimhood and oppression.

To a degree he succeeded in spinning his tale of woe. It earned him the sympathy of those in search of people they could add to their intersectionality club. The symbolism of the Palestinian suited the conditions of the Marxist match – a minority, non-white, a people subjugated by colonialists, Zionists doing the bidding of the imperialist and capitalist West. Or so this is taught in leftist campuses in America and Europe by radical lecturers with an anti-Western agenda.

This is why Saeb Erekat was touted to join the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center as a fellow in its Future of Diplomacy Project. They saw in him a symbol of the future of diplomacy.

As things are turning out, Erekat and his fellow Palestinian diplomats are seen throughout the Middle East, and gradually in the West, are seen as abject failures.

The growing list of Arab countries, lining up to recognize Israel and to sign normalization and trade deals with the Jewish State, have shunted the Palestinians to the sidings. They have become irrelevant, an obstacle to progress in the Middle East.

This is the legacy of Saeb Erekat and, quite frankly, an embarrassment to Harvard who now find themselves punting a narrative that is no longer relevant in the region. Perhaps it would be more fitting for Harvard to consider accepting Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz to replace Erekat.

Prince Bandar labelled the Palestinian leadership’s criticism of the peace agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, and Sudan, with more Arab nation to follow, as “reprehensible.”

On consistent Palestinian diplomatic failures, the Saudi prince said that, “successive Palestinian leaderships historically have one thing in common. They always bet on the wrong side.”

It has to be said that one of the wrong sides, until very recently, have been the Arabs and the Arab League who, for decades, have sought to boycott, threaten and go to war against Israel.

The significance of the normalization deal with Sudan was that this country was the stage in 1967 from which the notorious Arab League anti-Israel ‘Three No’s’ resolution was passed in the capital Khartoum – No Peace with Israel. No Recognition of Israel. No Negotiations with Israel.

This reprehensible resolution gave rise to the false charges hurled against the Jewish State. Everything from the apartheid slur to the BDS Movement was based on this wholesale Arab boycott of Israel.

So it is highly significant that Sudan, whose country have failed through no fault of Israel but from lethally bad governance including being branded as a state sponsor of terror, in its search for a path back into the international league of nation, has come around to recognizing Israel and is ready to forge relations with the one country in the region that is able to help Sudan move into the 21st Century.

Sudan is just one Muslim country that now acknowledges that it got nothing out of supporting a Palestinian cause that is at war with itself as much as it is at war with Israel.

And so back to Saeb Erekat. Erekat’s health has been deteriorating for the last few years. Three years ago he underwent a lung transplant in the United States.

Earlier this year, Erekat was one of the Palestinian officials to propose severing ties with Israel when the issue of Israeli sovereignty over the Jewish towns in Judea & Samaria arose as part of the Trump ‘Prosperity to Peace’ proposal that would have led to the establishment of a Palestinian state. This symbolized the resistance of leaders such as Erekat that has prevented a solution to the Palestinian problem for over fifty years.

In May, the PA refused to accept two plane-loads of coronavirus aid from the UAE because the cargo landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Erekat accused the UAE of “promoting normalization” with Israel. He blamed Israel of “whitewashing” its corona crimes.

This is the way that Erekat practices diplomacy, Harvard! Better to let his people die of Covid than receive it from a plane that landed in Israel.

A recent Erekat dishonest diplomatic lie was when he publicly accused Israeli soldiers of deliberately spreading the coronavirus to Palestinians coming into Israel to work by spitting deadly virus droplets onto Palestinian car door handles and windscreens.

Is this the level of diplomatic excellence you propose to add to your academic staff, Harvard?

But this may be irrelevant.  The hypocritical Israeli critic came down with Covid.

After telling anyone willing to listen to him about how the Jewish State must be boycotted, the coronavirus caught up with Saeb Erekat, and not from a spitting Israeli soldier.

His condition worsened, aggravated by his physical vulnerability. King Abdullah of Jordan offered to receive him for treatment in Amman, but Erekat went against his own advice and principles and agreed to be received in Israel at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem where he is being treated by the finest doctors and nurses in the Middle East, both Jewish and Arab.

His condition has deteriorated and he has been placed on a ventilator as the medical staff have been fighting for ten days to keep him alive.

Saeb Erekat is a metaphor for an ailing Palestinian Authority. They are increasingly seen as an unwanted plague in the Middle East, tolerated by Israel but heavily criticized by Arab nations who are fed up with their constant wailing about their poor condition but unwilling to take the necessary steps for peace that would lead them to healthy independence and prosperity.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel institute for Strategic Studies.