Friday, 15 January 2021

If this was Insurrection, leading Democrats Must Be Impeached.


The President of the United States was impeached in an unconstitutional rush in the House by fevered Democrats, aided by Never-Trump RINOs, without a hearing, without witnesses, without evidence, without the president being represented by the presence of a lawyer. 

These are the basic requirements for a correct impeachment process. These conditions were ignored, just as Democrats ignored the normal processes of a national election. They simply change the rules to suit their political aims. As such, it was an assault not only on the man, but on the presidency itself. 

They impeached Trump for leading an insurrection but, in the impeachment session, they ignored the president’s words both before the incident, during and after the incident and instead put their own spin on it just, as they had put their own spin on a non-existent Russian Collusion and the impeachment over a phone call to the Ukrainian president spun by Adam Schiff’s unknown whistleblower which turned out to be a big fat Nothing-burger.

When you examine Trump’s words it totally disproved the theory that he incited an insurrection.  Here is what he said when he addressed an estimated 100,000 crowd that came to support him at the White House.

“I know everyone here will be marching over to the Capitol Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” 

Does that sound like incitement? Does that sound like a call to insurrection?

Let me tell you what sounds like incitement and insurrection.  

Maxine Waters in 2017 telling crowds that she wants to take out the president and urging them to harass and “get in the face” of every one of his appointees. This is what insurrection looks like.

Rep. Ted Lieu calling for widespread civil unrest in 2018.  

Eric Swallwell, in bed with a Chinese spy, comparing the president to Osama bin Laden, implying implies that 80 million supporters are as bad as Al Qaida terrorists.

President-elect Biden telling America that he would like to take Trump behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.

Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, spent 2020 bailing out rioters and thugs, arsonists and destroyers of small businesses and Federal property so they could get back on the streets to continue their mayhem. That’s what insurrection looks like.

Corey Booker telling people to get in the face of some Congress people, meaning Republicans.  Is this how you heal and unite a nation? I don’t think so. 

Eric Holder saying “When they go low. Kick ‘em!   

Nancy Pelosi saying “When you are in the arena you need to know how to throw a punch, for the children.”  What is she teaching the next generation?  Insurrection and hate.

If inciting violence against a political opponent is grounds to launch an impeachment, then all these Democrats must be impeached.

Barry Shaw, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.


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