Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Countries are coming together in a common cause to strike ISIS in their rage, and in their fear.

The anger that wasn’t there in the past is palpable today.

It wasn’t there in sufficient force when ISIS slit the throats of Americans and Brits in the sand of Syria, and wholesale beheadings that gruesomely played on the social media.  It was just a piece of awful voyeurism. Terrorist pornography.

Sure, Obama said he had forged a coalition of sixty five countries, but nobody demanded that he publicly count out for us who these nations were, or what they were doing to counter, let alone defeat, ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, Daesh, or whatever name they call themselves.

The name, with their identity, is left in the fog of confused language.

At its heart it’s not ISIS that is driving Muslims to behead people, to shoot them in Paris or San Bernardino, or to cause teenagers to knife people in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, or the launch of rockets at Israeli civilians, or explode themselves on buses, or fly planes into buildings, or to slaughter tourists on a Tunisian beach or in a luxury Mali hotel.

ISIS is only the target for Western and Russian rage because they can’t quite put their finger on any other target for their anger when the terror hits home rather than in some distant desolate location.

ISIS is not the root cause. It is merely a horrible symptom of an age-old sickness.

It is a sickness that politicians, diplomats, media and think tank pundits cannot, or will not, identify.

They cannot bring themselves to identify the root cause dispassionately because it passionately conflicts with everything they have been taught in the misguided halls of higher learning by radically leftist professors and lecturers.

Whatever false but appealing narrative they concocted for gullible students in search of some revolutionary cause, they were dangerously dead wrong.

The result has been the sheer nonsense of American political leaders blaming Islamic terror on global warming or the lack of gun control, the Paris outrages on Palestinian discontent against Israeli policies , according to a grossly misinformed Swedish Foreign Minister, and, basically, pointing the finger at anyone or anything, except what it is.

The fault lies with the deformed political thinking of a dishonest campus upbringing in faculties teaching a fictional form of anti-Western history designed to leave students with a guilt complex that blames the West, particularly America, Europe and Israel, for perceived crimes including “colonialism,” “imperialism,” “oppression,” “occupation” and “apartheid” that are not applied to any of the Middle Eastern regimes they support, yet are guilty of all of these epithets.

They find it impossible to address the sickness that, through the ages, has erupted with global violence, namely an inbred Islamic thirst for a God-driven drive to world domination, intimidation and death.

The corruption of campus degree courses in the humanities and political science have so screwed up the minds of emerging opinion and influence makers that we now have a polarization in most Western societies in which the political and intellectual elite simply don’t understand  what’s happening, but the simple man in the street knows exactly what’s going on.

I was in Europe this summer. I can tell you that the people I spoke with are very fearful of the tide of Middle Eastern migrants and what they will do to their country. They already feel the effects of those who have already arrived and failed to integrate. And yet their leaders announce they have multicultural countries, that this is their value and are keeping their gates open to receive many thousand more. The people get it. Their leaders don’t.

In America, the people knew there was a danger to their vast country both from without and within from radical Islamic terror, but their elected Administration was for allowing in thousands of unverified migrants. Then San Bernardino happened and their president talks about gun control not Islamic State inspired murderous terrorists. The people get it in America. Their leaders don’t.

The fault lies with the educators that produced their current and future leaders. It has infected political thought, as evidenced by President Barack Obama.

Can anyone tell me, in all honesty, if this man has a clue about what is going on in the world?

Or his ex-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who infamously called Syria’s Assad “a reformer” before he went on his rampage reforming and killing his own people. Clinton, who told us she had pressed the “reset button” with Putin, and who would have us believe that the terror attack in Benghazi that killed a US Ambassador and three other Americans was caused by an “amateur video.” 

Does she really think that we simple-folk believe a word of what she says? Does she think us that dumb? Does she care?

Where did their ideas come from if not from their political upbringing?

Is this the quality of political thought that they produce in American universities? If so, God help us!

Today, the sight of thin-skinned and intolerant students demanding the comfort of “safe-space zones” to escape conflicting thought they find offensive because it doesn’t tally with their brain-washed numb-skulls, to avoid any full and open debate in case it damages their dogma, makes us non-academics fearful of what these campuses are producing.

It is we, the general public that will require safe-spaces when these academic idiots graduate, join us in society, and start imposing their nonsensical thought control on the rest of us.

If these educators of world leaders of today and tomorrow, who have led them to such an abyss of judgment and reality, had been medical teachers we would have surgeons amputating limbs in their search for cancer in the body of our society, instead of applying clear-headed and surgical methodology against the cancer cells themselves.  This is how far off the mark they have become.

The root cause of the cancer of modern-day terrorism is so obvious that simple people recognize it, but ‘progressive’ leaders don’t.

It’s time to reform the universities that have become riddled with radically specious teaching that has resulted in the vacuous thinking of too many of our political leadership.

It’s time to get back to common sense and plainly diagnosis of what is troubling the world.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. 

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  1. A lot of what you say is true Muslims are low IQ inbred people . However the one sided stance the USA has taken regarding the Jews stealing Arab land has stirred the mad Muslims up