Monday, 8 March 2021

The Crimes of Authoritarian Covid Mismanagement. A Personal Appeal.

It's possible to have a respectful difference of opinion and a lively debate at the same time over Covid issues.
Many have vilified me, making the elementary mistake in assuming that I am anti-vaccine.
I am not.
I respect anyone's right to make their own decision relating to their personal health. It should not be up to the state to take away that right or to victimize those who does not wish to be vaccinated for a variety of legitimate and sound reasons.
It is also wrong for any government to indoctrinate the section of society that willingly accept their measures to pillory and shame those who do not comply when their measures impinge on their privacy and their bodies.
In Israel today, we have a leader who is attempting to impose heavy restrictions (some would say punishment) on healthy people who, for whatever reason, refuse to be injected with a dubious substance that even the manufacturers do not know the long term consequences, or on those who will not be vaccinated for serious personal health concerns.
These people should not be shamed in the court of public opinion.
The final, and the most consequential and appalling, measure taken by most governments, has been the official prevention on local outpatient doctors from carrying out their sacred Hippocratic Oath to treat their private patients to the best of their ability.
This, in my opinion, has been the greatest crime of all.
This crime is worse that the crimes committed by NYS Governor Cuomo and PA Health Director, Rachel Levine.
They drove infected Covid patients into elderly residential nursing homes killing tens of thousands.
By deliberately preventing our dedicated outpatient doctors from treating us, our national health officials and politicians drove hundreds of thousands into hospitals and death in every
country carrying out the life-threatening policy of the WHO. Namely, self isolate and take paracetamol until you are too sick and then report to the emergency room at your local hospital.
If the day ever arrives when a full investigation is done into the missteps of the handling of Covid it will be found that deceptive measures were deliberately taken to prevent the thorough scientific testing of therapeutic drugs capable of preventing the worsening in the condition of thousands of early stage patients, and the very public defaming of concientious physicians who had carried out their own testing and application and reported such drugs to be safe and effective in preventing and reducing the ravages of the disease.
It was done in the past to damage the reputation of conscientious doctors reporting on the successes of hydroxychloroquine.
The same block is going on today against specialists and doctors reporting even greater successes of a drug named Ivermectin.
One needs to ask, if our hospitals are really so overcrowded with seriously ill Covid patients, why are our local outpatient doctors and clinics blocked from treating early stage patients with harmless drugs that could conceivably prevent us from hospitalization and death?
Instead of shaming our doctors, why not hold national outpatient clinical trials on Ivermectin during this so-called pandemic?
It can be done on the same basis as the imposition of a mass vaccination experiment. Namely, for emergency use only.
If that tag applies to the vaccine, it should equally apply to the development of national IVM outpatient trials.
Israel can be the pioneer of such a national trial. Here, it should be conducted under a top level medical panel headed by Professor Eliezer Schwartz.
An international panel of expert observers should closely analyse the trial pprocess and verify the results so that the world, including the WHO, can feel confident that the trial was properly and fully conducted without taint or favor.
Currently, the results of small local trials find that Ivermectin carries the same, or better, results than offered by the vaccine manufacturers.
Maybe, just maybe, an alternative will be found that will enable those who refuse to be vaccinated to find a safe and effective alternative.

Barry Shaw.
The View from Israel.

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