Thursday, 14 February 2019

The latest anti-semitic fraudulent lies from the rejectionist Palestinians.

The Palestinian Authority turned down an invitation to attend the Peace and Stability in the Middle East Conference in Warsaw.
This is natural. They and Hamas have done nothing to advance peace and stability for decades but, as usual, now that it is taking place and receiving media attention, they have turned to sulking and insults.
Fatah official and obstacle to normalization and peace with Israel, Jibril Rajoub, sulked, "If there will be cocktails and toasts with Netanyahu and the Arabs, we will view it as a mistake and a knife in the back."
And then he got nasty and anti-semitic.
"They are welcoming Netanyahu in Warsaw to remind us of the Holocaust and Auschwitz."
And if that wasn't bad enough, he continued, "In every city in Palestine, from Rafah to Jenin, there is an Israeli Auschwitz to massacre Palestinians."
Following such disgusting statements, statements that are blatantly anti-semitic and go to the heart of why there can be no progress to peace with such disgraceful Palestinian leaders, it is useful to remind a wider public what "Auschwitz" in "every Palestinian city" look like.
Take a look at these pictures, then consider the suffering of six million Jews in places like Auschwitz.
The pictures are of Gaza City, Jenin, Ramallah, Rawabi, and defy the lies of the Palestinian Authority that prefer to compare these places to the concentration camps in which 6 million of my people were murdered by other anti-semites.
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These are pictures of Gaza City;

This is Jenin.
This is the new Palestinian city of Rawabi.
This is Ramallah.

Here are some of the concentration camp barracks that house the Palestinian "Auschwitz" prisoners...

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