Friday, 27 November 2020

Masks. Lockdowns. Vaccines. A Contrarian View.

Around the world there is a manic mask mandate on steroids. But do masks stop the spread of Covid? 

The answer depends on who you ask. That’s science for you. Its precociously contrarian at a time you want definitive answers.

If you had followed the American experts, from CDC to Fauci, you would have seen a 180-degree swing on statements about masks. And yet, despite the bold certainty of both that masks prevent the spread of Covid, there are the results of studies that cast doubt even on that certainty.

A Danish mask study, a 4,800-person randomized trial that took place in the spring and early summer, showed there was little statistical difference in infection rates between a group that wore masks and another group that didn’t.

42 of 2,393 people (1.8%) in the mask group and 53 of 2,470 (2.1%) in the no-mask group. The difference was not statistically significant.

Dr. Christine Laine, editor in chief of the Annals of Internal Medicine, said, Masks “are not a magic bullet,” she said. “There are people who say, ‘I’m fine, I’m wearing a mask.’ They need to realize they are not invulnerable to infection.”

A study by the Institute of Medical Science at Tokyo University published on 21 October, 2020, found that medical masks (surgical and even N95 masks) could not completely block the transmission of virus droplets/aerosols, even when sealed.

N95 respirators and surgical masks prevent pathogens from infecting others, but the jury is out on the effectiveness of the flimsy cotton masks worn by most of the public.

There is an assumption that cloth masks offer at least some protection but evidence of the benefit from cloth masks is scarce. 

The standard view is expressed by Dr. John Brooks, chief medical officer of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Covid-19 response program.

“The more people who wear a mask, the more the community is protected and therefore the more you individually benefit. It’s like a herd effect.”

Dr. Brooks said: “We believe strongly that universal masking policies can help avert shutdowns.”

If that were so why are so many countries enforcing both mask-wearing and lockdowns?

There is evidence that the common cloth masks you and I wear is next to useless. 

Dr. Thomas Frieden, chief executive of Resolve to Save Lives, an advocacy group, and former director of the C.D.C., tried to put a positive spin on this issue. 

“An N95 mask is better than a surgical mask,” Dr. Frieden said. “A surgical mask is better than most cloth masks. A cloth mask is better than nothing.”

Basically, these health experts tack on masks after recommending social distancing and hand washing. They prescribe masks to allow society to go about their business claiming that this additional step may prevent drastic lockdowns, another scourge on society. But they enforce lockdowns anyway.

Sweden is a country that defied both mask-wearing and lockdowns.

Kicking against the blind acceptance of mask mandates is Sweden. 

Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist for the Swedish public health authority, has relied heavily on the public adopting a policy of herd immunity to allow them to build up antibodies.  Although admitting that the use of face masks could be considered when visiting busy and confined places, he has been against mass mask mandates.

“The evidence is weak,” he told the Science journal. “Countries that have masks are not doing the best right now. It is very dangerous to try to believe that masks are a silver bullet.”

Swedish authorities actively discouraged people from wearing face masks which, they said, would spread panic, are often worn the wrong way, and can provide a false sense of safety.

In Sweden, they took active steps to prevent the fear factor from influencing their open society herd immunity method of fighting against Covid to the extent that individuals, particularly medical professionals were published for wearing a mask.

Agnieszka Howoruszko, an ophthalmologist at a regional hospital in Landskrona, began to wear a mask in March when she examined patients. She was twice reprimanded but was allowed to continue wearing a mask after explaining that she worked with elderly and vulnerable patients.  The big mistake that Sweden made was not protecting their elderly, a section of society more prone to the ravages of Covid, which resulted in their high death rates.

Dorota Szlosowska, a pulmonologist who worked at Sundsvall regional hospital, was not as lucky as the Landskrona doctor. Her work contract was not renewed because of her constantly wearing a mask.

Sweden is resisting mask wearing pressure from the WHO and the EU health agency ECDC. and Tegnell insists Sweden's numbers have gone down since routines were improved at nursing homes, and because people now stay home when they are sick, work from home, and respect social distancing.
"To try to replace those measures with face masks won't work," Tegnell said. "Several countries that introduced masks are now seeing big resurgences," he said on August 14th.

He seems to be right. Graphs of several European countries show spikes in Covid patients AFTER the imposition of mask wearing mandates.

So should we follow the scientists? Evidence suggest that we shouldn’t. Try Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director, said about Remdesivir on 29 April, 2020, “Remdesivir has a clear-cut significant positive effect in diminishing time to recovery for patients with Covid-19. This will be the standard of care. A drug that can block this virus,”

We can trust science, can’t we?  Well, apparently we can’t.

A month later, Dr. Peter Breggin released a report, “Fauci’s Remdesivir: Inadequate to Treat Covid-19 and Potentially Lethal,” in which his opening statement read, “We have found that Remdesivir is a failed antiviral drug that will probably do more harm than good for many coronavirus patients.”

As Dr. Vladimir Zelenko told me back in August, “For early stage Covid patients Hydroxychloroquine is much safer than Remdesivir. Remdesivir causes dangerous cardiovascular problems such as atrial fibrillation (6%), hypotension (8%), and cardiac arrest (1%). Remdesivir also causes hepatic toxicity (23%), kidney damage (19%), and serious lung damage (10%) such as ARDS.”

So whose science are we supposed to follow?  Certainly not that of Dr. Fauci. And apparently not Dr. Zelenko. He was demonized and pilloried by the health bureaucrats, Big Pharma and the media, as have so many reputable outpatient physicians, for saving early stage Covid patients’ lives with a simple off label drug called Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with zinc and Azithromycin, an antibiotic.

His theory was that it is possible to cure Covid patients in the early days when the infection is in its flu-like condition and prevent them deteriorating into the pneumonia stage of the disease where they will need hospitalization and more severe treatment.

From the numerous interviews I have conducted with physicians, patients, researchers, the overwhelming evidence is that the Zelenko Protocol works and saves lives. There is a science behind it, and it is based on a drug that have been found to be safe for over half a century.

But clinical trials were held in conditions not conducive to success. HCQ was administered to late stage patients, often in dangerously high doses.

Dr. Zelenko told me that the HCQ-zinc combination is highly effective while the virus is in its early flu-like stage and should be administered before the disease develops into more deadly pneumonia-like symptoms.

These trials were doomed to failure and the results, together with a Lancet article, which was shown to be fraudulent and retracted, were used to enforce a ban on outpatient doctors and local clinics from prescribing HCQ to early stage Covid patients.

Epidemiologist Professor Harvey Risch says the results of the late stage clinical trials of HCQ were irrelevant because that drug was never meant to be prescribed for hospitalized patients.

This cheap drug continues to be available to lupis patients including pregnant women and those breast-feeding babies. I interviewed one such person in one of my videos. A young mother who came down with Covid and took HCQ according to the Zelenko Protocol while breast-feeding her baby. “I didn’t want to go to hospital and die,” she told me. She didn’t. She got better in matter of three days.

I have drawn a conclusion that the ban on HCQ for outpatient use in Israel has been the contributing factor for the significant rise in the Covid death rate in Israel.

Toward the end of Israel’s first Covid wave the number of mortalities were in the low 300s. As Israel struggles to emerge from the second wave, the death total approached 3,000.

Why the drastic difference? Could it be the ban placed by Israel’s public health bureaucrats on outpatient doctors and clinics from prescribing the drug that dare not speak its name to their patients has caused many more people to become seriously infected and die?

In the absence of any contrary reason, this provocative question still stands.

So how can we trust our public health officials who force us into hospital when there is a drug they will not let us have, bureaucrats and politicians that force us into lockdowns that, in the long run, do not work, and cause more damage to us individually and as a society?  A damage that will be felt for years to come?

As Professor Risch explained to me. “If you want to enforce effective lockdowns, keep every person in your society in long term lockdown, until there are zero daily infections. Then keep them there for another two to three weeks to ensure there will be no reoccurrence of the virus. Anything less than that merely postpones the inevitable – another spike in the infection rate.”

Of course, he said, no country can possibly survive such drastic measures.

He was right. The cure cannot be worse than the problem. But this is precisely what is being imposed on us with harsh authoritarian lockdowns.

I predict we will see the ravaging damage of the current lockdown by early next year on our streets when the hopeless homeless have nowhere to go but to the sidewalks and parks of our major cities.

The public health establishment, our politicians, ignored the obvious signs of a society in breakdown.

The economic, mental, physical, sociological health of our community cannot be nurtured in lockdown. Our fracturing, deteriorating, society is caused by authoritarian bureaucrats with little concern, and even less action, to prevent the enormous damage they are causing.

Spousal violence is resulting in murder against women as the stress of unemployment and the consequential inability to pay rent, rates, energy costs drive people to drugs, drink and despair. 

This damage was not caused by a virus from China. This damage was caused by bad leadership.

And we have yet to ponder on the troubling thought of what we are not being told about the vaccines that may be forced on us.

Before you rush to get yourself injected, have you any idea for how long you will remain virus free? A year? A month?

We are told it is 90% effective. Effective for what? It means not having immediate dangerous side effects? But what about longer term side effects? Nobody knows

And for how long any effectiveness of a vaccine will last? Is it a marathon, or a sprint, before the vaccine effectiveness wears off?  This is what the CDC guideline says; “Regarding vaccination, we won’t know how long immunity lasts until we have a vaccine and more data on how well it works.” In other words, they have no idea.

I heard Bill Gates talk about a “digital signature” at the recent New Economy Forum. This is the New World Order being planned by those who want to control our lives.

Bill Gates spoke excitedly about the future of the World Health Organization and the need “to have a conversation” about his digital signature.

Bill Gates is invested in Moderna, and his Foundation website talks about mRNA genetic engineering.

Could Bill Gates digital signature be inserted into our bodies in a vaccine that turn us into robots for Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Corp and compliant governments, to track how we function, what we do, where we go, what we read, what we think, so they can program us for their commercial and control purposes?

Given this knowledge, would you take a Moderna vaccine?

It was clear from the recent Bloomberg-sponsored New Economy Forum that the globalists are busy designing our future. Did anyone notice that it was China that hosted the event, not the United States?

They are pumping more things into our arms and our heads than a vaccine.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

He is the author of several books, and has produced several videos on aspects of Covid-19.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Biden, Israel, the Left and the Middle East.


What the left in the United States and Europe choke on is the fact that Israel is demonstrably a force for good, progress, prosperity and stability in the Middle East and a wider world.

This fact goes against their faded narrative; a narrative they are loath to surrender.

Another concept that has left them trailing in the diplomatic wilderness is the thought that the Palestinian issue is central to Israel’s acceptance in the region. It may be a central prop of leftist academic thinking and dated European diplomacy, but it has diminished credibility in the region where much of the Arab world is fed up with Palestinian obstinacy and violence and have reached out to the Jewish state for normalcy and progress.

We see this as Arab states sign normalization agreements with Israel and an embracement of new trade, science, research, tourism, technology, medical, even shared intelligence and national security agreements, being signed daily.

The Abraham Accords have replaced the old Khartoum slogans of “No peace with Israel. No recognition of Israel. No negotiations with Israel.”

The Palestinians, the ones who need normalcy and progress more than most, are stuck in 1967 Khartoum mode even as the emerging moderate Arab world, both Sunni and Shia, are embracing Abraham Accords 2020.

Now we hear rumors that the Biden Administration, in rejection of everything positive achieved by President Trump, is looking backward for an alternative route in their foreign policy.

There can be no progress in walking backward.

The situation with Iran will not improve by Biden going back to his old appeasement strategy with the Mad Mullahs of Tehran. It didn’t work the first time. It won’t work now.

If one thing came out of the change of heart by Arab leaders toward Israel was a shared reality of the advancing danger of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  One thing is known by Israel and our neighbors. An American smile will not deter the messianic determination of the Iranian regime to dominate the Middle East, and later the West.

The radical Israel haters are already banging on Biden-Harris’s door in their determination to put the Palestinian issue front and center. 

While researching and writing about the rising anti-Semitism within Britain's Labour Party, with the inevitable anti-Israel campaigning, I predicted that this stain of anti-Semitism will be increasingly seen in America. It has not only arrived in Congress, it will be represented within the White House by Reema Dodin, a senior legislative affairs staff member who supports Palestinian suicide bombers.

Talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Berkeley she said that "Suicide bombers were the last resort" for the Palestinians. One would have thought that compromise and a desire for a peaceful statehood would be the first and last resort, not suicide bombers and rockets.

The old anti-Israel slanders will be wheeled out, slanders that overlook the rabid hatred, violence, and utter failure to accept the presence of Israel, all originate and are perpetuated on the divided Palestinian side.

Divided by the two warring factions that have been at each others throats since before 1967. These factions are not Israel and the Palestinian terrorists, although that fire has been burning for far too long. The real divide that has hampered every solution has been between the PLO-PLFP Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah, and Hamas-Palestinian Islamic Jihad faction based in Gaza.

 If there were an election today, Hamas would win. This is why Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have not held a national election since 2007. They know they would lose. And yet, the peacemakers would have Israel surrender to an entity, like Iran, that will never accept a Jewish state in the region.

It is obvious to the simplest mind that no progress to peace is possible until there is one moderate partner to speak on behalf if a united people that is prepared to recognise Israel as a legitimate nation. 

The reason there has been no progress for over fifty years is because so-called peace advocates have been delusional dreaming about a distant oasis called 1967 peace, totally unaware that the camel they have been trying to drag through the burning Middle East sand has been dead ever since Yasser Arafat spat on the signed Oslo Accords and continued his war against the Jews from his Mukata headquarters in Ramallah.

No wonder Israel dismisses their anti-Israel resolutions and demands to surrender strategic territory, territory that it has historic and legal rights to possess, to an implacable enemy.

These are the issues that a future Biden Administration will be in conflict with the facts as an increasing number of Arab states turn their backs on the Palestinians in favor of creative new agreements with Israel. 

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is the author of the best-selling book, ‘1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel,’ available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Anti-Israel UN Resolutions Are Literally Dumbfounding.


Do United Nations diplomats ever read the numerous anti-Israel resolutions put in front of them?  Or do they automatically raise their hand in a five-decade automatic knee-jerk reaction?

I ask because I read some of the conditions of a recently approved stab at Israel on 18 November 2020.

This draft resolution had to do with treating Jewish homes in Judea & Samaria and our capital, Jerusalem, as if they belong to a non-existing country and that Israel has no right to our ancient land and our homes.

This draft resolution passed with a 156-6 majority.  The minority countries were Israel, the United States, Canada, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Nauru.

Why do tiny Pacific islands seem to possess more common sense than all the European countries, or even Australia and New Zealand?

Again I ask, did the diplomats that approved the motion read the wording before they raised their hands? Or were they following official guidance from their capitals?

This was a resolution that has been approved annually for decades, so perhaps they can be forgiven for overlooking the wording.  Wording that talks about recognizing Palestinian “sovereign rights” to the “natural resources” of the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

Can someone tell me what sovereign rights does a non-existing country possess?  As they refer to the West Bank, could they be indicating that this territory belongs to Jordan, a country that once claimed this land as theirs? The “West Bank” being on the other side of the River Jordan.

Another head scratcher was the reference calling on Israel “not to impede Palestinian development and export of ‘discovered’ oil and natural gas reserves.”

I would love for any UN diplomat to tell me precisely where the “discovered Palestinian oil and natural gas reserves” are located.

 Do I assume correctly that they are the natural gas reserves out in the Mediterranean that Israel is currently drilling and supplying to Jordan, Egypt, and preparing a pipeline to Greece and Cyprus for delivery to Europe, a continent that voted on mass against Israel?

The entire European Union bloc, including the United Kingdom, voted against Israel. 

Australia joined the countries that did not have the guts to vote against this annual Israel-hate ritual by deciding to abstain. The other abstainers were Brazil and Third World countries such as Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Cote-D’Ivoire, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Kiribati, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Togo and Tuvalu.

No other country has had so many resolutions levelled against it as has the Jewish State. Surely there are legal grounds to sue the United Nations General Assembly for anti-Semitism as defined in the internationally recognized IHRA working definition by applying the double standards that they fail to apply to more malevolent member states.

In surely a major display of diplomatic hypocrisy, two countries, the UAE and Bahrain, that recently signed normalization agreements with Israel, voted against Israel in an Israeli-sponsored resolution that called for greater global entrepreneurship and sustainable development, even as these two countries signed up with Israel for precisely that purpose.

Despite their traditional obstinacy, this Israeli sponsored resolution passed 144-26 with nine abstentions. Among the abstainers were Sudan and South Sudan who are hesitating about signing an agreement with Israel.

The foolish aspect of the behavior of Arab states was that this resolution was not connected to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It was global in nature. Yet the very nations that would benefit from this Israeli diplomatic initiative voted against it.

Mauritania spoke for the Arab group when it accused Israel of being disingenuous in its sponsorship of the resolution.

It was disappointing for Israel to see the UAE, Bahrain and others vote against Israel and get a third party to speak for them even as they are working at warp speed to develop the same Israeli entrepreneurial spirit that they voted against at the United Nations.

But, basically, this is the cynical hypocrisy that Israel has been battling against at the UN for far too long.

Despite that, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said that the passing of the resolution was a victory for Israel and for all countries that care about the future.

Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Friday, 13 November 2020

Dedicated Dead Democrat Voters Decide the 2020 Election.

Dedicated Dead Democrat Voters Decide the 2020 Election.

According to a Pew study, millions of dead people are on voter rolls, and an awful lot are still voting. Maybe they left their mail with someone to vote for them.

Covid was the excuse for mail-in voting and a lot of dead people are taking advantage of the relaxation in absentee ballots and mail-in voting. Almost all of them are in swing states.

Rosemary Hoddle got an unsolicited ballot. Rosemary was an elementary teacher, described as a fun-loving person. She died, but her ballot arrived. Somebody found it and voted for her.

We are told by the Democrats and their supporting media that there was no fraud.

“Nothing there. Stop spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories,” they cry.

But who is doing that, and why?  Instead of the media shouting “Shut up and trust the system.” Perhaps they should consider The Federalist report about Fred Stokes who received an unsolicited ballot on October 9 and, three weeks later, Fred vote by mail. The problem is that Fred died three years ago at the age of 92.

In Pennsylvania, where the Democrat Election official said there was no misconduct, 3,000 dead people received unsolicited voter ballots, and an awful lot of dead people voted.

On October 24, Allegheny County mailed a ballot to Denise Ognett who died just three days before. But the county got her ballot back completed.

This was a Democrat county in a state that passed a 2020 election law permitting votes without requiring signatures which is perfect because dead people cannot sign their names, but they can vote if their ballots are sent to an address.

Obama confirmed this when he said, “There are those who are doing their darndest to use restrictive ID laws.”

 Perhaps the reason was the Republicans wanted a traditional, verifiable and honest election, whereas Obama wanted to cheat the system. Perhaps his unrestrictive voting includes millions of deceased voters?

Sending out masses of unsolicited ballots gets you lots of dead people voting.

In America, there is no investigative body looking into widespread voter fraud. There should be because the alternative to this vacuum is vested interests poo pooing the claims of deep and wide voter fraud.

The New York Times carried the headline “Election Officials Nationwide Find No Fraud,” but how about Deborah Jean Christiansen. Nobody had a bad word to say about her when she died last May and yet, after her death, she still managed to cast her ballot. If it’s not a fraud, it’s an inspiring story. A true patriot doing her duty, even in death.  Like James Blaylock from Covington, Georgia, who died in 2006 yet, 14 years later, this conscientious American cast his ballot in this election.

The NYT insists there was zero voter fraud nationwide, which means these votes must be legitimate because the NYT is never wrong.

Henry Gionta died 2012. Voted 2020.   Mary Weisser died 2012. Voted 2020.

Norine Lucas died 2009. Voted 2020.    Walter Hoak died 2020. Voted 2020.

Joseph Barbano died 2008. Voted 2020. Kristin Rehnberg died 2011. Voted 2020.

Thomas Sullivan died 2006. Voted 2020. John Granahan died 2019. Voted 2020.

George White died 1984. Voted 2020.   Rondall Pearson died 2007. Voted 2020.

Judy Pesto died 2013. Voted 2020.       James Blalock died 2006. Voted 2020.

Jeanne Evans died 2016. Voted 2020.  Barbara Bush died 2020. Voted 2020.

Mary Meardle died 2010. Voted 2020. Thomas Howell died 2010. Voted 2020.

Steven Swartz died 2019. Voted 2020. Linda Kessler died 2003. Voted 2020.

Elizabeth Bartman died 2008. Voted 2020. Helen Mahdi died 2004. Voted 2020.

William Nelson died 2020. Voted 2020. Willie Rayburn died 2009. Voted 2020.

There are thousands more examples but the NYT, Democrat election officials, the DNC, all insist there is nothing to see here.

If there is nothing to see here, then we are forced to believe that dedicated Democrats can still vote from beyond.

That’s what they mean when they say that “absentee ballots” can swing an election.

Nobody can be more absent than dead voters.

Barry Shaw. The View from Israel.


Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Why are American Jewish Organizations Silent About Congressional Anti-Semitism?

Why is it that the ZOA is the only Jewish organization in America that initiated instant condemnation of Ilhan Omar's latest anti-Semitic drumbeat against Israel?

The new set of Omar lies, tweeted after the US election, included the blood libel that Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, accusing the Jewish State of "leaving an entire community homeless in direct violation of international law."

As a member of the US Foreign Affairs Committee, Omar is using these blatant lies in an attempt to condition a possible incoming Biden Administration into stopping US aid to the Jewish state or, in her words, that America "should not bankroll Israel's actions."

Ilhan Omar is, however, is very much in favor of renewing US funding to the Palestinian Authority without the PA being required to stop rewarding their murdering terrorists with American taxpayers’ money for their obscene ‘Pay to Slay’ policy as required by the Taylor Force Act, a bill initiated by President Trump to discourage acts of Palestinian terrorism.

In a French article, Omar twisted truth by avoiding mention of Palestinian Islamist terror groups including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Salafists, as well as the more secular PLO and PLFP, by characterizing them as "victims."

Should Biden become President, and the Democrats take the Senate, and with this party still dominating the House, malevolent anti-Semites led by Omar and Rashida Tlaib will be the ones setting American foreign policy, actively promoting devious regimes such as Somalia, the Muslim Brotherhood, and anti-Israel regimes that will set the Middle East back to the bad pre-Trump era of uncertainty and violence.

Major Jewish organizations in America, be they "progressive" or not, must recalibrate their outdated thinking and rally round Israel by committing to face down any expressions or acts of anti-Semitism emanating from Congress, or from other segments of American society, including the Nation of Islam, Black Lies Matter, CAIR, or the Islamic Society of North America.

We Israelis expect American Jewry to become more vocal in confronting anti-Semites, especially and particularly if they come from individuals and groups who actively supported the political party of their choice.

Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Hammer and the Scorecard. The biggest American political scandal never known.

the Michigan GOP Chairwoman complained that a Michigan computer glitch converted over 6000 votes for Trump into 6000 votes for Biden, and there are 47 other districts using the same computer system.
Days before her announcement, I reported about The Hammer supercomputer, designed by Dennis Montgomery, for use by the Obama Administration intelligence and national security, initially targeting Islamic terrorist data and rogue governments.

This supercomputer was converted by the Obama-Biden regime into a machine that could intercept election computer systems and transfer votes from one candidate to another. The key to this is called the SuperCard.

Further, Obama ordered The Hammer supercomputer to be removed from DC to a facility at Fort Washington in Maryland and has been illegally converted into use in the US election system.
Mr Montgomery was concerned about the misuse of his computer hardware and gave evidence to the FBI.
Barrack Obama is a person worthy of investigation based on his pre-election activities going back to 2016 and his activities over the last year.
Note should be made of a verbal slip by Joe Biden when he inadvertently bragged about "building the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."
The video is included below.
THE HAMMER and the SUPERCARD was deplo
yed by the Democrats to divert votes in troublesome states to their presidential candidate.

This was the computer interception that the GOP Chair referred to.

In my opinion, President Trump must use his authority and immediately deploy FBI agents and AI experts, under the supervision of Dennis Montgomery, to examine The Hammer and the Supercard data and expose malevolent misuse that intercepted and converted votes, and he must do it immediately before state recounts are completed.

If crimes are discovered in numerous states the whole 2020 US Election will have been put into jeopardy.
If the supercomp
uter and the key were used to subvert a national election, people must be indicted on serious charges, and this list must include both Obama and Biden the bragger.

Barry Shaw,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

General Thomas McInerney explaining the crime.

Sidney Powell, lawyer to General Michael Flynn, talking about The Hammer and Scorecard.