Friday, 8 February 2019

The House of Palestine

The House of Palestine is the home of Munib al-Masri.
Al-Masri's business interests account for one quarter of the Palestinian economy.
Socialists, who constantly hit on Israel ​blaming the Jewish State ​for the poor Palestinian economy, are advised to take a close look into the kleptocracy of the Palestinian leadership. 
How much of their money goes into raising the living standards ​of their people? ​Or does it go into the aggrandizement of its leaders? ​And how much goes into 'Pay for Play' payment for a terrorism that perpetuate the conflict, and to distract their people away from the financial corruption of the Palestinian elite?

The amazing home in this article is one of many dotted around Palestinian controlled area​s​.  Let's not begrudge them their wealth, but it is fitting, based on their emotional imagery of victimhood and poverty, to ask what is going on here.

Readers should google Rawabi and be surprised at the massive new middle class area outside of Ramallah​ where the Palestinian elite reside, leaving the rest of their population in poverty​

The magnificent house in the Guardian article is owned by Munib al-Masri. 
Al-Masri in Arabic means "the Egyptian" indicating, as with many Palestinian names, that the origins of most Palestinians ​lie in other countries. In other words, they ​were not indigenous ​to the land​.  The Jews were.

Barry Shaw,
Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
Author of several books including a new debut novel 'A Tale of Love and Destiny' the saga of a Jewish heroine,
available on Amazon or can be ordered from Steimatzky bookstores in Israel.


  1. I saw some of these myself when in Israel.

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  3. I was commenting on this fact to two Brits on FB. They absolutely refused to believe it and constantly repeated how badly Israel treated the poor "palies.". I saw the mansions in the Arab-Israeli towns, but they are nothing like the palaces Abbas, his minions and the Hamas leaders have built with their stolen millions. Pretty disgusting isn't it?