Monday, 27 April 2020

Is Joe Biden a moral person, or a hypocrite and a bully?

Why don’t the Democrats practice what they preach?
If they did, they would be worthy of respect. The fact that they don’t leaves them open to contempt and suspicion.
That latest evidence of their hypocrisy centers around their duplicity in the cover up of recent allegations of sexual assault against their Presidential candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden, by a female staffer.
Biden, backed by his supporters in his party and the supporting media, dodged the clear case of Biden using US governmental bribery to have the chief Ukrainian prosecutor fired for opening an investigation into his son’s involvement with the corrupt Barisma Holdings energy company.
Biden has also threatened to “beat the hell out of Trump.” He told a factory worker in Michigan that he would take him outside and fight him. Even when addressing domestic violence, he said “we’ve got to keep lunching at it and punching at it.”

Hardly the right expression to use in solving violence. 
Now an allegation has emerged of a sexual assault by Joe Biden on Tara Reade in the Senate offices back in 1993.
Reade worked for Biden over an eight-month period from 1992-1993. According to her complaint, she was asked to deliver him a gym bag. She found him in the corridor and there he sexually assaulted her. The assault included, according to Reade, having Biden enter her vagina with his finger. Her description is explicit in its detail.
Tara Reade said she immediately lodged a complaint at the Senate office but this was not acted on. She went home and complained to her mother, her brother, and a friend who all corroborate her story.  In April 2019, she contacted a local paper with the story of her incident. The facts that her assailant is now, potentially, the next President of the United States and this troubles Miss Reade.
“I think it is shocking that this much time has passed and that he is an actual nominee for president, and they are not asking the question. That tells me there may be a political agenda behind it, and that is gross. I am a survivor and I would like the question asked.”
What’s disturbing is the radical difference in the Democrats attitude against Biden’s accuser and their approach to the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanagh.  Where was the #MeToo Movement then, and where are they today?
Judge Kavanagh was President Trump’s pick for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court. The Democrats and their lawyers cajoled Christine Blassey Ford to come forward as they mounted a highly publicized Senate Hearing. They attempted to destroy the judge and his family with a full-on assault on his reputation over allegations going back to a night in 1982 when Kavanagh was a teenager.
Despite her protestations, Ford could not produce any timeline evidence or witness to back up her story.
Compare that to the explicit evidence offered by Reade as to the period of her employment and the exact date, time and location of the assault. Records of her complaint have not, so far, been forthcoming from the Senate office. But one significant factor came to light when a local reporter dug up a video recording from the Larry King Show dated precisely in the 1993 timeline after Tara had told her mother about the incident. King received, live on air, a call from a woman claiming to be the mother of a Senate staffer who wanted to know why the Senate does nothing when young female staffers complaint about sexual harassment in the workplace.
This adds further corroboration to Reade’s story. And yet, the Democrats still refuse open an investigation.
“I guess my question is, if this was Donald Trump, would they treat it the same way?” Tara Reade pointedly asked.
The answer has to be an unequivocal no.
“If this were Brett Kavanagh, did they treat it the same? In other words, its politics and a political agenda playing a role in objective reporting and asking questions.”
Where is the #MeToo Movement when you need them most? The answer is equally simple. Hiding out of sight.  #MeToo is a hypocritical Democratic movement.
A former advisor to Hillary Clinton, Peter Daou, had the moral courage to tell Biden to drop out of the campaign as this shadow hangs over his head.
Daou tweeted, “New information had emerged supporting Tara Reade’s account of being sexually assaulted by Joe Biden. Credible rape accusations are disqualifying, or we have NO moral standards.  This is an ethical position AND the smart strategy to beat Trump. We lose all moral authority if we embrace ‘the lesser of two accused rapists.’”
He concluded, “Principles matter. We can beat Trump and protect our values.”
The problem is the Democrats won’t do this, sadly proving they have no moral values.
Further proof of this has been the silence of Bernie Sanders, Biden’s final rival in his bid for presidency.  Putting himself forward as an independent-minded candidate, Sanders has been missing over the allegations. As former Sanders senior staffer, Tezlyn Figaro, reminded us, “Sanders signed in to the Violence Against Women crime bill so he needs to step up. Tara is a woman and she is alleging violence against her.”
More tellingly is what the accused, Joe Biden, told reporters of the Washington Post in September 2018, about the Kavanagh allegations.
“For a woman to come forward in the glaring light of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real, whether or not she forgets facts, whether or not it’s been made worse or better over time.”
Joe Biden. If you want to be considered as a moral and forthright President step forward, give the woman the presumption that what she is talking about is real, and defend yourself like a man, a moral man. 
If not, the Democrats have a hypocrite and a coward running for president.
Barry Shaw. IISS.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

The Consequences of San Remo - 100 Years Later.

Recounting the 100th anniversary of the San Remo Conference. April 25, 1920.
 San Remo hosted world leaders to decide the future of Palestine, Syria and Mesopotamia.
Syria and Mesopotamia (Iraq) were to be given to the Hashemites, as was Transjordan. It also codified the Jewish People's rights to the Land of Israel into international law according to the terms and policy of the Balfour Declaration, namely that “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,” and that Britain “will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”
This event was celebrated in Jewish communities worldwide and treated as if it was a Jewish national holiday.
The Arabs, of course, objected. Feisal and Abdullah saw themselves as HaShemite rulers of the Middle East until the House of Saud engaged them in fierce battles during this time of history.
As is usual in the Arab world, both hated each other but were united against allowing Jews to gain any ascendency in the Middle East.
For them all, it was a stain on the Arab tradition of conquest to allow a non-Arab, non-Muslim, presence to take hold in the region.
The 400-year-old non-Arab Ottoman Empire had been accepted with silence by the impoverished local Arabs in the barren district of Palestine in deference to the Islamic rulers of Constantinople.
Not long after the San Remo Conference, Britain began to view their geopolitical interests in the Middle East differently.
The British realized, prompted by the Americans, that the Arabs had something valuable under their feet. Oil. This greasy liquid would be necessary for Britain’s motorized and industrialized future prosperity.
The Suez Canal, built by the French in 1800, was also an asset for Britain. It acted as a vital trade artery to India.
Post San Remo the British became aware that they could ill-afford to upset the Arabs. If they did their future self-interests would be gravely impaired.
The British went back on their obligations to the Jews. They went as far as to close off pre-state Palestine to Jewish immigration during the critical and tragic period of World War Two.
Had the British lived up to their word, the Holocaust may not have happened. Hitler wanted to expel Europe’s Jews, but no one was prepared to take them, and British had effectively locked them out of what had been promised to be the National Home of the Jewish People.
Had these Jews been allowed to enter their future state, Israel today would have been celebrating the 72th anniversary of a nation, not with nine million Jews, but a Jewish State with twenty million Jews.
That is the bitter-sweet legacy of Western cynical, confused, and deadly policies post San Remo.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Monday, 20 April 2020

The Hidden Story Behind China's Economy.

Miles Kwok may or may not be a dishonest man.  Even his name is a pseudonym. His real name is Gui Wengui   He is a Chinese billionaire on the run from the long arm of the goons of the Communist Party of China. His assets in China have been frozen and he is seeking political asylum in America.
His problem is not only his money. His problem is he knows the nasty secrets of the men at the top of the People’s Republic of China. 
That makes him a man marked for death.
He lives under tight security in an exclusive address in New York when he is not flitting between Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and elsewhere.
He is today a man on a mission. To expose the corrupt leaders of China and bring about their fall from power. He has on his side details of their grand theft and nepotism as they suppress their people and protect their own wealth.
It is difficult to believe some of the jaw-dropping stories he tells about the men at the very top of the Chinese elite. His stories stand in stark contrast to the image of a harsh leadership tied to the intolerant ideology of an authoritarian Communism.
For example, Miles Kwok tells us that Chinese Vice President, Wang Qishan, the man who dictates to his people what they may or may not do, even to the point of ordering them how many children they may have, is a philanderer who has had many wives, many illegitimate children, and even more mistresses, including a beautiful singer and actress who also acts as his money-launderer making a 20% commission on every trade she does on behalf of the powerful.
Kwok quotes one such deal as being a dizzying $12 Billion deposit. Given the size of the Chinese population that was a theft that equates to stealing almost $10 from every man, woman, and child in China in the year 2016 when it happened.
Miles Kwok is a man on a mission. For him, it’s either him or them. One of them has to fall first, and he needs for the Chinese elite to be brought down before they get to him.
It begins and ends by understanding the unique structure of the Chinese economy.
As Miles Kwok explains, it will collapse of its own volition after the leaders have destroyed the props that keep their shaky paradise in place. Then, Guo Wengui hopes, the people will rise up in their masses against the corruption.
The basic elements for a massive fall are already in place and observers see how the regime is scrambling to stop the cracks in the dam that will inevitably destroy them.
One needs to understand the Chinese economy according to Gui Wengui who has intimate knowledge of the system, having made his fortune from it.
China has two economies. An internal economy based on the renminbi (RNB, commonly known as the yuan, the official Chinese currency.)  The RNB is also one of the world’s major reserve currencies.
It also has another economy based on the US dollar. This is for all business and financial transactions conducted outside of mainland China.
China went from being an 11 Billion RMB economy to a $30 Trillion foreign currency economy based on a local economy of only 12 Trillion RNB.
How does a country grow from eleven billion to twelve trillion in local currency? They did it by printing money to keep their people happy.
China printed more money internally than any other country in the history of the world as a percentage of GDP.
It is not possible to sustain such a false economy without sucking in foreign currency on a massive scale but the Chinese elite cannot do that. It is in their private accounts outside of China, leaving the Chinese banking system at currently 400% of GDP.
According to Miles Kwok, fully 45% of all loans in China may be bad. That is the basis of an unsound economy.  In any economy, if 45% of your loans are bad and your banks are four times your GDP you are insolvent. It is a recipe for disaster.
Kwok claims the major Chinese banks at risk of failure are the Bank of China, followed by the Minsheng Bank, and then the China Development Bank which, according to Kwok, is the main foreign currency money-laundering bank for the Chinese rich and powerful.
As Gui Wengui says, these banks work with the Chinese leadership who have been enriching themselves in billions on the backs of the Chinese people.
Since the Chinese Communist Party elite run the banks they can do whatever they want. They will keep their ties to the outside world open for business. They need the foreign currency. But, inevitably, they are forced to grab assets of successful Chinese entrepreneurs and eventually must suppress the economic future of their people.
As Miles Kwok told Kyle Bass on a Real Vision Finance interview in late 2018, the Chinese leadership stay extraordinarily wealthy by massive money-laundering of foreign currency as they try to find new ways to keep the economic wheel turning.
Miles Kwok asks why is China’s little Hong Kong colony pegged to the US dollar if China’s economy is so great? It’s because, he says, Bank of China HK handles it. It launders money for the leadership in Beijing who keep this money away from their population. Why does BGHK have two thousand workers, he asks.  China has to assert its control over Hong Kong to control the dollar trade that the leadership desperately needs.
When the lovely Fan Bingbing protested in the Chinese media about the Gui Wengui’s accusation about her affairs with the elderly Vice President and her role as a money proxy, she was promptly arrested by her powerful patron, only to emerge as a chastened and silent co-conspirator. Others have been less fortunate, says Wengui.
Meng Hongwei was an influential politician who got too greedy. He also became head of Interpol during 2016-2018. This position didn’t stop him from going missing when he and his wife fled to France. He was accused of owing the authorities over two million dollars in bribe money. Rumor has it that he volunteered to return to China where he went missing. Miles Kwok said he was killed in the south of France by Qishan’s men. 
Hongwei’s wife, Grace, said she does not believe the accusations against her husband, but that his disappearance was a political hit job. 
“Everybody in China is at risk,” she said. “Everyone should be concerned that something like this could happen to them. The term anti-corruption in China has become a synonym for crimes that are unjustifiable.”
Grace Meng refuses to meet unaccompanied with Chinese officials. She says that she finds them impossible to trust them, calling them “cruel.”
She and her children are living under police protection in the French town of Lyon.
Miles Kwok rightly ask how could the head of Interpol suddenly go missing in France? How did this man get transported from France and flown to China without the knowledge of the French police and authorities? What happened to his car? All unanswered questions. Kwok believes he was killed by Chinese assassins sent by the Chinese Vice President.
The question remains. How is it possible that a corrupt member of the Chinese Politburo can reach the rank of head of Interpol, the international criminal police organization?
Another rich Chinaman was killed in France.  They claim he died after falling of a wall on June 6, 2018.
Wang Jian was a billionaire. He was the chairman of the HNA Group. According to a report he fell of a high wall in Bonnieux in the Provence region. 
The French newspaper, Liberation, claimed he committed suicide because of business worries.
The story of HNA is instructive. The Group, according to Miles Kwok, was one of the companies of the Chinese top level elite. They bought and borrowed their way into becoming one of China’s most prominent conglomerates. They bought blue-chip Manhattan real estate, a computer distributor, a hedge fund. It amassed about $86 Billion by the end of 2016.
Jian’s company had over $230 Billion in assets. 
The disappearance and deaths of high-profile Chinese investors and businessman with large foreign currency deposits are becoming common Chinese practice.
Steve Bannon said in a South China Post article, “The situation with what I would call the best and the brightest of China, they are either missing, suicide, dead, in prison or their assets stripped.”
Miles Kwok argued that Jian was murdered. 
The paper claimed that following the death of Jian and the accusations of Bannon and Miles Kwok, the HNA Group attempted to sue Guo in a New York court for $300 million in damages for accusing the company of engaging in corrupt activities and having secret ties to the family of a high-ranking Communist Party official.
In November 2019, Miles Kwok revealed a USB bank statement stating that the sum of $1.5 Billion was transferred into the personal account of Sun Yao.
Sun Yao happens to be the daughter of China’s Vice President, Wang Qishan.
Kwok explains that transfers such as these don’t stay in the account for long. They disappear into private accounts in one of China’s foreign account banks. 
And why did Jack Ma, the charismatic owner of Alibaba, suddenly resign from his own company at the early age of 55, and why is that company now being run by the Communist Party of China?
Jack Ma not only owned Alibaba. He has a private company called Finance Group, a company that challenges the official CCP banks with trillions of dollars.
When asked what is likely to happen to Jack Ma, Miles Kwok made a prediction. “Chinese billionaires only have two futures. Jail or die.”
China has a major currency deficit. They only have one option to keep their people calm at home. Print more money.
But eventually, their economy will collapse, the people will be sent back to poverty, and they will rise up in their millions against their leaders.
Guo Wengui, nee Mile Kwok, in on a crusade to overturn the ruling elite in China.
The question remains, who falls first.
The China Virus pandemic is making it harder for disreputable Chinese companies to hide their corruption.
LK Coffee, once touted as a major rival to Starbucks, crashed and burned on the New York Stock Exchange when it was discovered that they were cooking the books to the tune of billions of yuan after Ernst & young started asking questions.
In mid-April, Fitch Ratings downgraded Yunnan Metropolitan Construction Group to BBB. Standard and Poor considers a rating of BBB to be the lowest grade for a security to be considered investment worthy. It’s $800 Million bond due April 2022 is now only worth 75 cents to the dollar.

Michael Bloomberg, former NY mayor and Democratic presidential candidate became a billionaire due to his close ties to the CCP elite in China. When his Bloomberg News headlines an article “Coronavirus Gives China Inc Cover to Behave Badly” (April 20) you can be sure that there is trouble afoot in Beijing.
PS. The writer would like to offer the theory of another potential pandemic crime that has been troubling him for some time.
Why would overseas Chinese real estate companies, such as The Greenland Group, Risland Australia and others, search the globe buying national reserves of medical equipment suited for a pandemic, including protective masks, gloves and clothing, ventilators and respirators and virus testing kits, only for the Chinese Government to sell them on to countries in desperate need for profit?
The bulk purchases were done between the end of December and the beginning of January when the Chinese said they had a localized problem with no human-to-human transmission.  The supplies were warehoused by the government only to be resold in what looks like a bait and switch operation for massive foreign currency profit a month or so later.
This neatly fits into the theme of this article that the driving principle of the regime leaders is the ongoing search for foreign currency.
How did they go from mass purchases by private companies into government to government resale by the regime? Was this planned in advance with knowledge of the nature of the virus and its effect on the world if their population was allowed to travel abroad?
It is unlikely that Western governments such as Australia, Canada, the United States and in Europe will tell us how they got suckered into emptying their national and state reserves. Certainly China will not cooperate. But this should be the job of professional journalists and investigative reporters.
There is after all the makings of a global scam here.
Despite the corrupt economic system of Communist China there is no doubt that they have made a fortune in foreign currency as being the major source of essential, even life-saving, equipment across the globe.

In the economic game of the Wuhan Virus, they have won and we have lost. It is high time we recalibrated our priorities and stop propping up the billionaires in China’s Politburo. 

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Biden’s sexual misconduct & family nepotism must be investigated.

The biased hypocrisy of the #MeToo Movement was blatantly obvious when Tara Reade came forward to complain about being sexually assaulted by Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden.
Result? Total silence.
The assault took place in his Senate office in 1993. Reade put her complaint on record at the Senate. Her complaint was ignored.  She also complained about Biden’s assault to friends and family.
In March of last year, Reade told the Union, a Nevada County, California, paper, that Biden had a habit of touching her inappropriately when she worked for him between 1992 and 1993. “He used to put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck,” she said. “I would just kind of freeze and wait for him to stop doing that.” According to the Union, a “confidante” of Reade’s confirmed the account. Reade also added that she was fired over her refusal to serve drinks at an event, after learning Biden allegedly wanted her to do so because he liked her legs. She said that many of the senior employees in Biden’s office “protected” their boss.
Last month, she expanded on the allegation on the Katie Halper Show, telling the filmmaker that Biden assaulted her when she was dropping off a gym bag with him in spring 1993. “I handed him the thing and he greeted me,” Reade said. “There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall.”
“It happened all at once,” she continued. “His hands were on me and underneath my clothes. And then he went down my skirt, but then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers. And he was kissing me at the same time.” Reade said Biden asked her if she “wanted to go somewhere else,” and when she broke away from him, that he said: “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.”
Reade repeated her story to the Times, recalling how the alleged assault “happened at once,” and how she remembers him telling her afterward: “‘You’re nothing to me. Nothing.’ Then, he took my shoulders and said, ‘You’re OK, you’re fine.’”
Reade says she subsequently told her mother, now deceased, and two friends, who confirmed to the Times that she’d shared her account with them. She also says she made harassment complaints to Marianne Baker, Mr. Biden’s executive assistant, and two of his top aides, Dennis Toner and Ted Kaufman, without getting into specifics. When they didn’t do anything, she says she filed a written complaint with “a Senate personnel office.”
Reade alleges that she later experienced workplace retaliation — she says a number of her responsibilities, including intern management, were taken away — which culminated with Kaufman firing her.
Reade’s brother and two friends do recall her talking about her “traumatic experience” while working in Biden’s office.
It is interesting to compare how the Democrats, their compliant media, and the #MeToo activists responded to this complaint and ow they acted in their fiery outrage against Trump nominee, Judge Brett Kavanagh.
Remember the MeToo cry “Believe All Women!” when a false complaint was brought about him over some vague event decades before?
What happened to that slogan when it came to Biden’s accuser? Well, nothing.
The biased shoe, it seems, is on the other foot when a leading Democrat is the abuser.
Lara Reade must go the way of Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers and all the other women raped or sexually molested by another high profile Democrat, President Bill Clinton.
In the Kavanagh case, the media had a field day attacking him and his family mercilessly.
Biden, on the other hand, is protected by a media that will be rock solid behind his 2020 candidacy.
When unsubstantiated rumors were brought against a college-period Kavanagh, Jason Johnson, the political editor of The Root said on MSNBC, in September 2019, “I never heard of a one-time rapist.”
This TV jerk called Judge Kavanagh a “gang rapist,” based on no evidence whatsoever.
There was no corroboration that Kavanagh ever met his accuser at the time and place she mentioned. There is clear evidence of the working relationship between Reade and Biden.
Is Johnson now prepared to go back onto MSNBC and say the same about Joe Biden? I doubt it.
Biden deserves due process, but Lara Reade’s complaint also deserves the same respect and due diligence that was afforded to Christine Blassey Ford.
If that was an essential step in the process of affirming Kavanagh onto the Supreme Court, how much more essential is it to thoroughly investigate charges against a Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, in advance of the November election?
The New York Times led the charge against Brett Kavanagh in large part because of their political bias. Kavanagh was the nominee of President Trump, therefore in their eyes worthy of persecution and prosecution.
This bias clearly warped their coverage against Lara Reade’s complaint against their 2020 champion, Joe Biden.
Their double standard and their botched up job at all levels was truly jaw dropping.
The story of Joe Biden’s impropriety had been brewing for over a week and the NYT had to print something. Lara Reade’s complaint was graphically explicit and required a response.
Part of the NYT’s coverage of the incident on April 12 included a startling sentence.
"The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable."
Perhaps inadvertently, the Times has opened up a history of Biden’s penchant of sliding up to women and fondling them.
This leads to the necessity of examining in detail Biden’s strange sexual behavior over the years.
Does America was another Democratic President touching and fondling women making them feel uncomfortable to be in close proximity to him?
Where is #MeToo when you need them most? Missing in action.
This section of the NYT article was removed following a call from Biden’s campaign team, showing clear evidence of media compliance by a news outlet in an election period.
Then the big shoe fell.
NYT Executive Director, Dean Basquet, opened his mouth and put his foot in it.
“I think that the campaign thought that the phrasing was awkward and made it look like there were other instances in which he had been accused of sexual misconduct."
Then he seemed to emphasize Biden’s strange pathology with women.
"We didn’t think it was a factual mistake. I thought it was an awkward phrasing issue that could be read different ways and that it wasn’t something factual we were correcting.”
The big boss of NYT didn’t think it was a factual mistake that Biden fondles women, or worse.
This should have been one of the biggest political stories in an election year. It certainly would have been based on the lies that were printed about a Trump non-event with hookers in a Moscow hotel prior to the election four years ago.
But to Basquet, this was “just a different news judgment moment.” 
Yes, it was. Basquet’s judgment was to dilute the story at the request of the Biden squad, a courtesy he did not afford Donald Trump in 2016.
The Biden election team find it awkward to deal with their client’s sexual proclivities.
The double standard is open and amazing. It goes deeper than sexual misconduct.
Biden seems to have gotten away with a history of nepotism with his family’s get rich quick schemes by following or escorting their father/brother/father-in-law around the world and then personally signing multi-million dollar deals in his wake.
Now the media and his party are covering up a history of sexual abuse.
Surely Americans wants these issues investigated before they place their vote?
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Judging Sir Kier Sharmer.

One politician in the spotlight for British Jews and for Israel is Sir Kier Starmer, the new head of Britain’s Labour Party.
He has begun reshuffling his Shadow Cabinet, and we begin to see clues about the future Labour Party.
The signs are not promising.
 After the recent UK election, Labour remained in shameful opposition, partly as a result of becoming the first party to be investigated for impropriety since the British National Party, a far-right organization.
Labour’s “crime” was its wholesale adoption of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment in both word and action. It led to a major exit of many veteran Laborites.
Sir Kier Starmer has promised to maneuver the leaking Labour boat to safer waters.
But is he a good knight, or a wily politician?
He made one appointment that immediately jarred on Jews in the know.
Naz Shah is the last person sensitive British Jews would want to see as the Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, basically an anti-racism minister. At least, not for their community.
I am not sure that the citizens of Rotherham are too impressed with her since, during the awful exposure of gang rapes of local white girls by Pakistani gangs, Shah, born of Pakistani parents, tweeted, “those abused girls in Rotherham just need to shut their mouths for the good of diversityback in 2017.
But it is what she tweeted back in 2014 that concerns both UK Jews and Israelis about Starmer’s judgment. Naz Shah, MP, and potential minister in a future Labour Government, gave her considered solution to the Israel-Palestinian problem. Move all Israeli Jews to America.
“America,” she said, “has plenty of land to accommodate Israel as its 51st state.”
In her tweet she expresses the thought that without those pesky Israelis “the Middle East will again be peaceful (was it ever?) without foreign interference.
In Naz Shah’s eyes, we Israelis are “foreign interference.”
Sounds awfully like Jeremy Corbyn, don’t you think?
Shah fits perfectly into Starmer’s global view. Both are members of Labour Friends of Palestine. Neither have balanced their foreign policy by being members of Labour Friends of Israel.
Why would they, do you think? 
We saw Palestinian flags being waved in one of Starmer’s campaign videos.
Don’t look for an Israeli flag. You won’t find one.
No bias there, right?
We can expect Starmer to pay lip service to the injustice suffered by British Jews. He may even recruit members of his Cabinet to join him in uttering soothing words to British Jews. These will be needed to soften the hammer blow when the Equality and Human Rights Commission deliver their findings on the widespread anti-Semitism at all levels of the party he now leads.
Luke Lakehurst, a former member of Labour’s National Executive Committee, wrote in Fathom magazine,  “Whilst all this is likely to be cause for comfort for those of us who care about anti-Semitism, those of us who support Israel shouldn’t expect dramatic shifts in party policy, and a return to the heyday of the Labour leadership’s warmth towards Israel shown by Blair and Brown,”
Too true.
Although Starmer promised the Jewish community that he would leave no stone unturned in his fight against antisemitism, he also said, “It isn’t realistic to expect the reversal of the policy changes Corbyn brought in of settlement boycotts and an arms embargo.”
In other words, “Watch out Israel! We’re coming for you!”
This is confirmed by his choice to be his Foreign Secretary.
Lisa Nandy in 2018 became the chairperson in Labour Friends of Palestine. Although she called herself a “Zionist,” - possibly the only Zionist ever to be a prominent member of LFP -  she promised to oppose what she calls, “the illegal occupation of Palestine” and the “blockade of Gaza” while, at the same time, supporting BDS by tweeting against businesses “profiting from the occupied Palestinian territories.”
No Jews in Judea & Samaria for the new Labour Foreign Minister.
Clearly, Nandy is a Corbyn groupie. He’s gone. His policies live on in Starmer’s Labour Party.
The new Labour Shadow Foreign Minister opposes the Trump peace plan and wishes to replace it with a No Israel policy of endorsing the Palestinian “Right of Return” objective, thereby annihilating Israel by swamping the Jewish State with a tsunami of Palestinian Arabs.  
And this Zionist assumes that her “Three commitments to a Palestine policy” is based on high principles of international law and human rights.
Unbelievably, Lia Nandy received more votes of support by the Jewish Labour Movement than Starmer – 51% to 45%.
The JLM is the hard left Jewish group that remained in the Labour Party supporting their leader throughout the frightening reign of Jeremy Corbyn. They still have a voice in Labour today.
British Jews remain uncertain about life in a Starmer-led Labour Britain, but Israelis can be certain of one thing.
Starmer may not lay wreaths on the graves of Palestinian terrorists, but a Labour Party under Sir Kier Starmer will not be much better than the one under Corbyn.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS, and Anti-Semitism.’

Friday, 10 April 2020

Palestinian Leadership Abuses their own People During the Virus Crisis.

As Israel assists the Palestinian Ministry of Health to overcome the virus problem in territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority, the PA does what it always does. Bitch to the United Nations, this time claiming that the Jews are exporting the virus into their territory.
Palestinian officials, steeped in Marxist strategies, never let a crisis go to waste.
This has their supporters abroad jumping up and down shouting nonsensically how Israel is oppressing the Palestinians by infecting them with the virus.
We are being falsely accused of exploiting the virus to build new settlements as Magen David Adom put up first aid tents to accommodate virus patients. The PA also accuse our soldiers of spitting on Palestinians cars and on houses, as if they had nothing better to do as part of their service to the health and medical workers in the territories.
When Israel tried to enforce the normal quarantine, regulations applied to all Israeli citizens, to protect Arabs in east Jerusalem, the PA complained to the United Nations of the Jewish State breaching international laws.
This as Israel supplies the Palestinian Arabs with a wide range of equipment and medical needs, including protective clothing and masks, from our own limited stocks, and assists in the transfer of equipment from abroad.
A new agreement has been reached whereby Israel will receive medical cargo from Turkey which will also be transferred to the PA.
Israel is also helping the Palestinian Health Ministry with logistics, medical and economic experts.
You won't hear it from the unappreciative Palestinian Authority, but Israel has transferred 120 million shekels to assist them through the crisis.
Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, said that the PA have reached a new height with their lies that, while there is an international crisis, the Palestinians receive Israeli help with one hand while sending unfounded complaints to the UN with the other.
Danon is sending a list of the assistance that Israel has provided the PA to the UN Security Council so that the international community can judge the truth of what is going on on the ground.
Throughout the crisis, the PA squanders vast amounts of money to their imprisoned terrorists and the families as part of their "Pay to Slay" policy.
According to Maurice Hirsch, the legal analyst at Palestinian Media Watch, the monthly amount could have provided their people with 387,143 test kits or 465 ventilators.
Ashraf Jabari is a former officer in the Palestinian Authority security forces and co-chair of the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce – an NGO that promotes Israeli-Palestinian commercial partnerships.
He said of the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh, who has accused Israel of intentionally infecting Palestinians with the virus and rejects cooperation with Israel, "He is an arrogant person who thinks that the PA can overpower COVID-19 on its own, which is political and medical stupidity."
Bassem Eid, a Jerusalem based human rights advocate on Palestinian affairs, said, "There is a huge level of cooperation between the PA and Israel with regard to combating the virus. No one can deny that. So how can the PA accuse Israel of spreading it? The PA must stop using the virus to incite against Israel."
Meanwhile, in Gaza, Hamas is arresting Gazan peace activists on treason charges for reaching out to their Israeli contacts.
The Hamas Interior Ministry released a statement saying, "Holding any activity or contact with the Israeli occupation under any cover is a crime punishable by law and is a betrayal of the Palestinian people and their sacrifice."
The question to all anti-Israel activists is simple.
Who is oppressing the Palestinians during the troubling virus crisis? Israel, or the corrupt, divided, and failed Palestinian leadership?
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Coping with Crisis the Jewish Way.

How is it that we Jews, Israeli Jews I mean, cope with the virus crisis better than the goyim?
It’s because we have coped with crisis all our lives.  You have to understand that a Jewish live is about three thousand years.
We’ve had to manage with being turfed out of our ancient land and made to suffer many times by goyim in all their forms. Christians. Muslims. Even people who don’t exist anymore. Babylonians. Mamelukes. Amalekites. Egyptians. Romans. Greeks. Ottoman. Nazis. Soviets.
They blamed us for their Black Death. They blamed us for their economic and political ruin. They even blamed us when the Romans killed a Jew.
We cope. They disappear.
Even when driven out of our homeland and forced to live under the goyim we cope. Even with the pogroms, the hate, the impositions, the inquisitions, the expulsions, the massacres, the ghettos, the farhud, the holocausts, the death camps, the gulags, we coped.
Crisis in our more recent life means we have to leave our home and fight off whosoever wants to kills us again.
So when the hidden enemy came to strike us we were ordered to stay home. That for us is not a crisis. We experienced that already back in the day when we were slaves in Egypt as we were reminded ourselves during our Passover Seder service. We had to stay home then. They died. We lived.
Today we have to stay home. We sit, we eat, we watch television.
That is not a crisis. That is a pleasure.
We mange crisis well. What we also do well is worry. We worry how we will cope when we are allowed out. Will we be able to live our lives to the level we had before? That, for us, is a crisis. Why? Because we don’t want to go back to living the way we had before. We want to do better. That’s what Jews do. Try to do better than we were. But we will cope. We know we are going to start behind where we were. But we know we will get back to where we were and then progress. That is what we are good at.
The only thing that troubles us is that it is going to take that bit longer to get back to what we were doing.
As through all our life we are not troubled by the goyim. Let them sort themselves out. If they can’t cope with crisis they will have crisis until they sort themselves out.
It is those among us that trouble us. That is because there are some of us who get in the way of our crisis management. They cope by ignoring the danger. That’s not coping. That’s extending our crisis.
Who are these people who are so slow to cope with this crisis?
They are the ones who enter our lives when we are born, marry, and die.
They emerge from their warren to snip our penis when we are born, marry us when we are in love, and bury us when we die.
Apart from that, we don’t see the black-suited army until they interfere in the way we eat or want to behave on Shabbat. Their shadow rules our life until we have to fight then they disappear, until we die while coping with an external crisis. They do what they do and disappear into their shtetls.
They live a life detached. To them, we are the goyim. Yet they are a part of us.
So it annoys us that they are slow to join us in coping with this crisis. We see them collectively and individually not coping the way they should and it troubles us.  
For people with their noses in the book, they seem slow to learn. But learn they must if we are to survive this crisis.
Maybe this will bring them closer to our collective need to cope, not only with this crisis but with others to come.
For that is our fate. The collective Jewish fate of coping with crisis.

Barry Shaw. Author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Legacy of a Marxist failure – Dr. WHO.

What we should know have known about the head of the World Health Organization, but didn’t.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the name of the top global health official. But what do we know about this man?  The globalization-favoring leftist mainstream media has been silent, apparently reluctant to investigate the total lack of qualifications of this man for the role.
They give him the moniker of “Doctor”, but he is not really a doctor at all. In fact, he is the first World Health Organization Director-General without a medical degree.
He has never cured a patient in his life. He has a diploma in public health, but even this could not cover his dangerous incompetence as Ethiopia’s Health Minister.
There is growing unhappiness with this man following the disastrous virus crisis. Prominent US senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio joined the global call for Doctor WHO’s removal.
Rubio accused him, with reasonable cause, of pandering to Communist Beijing who, through the office of Dr. WHO, misled the global community. Tedros echoed China’s false claim that the virus had no human-to-human transmission.
In other words, he was the global mouthpiece for Chinese lies.
Former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, tweeted about Tedros’s unquestioning promotion Chinese lies. “This was posted by the WHO on January 14, that the WHO found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus.”
The World Health Organization didn’t find any because they didn’t look. Tedros Adhanom simply chanted China’s disinformation.
President Trump imposed a travel ban on Chinese entering the United States in late January. He is no medical expert. Trump was right. The World Health Organization under Tedros was wrong.
In February, Tedros, the Chinese front man at the World Health Organization, continued to say there was no need to impose travel restrictions on China. He insisted that measures to restrict travel and trade were “unnecessary” in trying to halt the spread of the virus. This as hospitals and cemeteries were filling with the victims of the Chinese pandemic.
Because Tedros echoed China’s lies, the global communities lost vital weeks in evaluating and fighting the pandemic to the cost of 100,000 lives and widespread economic ruin, a global ruin that is benefiting China’s Belt and Road foreign and economic global policy.
Not only does China have a global responsibility to come clean, so does the WHO. But who is going to keep their feet to the fire? The United Nations? Forget it!
In early April, while the China pandemic was raging from country to country, China was elected to sit on the UN Human Rights Council panel, a committee that decides who is a human rights abuser. Any bets that China will be excluded from such a list no matter how many of their citizens were abused, silenced, welded into infected apartment buildings to die, or made to disappear throughout China’s national epidemic.
In February and March, as the world was reeling from the Chinese virus, Tedros continued to praise the Beijing regime. 
In February he said, “I was so impressed with my meeting with President Xi and his commitment to take serious measures to prevent the spread of the virus to other countries.”
What “serious measures” was he referring too? We haven’t seen any.
Was this China apologist aware that China had blocked internal travel within their own country, yet allowed the massive departure of millions of Chinese to spread the virus around the world?
So, who is this Doctor WHO?
US Senator, Tom Cotton, gives us a clue when he said “never trust a communist.” Was he referring to China? Or was he referring to Tedros Adhanom?
How did this little known health official get to be elected to the top global health position?
He had backers, the main one being the Communist regime of China who helped him whip the votes of other nations.  It was China’s role that defeated the candidacy of Tedros’s rival, UK’s David Nabarro.
His launch pad was as Health Minister of Ethiopia.  His record in this job was controversial. In fact, it should have been the reason why he should never have been the head of the WHO in the first place, but China intervened with the acquiescence of too many Western governments.
The dark secret is that non-doctor Tedros Adhanom covered up another epidemic. The Ethiopian Health Ministry under his watch was suspected of hiding three separate cases of cholera.
Lightning strikes twice, or in Dr. WHO’s case, four times, it seems. And he gets away with it.
So what is the link between this failed Ethiopian Health Minister and the mighty Peoples Republic of China?
It is twofold.
The wife of China’s President XI is a goodwill ambassador of the World Health Organization, a role she has held for many years to keep Chinese interests front and foremost.
Tedros Adhanom also served as the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, and he used that role to extend both national and personal links with the top Chinese elite.
Through Adhanom’s role as Foreign Minister, China has loaned over $13 billion to poverty-stricken Ethiopia. That country is now in hock to the Chinese Communists.
China knew this man was in their pocket.
In a 2017 report in the Ethiopian News & Views bulletin, Adhanom was accused of committing crimes against humanity, accusing him of a systematic genocide against the Amhara people.
Tedros was not only a Marxist. He belonged to a terrorist organization.
Tedros’s candidacy for the WHO position was vigorously opposed by several Ethiopian parties based on his political connection and career with the Marxist terror group, the Tigray’s Peoples Liberation Front, who provided millions of dollars from their war chest for his candidacy to the top WHO post, proving that Tedros reached the top of the global greasy pole with the help of a Marxist terror group and a mighty Communist dictatorship.
Tedros Adhanom proposed a kindred ideological spirit, Zimbabwe dictator and fellow Marxist, Robert Mugabe, to become another WHO goodwill ambassador. Mugabe was financed, armed and supported by China when he usurped power in his country.
One begins to see the Marxist Communist circles in which Dr. WHO moves.
Tedros’s proposal of Mugabe was met with such huge outrage that he had to drop his ally. Under Mugabe’s Marxist rule, Zimbabwe’s health system, like everything else under Mugabe’s dictatorship, was in total collapse.
One would think that such dreadful judgment and lack of qualifications would have disqualified Tedros as head of a world organization. Apparently this doesn’t apply if a global figurehead is the puppet of Communist China.  Yet the rest of the international community remains shamefully tight-lipped.
It became obvious during the ongoing Wuhan virus crisis that the WHO had become the propaganda arm of China.
The big loser throughout the prolonged virus crisis was the media. Governments relied for information on the World Health Organization who were acting as messengers of the Beijing regime, but the gatekeepers of truth and news were asleep at the wheel. Many American media outlets bashed the president as a racist and xenophone for imposing a travel ban on Chinese visitors into America while printing the lies of the WHO chief who was defending China.
Another disgraceful incident, which again exposes the umbilical cord between a dominant China and a supine WHO, has been the refusal of the World Health Organization to acknowledge the existence of Taiwan, this at the behest of their Communist masters. In fact, Taiwan has been left in the lurch, to cope with the virus alone. The WHO has not lifted a finger to help Taiwan with the ravages of the Made in China virus, because China put the chokehold on the WHO not to lift a finger to help them.
The WHO is so deeply in the pocket of Beijing that the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister, Aso Taro, was bold enough to say the WHO should be renamed “The Chinese Health Organization.”
The disgraceful leadership of Tedros Adhanom was apparent as late as March 9 when he denied the China virus had become a pandemic.  In fact, the WHO did not warn the world that it was a pandemic until March 12 proving that the WHO is an unreliable world health watchdog.
He failed his country. He failed the world. Yet remains at his post, propped up by China.
This is the legacy of the Marxist failure, Dr. WHO.
Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.