Monday, 23 March 2020

The China virus and its ultimate aim.

The China virus is a relay race to help the Communist regime achieve world domination.
The race began in China by a combination of social and governmental mores that have infected the world with health, social and economic despair.
This is a deadly Chinese relay race in which tens of thousands are dying, and the starting point was, once again, China, a country that apparently learned nothing from the Sars outbreak. 
From the squalid unhygienic live animal wet markets of Wuhan to the brutal dishonest and uncooperative Communist regime. The plague burst off its starting blocks and was unleashed onto the world.
We witnessed how the regime abused its own people. We saw scenes of officials in protective clothing manhandle the sick and the suspected sick and throw them into waiting vans. They didn’t want us to see them welding residents into their infected buildings to die of the plague or starvation. In places, they confined the virus to sealed buildings and let people die.
Why should such a leadership have more concern for Italians or Spanish sufferers, or you, than their own people?
From social and governmental Chinese malfunction the baton passed to lax governments in the West who dragged their feet, were slow to evaluate the danger losing valuable time, time that allowed the China virus to gain a foothold before exploding and spreading throughout each country laid bare to the threat due, in large part, to their lenient and liberal open border policies.
In each country this baton fell into the hands of the "selfie generation" whose social norms have degenerated from an “it’s all about us” philosophy to an “it’s all about me” selfishness. Irresponsibility reigned in the thoughtless generation that consider themselves immortal.  These are the carriers that drive the older generation to hospital and to death.
From here the baton is seen in the collapse of health systems stretched to breaking point, particularly in less developed nations, and to economies, both personal and national, as authorities desperately try to grapple with an unseen enemy, an unseen Chinese enemy.
Then we hear the eager runners, the slogan-bleating echo chamber of progressive politics. Those who, wittingly or unwittingly, follow Communist China’s disinformation campaign, blaming and insulting anyone, or any country, who call it what it is – the China virus, or the Wuhan virus. They are stigmatized as “racists” or “xenophobes.” Better to call it by a code name or something anonymous, like corona.
So, for these folk, let me count the ways this is a Chinese virus.
The Chinese Government knew about it back in mid-November. It is now approaching the end of March and they still haven’t owned up to it.
One Chinese scientist identified the virus in November, but the Chinese regime ordered his lab to destroy the samples and suppressed the news. He died, of course.
Despite the knowledge of the virus, Chinese authorities permitted their citizens to fly in their millions to destinations around the world, thereby carrying the virus globally.
In December, the Chinese police arrested people who warned about the outbreak of the virus for spreading “rumors.”
In that month, Wuhan hosted a mass banquet attended by 40,000 visitors in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most attended meal.
Rather than close down, Wuhan issued 200,000 free tickets to people to attend festival activities during the Lunar New Year in early January.
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Chinese took an estimated forty billion trips combined both in China and abroad. Had the government issued warnings many millions may not have travelled. But the government was silent.
In January, the Chinese Government lied to the World Health Organization by telling them that the virus could not be transmitted from human to human.
In that month, Wang Guangfa, an official respiratory expert, told China Central television that the Wuhan pneumonia was “under control” and was mostly “a mild condition,” according to a New York Times report.
Less than two weeks later, Guangfa came down sick with the new virus contracted during a visit to Wuhan.
In the NYT article, Xu Zhiyuan, a journalist and critic of the Chinese regime said, “I thought the Sars virus of 2003 would force China to rethink its governance model. I was naïve. The system is successful in that it destroyed the people with integrity, the institutions with credibility, and a society capable of narrating its own stories. What is left is arrogant power, a bunch of messy information and angry fragile, isolated and angry individuals.”
When the Trump Administration offered to send scientists to China to investigate and solve the virus crisis China refused their offer.  Then, on February 2, rather than own up to the virus, they began their counter disinformation campaign with the ridiculous claim that the US army brought the epidemic to Wuhan. The twitter message from Lijian Zhao, an official spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ended, “the US owe us an explanation.”
It is the Chinese Communist Government that owes the world an apology. But they won’t apologize. It is not in their nature.
Chinese State controlled media threatened that China would withhold vitally needed medical supplies to the US as the pandemic hit America.
The Chinese authorities began their propaganda operation to remove the word “China” from anything associated with the virus, and a compliant US media together with the progressive linguists began to accuse anyone telling the truth of being “racists” and xenophobes,” thereby becoming the useful idiots of the Chinese Communist regime in Beijing.
It was never considered racist to call flu Spanish or German, but it has become so when it was generated by a malign Communist regime. With ample evidence to prove their guilt in the global spread of the deadly virus, the progressives give China a free pass while criticizing those that tell the truth. And this by people who profess to care for the planet.
This is not about a name. It is about calling out the Chinese regime for their unacceptable practices and system of governance.
In the game of world domination, as the world descends into chaos and breakdown, the Chinese leadership looks on, contentedly at the meltdown of the West.
They operate by the motto “What weakens my enemy strengthens me” and their ambition is playing out before our eyes. So what if tens of thousands of their own people die in the process. It is a small price for them to pay for the glory of the Red flag of China dominating the world.
China has thrown the world into turmoil. They show no sign that they regret their guilt. They intend to benefit from the weakness and chaos by selling the world what it needs from this China-generated crisis.  If any country objects, or calls out China for their malaise, they are threatened by non-supply of essential goods made in China to countries who have sold their soul and their manufacturing independence to the Communist regime in return for cheap goods.
This then is China, the world’s biggest and constant polluter.
Instead of kowtowing to the Beijing regime, the world must rally together and hold them accountable before the Red Flag unfurls yet another pandemic upon the survivors of this China Virus.
The United States has set the world in motion by unveiling a bill that would bring the manufacturing of vital pharmaceutical products back to America. Other nations must follow.
The US bill's opening paragraph says it all.
“The Chinese Communist Party threatened to cut of America’s access to vital drugs in the midst of a pandemic caused by its own failures.”
It is time for the rest of the world to wake up and stop being beholden to China for cheap shoes and essential drugs. For, as we have seen, they are likely to pull the plug at the most critical moment.
But the most dangerous China virus is metastasizing within the American political system.We can see it in the ambitions of Sanders, Warren and The Squad led by AOC, to name a few. We see it in the obstructionism of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler.
The Chinese control the thoughts and the lives of every Chinese man, woman and child. They do not have the liberty to think freely. Alternative thought is brutally put down.A similar process is underway on American campuses today. Alternative thought is not tolerated. It is suppressed by indoctrination. Just as old history is rejected on campus and schools in favor of thought that supplants history with a Marxist credo that overrides history. Old statues of figures that must be hated are torn down that do not comply with their ideology.
This is America today copying China where there are no statues of leaders beyond Mao. 
In China, there is government controlled freedom, which is no freedom at all.
The life, the thoughts, the freedoms of every Chinese person is controlled by the Beijing regime.
In America, the new Democratic ideology want to control your health system, they want to take away your freedom, your guns, your religion. In China, nobody is allowed to own a gun. That’s how they can drag you out of your house without resistance and make you disappear.
In China they take away your religion. In America they want to remove religious symbols from public buildings.
In China, they control a woman’s reproductive organs. They dictate how many children a family may have. In America, some states pay for free abortions even to the point of killing babies after birth. Infanticide cloaked as a woman’s rights issue.
China’s one-child policy looks more humane by comparison.
The China virus is alive and germinating in American politics with a party that wants to control every element of an individual’s liberty from what they think, how they live, how they feel, where they work, how they travel, what they eat.
It almost succeeded in taking control of the system this year. They failed, but the China political virus still germinates. No matter the outcome of the 2020 election, the germ within the Democratic Party will continue to metastasize producing new faces to replace the old tired politicians.
Unless firm action is taken to counteract it, it will spread its influence within the party resisting whoever is in control of government until, in 2024, they will emerge to gain control of the country by the growing votes of today’s brainwashed youth and their diversity politics which will become intolerant policy, the indoctrinated graduates who are beginning to take control of local government, the judiciary, the education systems, and future thought through the media. It will win both the House and Senate making a two party system, and therefore the Republican Party, irrelevant. They will impeach anyone they cannot tolerate. They will control how people live, what they can eat, how many kids they can have, how they can travel, where they will work, how much money they may receive.
The Chinese Government favors the Democratic Party. Chinese State media quoted Hillary Clinton's anti-Trump tweet on March 18.
That is the China virus within the body of America. It will be in lockstep with the Communist regime in the east, and together they will control the world.
The current China virus that is making people sick can be cured by Chinese manufactured vaccines and anti-viral drugs.
But the ultimate aim of the ideological China virus is the takeover of political systems starting with America. 
Be warned! This is how the China virus takes over the world.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

It's the China Virus, stupid!

I have to say this because I am pissed off living in isolation because of China's filthy habits.
I'm fed up not being able to hug my loved ones, or shake hands with friends.
And I'm really mad that the damned Chinese are affecting my standard of living as well as attempting to ruin my health, my way of live, and possibly kill me and my family.
The world needs to censor China for repeatedly inflicting China born viruses onto the world. First Sars, now this, not to talk about the massive global pollution problem caused by China.
These are global issues that Western climate change advocates put to one side because the PC idiots say it's "racist" and "xenophobic" for us to protest China's disgusting and filthy habits that are putting the rest of us at risk.
I have even had people complain when I refuse to call this virus by an anonymous code name, because I prefer to call it out for what it is.
It is yet another filthy and deadly Chinese virus.
Did you notice that the media in America were originally calling it the Wuhan Virus, or the Chinese Virus, then they suddenly stopped? Why did this happen?
Because those that bow to the Communist Chinese Government propaganda machine, being so progressive and overly sensitive to gender, minority, xenophobic issues, bowed to the demand of the Commie Chinese and changed their language. They even came up with a stupid code-word for this virus, making it anonymous.
It could have come from Mars for all we knew.
But Trump was not bowing to their threats. He's not a progressive leftist. He stood in front of the press and openly stated. "They know where it came from."
They then threatened to cut off medical supplies and masks to America. That's what happens when you deliver your manufacturing infrastructure to Communists like the Obama Administration did with its pharmaceutical industry.
"It's not coming back," Obama told his people. "What do you think? I've got a magic wand?"
So let's stop pussyfooting around and own up to who is responsible for the spread of this latest Made in China disease.
The real disease is Communism. In this case the Chinese Communists and their acceptance of filth and disease which affects us all.
We have to demand that our governments hold them responsible for the disease and dirt they dump on us - and we just shut up and pay the bills to clean up their mess, if we are fortunate enough to stay alive. And as for all of you progressive lefties, all you do is talk so freely about climate change and don't do a damned thing to point to the criminal regimes that cause the filth.
All you do is change the wordage to make you feel better.
I'm sorry. That's not good enough. And that goes for you too, Greta!
If you agree with this message make it go global and wake up a stupid world.
Barry Shaw,
International Public Diplomacy Director,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Palestinian Economic Situation. Who is to blame?

News outlets are quick to accuse Israel in stories of Palestinian poverty, but if there is poverty who is responsible?
Let's put to rest the false Palestinian moan that poverty exists in the Gaza Strip because of Israeli oppression over the most densely populated place on earth.
Both theories are wrong.
The Israel oppression lie:
When Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad stop their rockets, border violence and terror, thousands of Gazans enter Israel daily to work and bring money back to their families. True, Israeli salaries are higher than those under corrupt Palestinian mismanagement.
Also, when Palestinian rockets stop flying into Israeli civilian centers, a thousand trucks roll into Gaza from Israel daily bringing everything that Gazans need to lead comfortable and healthy lives.
So their economic situation is a factor of living under the corrupt oppressive Hamas yoke that prefers war to wealth.
The Population density lie;
The Gaza Strip has a population density of 5,154 people per sq. km. Compare this with
Mumbai 83,800.
Karachi 59,100.
Cairo 19,376.
And population density does not have a direct relationship with poverty. Compare the Gaza Strip's demographics of 5,154 to
Wealthy Hong Kong 6,659 per
Rich Monaco 19,426 per
Even Greater London has a density of more than three times that of the Gaza Strip - 14,550 per sq. mile.
So Gaza Strip's economic condition has less to do with population density than it has to do with a brutal, corrupt Hamas leadership that steals prosperity from their people and wastes it on their obsessive terror war against Israel.
Incidentally, the population density of Tel Aviv is greater than the Gaza Strip at 7.606 people per sq. km.
Palestinian Hamas could learn a few things about population economic policies and management from Tel Aviv Municipality, even if it unprepared to learn anything about how to create national prosperity from the Israeli Government.
But, of course, it won't.
Barry Shaw,
International Public Diplomacy Director,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Philip Haney did not commit suicide. He was murdered.

Philip Haney was a frustrated patriot. Haney was a hero. He was a founder of the United States Department of Homeland Security, created to defend America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and to protect civilians against acts of political and religious violence and terror. 
Philip’s specialty was researching and exposing global radical Islam and its infiltration into America following 9/11.
He tracked the development of indoctrination and terror cells in the American homeland. Had his reports been acted upon by the Obama Administration the San Bernadino shooting, the Orlando shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombing, may have been prevented.
Philip was assigned to the Intelligence Review Unit (IRU) where he submitted reports on radical Islamists with ties to terrorism after noticing the entry into America of suspicious individuals.
Philip had spent time in the Middle East and Asia studying the growing problem. He had his eye on jihadi Salafists from the Indian sub-continent. The Salafists are a throw-back to the early days of Islam. They believe in Shariah, the Caliphate, and are prepared to use violent means to achieve their goals.
His job, he said, was connecting the dots. He was hunting for people with terror links who had entered America. He focused on individuals, and organizations and networks across the United States where indoctrination and radicalism was taking place.
Philip discovered that too many malevolent people were abusing the US visa system by infiltrating into America. As he described in an interview with Glenn Beck, they traveled around America from mosque to mosque encouraging fellow Muslims to becoming more Salafist. He tracked their activities back in 2006.
Haney identified the Fort Pierce mosque in Florida and the Islamic radicalization that was being nurtured there, a radicalization that attracted a number of bad actors.
 He worked on the case for a number of years and, as he explained, there was enough momentum to send his file to the National Targeting Center in DC. The aim was to prevent people with evil intent from entering into the United States and to target known threats for covert observation.
In 2007, the Holy Land Foundation trial took place, a trial that irrefutably proved that individuals from Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, the Islamic Society of North America, and the North American Islamic Trust, were actively supporting foreign terror organizations, particularly Palestinian Hamas.
The indictment showed that US based members of the Muslim Brotherhood had established a Palestine Committee tasked with raising money for the Hamas terror group in Gaza and that between 1995 and 2001 the Holy Land Foundation “charity” was an active Hamas cell in America raising millions of dollars for the Palestinian terror group and, at the center of it all was CAIR, the so-called civil rights group for America’s Islamic community.
This trial was the most significant terrorism prosecution brought by the government in the United States since 9/11.
Philip Haney was given a commendation letter for finding three hundred terrorists linked to his investigations. His organization prevented the incursion into America of 1,200 suspects. Haney exposed several real and deadly terror threats in America. Haney’s work kept Americans safe.
Then, in 2009, Obama became president. Things changed. Political incorrectness started to clamp down on counterterror investigations.
The political interference of the Obama Administration began to impact the important intelligence operations of Haney and his team.
He was ordered to scrub the names of American Muslims with terror ties for the sake of PC.
In 2009, about eight hundred of Haney’s records were purged by orders from above.
By 2012, Philip was investigating a larger case of another network related to the Muslim Brotherhood. But in March 2012, the State Department, in coordination with Janet Nepolitano, the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security and Haney’s boss, shut the case down, despite all the evidence and the good work that had been done. 
Haney’s work was entirely deleted from the US intelligence system.
One day after a prominent U.S. Muslim leader reacted to the November 2015 Paris attacks with a declaration that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has nothing to do with Islam, President Obama made the same assertion.
In the same year, Philip Haney left the DHS. He wrote a book. The subtitle of Haney’s book is “A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”
Then something awful happened.
On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 others were seriously injured in an Islamist terror attack against Christians preparing for Christmas in San Bernadino, California.
The terrorists, Syed Rizwan Farouk and Tashfeen Malik, were two of the targets listed in Haney’s brief, as was the Florida mosque which Haney had reported that Farouk had been radicalized.
Philip felt he had been struck with a bolt of lightning as he watched the TV news of the terror attack.
“I just yelled out ‘That’s my case!’”  
It was. The implicating evidence had been eradicated by the political appeasement of the Obama Administration and 14 people were murdered as a result.
Philip’s conscience troubled him. He felt that if he had been allowed to pursue the matter Americans would be alive today. He already had derogatory information against this pair of terrorists before Malik arrived in America. She and Farouk had been chatting to each other online about jihad and martyrdom. Had Haney’s files been acted upon Malik would not have received a permit to enter America, and Farouk would have been on the FBI watch list.
“Either Syed Farouk would have been put on the no-fly list because of his association with that mosque, or the K-1 visa that his wife was given may have been denied because of his association with a known radical organization.”
According to Haney, the FBI had been tracking Enrique Marquez, an illegal gun supplier, who supplied the weapons to Syed Farouk, but they did not provide this information to Haney’s unit in the DHS. Neither did the FBI inform them about Omar Mateen who Haney had tracked crossing the southern border into America and had reported to the upper echelon of the DHS and to the FBI.
On June 12, 2016, Mateen entered an Orlando nightclub and killed 49 people and injured 22 others in another mass shooting.
Mateen was radicalized in the same Florida mosque as Farouk.
Philip Haney complained about the lack of communication between different branches of intelligence that could have prevented many deaths.
“People are allowed to walk through the hole in our intelligence,” Haney said, to do bad things. He was referring to the gap caused by one agency not informing the other of vital counter-terror intelligence.
Instead of investigating the radicals and terrorists, the CIA began to investigate him.
Haney said he got a visit from the State Department and the DHS civil rights division. He was told that tracking these individuals was “problematic.”
After his reports were repeatedly ignored, and after he left the DHS, he wrote a book which he scathingly titled, “See Something. Say Nothing,” as a protest of his work being silenced by the administration.
I met Philip in a Tel Aviv hotel in 2019, Philip had arrived in Israel with the United West security group to Israel to learn how Israel was protecting its borders.
I had been invited by Tom Trento to meet the group and I had a private hour-long conversation with Philip. I was amazed, shocked, by his story of an administration that puts political-incorrectness before the safety and security of its people.
This may be happening in America, Canada, Britain and Europe, but there is little likelihood that this would happen in Israel.
Philip’s opinion was that it was an unwritten policy of the Obama Administration to protect suspicious people and organizations spreading radical Islam in America rather than protect Americans.  That it is was part of a presidential promise to fundamentally change America.
Philip blew the whistle on Hillary Clinton’s State Department closing down his investigation into perhaps America’s most radical mosques in Fort Pierce, Florida.
This is the mosque where notorious Sheikh Mohammed preached and from where the Orlando terrorist shooter, Omar Mateen, was indoctrinated. This was also the mosque in which the first American suicide bomber, Monir Mohammad Abusalha, was indoctrinated before going to Syria to drive a truck packed with explosives into a restaurant in 2014.
Although the FBI, CIA, the National Counterterrorism Center and the Department of Homeland Security created a special team of analysts to prevent American jihadists from returning, battle-hardened, from the Middle East, Philip Haney was frequently frustrated by the blocks and restrictions imposed on him by senior officials reaching up to Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. 
According to Josh Bernstein of media show, had Haney’s recommendations been acted upon it would have “taken down at least seven different international global terrorist organizations and as many as 1311 terrorists in at least eight different countries.”
In 2016, Philip Haney courageously went public by testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Ted Cruz. He alleged that the Obama Administration had acted irresponsibly with regard to Islamic extremism within the United States. Philip claimed that the administration had acted out of “political correctness” rather than take affirmative action that may have prevented the June 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, or the earlier San Bernadino shooting of December 2015.
At this Hearing, Philip also reported the Obama Administration for destroying or changing eight hundred of his files relating to the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood in America by falsely claiming they were deemed “offensive to Muslim people.”
Philip was open about the information he had collected. He appeared on Trevor Loudon’s Amazon movie “The Enemy Within” talking about what was taking place in America.
While people like Haney were shouting the alarm about the spread of radical Islam in America, there was a growing appeasement to a Shariah ideology and the establishment of a counter agenda within America.
While Obama was calling ISIS in Iraq a “JV team,” the threat assessment from people like Haney went against the narrative of the Obama administration and had to be blocked.
In our hour long chat in Tel Aviv, Philip told me that people wanted to silence him. I thought this referred to the Obama administration closing down his lines of enquiry and resultant database of evidence.
This immediately leapt to mind when I was told that his body had been found on Friday, February 21, three days after he had been killed.
Apparently, some time on Wednesday 19, Philip Haney drove from his house to a remote area, got out of his car, walked a short distance, and shot himself in his check. At least, this was the initial police report after his body was found.
I don’t believe it.
His body was found in an open RV park-and-ride area adjacent to Highway 16, less than three miles from where he had been living in a motorhome park in Plymouth, a small community in California.
Detectives recovered documents, phone records and a laptop from the scene, according to Monday’s news release, and the Sheriff’s Office took possession of his vehicle, the firearm located at the scene, and his RV to be processed and analyzed along with the evidence, with assistance requested from the FBI.
Authorities later retracted initial reports that Philip’s death was by suicide describing it as “misinformation.”
Philip was not a contortionist. Shooting oneself in the chest is almost a physical impossibility.
Investigative reporter and Fox News contributor, Sara Carter, said Philip was someone she deeply respected and considered a friend. She considered his death a murder until she receives confirmation to the contrary.
Glenn Beck feels the same.
So do I.
Haney was a frustrated agent, but I do not believe he was suicidal. The facts back this up.
Philip Haney had a new life to look forward to in 2020. He was to be married again. According to numerous sources, Haney was preparing to return to the Department of Homeland Security to expose what he called the “Red-Green Axis.”  This was something that Philip spoke to me about when we met in Tel Aviv. This is the alliance between the radical left and radical Muslims in a combined agenda to take down Western democracy and civilization as we know it, using terror to unsettle the indigenous population. Failing that, he intended to write a follow up book to his “See Something. Say Nothing.”
This was not the mental state of a potential suicide victim.
Philip Haney did not commit suicide. He was murdered. He was murdered for what he knew and for who he was.
Philip Haney was a brave patriot and he died for his beliefs and his knowledge.
I also considered him a friend.
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Friday, 7 February 2020

The Anti-Semitism of Replacement Theologians & how they can cleanse their souls.

Anti-Semitism takes several forms. One of the under-reported forms of Jew hatred is that perpetrated by Replacement Theologians.
Jews have been persecuted down the ages by Christians who express the view that God has replaced the Jews as His Chosen People for not adopting Christ as our savior.
To this end, Jews have been tortured, banished, burnt at the stake by Christians who have used religion as an expression of their Jew hatred.
This continues to this day.
One example is Rick Wiles who has wrongly been described as a Far-Right anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist. He is not. He is a Replacement Theologian.
Wiles ridiculously accused Jews of being behind the vote-counting disaster at the Democratic caucus in Iowa. He accused Israel as being "the people who crucified Christ." He accused Israel of funding the first openly homosexual presidential candidate, despite this candidate having a jaundiced view about Israel. In his rantings, Wiles accused Israel as being a "foreign power that is anti-Christ," and, to rub in his anti-Semitism, he accused Israel of operating "a Jewish coup" in America.
These are the ravings of a replacement theologian. We have seen this played out in Bethlehem where replacement theologians cohort with the very people who have driven out Christians from a once-Christian town, by foolishly labeling Jesus as "a Palestinian messenger," in a place where Palestinians hoodlums and terrorists have persecuted once prosperous Bethlehem Christians when the town was under Israeli governance, causing them to flee for their lives.
RTs hate Jews, just as radical Islamists hate Jews. This is how and why they come together in a Cross and Sword coalition against the Jews.
They both do so because we Jews honor a different God.
Occasionally, when I speak to Christian groups, usually those who are passionate supporters of Israel based on their interpretation of the Bible, we discuss the challenges posed by Replacement Theologians.
I tell them to consider this Jewish perspective on how to counter the narrative of misguided RTs.
We Jews do not believe in a God who changes His mind. For, if we did, I can see, when I look across the Middle East and Africa where Christians are being slaughtered and churches are being destroyed by radical Islamists, and Europe where Christians have drifted into secularism, their churches closed and in many cases turned into mosques, that the RT god has changed his mind again and has deserted Christianity in favor of Islam.
I would advise Wiles to ponder this fact. We Jews do not change our mind about our God and the proof of His blessing is in the success of the Jewish return of our ancient land as predicted in our Bible and the shining success of Israel, the nation state of the Jews.
Wiles should also consider this. That Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, is not a proselyting religion. We have no ambition to conquer the world.
May I suggest to Roger Wiles that his soul can be soothed by returning to the teachings of Christian pastors like John and Charles Wesley who wrote prayers and psalms about the return of Jews to their ancestral land. For, without that, the Messiah will not come.
Abandoning your anti-Semitism, Mr.Wiles, would be the first step in your return to true merciful Christianity.
The next step would be to acknowledge and embrace Israel as the shining light of the Jewish People fulfilling our biblical prophecy to cherish our God-given land and use it as a center for universal humanity and enlightenment as we are doing with our innovating spirit and Tikun Olam, healing and repairing the world.

Barry Shaw,
International Public Diplomacy Director,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020


Basic Middle East Facts.
Middle East realities reflect the abnormal behavior of the Palestinians.

The Middle East is characterized by the following 14-century-old intra-Muslim features: no intra-Muslim peaceful coexistence, unpredictability, instability, religious and ethnic fragmentation, violent intolerance, terrorism and subversion, arbitrary control and abuse by
their, often unelected, rulers, Islam-driven goals (including the unacceptance of an “infidel” entity in the “abode of Islam”).
Most of the Middle East is not driven by a desire to improve standard of living, but by religious/ideological visions.
Concessions, appeasement and gestures emboldens them to more aggression and terrorism.
The assumption that a Palestinian state could be effectively demilitarized and de-terrorized should be assessed against the track record of the Palestinians. The 1993 Oslo Accord and the 2005 Gaza Disengagement were supposed to demilitarize and de-terrorize the Palestinians in return for dramatically enhanced political and economic benefits. Instead, both events intensified terrorism in a dramatic manner.
A direct correlation exists between the degree of Palestinian sovereignty and the level of Palestinian terrorism. For example, in 1968-70, Jordan provided the Palestinians with an unprecedented platform of operation. Consequently, they triggered a civil war, attempting to topple the pro-US Hashemite regime.
During the 1970s, they initiated a series of civil wars in Lebanon.
In August 1990, the Palestinians collaborated with Saddam Hussein’s invasion of their host county (Kuwait), which triggered the 1991 and 2003 Gulf Wars.
Immediately after Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian civil,war erupted and Hamas usurped power, oppressed any opposition, destroyed the agricultural and community projects left by Israel, and turned Gaza into a network of terror bases to indoctrinate the people into violence and to launch thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian centers.
The assumption that granting Palestinians territory to develop a peaceful base for statehood and prosperity has become a classic oxymoron and a terrible diplomatic mistake.
The Palestinians are agitated not by the size of the Jewish State but by its very existence. All sides of the Palestinian political divide call for the “liberation” of Palestine "From the River to the Sea," the annihilation of Israel.
It is worth recalling past Arab voices. They are as relevant today as when they were spoken decades ago.
In October 1994 Jordan’s military commanders advised their Israeli counterparts: “That which the Palestinians sign in the morning they tend to violate by the evening.” They added that “A Palestinian state west of the Jordan River would doom the pro-US Hashemite regime east of the River."
Former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak: “Jordan’s King Hussein does not want a Palestinian state; Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are not concerned about the Palestinians….”
Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (1970-1981): “Do I want a Palestinian state? Why should I want another Soviet base and another member of the Rejectionist Front?” (“No More War”)
Israeli affirmative action and the lack of global counter action.
In 1948/49, Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, unilaterally applied sovereignty to West Jerusalem and large parts of the Negev and the Galilee, in spite of US and global opposition.
In the aftermath of the 1967 Six Day War, Israel’s Prime Minister Eshkol united the city of Jerusalem, notwithstanding US and global opposition.
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) destroyed a nuclear reactor built in the northeastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zor in 2007.
In December 1981, Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin asserted the Israeli law in the Golan Heights despite brutal pressure by the US, including the suspension of a major strategic pact.
In June 1981, Israel destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor, notwithstanding brutal US opposition. Begin’s unilateral action spared the US a nuclear confrontation in January 1991.
It is in Israel's vital interest to annex both the Jordan Valley and the bulk of territory in Judea & Samaria, including all the high ground that dominates central Israel's narrow, low-lying, coastal strip.
These facts are self-evident and essential to maintain the security and safety of Israeli citizens, if not the rest of the Middle East which, as this article proves, will continue to be a maelstrom of ethnic, tribal and religious violence.

With acknowledgement to Ambassador Yoram Ettinger for lighting the spark for this article.

Barry Shaw,
International Public Diplomacy Director,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
Author of 'Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism,' Israel Reclaiming the Narrative,' and '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel.'

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Kings, princes, presidents, prime ministers will converge on Jerusalem.

Kings, princes, presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers will converge on Jerusalem this week for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.
The race for hotel rooms has been frenetic and the prestige hotels have mainly been booked on a "first come first served" basis with a few exceptions.
The King David Hotel lobby is bedecked with the flags of many nations. The Irish flag was removed when Ireland backed out of this significant event. The Irish Government have a special skill in blundering their relationship with the Jewish State.
Another nation not sending its top leader is Poland. This is partly due to a disagreement with Israel over the Polish refusal to admit that many Poles not only assisted the Germans but killed Jews and took their properties in the aftermath of the war.
French President, Emmanuel Macron will be staying in the King David Hotel.
Britain's Prince Charles will also he hosted at the King David Hotel.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will be staying at the David Citadel Hotel.
Because the American delegation were late in confirming their attendance, both Vice President Pence and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, will both be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
The theme of the event will be "“Remembering the Holocaust: Fighting Antisemitism.”
Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army on 27 January, 1945. There were 7,000 survivors in the camp, mostly sick and dying.
An estimated 1,300,000 men, women and children were deported to Auschwitz between 1940-1945. Of these, at least 1,100,000 were murdered.
The Fifth World Holocaust Forum will take place at Yad Vashem and Israel's President Rivlin will host 40 of the world leaders at a dinner and discussion at the President's Residence.

The list of world leaders attending include;
US Vice President Mike Pence
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
President of France Emmanuel Macron
President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen
Governor-General of Canada Julie Payette
Governor-General of Australia David Hurley
President of Russia Vladimir Putin
Prince Charles of Britain
King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander
King Felipe VI of Spain
President of Italy Sergio Mattarella
President of Slovenia Borut Pahor
President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier
President of Hungary János Áder
President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven
President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zolenskyy
President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades
President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda
Crown Prince Haakon of Norway
Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen
President of Finland Sauli Niinistö
President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev
President of Romania Klaus Iohannis
President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babiš
President of Albania Ilir Meta
President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian
President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili
Speaker of the Latvian Parliament Ināra Mūrniece
President of Moldova Igor Dodon
Minister of State of Monaco Serge Telle
Chairman of the House of Representatives of Belarus
President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić
President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Željko Komšić
Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg
President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski
President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović
President of the European Council Charles Michel
President of the European Parliament David Sassoli
Vatican Representative Kurt Koch