Monday, 29 April 2019

America is blessed to have Trump as its President.

America is blessed to have Trump as its President.
May I, as a non-American living outside your borders, offer you my personal and candid view on the American condition?
I have watched the United States go from one president to another for decades. I have watched how prosperity and confidence ebb and flow with each administration. Several have had major internal and global events chart their course yet made America great, while others have not faced times of shattering events and yet led America into social upheaval and international crisis.
My perspective was one of an Israeli as Obama’s reign was followed by Donald J. Trump. Having lived for many years as a self-employed person having to survive on my own wits and talents, I gained a sixth sense of sorts in seeing opportunities.  Far from being a millionaire, I look for the right moment to invest my limited funds, funds that need to keep me and my wife for our remaining days.  I viewed the emergence of Trump, watched as he galvanized the American voter to defeat a candidate that every pundit said was a shoe-in to become the first female president of the United States, and saw it as a rare opportunity as he promised to reform the way that business and industry was led in America.
I admit that I viewed America as a land of gimmicks, frequently shallow in its narcissism. It’s a place that loves to dabble with firsts. The first man on the moon, the first black president, and attempting to vote into office the first female president. All gimmick. No substance. 
So, like many people abroad, I was intrigued, though not surprised, by the Trump victory. It broke that mold and spoke to me about the common sense of middle America able to see through the vacuousness of the narcissistic American political scene and took a chance on an outsider. These voters were people coping the reality and hardship from a president who had promised to fundamentally change America. It ended up fundamentally changing their chances of prosperity. They rejected his eight years in office. Handing the baton to an entitled woman would have meant another eight years of the same failed policies. In Hillary Clinton they also saw the corruption and arrogance of the establishment. In Trump they saw someone who didn’t need the money, could get by very well without the job, but who wanted to shake up the way things were done in Washington.
I watched and listened to Trump and decided to take a chance on America. If he meant to make America great again by opening factories, bringing back jobs, and pegging back a globalism that was impoverishing America, this was a place with potential for my limited amount of money. Trump was offering what no other world leader was offering. To create an economic revival.
I began to invest a goodly portion my life savings in America by investing in great American innovation companies.  I watched as my investments began to grow under a president who took decisive steps to bring jobs back to America, who opened factories lost by a previous administration whose failed policies abandoned the American worker.
Let’s be honest, President Obama knew nothing about economy, and neither did his administration. They didn’t know much about healthcare either and the fiscal damage caused by Obamacare was inflicted on the American middle class.
Obama’s social experiment with healthcare was a failure. He lied to the people by telling them they could have his scheme yet keep their doctors and their own health plans. He knew this was untrue but told them anyway, or he didn’t know what he was saying was untrue until Americans were paying so much more for their healthcare they could no longer afford his failed system. Either way, it was fiscal irresponsibility with no consequences for a president reaching the end of his term. Except, of course, for the consequence of the voters who turned their backs on his successor.
Neither did the election of a black president do anything positive for black communities in America that sank into deeper poverty, unemployment and social unrest. Major riots broke out in America, including in Ferguson and Baltimore where massive lawlessness and property damage occurred.
Out of the blocks, President Trump began to turn the economy around. Jobs soared at a record rate. Among those to benefit were blacks. By the end of 2018, only two years into his presidency, the black unemployment rate was the lowest in American history. Also benefiting from the Trump economic measures were Hispanics and women in the workforce. 
As an Israeli, I moved some of my profits into Israeli companies that became the target of takeovers by US companies looking for the best start-ups and found them in my country.
I love watching American corporations grow their businesses and keep their workers firmly established in new jobs by exporting their products and opening new chains in other countries. This is true globalization. They are also able to expand their workforce at home which is good for the American worker.
Compare this to administrations verging on socialism that think growing Big government is social responsibility. It is not, and never will be. This is the direction of fiscal irresponsibility that will inevitably ruin a country.
President Trump has been the greatest president for my country since Truman. So many before him promised to recognize Jerusalem as our eternal and undivided capital and to move the US Embassy there. While other president’s promises to Israel were proven to be empty of substance, Trump stepped up to the plate and kept his word.
American anti-Semitism has shockingly emerged from the shadows in 2019. It has taken various forms, from the awful utterances of a newly elected Muslim congresswoman to deadly synagogue attacks by neo-Nazis. But President Trump cannot be accused of being an anti-Semite.
There is an ancient Jewish prophecy etched in the Bible. “I will curse those that curse you, and I will bless those that bless you.”
This holy declaration acts like a spiritual umbrella over us as Israelis remain confident that our enemies will never destroy us, no matter how deadly their threats.  
We see the miraculous power of this biblical expression coming true in America today. A president who kept his word about Jerusalem is at the helm of a great nation whose economic vitality has found a new life.
May God bless America and protect this great president. I for one have been blessed that my confidence in Trump and the American economy has kept me financially protected under his leadership.
I may not be a biblical prophet but I predict that President Trump will sweep to victory in 2020 with an even larger majority than he did in 2016.
From my mouth to God’s ear!
Barry Shaw.
International Public Diplomacy Director,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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