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CODE PINK is a deranged group of radical women who have become allies to the most dangerous anti-democratic regimes. They call themselves a “grassroots peace and social justice movement” but the last thing they do is help grassroots people, particularly women, achieve peace and social justice. Let me give just one shocking example of their fraud.
CODE PINK took a delegation of their leading activists to – wait for it – Iran!
They did not go to protest the frightful abuses that the Islamic regime imposes on its suffering people. No. The highlight of their trip was a meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.
Let me show you how this women’s liberation movement prepared their delegates for their trip to Tehran.  Their dress code instructions read; 
For Women: you must always have/wear a tunic or a long coat (long enough to cover your butt) over your regular clothes and are required to cover your heads with a scarf when you are out in public.
At home they demonstrate against “masculine domination” and “white male supremacists,” but in Iran they eagerly surrendered their feminist policies to appease and appeal to the Islamic dictators.
They told their delegates that a dress code would be enforced as soon as their plane landed;
**IMPORTANT** their instructions screamed. Please make sure you have your scarf and long short/tunic/coat with you in your handbag and not in your suitcase on the plane. You will need to wear the head scarf and be covered before you step off the airplane and into the airport in Iran.
CODE PINK became DRESS CODE. They surrendered their civil rights manifesto as soon as their plane touched down in Iran.
They described their meeting with Zarif as “an extraordinary meeting.” What is extraordinary to clear headed people was they sat there and soaked in the Zarif nonsense that the concept of “independence” is the principle driving Iranian foreign policy. Try telling that to the people of Lebanon, Yemen, Israel, and the dead Jews of Argentina.
Zarif told his gullible visitors that the cause of the problem between the United States and Iran was not about nuclear weapons. It was about Iran’s 1979 revolution that gave it its independence.  Perhaps CODE PINK thinks that America is the Great Satan. They certainly behave as if they do.  And, for sure, they believe that Israel is the Little Satan. They prove it by their words and deeds.  So CODE PINK are now fully allied with the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.
Zarif made reference to Iran’s “endogenous security.”  CODE PINK loved that, but one thing they didn’t do was to meet ordinary Iranians to let them know that one of their top leaders told them that endogenous security is one of the guiding principles of the regime.
CODE PINK may have a color included in their name but they are blind and unfeeling about the horrific restraints under which CODE PINK’s hosts have placed them. For an NGO that boats they support civil rights they were shockingly mindless to the abuses that Zarif and his regime inflict on their people.
CODE PINK flew in and out of Iran untouched by the atrocities they claim to care for.
In their guidelines they point out that “Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are heavily filtered in Iran.”  They make it sound as if Iranians could face a 30-day block if they post a nasty word on their social media that might infringe Iranian Community Standards. CODE PINK’s “heavily filtered” Iranian social media means 30 years in an Iranian jail, or worse.
Further supplication to the regime came at the CODE PINK press conference in Tehran where they acted as the Ayatollah’s stooges by explaining to the Iranian media that Israel and Saudi Arabia had forced President Donald Trump to drop out of the Iranian nuclear deal.
On a visit to the ridiculously named Peace Museum, the delegates gifted the museum with books on peace activism.
Liat Collins wrote about CODE PINK in her Jerusalem Post column on March 19;  
” The irony seems to be lost on them. Tehran’s tentacles of terror have been felt around the world, from Argentina to Yemen. The regime funds recognized terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, among others. It has not given up its plans for nuclear weapons – and continues to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads…it arrests peace activists and organizes rallies where the Israeli, American and Saudi flags are burned. And it openly proclaims its aim is to wiped Israel off the face of the earth.”
CODE PINK flew to Tehran to suck up to a regime that hangs gays in public. Iran is a country in which child brides are married off to lecherous pedophiles. In Iran, girls are sentenced to death from the age of nine and, according to UN figures, at least thirty-three have been executed since 2013. Iran persecuted minorities including Christians, Baha’i and Kurds.
Yet CODE PINK is oblivious to all of this as they pally up to the ruthless leaders.
CODE PINK say they are “internationally active” in social justice. No, they are not.
As they left the smiling Zarif and departed Tehran, a female Iranian human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, was sentenced to thirty-eight years in jail. She also received an added punishment of 148 lashes. Her crime was defending the right of women to appear in public without their heads covered.
As Nasrin Sotoudeh was being dragged off to suffer 148 lashes and the rest of her life in an Iranian prison, CODE PINK hypocrites were removing their scarfs as they stepped aboard their flight back to the United States.
Sotoudeh is a true heroine for women but, as Liat Collins wrote at the end of her column, CODE PINK makes me see red!
Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He writes a blog The View from Israel and has authored several books including ‘BDS for IDIOTS.’

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