Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Biden is looking for an escape plan. For himself, not Americans trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

 Biden's address on August 24 was another example of his pathetic presidency.

He droned off the telegrompter about a number of issues and finally arrived at the global issue of Afghanistan, almost as an afterthought.
He spoke about the danger of remaining in Kabul beyond 31 August as a danger, but had nothing to say about the danger to an estimated 10,000 American citizens he will be leaving behind enemy lines.
He spoke mysteriously about the danger of ISIS forgetting that he said days ago that ISIS was not in Afghanistan.
He praised his G7 friends even as they excoriated him for being dictated to by the Taliban terrorist about the leave date. They, like America, have more work to do.
Unlike America, the British, French, and even the Dutch, went beyond Kabul Airport to extract their citizens who were unable to get to the airport.
Biden, like his plan for Kabul, cut and ran, making his escape from the room before taking searching questions from the waiting and frustrated media.
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Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.

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