Friday, 24 July 2020

Two Prominent Democrat Voters. Their views today.

Two Prominent Democrat Voters. Their views today.

LEO TERRELL. Black civil rights lawyer.

“Donald J. Trump has done more for black Americans than the Obama-Biden Administration. The reason I am voting for Donald Trump is because Joe Biden went on national radio and said, ’If you vote for Trump, you ain’t black!’ That is racist. Biden is a racist.
“What is amazing is you have another dinosaur in Jim Clyburn who uses terms like ‘Nazi’ and “Gestapo.’ That is insulting to the people who suffered in the Holocaust. He needs to retire. You have all these outdated Democrats who are pandering to blacks. Blacks reject this and, with the crimes going on in Democrat cities, this is insulting. Let’s be clear. The only person who can resurrect these Democrat cities and save them from lawlessness is Donald Trump.
“But let’s be clear. Joe Biden is the racist, not Donald Trump.
“This will be the first time in my life. I’m the same Leo. Here’s the reason. Joe Biden is insulting the intelligence of the American public. Why? This man has had eight years to do all these Socialist activities during the Obama Administration, and they failed.  Let’s be clear. In three Trump years, low unemployment for all people of color. But the joke is the American public cannot be fooled. Joe Biden has already had eight years. He is not honest. He is not up front, and it’s a Socialist agenda. This is the first time in my life I am voting Republican. 
“I stopped drinking the Democrat CoolAid. I can’t take the hypocrisy anymore. That comment by Biden was so offensive and Spike Lee says it’s OK. It’s not OK.  If any Republican said that they would be in big trouble.
“I don’t need the Democrat Party to insult me or to placate me with African garb, Nancy Pelosi. Pass some laws. Pass some reforms. Show me something, rather than some kind of condescending act just because you’re a Democrat. That doesn’t work anymore.
“The Democratic Party left me. That is why I am in the position I am today.
“Last point. Democrats! Please leave the Party! If you want law and order you cannot get it from the Democrats. But let’s be clear. Joe Biden is the racist, not Donald Trump.”

GERALDO RIVERA. TV reporter. Liberal and Democrat voter.

“Donald Trump. I know him. I’ve been to his building fifty times, and for Biden to say he’s the first racist to be elected president shows how disconnected Joe Biden is. Joe Biden should do a little research before he makes such flamboyant statements like these. LBJ used language far more salty than Donald Trump.
“This man is a good-hearted man and, in terms of opportunity Zones, the Criminal Justice Reforms, and employment he really has done more for African-Americans than the recent president for integration and advancement of everybody, regardless of race, creed, or color.
“The greatest political myths put out by the media for decades is how much the Democrats have done for minorities.”

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  1. I hope Leo reaches out to many black voters. They will believe him and not see him as an Uncle Tom.