Saturday, 25 August 2018

Corbyn the Unifier. Corbyn the Peacemaker.

Corbyn the Unifier.
In an ironic twist of fate and unity, the leaders of both the British and American far right have come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn's disdain for Jews and hatred of Israel.
The former head of the British Neo-Nazi BNP and American David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK find joint cause with the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel utterances of the leader of the British Labour Party.
Corbyn has become the unifier of both the far right and far left in mutually accepted ideological nastiness, both connected to deep-seated anti-Semitism.

Corbyn the peace-maker.
This follows Corbyn's proven ability to be a peacemaker.
He did this by attending a ceremony in Tunis glorifying Palestinian terror and using it, in his words, to attend a peace conference.
What was this peace conference. It was to form a coalition between the Tunisian government and warring Palestinian terror factions against Israel.
Corbyn also attended a conference in Qatar,sitting alongside other Palestinian terror chiefs guilty off murdering even more Israeli Jews.. Yet another example of Corbyn the unifier.
This is Corbyn's definition of working for peace.

Corbyn has created his own brand of National Socalism that hates capitalism, America, Israel, and detests the Jews that oppose him and what he stands for. British Jews are fearful of him and he doesn't care. It wins him votes. Shamefully, people know who he is, what he stands for, and support him.

Summarising, we can see the effect of this toxic extremist as a unifying figure between two polar ideologies in their mutual Jew hatred, bringing convicted mass murdering terrorists together in their shared hatred of the Jewish state while garnering the praise and appreciation of far left and far right radical haters.

This is the man who is about to become Britain's next Prime Minister.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Israel’s Nation-State Law – For Good and for All.

I wrote an article that was distributed on the social media in which I touched on the recently approved Nation-State Law that brought with it some controversy in Israel. I was asked to elucidate the details of this new law and the nuances that have caused discussion and some protest.
Much emotional rhetoric has been heard over the recently approved National State Law in Israel. Protests have accompanied hysteria that las left many open-minded people confused about what actually happened in Israel.
Saeb Erekat, the PLO Secretary General, announced that the Palestinian Authority was considering filing a complaint with the United Nations General Assembly to rescind Israel’s membership. Why not? It seems that the PA runs to the Un every week in an effort to dislodge Israel from UN forums.
He and his boss, Mahmoud Abbas want to world to know that the law is a reconfirmation of Israel as an apartheid state undermining any chance of a two-state solution.
The anti-Israel agitators ignore the Palestinian Authority’s complete and unrepentant rejection of any Jewish presence in a future Palestinian state. According to their twisted sense of logic, this is neither racist, nor an obstacle to peace. Nor, apparently, is it anti-Semitic or hypocritical to constantly refer to Israel as “the Jews,” while protesting Israel’s right to define itself as a Jewish state. Go figure out that conundrum!
Arab members of the Knesset took the PA cue by referring to the new law as “apartheid.”
Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, went further. This shining example of democracy and peace said that Israel is an heir to Nazi Germany. The American Jewish leadership echoed the New York Times line that the passing of this law is evidence that Israel is on the verge of rejecting democracy.
They are upset that the law refers to Jewish settlement as “a national value,” as if that was a sin against humanity. They conveniently forget that Israel was the Jewish state for 70 years before this bill was passed. Even before that, in 1920, the League of Nations decreed in their Mandate for Palestine that the British mandatory government must encourage “close settlement by Jews on the land.”  That is how Petah Tikva, Rishon le Zion, Rosh Pina, and later Netanya, Hadera, Modiin, Beer Sheba, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ariel, Maale Adumim and so many other towns and cities were created, by close Jewish settlement on the land. This was not racist, nor apartheid. It was a fulfillment of legitimately sanctioned authority and a historic right to Jewish self-determination in our ancient land.
They also forget that the United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of a partition of Palestine into two states – an “Arab state” and a “Jewish State.”
According to many, both sides got precisely that. The Arabs got Jordan and the Jews got Israel. The battles and the violence that have occurred since the UN Partition vote were never over the Jews claiming Jordan, but of the Arabs claiming Israel as Palestine. Nothing has happened to bring Israel’s enemies round to accept the right of Jewish self-determination and governance in their ancient land according to historical precedents and international legitimacy.
The early Zionists thought that by establishing Jewish settlements on land legally purchased and developed by back-breaking labour, they would create an undisputed sovereignty of the land of Israel in the historical homeland of the Jewish people that would protect the status of Jewish state from malevolent adversaries wishing to destroy it. They were wrong. Dark forces bent on removing the Jewish presence would intensify their campaign to deny its right to exist. That is why the approval of the Nation-State Law was necessary. It was also an act of defiance.
It did not, however, stop the attacks against Israel. It intensified them. But the passing of the law is another example of the stick-necked Zionists and the Israeli “screw you” attitude.
Was it necessary to pass the Nation-State Law at all? Mosher Arens, the elder statesman of the Likud Party, is no radical left-winger or secularist. As Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Arens was the man who gave a young Benjamin Netanyahu his first leg up the political and diplomatic ladder by making him his deputy. Later, Arens made Netanyahu Israel’s ambassador to the UN. Yet, Arens criticized the need for the bill. First, in its embryonic stage by questioning the need to legitimize Israel’s Jewishness. In 2014, he wrote that Israel is the Jewish state because the vast majority of its inhabitants are Jews, its main spoken language is Hebrew, the national anthem is ‘HaTikvah,’ whose words are stirringly Jewish and Zionistic;  

“As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,
With eyes turned towards the East, looking toward Zion,
Then our hope – the two-thousand-year old hope – will not be lost,
To be a free people in our Land,
The Land of Zion and Jerusalem.”

The national flag contains the Star of David, it’s army’s name embraces the word “Israel,” and it is Jewish because of its Law of Return. “Nothing else was needed until now, and nothing else is needed now,” he wrote then.
And after the law was passed in the Knesset, Arens wrote in a piece, published in the left-wing Ha’Aretz newspaper, that said it would have been wiser to mobilize broad support for the bill, by taking the sensitivities of the Druze and Christian communities into account, rather than rush through a cobbled version to appease the ultra-Orthodox parties in a deal that would allow the Haredi population to swerve national service in the IDF. It was, he considered, the worst of compromises that hurt Israeli Arabs, including the Druze “who served Israel loyally, knowing it is a Jewish state.”
Arens was joined by another Likud veteran, Dan Meridor, who served under Menachem Begin, Yizchak Shamir, and in two Netanyahu cabinets, who said the bill was “unnecessary, harmful, and mainly embarrassing.”
The verbal charges, however, of the left wing Zionist Union Knesset members in the matter of the Nation State Law were hypocritical and smacked of cynical politics. Back in 2014, the ZU leader, Shelly Yacimovich MK, wrote to the drafter of the bill, Av Dichter from the then Kadema Party, that she could see nothing objectionable in the bill, emphasizing that she could see no purpose in the new law given that it repeated what had already passed into law in previous Basic Law bills.  Yet, a week before the new law was approved, the same Yacimovich did an about turn calling the law as “racist” and “xenophobic” when the recently approved law was a watered down version than the one presented to her four years earlier! Again, go figure.
Another Zionist Union leader, Tzipi Livni, was another one who condemned a law she once supported. 
How can they belong to a Zionist Union party when they have a problem with the basic principle and national value of the historic and essential Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel?  If it wasn’t, Israel would never have been established as the national homeland of the Jewish people in the first place. Perhaps it’s time for Yacimovich, Livni, and others to change the name of their party, because they are rewriting Zionism into something it isn’t.
It seems that the new Nation-State Law is troubling to the American Jewish leadership, particularly that part of the leadership on the American left. They seem sensitive about the Jewish character of Israel. They seem to think that the terms of the law are “a dangerous check on Israel’s democratic principles.”  No, they are not.
Let’s be honest here. Nothing in this bill changes the status of Israel, it’s majority, nor does it affect that status of its minority citizens. Nor is there anything different in this new Basic Law to the principles that have been established since Israel’s Declaration of Independence and legalized in previous Basic Laws. In short, the Nation-State Law changes nothing.
What has changed, however, has been the drift of progressive (some would say “regressive”) American Jews way from traditional Judaism and, in the growing radical left of the Democratic Party, a move from Zionism to post-Zionism and, more recently into outright anti-Zionism. All this happened way before the passing of the Nation-State Law, and many researchers connect the dots between the move away from traditional Judaism and Israel into a Socialist secular religion of Tikun Olam and an anti-Israelism.
Israel is under attack both at home and abroad and the Nation-State Law is an important bastion in defining the ancient and modern rights of the Jewish people to define their self-determination in their own land. A part of that is protecting Israel’s Jewish character. This is defined in the law by naming the Land of Israel as “the historical homeland of the Jewish people in which the State of Israel was established.”  The national flag is the blue-and-white Star of David, the national symbol is the ancient seven-branched Menorah, which stood in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, with the additional olive branches on either side, and Hatikvah as our official national anthem. A unified Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and the law also declares that “the state will be open to Jewish immigration and to the ingathering of the exiles” with its echo from the Jewish Bible. The official language of Israel is Hebrew, though Arabic is granted a “special status.”
The Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel explicitly confirmed the establishment of a Jewish state for the People of Israel in the Land of Israel, the openness of the state to Jewish immigration, the complete equality of social and political rights for all its citizens of all religions, origins and genders, the freedom of religion. This document also calls on Israeli Arabs to take part in building the state on the basis of full and equal citizenship and appropriate representation in state institutions.
The Arab Knesset members scream that this is a form of racism. Where have they been for a hundred years? They have been promoting the agenda of a Palestine “from the river to the sea,” that’s where they have been. They are upset that Israel grants the Arabic language a special status and not an official Language. There are more Arabic-speaking citizens in France than in Israel. This is not unusual given France’s intimate history in Arab lands. But, France does not grant their Arabic citizen’s language any special status.
There is something more troubling about the behavior and intent of several Arab Members of the Knesset. Rather than work to integrate their Arab constituents into Israeli society and improve their social-economic standards they are busy fomenting friction with the fiction of being Palestinian Arabs in support of the wider Palestinian movement. This begs the question. Are they Palestinians or Israeli Arabs? We have yet to get an unequivocal answer from them. As for the Palestinian “movement,” rather than promote the ingathering of a people into their own state, they foster and foment the notion of refugee-hood to remain in place until millions of Palestinians can be “returned” to their homes in “occupied Palestine” meaning the land “occupied” by Israel.
Some complain that the words “equal” and “democratic” do not appear in the language of the new law, but this is superfluous because these values are enshrined in previously approved Basic Laws and do not require further endorsement in the Nation-State Law. Indeed, the 1948 Declaration of Independence ensures “complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race, or sex.”
It has to be added that with equal rights comes equal obligations. The Druze community are concerned about the implications of the Nation-State bill. Israeli Druze are respected within Israel for their courageous service and sacrifice in the IDF. Without doubt they are brave fighters serving in some of our frontline units. I have told my Druze friends that I consider them more dedicated Israelis than many Jews who have never undertaken any form of national service. This includes the Haredi community in Israel. I have more respect for our Druze and Aramean brethren than I do for those who live in their shtetl, expect to receive handouts, paid by taxpayers, but who do little to nothing to serve the country, in hospitals and social welfare services if not in the army. The same has to be said of much of Israel’s Arab community who do not serve in the army and also boycott any form of compulsory national service. With the demand for equal rights comes equal responsibility and national service. 
What was striking were two protest rallies that took place a week apart in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square against the bill. We witnessed the vast difference between the political leadership of the Arad and Druze communities and their supporters. The Druze demonstration was dignified, restrained, making the point that they are a loyal community within Israel that serve and sacrifice themselves for the country but that they had grievances with parts of the new law.
The following week, the Arab political leadership called a protest demonstration in which Palestinian flags vastly outnumbered the very few Israeli flags in the square, and chants of “With blood and fire we will redeem Palestine” echoed off the municipal building and platform where Yizchak Rabin made his final speech before being killed by an assassin’s bullet.  
As one astute person put it at the sight of Israelis joining Palestinian flag wavers chanting for an end to Israel, “Rabin must be turning in his grave.”

It was clear that there are those who live here but see themselves as Palestinians impatient for their liberation from the "Jewish occupation" of their land. They were joined by Jews representing the Israeli left who had kept their distance from the previous week’s Druze event to ally themselves with the Palestinian flag wavers. 
As Moshe Arens pointed out in his Ha’Aretz article of August 19, “Their presence spoke louder than words. They are what Vladimir Lenin called in his day ‘the useful idiots.’”
This prompted Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to declare,

“Yesterday we saw PLO flags in the heart of Tel Aviv. Many of the demonstrators want to abrogate the Law of Return, cancel the national anthem, fold up our flag and cancel Israel as the national state of the Jewish people. It is for precisely this that we passed the nation-state law. We are proud of our state, our flag and our national anthem. Israel is a Jewish and democratic state. The individual rights of its citizens are anchored very well in the basic laws and other laws. Now it is clearer than ever that the nation-state law is also necessary… to ensure the future of the State of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people.”

Israel’s Prime Minister promised to take Druze concerns into serious consideration by inserting their importance in Israeli society into an amendment to an existing basic law act.
Left-wing peace activists have, for decades, called for an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria as the only way that Israel can maintain itself as a legitimate Jewish and democratic state. Only by withdrawing Jews from Judea and Samaria, they claim, into internationally sanctioned borders can we preserve Israel’s Jewishness. So important is this to them that they are willing to drag over 200,000 Jews from their homes and surrender Jewish historic and religious sites to the Palestinian cause. And yet, they are the ones now calling the Nation-State Law “racist, “discriminatory against our Arab minority,” “radical nationalism,” and other baseless names.
To paraphrase David Weinberg in his Jerusalem Post column “Hypocrisy and Hysteria,” they profess loyalty to Israel as the Jewish nation-state by asserting political pressure for the compulsory evacuation of Jews living in our heartland, but they balk at supporting the very bill that defines the character and symbolism of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. This is another conundrum for you to figure out.
This is, as Bibi claims, the reason why the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, is so essential. With the cynicism, the hypocrisy, the panic, and the hysteria, it is vital to remind ourselves that nothing has changed with the passage of this new bill except to confirm the Jewish character of the Jewish State into law.
Israel is a vibrant democracy that protects the rights of its minorities. It always has and always will. But it was, and will remain, the national home of the Jewish people.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
He is the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Judge Israel Justly.

Israel has taken wrongful abuse by much emotional misinterpretation over the recently passed Nation-State law.
It has been called everything from "racist," "apartheid," to undemocratic.
Basically, it a continuum of every racial epithet that has been hurled at the Jewish state for years, wrongly.

Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people, with an overwhelming majority of Jewish citizens, has always been, since its inception, sensitive to the needs of its minorities (plural) ensuring and protecting their civil and religious rights and freedoms while allowing them access and promotion in all the chambers of power and influence, including the Knesset, city halls, even the highest positions of the Supreme Court.

These Jewish principles and values did not arise with the establishment of Israel. They have been there for thousands of years at the heart of Jewish thought.

This Shabbat's reading of the Torah ( Shoftim) talks about judges and kings and how they should govern in fairness and justice.
It is written that Jewish kings should not acquire great wealth and riches, "so that his heart will not be haughty over his brothers."
The king, it is decreed in the Holy book, should not be arrogant despite his position.
As it is written in Psalms, "For he will save a needy one who cries out, and a poor one who has no helper. He will have pity on the poor and needy, and he will save the souls of the needy. From the blows and from robbery he will redeem their soul, and their blood will be dear in their eyes."

As we read this passage from our Torah we witness how our Israeli soldiers, doctors, and nurses, receive the wounded and sick of Syria an enemy nation, how our volunteers reach out across the globe to rescue and comfort those suffering tragedies of earthquakes and other natural disasters, and our agricultural and medical volunteers who give of their time and talent in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia.

In all this, and more, we can see our humanitarian Israeli Jews, in their thousands, acting like the just and humble biblical kings of old applying, in practical terms, the call for Tikum Olam - Repair the World.

Each of them, in their humble and just deeds, make a mockery of the false slanders and accusations hurled at the Jewish state by malevolent haters.

Let those who judge us wrongly, judge themselves.

Please share.

Barry Shaw, Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy. Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Author of "Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism."

Friday, 17 August 2018

Corbyn and his ties to anti-British, anti-Israel, terrorism.

MI5 opened a file on Corbyn and his connections with the IRA.
Is it a coincidence that expressions used by Corbyn as an apologist for Palestinian terrorists were used by him as an apologist for IRA terror bombings?
Following the bombing of a Brighton hotel which killed 5, including a Conservative MP, the far left London Labour Briefing, in which Corbyn was the general secretary of the editorial board, issued a lead article reaffirming its support for "and solidarity with the Irish Republic movement."
This is akin to his political passion to fly to Tunis to show equal solidarity with the "martyrs" and current cadre of the higher echelon of Palestinian terrorism.
The person standing to the right of Corbyn at the wreath-laying ceremony honoring dead PLO terrorists in Tunis was Maher al-Tahir, the exiled leader of the PLFP Palestinian terror organization that, one month later, entered a Jerusalem synagogue with hatchets and hacked to death three rabbis, including Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg from Liverpool.

When asked to condemn IRA killings, Corbyn obliquely answered, "I condemn what was done by the British army al as the other sides."
He also said he was campaigning for peace.
When asked why he attended an event that glorified the death of important Palestinian terrorists in Tunis, Corbyn again obliquely answered, ""I remembered those that had died in an attack on Tunis by the Israeli air force which was condemned by the whole world."
When pressed, he said he was there, "to try and promote peace in the Middle East".
There does seem to be a chronic pattern in Corbyn's disinformation and deception attempts as a propaganda agent for various lethal terror groups.
How is it possible that this man remains as the leader of the Opposition in Britain and, potentially, their next Prime Minister?
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of 'Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.'

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

An Israeli looks around the world, and is happy where he is.

Israel is affected by the way Western politicians fail to fully comprehend the machinations of the Middle East. They and their diplomats are overly obsessed with doing business with dictators for the good of their national economies. It is far more important that their conglomerates and corporations are neatly intertwined with the ruling elite. It would be unseemly to be seen to be curious about the rumblings of discontent. That may disturb commercial relationships, and potential future lucrative non-governmental careers in the Arab and Islamic world. After all, good commercial ties with such regimes is ultimately good for the people. Right? Wrong. Just look at Iran as a prime example how wrong that platitude is.

Israeli writer, Amotz Asa-El, gave the Libyan example of the stupefaction of Western leaders as evidenced by total failures in grasping the nature of the Middle East beast in a recent article. The screw up by Western leaders has led to disastrous social and economic results for many European countries. Asa-El reminds us that in 2009 European leaders sold more than 344 million Euro of arms to Gaddafi and then, just a few years later, applauded his downfall to rebels who were celebrated by Britain’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy who looked on Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who headed the Libyan National Transition Council as a liberator by claiming that “this will be a Libyan-led and Libyan-owned process with broad support.”

Cameron said he was in close contact with Jalil. A few weeks later, Jalil declared that new Libyan law would be based on Sharia.

These European leaders were blissfully unaware that the liberation they were celebrating was the start of Europe’s disintegration under the weight of the human tsunami as Libya opened the floodgates to millions of North Africans and Arabs, mainly Muslim, some Islamic.

As an Israeli I had no empathy for the mad dictator Gaddafi. However, they should have listened to him when he warned them, as NATO bombed his country, that, “Now you people in NATO, listen to me. You are bombing the walls that stopped African immigration” into Europe.

They didn’t listen. They didn’t comprehend what he was trying to tell them. Instead, they breached the wall, toppled Gaddafi, opened the way for an Islamic Sharia governance in Libya that has no respect for Europe and its values, and who have swamped Europe with millions of migrants who have no understanding or concern for Western values. Some came to exploit the opportunities. Other have come to exploit the system.

Part of the Western diplomatic shortcomings was that they were fine dealing with dictators and their corrupt henchmen, particularly those who sat on oil wells and dirty contracts with European and American conglomerates and corporations. For here was the potential for future lucrative careers after they shuffled off their governmental roles and entered private life with interesting and well placed people.

While in their overseas governmental positions their main task was schmoozing the decision makers, those that could sign hefty contracts. The concerns of the population were none of their concern. Sympathizing with the down-trodden got in the way of carrying out what they had been promoted to achieve, the trade that kept wheels of power, and private palms, well-greased.

And when these Middle Eastern potentates added a condition to support them in their condemnation of Israel in international forums it was easy to give the nod.

They misread the tealeaves as millions took to Arab streets. They watched, expressing sympathy for the rioters only when the toppling of their favored dictator looked certain. They called it “the Arab Spring,” though those close to the action, like Israeli national security and intelligence experts, warned it was closer to becoming a stormy Islamic Winter than an Arab Spring. Events in the Middle East and North Africa proved the cynical Israel realists were closer to the truth than blundering Western politicians and their totally unprepared national security heads. Just look at the Obama-praised Muslim Brotherhood Morsi who usurped power from Mubarak, or Libya and the murder of Ambassador Stephens and his security team as the president, the NSA, CIA chiefs and Secretary of State Clinton waffled, blaming it on an amateur video, and did nothing to rescue the trapped but fighting crew at the US compound in Benghazi. Look at the failure of Obama red lines in Syria, the mocking of ISIS as a “JV team,” the sucking up to the Islamic Republic of Iran at any costs to get the awful nuclear deal done, and the all too slow realization that parts of Europe have become cultural and social nightmares for the indigenous population.

As Israel watches the unraveling of Europe, hear the fears of local Jews, witnesses the insanity of American Democrats demanding open borders, sanctuary cities that protect criminal illegal migrants and endanger their lawful citizens, it seems that the outside world has gone mad.

We have built our border fences and, where necessary, border walls, despite the outpouring of condemnation, and we are, statistically proven, safer because of it. 
We allow into our country the people we want in our country, those with a commitment to the betterment of our land. Those that come because they want to belong here as part of our people.

We live in a dangerous neck of the woods constantly on our guard against deadly enemies far and near. That's why we have the best fighting force in the world, out of sheer necessity.
And yet Israelis are among the happiest and confident people in the world.

This feeling is only emphasized when we see the political and social chaos that is affecting Europe, Britain, and America.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
He is the author of several books, including ‘BDS for IDIOTS.’

Monday, 13 August 2018


British Labour leader and potential British Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, may claim amnesia about laying a wreath at the grave of Abu Jihad, but it is impossible to accept that this politician, so steeped in Hamas, Hezbollah, and the “armed resistance” to Israel, was ignorant of whose grave he paid homage in his paid visit to Tunis.

He would have been aware of the details of his itinerary and approved it prior to his visit.
But, in the unlikely event that Corbyn is ignorant about the gruesome history of Abu Jihad, here is a shortened account of this arch-terrorist’s handiwork.

Abu Jihad was really Khalil Al-Wazir, the founder of Fatah, second in command to Yasser Arafat, and the head of the PLO terror organization that plagued not only Israel but the wider Middle East.

During his terror reign through the 60s and into the 80s, 125 Israelis were murdered, mainly civilians.

Abu Jihad was the mastermind behind the Munich Olympic Games massacre that killed eleven of the finest Israeli athletes in 1972. Incidentally, Mahmoud Abbas was the moneyman behind this very public terror attack. His role was to dispense funds to cover the cost of the operation. Abbas has been rewarding Palestinian terrorism ever since.

The widows of the murdered Israeli sportsmen posted a touching response to the recent pictures of Corbyn at the graveside of the killers of their murdered husbands,

“For Mr Corbyn to honour these terrorists, is the ultimate act of maliciousness, cruelty and stupidity,” they said.
“Mr Corbyn has no place in politics, or in decent, humane society when he is driven by one-sided hate and vengefulness.
“If you want a genuine transformation of politics, Mr Corbyn, we would suggest that you first study history and understand how terrorism undermines and vilifies society and mankind.
“You have no place in politics, or in decent, humane society when you are driven by one-sided hate and vengefulness.
“Do not forget, Mr Corbyn, that you will be judged by the company you keep. We do not recall a visit of Mr Corbyn to the graves of our murdered fathers, sons and husbands.

While conducting terror operations from Jordan into Israel, Abu Jihad began preparing PLO fighters to usurp power in Jordan. With a large Palestinian population, the PLO felt justified in taking power in Jordan and using it as a springboard for ongoing attacks into Israel. But the PLO over-reached themselves and, in what became known as Black September, the Jordanian king ordered a major operation to drive the PLO out of his kingdom.
They found refuge in Lebanon and began building up their terror base in that country from which they launched cross border raids into Israel.
During this period, Abu Jihad planned a 1975 raid on the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in which is terrorists took civilian hostages killing eight of them as well as three Israeli soldiers.
The most lethal was the PLO-Fatah attack on an Israeli bus in 1978 on the coast road at the Glilot Junction on the northern outskirts of Tel Aviv that resulted in the death of 37 Israelis, 12 of them children. The reason for this attack was an attempt to scupper the proposed peace talks between Israel and Egypt.

Abu Jihad was hailed as a hero by the Palestinians as was one of the terrorists, Dalal Mughrabi. Abu Jihad is commemorated to this day in numerous official Palestinian sporting and cultural events as a figure to be emulated in Palestinian society.

More recently, Mahmoud Abbas also poured praise on Abu Jihad. In 2013. In granting him a posthumous award, Abbas said of him, “he was the model of a true fighter and devoted leader [and] through his commitment and contribution he left his mark on the history of the Palestinian revolution and the PLO."

Corbyn shared this admiration by agreeing to attend the Tunis event.

Corbyn was aware, and shared, this adoration. It was an integral part of his admiration and support for armed resistance against Israel and its citizens.

Although exiled to Tunis, Abu Jihad masterminded the Palestinian terror campaign against Israeli civilians that was known as the “intifada.” Abu Jihad activated every terror cell in the territories to attack civilian targets, including suicide attacks. He provided them with financial support and logistical backing.
Abu Jihad was killed by an Israeli special ops team who stormed his house in Tunis on the night of April 16, 1988.
Abu Jihad was responsible for the deaths of 125 Israelis, the vast majority civilians and children. Yet, following the assassination the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 611 condemning "the aggression perpetrated against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Tunisia."
In a terror training video, Abu Jihad can be seen exhorting his terrorists to “Blow up the whole building no matter how many people are in there.”
Abu Jihad was also the man behind the murder of US diplomats, Cleo Noel and George Curtis Moore, in Khartoum in March 1973. This operation was carried out with the express permission of Yasser Arafat.
This is the man that Corbyn went to Tunis to honor, no matter that he pleads ignorance today. He knew precisely who he was honoring that day, and whose blood was on his hands.
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies and the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The False Images of a Young Palestinian Provocateur and Israel.

When publicity seeking 17 year old, Ahed Tamimi, the poster child of Palestinian provocation, was sentenced to jail for punching and slapping an Israeli soldier, many in the mainstream media and Hate Israel NGOs, ranted about Israeli cruelty for incarcerating a teenager.

So lets look at some facts, and examine the evidence of Israeli "cruelty" in having a troublesome girl face jail time.

Tamimi was imprisoned for the legitimate charges of assault, rock throwing, participating in disturbances, threats, and incitement. She's been doing it all her life, but only when videoed. She's been doing it since she was a girl.
Now let's see how Tamimi "suffered" in an Israeli jail as she described her experience in her own words.
"I took a law course, studied for high school. I was reading books, watching TV." But it gets better...
"We were singing. We made group breakfasts. Every room brought their own stuff and we had breakfast outside. We also had lunch together most of the time.
We also had parties. We were singing and dancing and jumping and going crazy. We did many things."
Now that Tamimi has become a hero and media darling we can expect further provocations, and further jail time, from a young lady who wallows in the fame and adulation granted to her by acting out her videoed acts of assault and violence. She admits she enjoys the conditions inside an Israeli jail.
This is how the Palestinian leadership, and many foreign left-wing NGOs, promote anti-Israel activism in order to foster an image to the world media...
...and the Western media unquestioningly lap it up.
In some rare moments of rationality it would be called child abuse, not by Israel but by the Palestinian leadership and the so-called human rights NGOs.