Sunday, 10 January 2021

Be aware. National vaccinations are an extension of phase three trials.

 The world has bet the farm on vaccines as a solution to the Covid pandemic, but are we being told the truth?

The mass vaccination is, in reality, an extension of phase 3 trials. It is being administered globally under "emergency use only."
US coronavirus czar Anthony Fauci and the Food and Drug Administration leadership have led the charge with public assurances that only “safe and effective” vaccines will be approved. But what does safe and effective mean?
The public may assume that "effective" means reducing the risk of not getting very sick and dying.
But, if frail elderly people, who tend to die in disproportionate numbers from both influenza and covid-19, were not enrolled into pharma vaccine trials in sufficient numbers there can be little basis for assuming their figures of 80-90% effectiveness carry any accuracy as a true proportion of the population. On the contrary, by excluding vulnerable members from their trial prior to applying for emergency status they were defrauding the CDC and FDA.
The senior age group were not included in any proportionate numbers in trials when the pharma companies applied for vaccine emergency use.
The global vaccination program is, basically, an extension of phase three trials.
Pharma companies do not know, with any accuracy, the outcome of the trials. That's why they are trials. They are watching the data as anxiously as is the general public who have entrusted their health to their governments and to pharma companies.
This is a report from the prestigious British Medical Journal. It is required reading.
Be aware that biased social media companies may censor its publication.

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