Monday, 13 July 2020

BLM mission statement. No family. No God. Only BLM Marxism.

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BLM mission statement includes destroying traditional family framework (father, mother, kids). They are against patriarchal systems. They want to replace the nuclear family with some sort of caring society. You couldn't make this up, but it is their future plan.
They are also against faith. Nothing should be worshipped and obeyed except their rule. That's why churches are being torched, synagogues are being desecrated, and statues of Jesus, Mary, and Moses have to come down. One statue that remains untouched, in pristine condition, is the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle. I wonder why? Is it because this is their future, not their past?
It is all part of their self-declared quer-based manifesto. (Read 'What We Believe').
What has shocked me has been how many "progressive" white folk in America know this and still intend to vote Democrat in the 2020 election.
They hate Trump so much they prefer to cast their vote for Marxism and anarchy.
America has lost its collective mind.
Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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