Sunday, 15 January 2017

1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel

This epic book covers the sweep of events a hundred years ago that led to the advancement after 2000 years of the promise of a National Jewish Home in Palestine.

The background is the wartime conflict in Gallipoli and General Allenby's Holy Land campaign.

The extraordinary exploits of Palestinian Jews and Christian Zionists are featured in true tales that reveal the human frailties and strengths of heroes.

In 2017, commemorations will take place globally marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and Allenby's Liberation of Jerusalem. These achievements are celebrated on the cover and in detail in the book's 320 pages.

The reader will meet characters including Richard Meinertzhagen, the Christian Zionist James Bond, Zeev Jabotinsky whose persistence led to the introduction of a Jewish force within the British army, Colonel John Patterson who relived the spirit of the Bible as he led a Jewish force into battle to help liberate the Holy Land from the Ottoman Turks, and the heroine, Sarah Aaaronsohn, who led a Jewish spy ring in a dangerous mission to provide vital intelligence to the British under the noses of the Turkish enemy. 
This book recounts her painful fate and leaves us with an enigma of Sarah and Lawrence of Arabia who is portrayed in a manner rarely revealed.

Although recounting events a century ago the book has resounding resonance today as we witness the diplomatic and terror attacks on the Israel we love and support.

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