Monday, 8 February 2016

Make BDS for IDIOTS an Amazon Best Seller!

Make BDS for IDIOTS an Amazon Best Seller!

Show your passionate support for Israel by making this brand new pro-Israel book an international best seller!

Win yourself a prize while enjoying a great read.
How to do it?

BDS for IDIOTS is a seriously funny humiliation of BDS campaigners. This is a cause we can all get behind.

What better way is there to educate people to the lies of BDS than gifting them a copy if this hilarious book.

I am giving away, to three lucky winners, two signed copies of my other books – Israel Reclaiming the Narrative and Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism – for free!

That’s three books for the discounted price of my new motivational book – BDS for IDIOTS.

Buy copies of BDS for IDIOTS at the discounted launch price and write a testimonial on the book’s Amazon page. Click on one of the 5 stars as you do it.

Tell your friends about this book which is on special launch offer for a limited period.

Once you have done this, send me an email or a Facebook message with your name and email address.

That’s all you have to do. There is no geographical limitation.

Your name will go into a draw to take place on March 15. This allows you time for you to receive your copy of the book, read it and send your review to Amazon.

The retail price for BDS for IDIOTS from mid-March will be $12.99.
So remember! Even if you don’t win the prize, by buying early you get this book for less than the retail price.

That’s great value for a great read!

It’s a great way to support Israel, fight BDS, and win a nice prize.

If you like the book, please rate it 5 stars.

Let’s make BDS for IDIOTS a 2016 Best Seller!

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