Friday, 29 March 2019

The Corbyn and Omar Threat to Jews and Israel.

Out of the political deterioration in Britain and America, the double-headed hydra of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism has emerged.
The venom in both the British and American parties stem from the radical left, affiliated with an imported ideology, a red-green alliance, exploiting the political turmoil to advance their agenda. It is an agenda that will bring ruin to both countries.
In Britain, the failure of the ruling party to satisfy the demand of the people, namely an affirmative withdrawal from Europe, known as Brexit, gave rise to the radical left Labour Party with ideas that will bring social and economic disaster to Britain.
In America, a country ripped apart by a resentful Democratic Party, reeling after the embarrassing defeat of their revered candidate to an outsider in the 2016 Presidential election, opened the door to a new radical left with ideas and ideologies that will bring social and economic ruin to the United States.
Out of the confusion of both countries, dark voices began to be heard.
In Britain, the volume of blatant Jew hatred at local and national level within the left-wing Labour Party was met with protest by people within the party and by representatives of the British Jewish community to little effect. Even the demand for the Labour Party to adopt the full version of the official IHRC definition of anti-Semitism was answered by the adoption of a doctored version after a very public struggle.
In America, as in Britain, anti-Semitic tropes are heard within the opposition party by newly elected members of Congress. In both cases, the targets were Israel and Jews. In both cases, the rhetoric stereotyped Jewish money and power, and the Jewish State as an evil and illegitimate entity.
In both England and America, Jews have, traditionally, found political homes in the British Labour Party and in the American Democratic Party.
Decades ago, both parties harbored the working class, and Jewish immigrants, fleeing the Holocaust, found political shelter there as they assimilated. As they prospered, they remained loyal to the parties they had adopted.
Both parties supported the desire of the Jewish people for self-determination in their ancient homeland and the reconstituted State of Israel. It was the right and moral thing to do, particularly after the horrors of the Holocaust.
Jews expressed their enthusiasm for both parties by voting for and supporting them. An American Jews saying was, “You’re born a Democrat, and you die a Democrat.” The same applied to Jewish Labour Party members.
Jews became donors and delegates, rising to high positions in both parties. They were patriotic and effective leaders.
When we look at the British Labour Party today it is difficult to believe that only four years ago it had a Jewish leader, Ed Miliband. Now look at it today.
It is rife with anti-Semites at all levels.
Joan Ryan, a non-Jewish Member of Parliament, told the AIPAC Conference in March, “Why did I, a non-Jew, travel to your conference to tell you this? I did so to remind you that things can change quickly. I would never have believed, just three years ago, that the party which backed the Jewish homeland even before the Balfour Declaration would have sunk so low so fast.”
She spoke at AIPAC, but she was addressing the Democratic Party that is experiencing the early signs of anti-Semitism dressed up in Anti-Zionism. She was telling them that things can deteriorate very rapidly when anti-Semitism is allowed to spread in a political party.
She spoke about the downward spiral of Jew and Israel hatred that has infested her party, a party she recently walked away from after forty years as a member.
Why did she leave, rather than fight the anti-Semitism from her position as a leading member and a prominent parliamentarian?  Because she, like so many others, found that confronting the ogre from within was a desperately useless battle. Instead of admitting the problem and solve it there was a resistance against her protest from within her party.
 Joan Ryan admitted that, “despite the best efforts of some decent members, it is riddled with anti-Semitism. It now seeks to demonize and delegitimize Israel.”
We can see the new anti-Semitism, loosely guised as anti-Israelism, infecting the Democratic Party. That party is also failing to adequately fix the problem.
Her party, Ryan told AIPAC, was “now led by a man who proudly declares Hamas and Hezbollah to be his friends. And so, along with eight members of Parliament, we made a choice. We decided that words were simply not enough. We walked away from the Labour Party.”
The Democratic Party now has new representatives in Congress that consider Hamas their friends.
Joan Ryan and her colleagues have been joined by many others, both Jewish and non-Jewish veterans of a party they once loved, who left because of the grip on the party of those who harbor disdain for Jews and Israel.
Americans should be made aware of a dangerous phenomenon in the increasingly hard left British Labour Party. There is a Soviet-style purging of party members that do not toe the party line and show total loyalty to the party and its leader.  In the Soviet Union such people were shamed, or disappeared. In Britain, they are de-selected by branch officials, thereby overruling the will of the voter.    
Brits vote for their individual parliamentary representatives at local level. But, with the anti-Semitism scandal rocking the party, the party has struck back at the protesters, shaming and ejecting them. It is called “de-selection.” In effect, the local branch committee can remove a duly elected member on the grounds of bringing the party into disrepute. Protesting anti-Semitism within the party or criticizing Corbyn can lead to an elected member being thrown out of the party. It has echoes of Soviet-style tactics and, in essence, is anti-democratic.
Luciana Berger, a prominent Jewish Member of Parliament, said that her Labour Party had become “institutionally anti-Semitic.”  She received abusive anti-Semitic insults and death threats to the point that she needed a permanent security team to protect her from members of her own party. She was called “a disruptive Zionist” and worse. She faced two votes of no-confidence from the branch officials at her Liverpool Waverley constituency. In challenging this attempt to purge her, she said that she had made "no secret that, as a Jewish woman representing a city with a Jewish community, I have been deeply disturbed by the lack of response from Jeremy Corbyn as party leader and many in the wider leadership of the party to the anti-Semitism that stains our party."
Unable to quell the hate, or bring her party to adequately address the problem, Berger led a group of seven Labour MPs out of the party and formed an independent group within Parliament.
This flight of traditional Labour members has led to them being replaced by hardened leftists who vow allegiance to their Hamas and Hezbollah supporting leader and to their local party officials, making it a less tolerant party.
How depth of radicalism in the British Labour Party could be seen at their last annual conference.  In voting for their top ten policy priorities, Palestine was their main foreign policy issue, taking preference over Brexit, social services, welfare, the healthcare system, and local government funding. In effect, Labour members, including many trade union members, voted for Palestine ahead of issues that affect them personally and collectively.
Corbyn is on record saying, "The UK has a very close relationship with Israel and it is time that relationship is brought to an end."
Can this happen within the Democratic Party?  This is precisely what Tlaib and Omar are saying in their opening days in Congress. That the United States has a special relationship with Israel and that they intend to bring that relationship to an end. 
The process has begun. Rashida Tlaib did not wrap herself in the Stars and Stripes when she was elected to Congress. Instead, she draped herself in a Palestinian flag.
Newly arrived Ilhan Omar immediately hit out at Israel, its Prime Minister, Jews and their money. She was guest speaker at a fund-raising event for an organization that had supported her campaign and Hamas. 
CAIR is an organization professing to represent the civil and social needs of American Muslims. That would be fine if that was their agenda, but CAIR is the American Muslim Brotherhood with a proven identity of supporting Hamas, a designated Palestinian terror organization. And CAIR is now strutting the halls of Congress with confidence pushing aside anyone attempting to ask pertinent questions of their congressional representatives.
Asra Nomani, a true Muslim reformer who wanted to address Ilhan Omar on her anti-Semitic remarks, was confronted by CAIR bullies who prevented her from speaking to Omar.
In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn receives support from similar organizations to CAIR. He addressed the Islamic Human Rights Council in London. Like CAIR, they pose as caring for the British Muslim community, but they have a stealth agenda to promote dawa and sharia into Britain. Ahead of Corbyn, a radical imam, Sheikh Bramanpour, spoke openly about wiping Israel off the map. Corbyn followed him onto the stage and, instead of condemning the imam’s words, told IHRC that they “represent all that is best in Islam.”
It remains to be seen if CAIR, Omar and Tlaib represent all that is best of Islam in America. Up to now we have seen the hateful, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel side of all three.
I can personally vouch for the veracity of Asra Nomani as a genuine peacemaker and reformer having had the honor of sharing a stage with her at a Conference in Jerusalem a few years back.
If Asra Nomani were in Congress, instead of Ilhan Omar, we would have more confidence in the future of the Democratic Party and America.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute of Strategic Studies. He is a researcher into contemporary anti-Semitism and the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism’ which examines the anti-Semitism at all levels of the Palestinian cause.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Ghost of Soviet KGB Disinformation Within American Politics.

After losing the 2016 Presidential Election, the inner circle of the United States government known as ‘Deep State’ has been pursuing a disinformation campaign at the highest level in order to take down, at any cost, the current duly elected President of the United States.
The premise is built around the allegation that Trump, and those surrounding him, colluded with Russia to win the election.
At an estimated cost of $25 million, the Special Prosecutor has mulled over millions of pages of documents, investigated hundreds of key people and is about to wind up its investigation.  There is much speculation that Robert Mueller’s team will come up empty handed on Russian collusion, unless they look at the Democratic side of the political divide in America.
But undoubtedly the Russians, or more precisely the former Soviet Union, have impacted the American psyche and are winning the disinformation campaign they launched over fifty years ago against both the United States and Israel.
Unfortunately, this disinformation campaign is being conducted by Americans against Americans.  In doing so, they are doing the Soviet's bidding.
When you hear the new radicals of the Democratic Party bang on against their own country and its leaders, when they adopt the propaganda of radical regimes, when we hear allegations against Israel couched in anti-Semitic terms, you can be sure that they are ideologically colluding with the ghost of the old Soviet KGB.
To quote former KGB chairman, Yuri Andropov, in a conversation he had with General Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest ranking defector from the former Soviet Union to the United States in 1978.
“We could nurture a virulent strain of American-hatred, grown from the bacteria of Marxist-Leninist thought…We have only to keep repeating our themes that the United States and Israel were ‘fascist, Imperial-Zionist countries bankrolled by rich Jews.”
Andropov went on to say, “Islam was obsessed with preventing the infidel’s occupation of its territory, and it would be highly receptive to our characterization of the US Congress as a rapacious Zionist body aiming to turn the world into a Jewish fiefdom.”
Who can say that what we are hearing from Ilhan Omar and others do not accurately reflect the KGB playbook from way back in the 1960’s?
This is the emerging dialogue being heard in the US Congress.
This is the indoctrination coming out of American campuses. It is the language we are beginning to hear from the new graduates of the campus industry of Soviet-style indoctrination, graduates that are emerging as the new generation influence and opinion makers.
It began in the early 1960’s after the Arab armies failed to destroy Israel. The Communist Soviet Union entrusted the KGB to embark on a global campaign to destabilize the United States and Israel through propaganda and terrorism.
The KGB was heavily involved in support of wars of national liberation in the Third World in order to disrupt the influence of the United States. The KGB relied heavily of their intelligence service not only to spy on their adversaries, but also to train their selected candidates in the arts of destabilization through disinformation and the skills of terrorism.
Many leading Cuban, African, and Palestinian revolutionaries were brought to the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. This ivy league campus was the finishing school for top terrorists, including Arabs who would promote the Palestinian agenda to chip away at the legitimacy of Israel and eventually replace it. Yasser Arafat was there. He came as an Egyptian from Cairo and left as a Palestinian revolutionary. Mahmoud Abbas was trained in Moscow and left as a KGB spy, known as ‘Krotov” in Damascus. The notorious Ali Hassan Salameh graduated from the KGB school at Patrice Lumumba University as head of the Black September Palestinian terror group to supervise the Olympic Games massacre of the Israeli athletes. Overly ambitious, Salameh, with the strategic help of the KGB, almost succeeded in bringing down the plane carrying Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, over Rome Airport. He was eventually tracked down and killed by the Israeli Mossad in Beirut.
An integral part of the Soviet disinformation campaign in support of the Palestinian cause was to use language against Israel that we are familiar with today.
As part of the Cold War between the United States and Russia, the Soviet Union brought a 1965 United Nations resolution condemning Zionism as “colonialist and racist” to deflect from the international attention it was getting over the plight of Soviet Jews who wished to leave for Israel.  At that time, the Soviet Union was under pressure from the United States in the UN Security Council over their support for Syrian border clashes with Israel.
The Soviet resolution failed, but the KGB persisted and, with the help of the Arab and Islamic bloc then under the Soviet influence, the United Nations General Assembly proposed a second anti-Israel resolution condemning Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination. UN Resolution 3379 was passed in November 1975.  It took until December 1991 for this fraudulent resolution to be revoked.
The Palestinians were well trained by the Soviet KGB. In every conflict, the Palestinians have sided with America's enemies.
In the early 70’s, the KGB launched Operation SIG, an international smearing campaign to fan the flames of Arab resentment against the United States and Jews represented by Israel.  It was launched in the Arab world to falsely portray America as an imperialist Jewish fiefdom financed by Jewish money and run by Jewish politicians with the aim of America and the Zionists subordinating the Islamic world. The KGB sent four thousand agents into Middle East to spread their anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda campaign.
All this was disclosed by Ion Mihai Pacepa.  Pacepa recalls a conversation in which the KGB chief, Andropov, said, “We need to instill a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world and turn this weapon of emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter, the United States. No one within the American-Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe”
Surely the echoes of this threat are alive and growing on the campuses of America, on the streets of America in pro-Palestinian (read ‘anti-Israel’) rallies, and, more worryingly, in the halls of Congress where CAIR, the NGO with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, have been emboldened by the introduction of their candidates to positions of power as high as the US Foreign Affairs Committee.
You can hear it in statements such as “Israel has hypnotized the world. May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”
The old Soviet KGB campaign is alive and revived in the current US Congress.
Nothing effective has been done to counter this surge of anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic ideology which is wrapped up and protected under the brand of intersectionality politics making it impenetrable to any form of criticism by intimidation campaigns that carry the same Soviet-style accusations of racism and oppression of minorities.    
One thing is certain. The enemies of traditional American values and Israel feel they have the tailwind to progress their agenda and to fundamentally change political thinking and policy within the United States government.
And it will be done by following the old Soviet-KGB propaganda playbook.
Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


CODE PINK is a deranged group of radical women who have become allies to the most dangerous anti-democratic regimes. They call themselves a “grassroots peace and social justice movement” but the last thing they do is help grassroots people, particularly women, achieve peace and social justice. Let me give just one shocking example of their fraud.
CODE PINK took a delegation of their leading activists to – wait for it – Iran!
They did not go to protest the frightful abuses that the Islamic regime imposes on its suffering people. No. The highlight of their trip was a meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.
Let me show you how this women’s liberation movement prepared their delegates for their trip to Tehran.  Their dress code instructions read; 
For Women: you must always have/wear a tunic or a long coat (long enough to cover your butt) over your regular clothes and are required to cover your heads with a scarf when you are out in public.
At home they demonstrate against “masculine domination” and “white male supremacists,” but in Iran they eagerly surrendered their feminist policies to appease and appeal to the Islamic dictators.
They told their delegates that a dress code would be enforced as soon as their plane landed;
**IMPORTANT** their instructions screamed. Please make sure you have your scarf and long short/tunic/coat with you in your handbag and not in your suitcase on the plane. You will need to wear the head scarf and be covered before you step off the airplane and into the airport in Iran.
CODE PINK became DRESS CODE. They surrendered their civil rights manifesto as soon as their plane touched down in Iran.
They described their meeting with Zarif as “an extraordinary meeting.” What is extraordinary to clear headed people was they sat there and soaked in the Zarif nonsense that the concept of “independence” is the principle driving Iranian foreign policy. Try telling that to the people of Lebanon, Yemen, Israel, and the dead Jews of Argentina.
Zarif told his gullible visitors that the cause of the problem between the United States and Iran was not about nuclear weapons. It was about Iran’s 1979 revolution that gave it its independence.  Perhaps CODE PINK thinks that America is the Great Satan. They certainly behave as if they do.  And, for sure, they believe that Israel is the Little Satan. They prove it by their words and deeds.  So CODE PINK are now fully allied with the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.
Zarif made reference to Iran’s “endogenous security.”  CODE PINK loved that, but one thing they didn’t do was to meet ordinary Iranians to let them know that one of their top leaders told them that endogenous security is one of the guiding principles of the regime.
CODE PINK may have a color included in their name but they are blind and unfeeling about the horrific restraints under which CODE PINK’s hosts have placed them. For an NGO that boats they support civil rights they were shockingly mindless to the abuses that Zarif and his regime inflict on their people.
CODE PINK flew in and out of Iran untouched by the atrocities they claim to care for.
In their guidelines they point out that “Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are heavily filtered in Iran.”  They make it sound as if Iranians could face a 30-day block if they post a nasty word on their social media that might infringe Iranian Community Standards. CODE PINK’s “heavily filtered” Iranian social media means 30 years in an Iranian jail, or worse.
Further supplication to the regime came at the CODE PINK press conference in Tehran where they acted as the Ayatollah’s stooges by explaining to the Iranian media that Israel and Saudi Arabia had forced President Donald Trump to drop out of the Iranian nuclear deal.
On a visit to the ridiculously named Peace Museum, the delegates gifted the museum with books on peace activism.
Liat Collins wrote about CODE PINK in her Jerusalem Post column on March 19;  
” The irony seems to be lost on them. Tehran’s tentacles of terror have been felt around the world, from Argentina to Yemen. The regime funds recognized terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, among others. It has not given up its plans for nuclear weapons – and continues to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads…it arrests peace activists and organizes rallies where the Israeli, American and Saudi flags are burned. And it openly proclaims its aim is to wiped Israel off the face of the earth.”
CODE PINK flew to Tehran to suck up to a regime that hangs gays in public. Iran is a country in which child brides are married off to lecherous pedophiles. In Iran, girls are sentenced to death from the age of nine and, according to UN figures, at least thirty-three have been executed since 2013. Iran persecuted minorities including Christians, Baha’i and Kurds.
Yet CODE PINK is oblivious to all of this as they pally up to the ruthless leaders.
CODE PINK say they are “internationally active” in social justice. No, they are not.
As they left the smiling Zarif and departed Tehran, a female Iranian human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, was sentenced to thirty-eight years in jail. She also received an added punishment of 148 lashes. Her crime was defending the right of women to appear in public without their heads covered.
As Nasrin Sotoudeh was being dragged off to suffer 148 lashes and the rest of her life in an Iranian prison, CODE PINK hypocrites were removing their scarfs as they stepped aboard their flight back to the United States.
Sotoudeh is a true heroine for women but, as Liat Collins wrote at the end of her column, CODE PINK makes me see red!
Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He writes a blog The View from Israel and has authored several books including ‘BDS for IDIOTS.’

Israeli Government policy and record towards its Arab population

Much derogatory language has been spoken and printed about the official Israeli Government policy toward its Arab population . It is important to put some perspective on this important issue.
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said on March 10, 2019, in rebutting the charge that his government has racist tendencies towards the Arabs of Israel, "They have equal rights like all of us, and the Likud government has invested more in the Arab sector than any other government in Israel."
It is vital that we check that record to verify the facts.

On December 30, 2015, the Netanyahu-led government approved a 5-year economic development plan for the Arab sector aimed at tackling the huge gaps between Jews and Arabs in Israel that had been allowed to grow under Netanyahu's predecessors, including a succession of  Labour governments. 
The plan allocated up to fifteen billion shekels (approximately $4.2 billion) for the development of Arab towns and cities to improve education, transportation, welfare services, healthcare, employment, housing, infrastructure, culture and public security., with the aim of improving economic development and giving equal opportunities for the Arab community in Israel. 
The plan, which was agreed by the Netanyahu government in partnership with Arab mayors, not only greatly improved on any previous financial investment into the Arab sector, it gave the Arab sector preferential treatment in an effort to accelerate their integration into Israeli society. 
President Reuven Rivlin praised the plan saying, "This is an important and vital step on the road to closing the gaps which have existed for years." Complementing Netanyahu, Rivlin said, "Clearly there is a long road ahead, but the government's decision, under your leadership, represents a turning point, and an unprecedented confidence-building measure."
Even the left-wing newspaper, Ha'Aretz, and strong critic of the Netanyahu government, and Netanyahu personally, wrote, "The Israeli government did something of historic importance this week and corrected its long standing discrimination against the Arab community."
Prior to this plan, only 5% of the Israeli national budget was allocated to Arab society education, and only 7% to public transportation. Less than 4% of industrial zones in Isael were located in Arab communities before 2015. 
The plan also called for employers to hire Arab workers. It increased the budget for day-care centers, employment counseling centers and for building new schools in Arab communities. 
As a result of this coordinated plan, the number of Arab students on all levels has doubled in the last decade. Israeli Arab students in master's and doctoral level studies , and a percentage of high school graduates has radically improved in that period. Arab enrollment in Israeli medical schools has quickly reached compatibility with their demographic size in Israel and it is even higher in health professions including pharmacists, doctors and nurses, is even higher, as anyone can witness when visiting Israel clinics and hospitals.
The Israeli government plan of 2015 has brought more Arab women into the work force. By creating greater job opportunities and opened their access to education, it has enhanced their position and brought a change in Arab society.
Arab citizens now comprise over 11% of  government employees and rising. Arab participation in Israel's hi-tech professional workforce has gone up from 0.5% in 2008 to 4% today.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.  He is the author of the best-selling book "BDS for IDIOTS."

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Anti-Semitism, and a “Different Experience” in the use of words.

Nancy Pelosi tried to offset the storm of criticism against new Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s succession of anti-Semitic remarks by claiming “I don’t think Ilhan Omar is Anti-Semitic. She has a different experience in her use of words, and she doesn’t understand that some of them are fraught with meaning she doesn’t realize.” Pelosi showed her ignorance of the cultural and ethnic background that allowed Somali-born Omar to say what she said, and mean what she said. But Pelosi did stumble on the kernel of truth behind Omar’s Jew-hating words.
Anti-Semitism is like a virus. It mutates. It becomes dangerous when it moves out of the dark shadows of the fringes of society into mainstream politics.

That is what is happening within the Democratic Party. 
So let’s examine the “different experience” of Omar’s use of words. For that we need to understand her background.
Somalia lies across the Gulf of Aden from warring Yemen. Somalia itself has a long history of rebellion, feudal struggles and civil war. An Islamic country, Sharia law played a significant part in the nation’s culture. Due to strife and enforced Socialism, the country deteriorated into desperate poverty and hunger. The Somalia lawlessness let to international piracy as shipping through the straits of the gulf was incepted by gun-toting pirates who forced shipping companies to pay ransom for the return of their crew, cargo, and ships.
The Al-Shabbab terror group arose in Somalia. International food aid to Somalis was intercepted by its gangs as people starved.
So it is inappropriate for Ilhan Omar, who found refuge, progress and privilege in the United States including an education at North Dakota State University, to claim victimhood or to lash out at white men and Jews.
Democratic Representative, Jim Clyburn, who shared a stage with notorious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, said that Omar “is living through a lot of pain,” referring to the period she spent in a refugee camp when she was a young girl. She wasn’t in that camp because of the oppression of Jews, Israel, or even white supremacists. She was in that camp because of the barbaric cruelty of her fellow Somali Muslims. 
There has been nothing in her personal life experience that implied a victimhood of” evil Israel” or “Jewish money.”
If Israel has “hypnotized the world,” another of Omar’s anti-Semitic retorts, it is because a nation of Jews persecuted in Europe and Muslim lands refused to be stalled in a life of victimhood and became the only progressive democracy in the Middle East, a shining example to failed states like Somalia.
Of all the minorities and ethnic groups in the world, the Jews have more reasons than any other to claim victimhood, but the Jewish people have proudly rejected that status. To wallow in victimhood is regressive. To refuse the stigmas of victimhood and determine your own future is progressive. In this, the Jews excel, and they hate us for it.
Omar never met one Jew during her lifetime in Somalia, yet this has not prevented her from spewing out endless anti-Semitic tropes. She never met an Israeli either, but her anti-Israel remarks are wrapped up in her anti-Jewish feelings and words.
You don’t have to know Jews personally to be an anti-Semite. You just have to grow up in a culture that imbibes Jew hatred from birth. It is enforced in their mosques. It’s a permanent feature of the Muslim street in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Just ask the 800,000 Jews who fled Muslim societies and found shelter in Israel, and in Europe where they have been pursued by the same anti-Semitic migrants who are practicing their hate in their adopted new European communities in which they shoot Jews in kosher delis or throw elderly Jewish women neighbors to their deaths from their high rise apartments in France. It is this tribal hatred that forges thought and the use of words and violence against Jews that is incited in a different experience from that of Pelosi and most Americans.  
Some say it’s a reaction to Israeli policies. Give me a break! It is a hatred of now non-existent Jews, for Jews were banished from their presence before they knew of an Israel.
The mass migration into Europe come from undemocratic Muslim regimes in chaos and depression, countries that are Judenrein – nations without Jews. One would think they would cast off their prejudices when setting off in search of a new life in Enlightened Europe and America, but they don’t. They bring their baggage with them and, among that baggage, is an inbred hatred of the unknown Jew and through that Jew, an inbred profanity against the Jewish State, Israel.
This is the psychological background that form the words of Omar’s different experience.
In America, her views are sharpened by the nurturing embrace of CAIR and people like Linda Sarsour.
Be wary of those who say they wish to spread a message of diversity. They are the ones who poison the political atmosphere with an agenda of hate and division.
CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, attempts to cover up its radical agenda. It has been exposed as organizing a stealth jihad introducing sharia into America. It is inserting its people into local government and high office. It has been caught supporting the Hamas terrorist organization. It subscribes to the legacy of the banned Muslim Brotherhood that calls for the destruction of the Jewish State. Yet CAIR quick to cry victimhood whenever Muslims are caught committing heinous crimes.
After the San Bernardino shootings in 2015, in which 14 people were killed and 22 others were injured by an armed Muslim with a grievance against non-Muslims, CAIR tacked the dog whistle of Islamophobia on to their condemnation of the incident, thereby placing the flak-jacket of victimhood ahead of an unlimited apology for the Islamic attack.
CAIR cannot abide letting the Jews have their day in Congress. They had to muscle in on the act in order to deflect the attention away from the hateful words of one of their own.
After the outrage of Omar’s repeated anti-Jewish remarks, and the demand for Congress to come out with a clear statement condemning all forms of anti-Semitic, CAIR’s lobbyists succeeded in cajoling Congress to issue a watered down version that injected Islamophobia into the issue. The unspoken CAIR message was “don’t you dare blame Muslims if we choose to express our disdain for Jews. We will accuse you of being the racists that you are.”
And Congress folded to their threat.
CAIR and Sarsour hijacked the motion to condemn anti-Semitism in all its forms and converted it to emphasize their cause. They claim that America has ignored anti-Muslim sentiment. They are wrong. Congress has passed endless Islamophobia resolutions ever since 9/11 in 2001 after Muslims hijacked American planes and flew them into buildings, and again in 2013 and in 2015. 
In all that time, and later, Congress has failed to introduce one resolution specifically on anti-Semitism. This despite the statistics that, since 2015, hate crimes against American Jews represent the majority (58.1% in 2017) of all anti-religious hate crimes. In fact, anti-Jewish incidents outnumber anti-Muslim incidents in America by a ratio of three to one.
And what of the na├»ve Jewish supporters of the Palestinian cause, groups like JStreet and Jewish Voices for Peace. They thought they were criticizing Israel and supporting the Palestinians in the name of peace.  Now they can see, at least those who want to see, that they have become the useful idiots to radical intolerant Jew haters. They thought they were bashing Israel to create peace through the establishment of a Palestinian state. Instead they were being exploited by those want to destroy Israel by establishing a Palestine from the river to the sea. They have been saying this opening. Sadly, JStreet and JVP have been too blind and too deaf to understand the words of that radically different experience that ran counter to their own political morality.
What they don’t understand is this. Be a Jewish American and wave a Palestinian flag and you are welcomed into their club for supporting a worthy cause. Be a Jewish American and wave an Israeli flag and you will be accused of dual loyalty or worse.
Ilhan Omar professes she wants to increase transparency and accessibility in government, but when Linda Sarsour marched into the Congress building to meet with Ilhan Omar she was surrounded by CAIR henchmen who physically prevented Muslim Reform Movement founder, Asra Nomani, from asking pertinent questions of Sarsour and Omar.
I had the honor of sharing a stage with Asri Nomani at the Springs of Hope Conference in Jerusalem a few years back. Nomani is a genuine person of peace. Omar, Sarsour, and Tlaib are divisive haters.
Nancy Pelosi should be very wary of these people with their different experience in their use of words. They are bearers of bad tidings.
Pelosi, and America, would be better advised to listen to the words of Asra Nomani. She is the harbinger of hope and mutual respect for America. Herself a Muslim immigrant with a different experience that shape her words and her worldview.
She comes with the message not to fear Trump, or to hate Israel and Jews, but to fear Islamic extremism.
Barry Shaw,
The View from Israel.
Author of the book ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’

Monday, 11 March 2019

Democrats and CNN Collude to Rig Elections

As an outside observer it has been distressing to see the extent to which the American mainstream media has colluded with the Democratic Party in a two year campaign to impeach a duly elected president on patently false charges of colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 Presidential Campaign.
We are about the hear the result of the Special Prosecutor's case against the sitting president though it is clear to anyone with clear vision that, in the words of the leading anti-Trump FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, "there's no there there."
With an undeterred fervor verging on hysteria, the majority Democrats in the House have determined to construct yet another investigation, this time based on attempting to find bank, business, personal improprieties. Anything to hang the president. They hate the man. They will spend another two years and millions of dollars of taxpayers money in search of a crime.
Instead of doing the people's business, the Democrats will waste their time, energies and budget solely on a desperate witch hunt targeting Trump?
The clock is ticking. They only have two years to come up with something, anything, to bring about the fall of their Trump nemesis.

The media, in support of the Democrats, have been obsessively painting President Donald Trump as the most evil man on the planet. Deliberately failing to record his achievements, particularly the massively improved domestic economic climate, they have whipped up an anti-Trump fever that is leading to violence against Trump supporters. Theirs is an intolerance and bias that is frightening. Any positive voice for Trump must be censored, prevented, blocked, as the first steps are being taken in the run up to the 2020 elections.
Already, Democratic candidates are outdoing themselves in pulling down the president and proposing insane and unworkable social and economic policies.
We saw the fear and the fraud of the Democrats in the recent decision of the Democratic National Committee to block Fox News from hosting any of the presidential primary debates. What are they scared of? That Fox will ask searching questions of the candidates?
DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, said that his organization would not allow the conservative news network to host any of the debates. The weak excuse he gave was that a tabloid had accused Fox of "inappropriate relationships between President Trump, his Administration, and Fox News."
Neither the tabloid nor the DNC could come up with anything substantial to justify the decision to bar Fox,

CNN was quick to support Perez. One anchor, Brian Stelter, said, "Every night on prime time Fox, Democrats are dehumanized. They are attacked relentlessly by Fox. Can you imagine a TV debate when Nancy Pelosi or Alexandria Ocacio Cortez are constantly demonized and attacked."
What we have here is CNN projecting what they themselves do 24/7 against Trump and Fox News. Whatever they accuse Fox of doing, they do themselves. They incessantly slander Trump and his family.
They say that Fox may rig a primary debate. Fox has never done that, and never will. They have a sterling reputation in past debates. It is CNN that colludes with the Democrats to pervert elections.
In 2016, one of CNN's contributors, political strategist for, and member of, the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile, leaked a debate question to Hillary Clinton before her presidential debate with Donald Trump.
They tried to cover it up, but she and CNN got caught red-handed.

On the one hand, Fox News stood up to have CNN's Jim Acosta reinstated in the White House press briefings after his unacceptable and disrespectful behavior toward the president during a November news conference. On the other hand, Acosta falsely calls Fox News, "State-run TV."

Donna Brazile, Kamala Harris, Christine Gillibrand, Eric Stillwell are among the many Democrats to appear on Fox News to air their views. But wearing a MAGA hat is likely to get you punched in the face. Put a Trump sticker on your car and you'll have your car trashed. Yet, they call Trump supporters "terrorists."

Why do I hear complaints from America that kids don't get an education on campus, they get an indoctrination, and a left-wing one at that.
How tolerant are the new Democratic women entering Congress, those that have emerged from American campus's of hate and division? Not at all.
Freshly unwrapped AOC tells anyone who doesn't agree with her impossible Green New Deal to shut up because she's "the boss."
Rashida Tlaib is excited about impeaching the president. "I think we know the dangers of allowing President Trump to continue to violate our US Constitution."
Only one minute in Congress and Tlaib is dedicated to the goal of jailing the elected president. In this she is giving the soundbites for the baying of the pro-Dem media, increasingly populated by the indoctrinated graduates coming off the conveyor belt of the campus industry of lies and Socialist engineering.
Democracy in the new Democratic Party has been replaced by radical intolerance to anything and anyone that gets in their way of fundamentally changing America.

There is far greater diversity on Fox News than any other mainstream channel. Most of Fox's opposition prefer to spend their time echoing the same anti-Trump dog whistles rather than report on issues such as the return of industry to America, historic low unemployment figures particularly for blacks, Hispanics and women, fewer people on food stamps. Have you ever heard these facts accurately and fully reported on CNN?
Nobody at Fox has ever announced they are running for political office, but CNN President, Jeff Zucker, a partisan Democrat, has said he intends to run for office. Guess for which party?
Zucker is one media czar that has deepened the political division in the country. This is what he is doing by endorsing the DNC ban on Fox News. By doing so he is saying that disagreement with, or the questioning of, the platforms of the Democratic candidates should not be allowed. Should not be allowed, that is, if it is coming from conservative voices against the Democratic left, but perfectly acceptable, even welcomed, when it comes from the progressive side slamming the Republican Administration.
Yet Zicker calls Fox News a "propaganda outlet."  That's like the pot calling the kettle black.
Furthering his political bias, Zucker went on to accuse Fox of doing "tremendous damage to this country."
I would submit that is it CNN, in cahoots with the Democratic|Part,y that is the one causing colossal damage to the industry of journalism and even more to the United States.

They have been quick to block any dissenting voice in their public debate space..
In short, the DNC and CNN do not want debate. They want total compliance.
The new alliance against truly open debate has become a dangerous new norm in American politics . It is population thought control. They control what you can or cannot think by blocking contrary views, or those expressing unacceptable facts.
The American media has gone from serving the people with fair, balanced, and truthful reporting to propagating a particular political bias. They have truly become Pravda. Instead of presenting truth and facts, they are pumping out propaganda in support of their political allies.

Barry Shaw is an associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Thursday, 7 March 2019


Here is a new organization established for Jewish members of the Democratic Party who are appalled by the developing lurch to the hard left and the rising anti-Semitism that have become the new direction of a party they once loved.
As a neutral observer, it is shocking to see the Democratic Party following in the stained footprints of the hard left British Labour Party. One would think Americans would be horrified to their major opposition party adopt the direct and oblique Jew hatred that is exhibited at all levels of the UK Labour Party.
In Britain, many Jewish Labour members thought it best to confront the antisemitism from within their party, a party to which they had been loyal and active for decades.
They found it was a mistake as the party turned on and purged "disloyal" members.
In the UK, protesting Jews were accused of bringing the party into disrepute. The same will happen in America as the progressive/regressive left will accuse concerned Jews disloyalty even to the extent of shaming them for their support for the Jewish State of Israel.
Under the guise of political intersectionality, Israel and its supporters within the Democratic party will be subjected to slander and abuse.
As in Britain, the virulent Democrats will accuse those opposing them of being Zionist racists, oppressors, white male supremacists, white feminists, and other derogatory insults.
As with Jewish Labour members, Democratic Jews will feel themselves under siege within their own party as the House Democrats fail to take a strong stance against the rising anti-semitism within their party.
It is tImely that a new organization. JEXODUS, has been formed to advise Jewish Democrats, and those who feel betrayed by the negative direction that their once great party is taking, to leave and to stand up pride in their Jewish identity and for their American values that are being challenged and destroyed by the Democratic lurch to the far left.
To my friends in Britain. Read this and consider creating JEXODUS UK along the same principles.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Rashida Tlaib and the company she keeps.

 Rashida Tlaib in the company of friends she is comfortable with.

There is an expression that people can be identified by the company they keep. 
Rashida Tlaib was elected to the House of Representatives in a district with a constituency whose culture and issues she shares and now projects within the United States Congress.
She celebrated her arrival into the American political stage by draping herself in a Palestinian flag. She says she wants to lead a Congressional delegation to Palestine to expose the human rights abuses against the Palestinians. 
If that is correct she should take her fellow Congress men and women to visit Issam Akel who was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor - but not by an Israeli court. There is no such Israeli sentence as imprisonment with hard labor. That human rights crime is carried out by Palestinian courts on the orders of the Palestinian Authority. 
Akel, like Tlaib, is a Palestinian-American. All the more reason for American congress people to visit him. 
Akel's crime was selling his Jerusalem property to an Israeli Jew. 
This is the racist, anti-Semitic, Palestinian justice system that flies under the radar. 
If Tlaib wants to show her fellow Democrats human rights abuses against her fellow Palestinians here it is, inflicted on Palestinian by their unelected leaders.
And if that is not enough, let Tlaib bring her colleagues to visit the twenty eight Palestinians languishing in Palestinian detention camps in Jericho where, according to Human Rights Watch,they are being tortured for the crime of peaceful protest not against Israel but against their own corrupt leadership.
But of course Rashida Tlaib will not address the blatant human rights abuses inflicted on their own people by the PA and Hamas. Better not to spoil a false propaganda narrative with gruesome facts.
Let's instead examine the friends she keeps.

Standing to the left of the picture is Arab-American comedian, Amer Zahar, who make a not so funny video in 2012 in which he stopped by a Starbucks cafe and, pointing to the building, uttered, "You know he's Jewish," before going on to say, "The Holocaust? I didn't do it," and "I don't hate Jewish people" giving a sign with his fingers over the words "Jewish people," and following it up with "Get out of Palestine."
On her election, Zahar celebrated with a map of the Middle East saying, "I saw there was something wrong with the map so I fixed it." Zahar had covered Israel with a sticker saying 'Palestine.'.
He tweeted on 22 Jan 2016 "Many American Jews are starting to realize that Israel might be their ISIS."
And on 26 Feb 2016, "To understand Palestine, you must understand European white supremacy. It wasn't Jews who stole our land, it was white people."

What Amer Zahar doesn't understand is that European Jews are a minority in the Jewish state, and they were the victims of real white supremacists in the Holocaust because they weren't white enough.
The majority of Israels are Jews who fled or were driven out of Arab and Muslim lands. Anti-Semitic Arabs like Zahar.

Rasha Mubarak is President of YDOC and CAIR. She led chants at an anti-Israel event in 2017 shouting "Free free Palestine!" 
Mubarak said this is not about religiosity, but her uncle  Lufti was there shouting at the camera, "You Jews are killers! In any language in the world they say 'Damn Jew! You act like a damn Jew. You seem like a damn Jew. This is a fact. In every language in the world a damn Jew exists."
This anti-Semitic Israel-bashing goes back further. In 201, at a Hezbollah rally, she tells her uncle in Arabic, "Uncle don't  talk with them. They are Jews."  
But her uncle goes back in front of the camera and says, "Are you a couple of Jews or something?What do you want to know?" 
The cameraman asks, "I want to know why are you carrying a Hezbollah flag?"
"Why? Because they are freedom fighters."

Linda Sarsour, standing between Tlaib and Mukarak, adores Farrakhan of "the satanic Jew that controls everything and mostly everybody" notoriety. Farrakhan said that Hitler was a great man 
and that Jews are termites. Praising this Nation of Islam Jew-hater, Sarsour tweeted about him, "The brother does not age. God bless him." 
God bless him because she shares the Farrakhan anti-semitism that says Jews are termites and satanic, and that Hitler was a good man. 
Sarsour's anti-Semitism is apparent when she says, "I want to make a distinction that white antisemitism is something that impacts Jewish Americans its different than anti-black racism or Islamophobia because it's not systemic."
Linda Sarsour sees evil when Jews celebrate Hanukkah. She tweeted on 7 Dec 2016, "The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations is co- hosting a Hannukah party at Donald Trump's hotel in DC?"
Did she think this was a covert pro-Trump covert KKK or white supremacist event?

Rashida Tlaib has written for Farrakhan's Nation of Islam's Final Call magazine. 

Anri-racists they are not. They have spent a lifetime propagating antisemitic political fantasies and Islamic ideology.
Rashida Tlaib's election to the US House of Representatives was not an accident. She represents the political, nationalistic and religious aspirations of a hefty part of her constituency. This comes with a smattering of anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism. 
The same, by the way, applies to Ilhan Omar.
You recognize the people by the company they keep and increasingly represent.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of 'Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism' and is a researcher and expert on the anti-Semitism behind every aspect of the Palestinian cause.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Understanding the Israeli psyche

Israelis, compared to Diaspora Jews, are bold, confident, outspoken.
They have a passion and patriotism for their country that exceeds most other peoples. This derives from taking pride in a collective history that has led them from sufferance and persecution to forging a nation founded on the principle of "Never Again" and "Masada Shall Not Fall Again!"
You have in these expressions the determination and emergence of the New Jew that refuses to leave their fate to the whims of leaders and the mob looking for a scapegoat to cover their own inadequacies and failures.
For the first time in 2000 years of Jewish history, Jews gathered in their Promised Land to affirmatively create a miracle despite the collective aggression of the Arab world.
Yet these confident Jews were prepared to compromise for the cause of peace.
What was given in generous gestures to Israel's enemies were not reciprocated in kind.
Example. After Israeli soldiers countered yet another aggressive Arab war of annihilation by recapturing the Old City of Jerusalem including Judaism's most sacred sites, General Mota Gur announced, "The Temple Mount is in our hands!"
The hearts of Diaspora Jews swelled with pride.
Then Israel's Defense Minister, Moshe Dayan, in an extraordinary act of reconciliation, gave the order to remove the Israeli flag from above the Western Wall and allowed the Jordanian wakf to remain as the custodian of the holy site.
What was remarkable about this Jewish act of forgiveness and generosity was that, during the Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem's Old City between 1948 and 1967, every Jew was driven out of the Old City and the Jordanians destroyed all the synagogues and yeshivas. No Jew was allowed to enter the Old City to worship at their holy shrines.
Yet here was triumphant Israel giving control of Judaism's heart to the Muslims.
What greater peace offering can a nation give to its enemy?
Yet, how was this received?
Not by peace or reciprocal recognition, but by a propaganda campaign to obliterate the heart of Jewish heritage from the world's consciousness by malevolent actors pledged to remove the Jewish State by physical or diplomatic warfare from the map of nations.
Example. After withdrawing all its forces and the forceful removal of its civilian population from the Gaza Strip by a right-wing government, this peace gesture was met by decades of Palestinian terror included repeated and heavy rocket attacks on Israel's southern towns and communities.
Example. After setting back aggressive enemy forces attacking Israel's northern towns and sensitive infrastructure, Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon.
Result. The Islamic terror regime of Hezbollah controls Lebanese politics and now has a reported 160,000 sophisticated and deadly rockets aimed at the Jewish State which they will launch at a time of their choosing.
The result of all of this on the Israeli psyche is that, despite the pride in Israel's extraordinary achievements, there remains in the heart of Israelis a steely determination not to relax their guard.
This makes for an ambivalence between making peace and holding firm to what they control. The cause of this duality is having zero faith in the goodwill of their adversaries, adversaries that have done nothing to make suspicious Israelis confident that further concession will be met with any genuine act of reciprocity and only result in them becoming even more vulnerable to untrustworthy enemy threats.
This then is the psyche of the average Israeli as he and she get ready to vote in the April national elections.
Israelis do not wallow in victimhood, but understanding the Israeli psyche must cause a sympathy for the Israeli condition in a threatening neighborhood.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of several books including 'Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.'