Tuesday, 3 April 2018

High Crimes and Misdemeanors. The greatest political scandal you have never heard about.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors. The greatest political scandal you have never heard about.

Stories, rumors, and innuendos have been swirling around as drips of information are painfully and slowly being extracted, like pulling teeth without anesthetics, from top secret American bureaus. Silence, diversions, and denials are being employed by those involved, or those with a political bias who have been feeding a false narrative for more than a year in a brazen attempt to unseat the president.

If the full story is allowed to emerge, the names involved in the scandal will include Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, Jim Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Ron Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller, Samantha Powell, Susan Rice, and Ben Rhodes. All top people in the Obama Administration who corrupted law enforcement and national intelligence for political purposes.

A plot was devised to spy on a political opponent and presidential candidate, and the permission of a government secret court was obtained based on a collection of false facts obtained by a foreign agent from Kremin sources, and paid for by the Democratic National Council and the Clinton election campaign headquarters. 

Top Obama appointees, such as Samantha Powell, US Ambassador to the UN, and Susan Rice, applied to unmask and spy on the Trump campaign team.

One of the heroes of this scandal was Admiral Mike Rogers, the Director of the National Security Agency, who heard about the plot, called for an audit, and informed the secret FISA court that the FBI had submitted false documents to them and had withheld vital information which, had the judge known, would not have granted the FBI a permit to spy on candidate Trump and his team. 

Admiral Rogers visited the then president-elect in New York to inform him that he had been illegally spied on by the FBI. The Trump team moved their operation out of Trump Tower based on this information. 

In short, the Obama Administration, including the CIA chief, John Brennan, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, the FBI head, James Comey, the Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, President Barrack Obama and, of course, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, all knew that they had ordered a wiretap on Donald Trump, their political rival. 

Appraised that Rogers had informed Trump, Clapper and Brennan went to the White House to advise Obama to fire Rogers. Obama did not do it because he knew that publicly firing the head of National Security in his dying days as president would make the headlines and raise questions. Silence was employed in the hope that they would get away with it, just as Mrs. Clinton had gotten away with destroying her phones, Blackberry's, computers, and hard drives, even after she had been subpoenaed by Congress to preserve all her documents.

All this was criminal behavior.

There was no reason to appoint a Special Council the investigate Trump on trumped up Russian collusion charges, save for the attempt to defame the new president and catch him in a lie that could lead to his impeachment. 

The choice of Robert Mueller to head the investigation was troubling. First, he formed a strongly biased team around him. All were personally invested in a Clinton presidency. 

Mueller, Comey, and Rod Rosenstein, a head of the Department of Justice, were caught up in a genuine Russian collusion. They were fully informed about Russian criminality including fraud, bribes, kick-backs, surrounding the Kremlin efforts to control and buy American uranium but they failed to bring their evidence to the US Committee on Foreign Investments (CFIUS). 

According to the terms of the Uranium One deal by which the Obama Administration sold 20% of American uranium to Russia, the uranium was supposed to remain in America, but it found its way via Canada to Europe, and then to destinations unknown. It is suspected that the Russians diverted much of this uranium stockpile to Iran. Now, the United States has to import uranium for its domestic use.

Hillary Clinton protested that nine US agencies signed off on the deal. What she didn't admit was that it needed only one vote to stop the deal going through. But the Russians had targeted her, and her husband, with payments including a half a million dollar payment for a speech in Russia by Bill Clinton and huge payments into the Clinton Foundation of $140 million by associates of the uranium deal. Hillary Clinton could have stopped the deal based on the information of Russian criminality, but she didn't. She knew from the FBI that the Russian deal was fraudulent and criminal in nature, but she let it go through anyway.

Why hasn't the American mainstream media covered this merging scandal? It's because they are not investigative journalists. They were in the tank then to the Clintons. They are in the tank today to the Democrats.


Think this information is far-fetched? Wait for the next shoe to drop later this month when the Inspector-General of the Department of Justice releases his investigative report. I expect Congress to demand another Special Council, despite the fact that Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, announced that the IG report will be followed up internally between the DoJ and the FBI.  Neither Congress nor the American people will allow this to happen. These two pillars of American democracy are too discredited for them to keep an investigation in-house. 

What are the chances that nobody will be indicted or sentenced for these serious national crimes? People who were temporarily close to president-elect, now President Donald Trump, face charges or have gone to jail, but those higher figures on the other side of the American political divide seem to be teflon-coated. Charges just wash off them and disappear down the sewer of the Washington swamp.

Disclaimer. I am sure that some of the information in this article will upset a few people, If there is anything in this article that is incorrect, please let me know. It is written by a neutral, non-American, observer. I advise readers to be patient and watch how things play out in the coming months.

Barry Shaw.

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