Friday, 11 September 2020

The Tyranny of an American Red-Black-Blue Alliance.

Two of the people who were threatened by the BLM-ANTIFA mob as they left the Republican National Convention at the White House were Senator Rand Paul and his wife.

Paul and his wife were just two of hundreds that were harrassed, insulted, and threatening by a mob of Democrat anarchists, most from out of town.

According to the Senator, a bunch of the anarchists, including one of the arrested rioters, flew in from other states and stayed at the expensive Willard Hotel ($500-$1000 a night).
Out of the 175 rioters arrested in Kenosha, 102 were not locals.
Who is paying for these travelling anarchists?
According to the records of BLM, the biggest contributor is Corporate America who openly admit they contribute to BLM where donations become a slush fund in which a huge chunk goes on personnel expenses.
The equivalent "personnel expenses" for money donated to the Palestinian Authority goes to pay terrorists who murder Israelis as part of their "Pay to Slay" reward policy.

The BLM version of "personnel expenses" is to cover the costs of their travelling domestic terrorists.
Evidence of this was the profile of 26-year old, Brennan Sermon, who flew from Orlando, Florida, to harass the senator and his wife. Sermon was arrested for assaulting a police officer who was protecting the Pauls causing the officer to be hospitalized for stitches to a deep cut.
Rand Paul said, after the incident, that he felt he would have been killed had the few policemen not been there.
A second contributor to the devastation caused in most Democrat cities is paid for the public who thought they were contributing to an altruistic cause.
They were wrong. They are defined in Soviet terms as "useful idiots." And as BLM is a Marxist organization, this makes sense.
The third biggest contributors to the destruction of American cities are local taxpayers who see their money wasted by mayors and local officials who order them into lockdown while allowing rioters to assemble enmasse to commit acts of arson, looting and destruction while preventing the police from stopping the violence.
Money donated to numerous BLM funding channels is in excess of $1.2 Billion. That's sufficient to pay for an insurgency and to corrupt the political system, including the voting system, come election day in America.
BLM money is also diverted through Act Blue which is a fund-raising channel for the Democrat Party. This is the symbiotic financial relationship between violence and politics.. An American Red-Black-Blue Alliance.
The main goal of the Marxists and anarchists, disguised as "social justice" warriors, is to force their policies into power using the Democratic Party as their Trojan Horse.
Barry Shaw.
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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