Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Nuclear Blast of Russian Collusion.

When President Donald Trump tweeted “Firm involved with discredited and Fake Dossier takes the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, FBI, the Dems, or all?” people assumed it was one of Trump’s midnight rants. But, he exposed what looks likely to become the greatest political scandal in America’s history.

For a year, the Democrats, aided and abetted by a Hillary Clinton supporting media and a Deep State Establishment which includes Obama hangovers in the new Trump Administration as well as ‘Never Trump’ Republicans, have been searching under every rock and stone for evidence of a Trump collusion with the Russians. Before leaving office, FBI head, James Comey contrived to appoint his friend, Robert Mueller, to be the Special Counsel to investigate links between the incoming president and the Russians, portrayed as the greatest evil on the face of the planet.

Now, it seems, the nuclear storm they unleashed of Russian collusion has suddenly changed direction and is blasting the Democrats and the Establishment fully in their own faces. In a two-pronged attack their demons have turned against them in what Trump calls “the Washington swamp.”

Christopher Steele, a former British spy, offered the anti-Trump opposition information that could sink the Trump Campaign. The information came out of the Kremlin. This fake Russian intel was offered through a Russian-infected NGO named Fusion GPS. It was designed to help the Clinton Campaign defeat Donald Trump.  There was a price to be paid for this dossier. James Comey, the head of the FBI considered paying for it but, despite denials, it was revealed that the price was paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Millions of dollars were paid in several payments to through law firms as cut-outs to cloak where the money was ending up.

The dossier was shared with the FBI, and it was the basis for James Comey to appoint his friend, Mueller, as Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians. When it became clear that the Clinton camp was ready to pay the price, the FBI and the DOJ decided to sit on it and allow the Democrats to run with it. It turned out to be fake news, nothing more than Kremlin disinformation.

The FBI and the DOJ had a duty to bring this Russian interference to the attention of Congress. They didn’t.

An FBI informer wanted to bring the details of the dossier and name those involved in the scandal to Congress, but he was threatened by the FBI and by Loretta Lynch’s Depart of Justice with criminal, not civil, charges including serving jail time. The whistle-blower’s lawyer has been campaigning that it was the FBI and the Attorney-General’s duty to bring this matter to Congress, and that they had no jurisdiction to threaten this employee with criminal charges and incarceration.
Congress Oversight and Government Reform Committee member, Ron DeSantis, pressed the current Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, to release this FBI agent and allow him to testify before Congress. The Attorney-General has now authorized this agent to speak with Congress. DeSantis said on the Lou Dobbs Show on Fox News TV that he is confident that the agent will not only give them details and names, but also offer supporting documents.

The affair is likely to include the breaking news of a huge multi-million-dollar scandal involving the Obama Administration, the FBI, the Department of Justice under the Obama presidency, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their Clinton Foundation.

Democrat Adam Schiff once said, without one iota of evidence, of a fake Trump collusion that it was “one of the most shocking betrayals in history.”  Now he is going to witness what will truly be the most shocking betrayals in American history but, to his dismay, it will be Democrat-induced betrayals.

Under the Obama and Clintons, the United States sold 20% of its vital uranium reserves to America’s evilest enemy, Putin in the Kremlin.  Uranium is the prime ingredient for a nuclear bomb. Today, the United States has to import uranium to power its nuclear power plants – from Russia.  Part of the agreement stated that none of this uranium could leave the United States but there is evidence that much of it has left America for Europe and, almost certainly to Russia. Russia also supplies Iran with much of their uranium for their nuclear projects.
That is why this issue has important security connotations for Israel.

And, in a pay to play quid pro quo, $145 Million made its way from the Russian actors in this deal (acting for the Kremlin) into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was acting Secretary of State. Her husband, Bill, travelled to Moscow to give a $500,000 speech before having a private chat with Putin himself in his Moscow mansion. This, after Obama was recorded on an open mic in 2012 telling Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, “tell Vladimir that after my election I have more flexibility.”  This was matched by Hillary Clinton pantomiming with Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, that they could press a plastic ‘Reset’ button. 

This was the jovial atmosphere that accompanied the Obama Administration’s collusion with Russia which is now being revealed to have sold off one of America’s most vital strategic and security assets to “the greatest threat to any nation” according to FBI’s James Comey, or “Russia is at the top of America’s threat list,” according to Obama’s Defense secretary, Ash Carter, in 2016, or to a country that “engages in hostile acts,” according to Hillary Clinton.

Either way, the Democrats unleashed a nuclear storm when they went after Trump on trumped up charges of Russian collusion.  Now they are about to reap the storm they created. It is likely to burn and destroy several Establishment figures.  Watch out for the names Comey, Rosenstein, Wiseman, Mueller, Lynch, maybe Holder, two Clintons, and Obama.

If this is part of draining the swamp, so be it.

Barry Shaw is a Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

1917 and the Battle of Beer Sheba.

The Prime Ministers of Israel, Australia, and New Zealand will lead much of the Israeli-based diplomatic corps at commemoration events on October 31 to mark the 100th anniversary of the conquest of Beer Sheba. Why is this event so special?

The Battle of Beer Sheba was the first major victory for Britain in World War One. Consider this. 

Going into this battle, Britain had been defeated four times by the Turkish army. The failure of the British to take the Dardanelles led to the resignation of Winston Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty. His initiative to launch a naval invasion at Gallipoli resulted in 400,000 casualties on both sides and an ignominious Allied retreat.

The British army suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq (then Mesopotamia) when they were surrounded and surrendered to the Turks at the Battle of Kut.

Under General Sir Archibald Murray, the British army were badly beaten twice at the battles for Gaza. Murray tried to put a brave face on his humiliating defeat by misrepresenting the casualty figures and claiming that “it was a most successful operation, the fog and waterless nature of the country just saving the enemy from complete disaster.”

The War Cabinet did not see it that way, and Murray was relieved of his duty to be replaced as Commander of what was called ‘The Egyptian Expeditionary Force’ by General Edmund Allenby.

This no-nonsense, six foot four tall, military leader, known as ‘The Bull’ for his build and his demeanor, received instructions from British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, a Welsh Baptist Zionist, to give the British public a gift by taking Jerusalem by Christmas.

Allenby adopted a new tactic of military deception by lulling the enemy into thinking he would follow Murray’s example and launch a third major assault on Gaza.
Instead, aided and advised by a Palestinian Jew and a Christian Zionist intelligence officer, Allenby was persuaded to swerve south of Gaza and attack Beer Sheba because, as Aaron Aaronsohn, an agronomist from Zichron Yaakov, told him “that is where the water is.”  Aaronson’s research convinced him that large reserves of water lay hidden under the hot desert surface of the Negev. As he pointed out to a receptive Allenby, without sufficient water for the hundreds of thousands of men, tens of thousands of horses and camels, and his motorized vehicles, he had no chance of winning the Palestine Campaign.

Aaronsohn also knew the trails and wadis that would allow Allenby’s massed troops to negotiate their way from Egypt to Beer Sheba without getting bogged down in the soft desert sands and for his advanced troops to approach Beer Sheba relatively undetected.

Despite his name, Richard Meinertzhagen was a swashbuckling British intelligence officer who became an ardent Zionist. He devised a series of ploys that led the Germans and Turks into believing that Allenby planned to attack Gaza again, using an attack on Beer Sheba as a decoy assault. One of his methods was to ride close to the Turkish lines tempting the Turks to come out in pursuit. When the Turks shot at him he pretended to be hit. He dropped a blood spattered haversack and made off as if injured. The satchel contained what appeared to be secret military plans and maps showing Turkish defensive positions at Gaza as well a forged private letter in which an officer wrote to his sweetheart in London about getting ready to move against Gaza.

The deception worked. According to reports provided by Aaron’s sister, Sarah, the only woman to head an espionage ring in enemy territory during wartime, Allenby saw that the Turks were bringing up reserves to strengthen their Gaza garrison.

The battle began against Beer Sheba on October 31st, 1917, but, by the middle of the afternoon, no discernable progress had been made. Allenby watched the battle, surrounded by his generals, through his binoculars from a hilltop over the southern flatland leading to the town.  Looking at a potential defeat, or a withdrawal of forces before darkness fell, the order was given to the Australian 4th and 12th Light Horse Brigades to mount a frontal charge against the enemy’s double-lined defensive trench emplacements.

Seven hundred horsemen armed with bayonets rode in three successive lines across a three-mile stretch of open ground. They gradually gained speed until they were in full gallop. With artillery shells and gunfire directed at them they closed on the enemy ranks.  The lead horsemen, those that survived the gunfire, leapt over the Turkish infantrymen in their trenches. They job was to take the town and reach the few water wells that had been mined for demolition by the enemy. The second and third line of horsemen leapt the trenches, dismounted, and took on the Turks in hand to hand combat, meeting bullet with bayonet.

This was the last great cavalry charge in military history. The enormous courage of the ANZAC soldiers won the day, Beer Sheba was taken, and this battle opened the way for the liberation of Palestine and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

This victory also paved the way for the restoration of the Land of Israel.

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Barry Shaw is the author of the best-selling book ‘1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.’

He is also the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

The united Jerusalem Delusion by Barry Shaw.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, pledged his support for a Greater Jerusalem bill that would annex places like Maale Adumim, Givat Zeev and villages in the Etzion Bloc and would allow their residents to vote in the Jerusalem mayoral elections.
This bill would also create independent municipalities for Israeli-Arabs living within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries but are located outside the security barrier.

Members of Knesset and mayors acclaim this move. Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely, said that “applying Israeli law is the most important thing to make sure that everyone realizes that Jerusalem will remain united.”  

But, is Jerusalem united?  Let me throw one bucket of icy water over our politicians who are in denial.

If Jerusalem was truly the undivided capital of Israel how is it that at least fourteen football clubs, based in Jerusalem, are playing under the auspices of the Palestinian Football Association, headed by Jibril Rajoub of the Palestinian Authority? As these clubs come under the PFA, who is an officer member of FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, these Jerusalem-based clubs are globally recognized as Palestinian, not Israeli. The Israel Football Association lost control of them decades ago.

Worse still, some of these clubs promote terror against Israelis as part of their footballing activities, with the full knowledge and approval of Rajoub. Some of these activities are supervised and funded by the PFA.

Allow me to offer you one example. On October 11, 2016, the Hilal Al-Quds (Al Quds means Jerusalem in Arabic) football players and managers took to their pitch and, in front of their adoring fan, unfurled a huge colorful banner carrying the face of Musbah Abu Sbeih, a Palestinian terrorist who murdered two Israelis and injured five others in a shooting attack in Jerusalem two days earlier.

Hilal Al Quds are the Palestinian soccer champions. This is the equivalent of having Chelsea, the English football champions celebrate at Stamford Bridge in front of their fans displaying a banner with the faces of the terrorists who carried out their outrage on London Bridge. This would be unthinkable but, in Israel, what Hilal Al Quds did in Jerusalem didn’t produce a murmur of protest from the mayor or our government.

This incident is not alone. The Al-Ansar football club, also based in Jerusalem, hold an annual soccer tournament in honor of Abu Jihad, a Palestinian terrorist responsible for the murder of 127 Israelis.  

Again, not a word of protest from our politicians. In Jerusalem, this annual event is supervised and sponsored by the Palestinian Football Association from funds budgeted to them by the Palestinian Authority.

A children’s football tournament was named in honor of the Palestinian teenager who went on a knifing rampage through the streets of Jerusalem.

Israeli lives have been lost partly from terror-promoting propaganda being pumped out at Palestinian sporting and football events in Jerusalem. Policewoman, Hadar Cohen, was killed while on duty outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem by the captain of a Palestinian football club.

There are many such Jerusalem-based terror incitement outrages that go unchallenged by the politicians that talk about a united and undivided Jerusalem. As part of a group of NGOs based in Israel, London and New York, we have been campaigning to FIFA to address the issue of the promotion of terror in Palestinian football. Sadly, I have to report that government ministries, the Prime Minister’s Office, and even the Israeli Football Association refuse to respond, or to address this troubling phenomenon in Jerusalem.

So let not Minister Hotovely, nor Mayor Barkat, and not even Prime Minister Netanyahu, claim that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel.

You lost control of Jerusalem years ago to our security cost, and the loss of too many lives.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.