Thursday, 7 March 2019


Here is a new organization established for Jewish members of the Democratic Party who are appalled by the developing lurch to the hard left and the rising anti-Semitism that have become the new direction of a party they once loved.
As a neutral observer, it is shocking to see the Democratic Party following in the stained footprints of the hard left British Labour Party. One would think Americans would be horrified to their major opposition party adopt the direct and oblique Jew hatred that is exhibited at all levels of the UK Labour Party.
In Britain, many Jewish Labour members thought it best to confront the antisemitism from within their party, a party to which they had been loyal and active for decades.
They found it was a mistake as the party turned on and purged "disloyal" members.
In the UK, protesting Jews were accused of bringing the party into disrepute. The same will happen in America as the progressive/regressive left will accuse concerned Jews disloyalty even to the extent of shaming them for their support for the Jewish State of Israel.
Under the guise of political intersectionality, Israel and its supporters within the Democratic party will be subjected to slander and abuse.
As in Britain, the virulent Democrats will accuse those opposing them of being Zionist racists, oppressors, white male supremacists, white feminists, and other derogatory insults.
As with Jewish Labour members, Democratic Jews will feel themselves under siege within their own party as the House Democrats fail to take a strong stance against the rising anti-semitism within their party.
It is tImely that a new organization. JEXODUS, has been formed to advise Jewish Democrats, and those who feel betrayed by the negative direction that their once great party is taking, to leave and to stand up pride in their Jewish identity and for their American values that are being challenged and destroyed by the Democratic lurch to the far left.
To my friends in Britain. Read this and consider creating JEXODUS UK along the same principles.

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